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Rajjo On Starlife, Saturday 10th June 2023 update

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Rajjo On Starlife Saturday 10th June 2023 update, Urvashi apologizing to Chirag for her behavior. Chirag tells him that he knows Arjun better and he does too. If Arjun is wrong he knows that Chirag will be the first one to correct him. He says that Arjun will do the same thing.

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They receive a short video in which they saw that Arjun is leading the race. Kalindi calls Chirag in private and asks what Urvashi was talking about. Chirag says that he had never seen Kalindi afraid of anyone. He asks why she is afraid of Urvashi today. Kalindi says that she is fine and she shares a good rapport with Urvashi. She is just concerned about what they were talking about.

The race continues but Rajjo is having a hard time as she is already tired from the household chores. Arjun slows down and is concerned for her but changes his mind and thinks that it’s all a sham. She continues his pace while Rajjo recalls the advice of the coach that she needs to preserve her energy to win. Rajjo takes the lead at the last moment and wins the race.

Chirag declares Rajjo as the winner of the race. She dances and celebrates her victory with Sia. Arjun faints and is rushed to the hospital. Rajjo also wants to go to the hospital but she is pushed by Urvashi. Rajjo runs to the hospital. She is determined to save Arjun.

Pushkar reaches the hospital and says that he has arranged for the best doctors for Arjun. Rajjo also reaches the hospital and asks Kalindi about Arjun. She goes to his room and sees Arjun in critical condition. Urvashi and Arjun’s mother stop her from seeing Arjun. She blames Rajjo for Arjun’s condition as she was the one who challenged him for the race.

The doctors say that Arjun’s condition is because of the reaction from the medicine he takes for his kidney. Rajjo thinks of a plan to meet Arjun. She hides inside the table and goes to see Arjun.

Rajjo sees Arjun and is concerned for his health. She stands on one leg and prays to Bholenath to save Arjun. The doctor gives the injection to Arjun and says that he should be fine in some time. The family is relieved to find out that Arjun is safe now.

Pushkar asks the family to do something about Rajjo only then things will improve in their house. Kalindi gets a call from Rocky. He asks her to come home so that they can go for a long drive and have a drink. Kalindi hangs up the call. Pushkar tells her to calm down and says that Arjun will be fine soon. Kalindi says that Chirag would be worried for Arjun.

Chirag is worried to see Arjun again in the hospital. He recalls their accident. Rajjo calms him down and says that Arjun is fine now. Chirag is still concerned for him and wants his little brother to be fine. Chirag tells Rajjo about their accident. He told Rajjo that he and Arjun met with an accident. He was drunk and was coming back from a party with Arjun. They met with an accident. Chirag damaged both his kidneys in the accident. Arjun gave one of his kidneys to save Chirag. From that day onwards Arjun is one heavy medication. Chirag goes to be with Arjun.

Rajjo feels guilty after listening to what Chirag told him. She blames herself for challenging Arjun for the race. Urvashi asks Madhu to get rid of Rajjo.

Kaka calls Rajjo and asks her about the race. He also tells her the doctors are asking for money or they will discharge her mother. He says that the prize money for the race is their last hope. Rajjo says that she will save her mother at any cost. She says that she will take care of both her relations. Kalindi asks Pushkar to stay at their place for the night. Sia asks everyone to eat. She says that she has lit an Akhand Jyoti for Arjun.

Urvashi says that she will stay at the hospital with Arjun. She pretends to be worried for Arjun. She asks Madhu to go home and rest. Rajjo says that she will keep an eye on her. Madhu asks for Rajjo and tries to find her. Chirag lies to the family and says that he has already sent her home.

Urvashi fell asleep as soon as Arjun’s family leaves. Rajjo goes to check on Arjun. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.