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Radha Mohan On Zee world, Wednesday 7th June 2023 update

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Radha Mohan On Zee world Wednesday 7th June 2023 update, Radha is running towards Mohan when she stops after seeing him sitting at the dining table, she starts getting nervous thinking she ahs come here to just make a relation with her, she now wants to love him like Radha even if the entire world gets furious or thinks wrong of them, she just prays their relation should not break.

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Radha slowly walking towards Mohan calls his name, he turns back to look at her but before she can say anything Kadambari calls her, she is stunned to see the entire family standing behind her. Kadambari explains she is glad Radha also came here so she could give the good news, Kadambari reveals Pandit jee has set the date for Mohan and Damini’s marriage and it is after two weeks, Mohan is also stunned hearing this, but Damini is smiling, eve Ketki doesnot seem happy at all. Tulsi questions what she is saying.

Mohan asks why did she make this decision all of a sudden, Damini suddenly rushes to make him eat the sweets questioning how is it all of sudden when they were aware of it all and she cannot wait any longer, Kadambari seeing apologizes to Radha as she knows that there can not be a better mother for Gungun then her but she doesnot want to ruin the life of her son, Damini exclaims that after the incidents in the past few months their weeding has been ruined but now she wants to be his wife. Kadambari starts thinking how she threatened to ruin the life of Mohan if she is not married to him, she replies they would have to hurry because even she is getting old and they should look at what happened yesterday so what if anything happens to her, Mohan questions why she is talking like this, she replies she would not say anything but then he must agree for the marriage. Mohan is left awe struck by the sudden demand, which worries even Dadi jee. Kadambari going to him asks that he agree for the marriage, Mohan agrees to the decision of Kadambari, Radha hearing this is stunned while even Dadi gets worried, Damini thanks Kadambari after hugging her.

Mohan turning to Radha notices that she is a bit tensed and seeing how she is about to cry, he notices Radha wiping off the tears from her eyes, but he is not able to do anything. Radha is just standing there as Kadambari explains her desires are going to be fulfilled as Damini will be married to Mohan so now they would not find a better match for him as she is educated and even takes care of everyone in the family, they are just like the best suited couple she asks Radha who agrees mentioning Bihari jee has written Mohan as the companion for Damini. Tulsi exclaims she knows Kadambari doesnot want this relation to happen but then why is she saying this all as it is not right, Kaveri exclaims she would be able to see her daughter get married even if it is a little late, she asks her daughter to give the elders sweets, Damini rushes to Dadi who takes the sweets but then starts looking at Radha. She stands wondering how she can be so foolish as she was trying to attain the Bhagwan after leaving to follow him so her heart would be surely broken. Radha slowly starts taking her steps back while constantly staring at Mohan, she rushes away from the hall.

Damini goes to Kaveri with the sweets who is excited, Damini explains she now taught Kadambari but the next one is Radha, she is really in love with Mohan but now it is time to teach her a lesson after which they would have to take care of Tulsi as she would not be able to sit quietly seeing her get married to Mohan, Kaveri advises she must not forget Gungun, Damini explains how can she forget her as she is on top of her list.

Radha is standing in the balcony when Damini comes to stand in front of her questioning if she is crying, Radha refuses but Damini exclaims is she not crying because she loves Mohan, Radha is not able to utter another word when Damini replies she knows Radha really loves Mohan but even if she doesnot say it from her mouth, it can be seen in her eyes. Damini explains she has done a lot for Radha and even kept her as a sister, even Mohan helped her a lot after which she started loving him. She thought Radha would not betray her it is her mistake that she did not warn her, she was roaming around Mohan talking about Bhagwan so much that he either hugs her or picks her up, she warns if Radha tries to fall in love with him using this Bhagwan then it would not be good as Mohan only cares for her since she saved the life of Gungun as they can only take care of a girl who is the care taker of Gungun, Radha starts crying when Damini replies they would not work on her as she deserves to cry since one sided love is not suitable, she informs if Mohan finds out about her feelings then would throw her out as Mohan would never love her, since there is no need for her in this house then it will be best if she leaves, Damini rushes away while Dadi is standing there in anger.

Kadambari enters the room when Tulsi causes the chair to come in front of her she immediately tries to walk out of the room but Tulsi closes the door even causing the vase to fall, Kadambari explains she is not in the mood to talk with her, Tulsi questions why did she take this decision even when she knows there could not be a better choice for either of them then Radha, Kadambari once again tries to walk ahead when Tulsi once again causes the chair to move ahead, suddenly Damini enters the room hugging Kadambari. Tulsi realizes how they both are behind it all but she vows to not let them win this time, Damini explains she has taken the right decision, Kadambari instructs her to leave when Damini suddenly starts feeling suffocated, Kadambari requests Tulsi to let her go but she raises Damini over the floor, Kadambari is requesting Tulsi to let her go when she replies she would not let Damini ruin the life of Mohan once again, Kadambari explains that she would die but Tulsi is not moved at all, Kadambari then makes her swear on the life of Gungun, hearing this Tulsi let Damini go, causing her to fall on the floor.

Kadambari explains she was about to make such a big mistake because of her as Damini is the best choice for Mohan, she questions for how long would she scare them as she has died leaving this house so should once again leave them alone, Tulsi exclaims she would not leave until she causes happiness to return in the life of both Mohan and Gungun, she will not let her make the same mistake again. Tulsi explains she thought they both would once again bring happiness to this house, but she has left her all alone, Kadambari once again asks her to leave. Tulsi says she is going to let her go this time but now would not let her win in her desires, Kadambari after asking Damini if she is fine leaves to bring water for her, Damini thinks she never knew Tulsi still listens to her, so she is now going to handle this problem.

Radha in her room is crying thinking about what Damini said to her that a servant can never be loved, Mohan standing at the door asks Radha what has happened after seeing her cry, se standing says that she is fine when Mohan explains he has been witnessing that she is not talking with him, he asks her to tell him if anything happened, Mohan notices that she is holding something so questions what is it. Radha recalls that she picked the flower for Mohan just as she does for Bihari jee, Radha refuses to show it to him, he tries to take it but she declines however he forces her to show it to him, he notices that she is holding it so asks why is she walking with a rose, Mohan with a smile asks if she loves anyone, hearing this Radha gets shocked. Mohan says she wants to give it to someone but should tell him his name, Tulsi also requests Radha to tell him that she brought this flower for him. Radha reveals she brought it for him hearing which Mohan also gets shocked looking at how emotional Radha is, Tulsi starts smiling, Radha and Mohan start looking at each other.

Mohan asks who does she want to give this rose to, Tulsi also explains she should tell him that she brought it for him, Radha with a saddened voice explains it is for him, hearing which Mohan is stunned while Tulsi is relieved that she was able to express her feelings, Mohan questions what does she mean when Radha recalls that Kadambari informed Mohan will be married to Damini in two weeks and there cannot be a better wife for him. Radha explains that Gungun told her today is the teacher’s day so since he is her teacher then she brought it for him, Mohan takes the rose from Radha not knowing the feelings she has for him, he notices there is blood coming from her hand, she explains she went to bring the rose, but the thorns also came with it, what can they do as it is a small injury.

Dadi calls Mohan from behind as he is asking for the medical box, Dadi sees them both holding hands while he has the rose flower, Dadi slowly walks over to them explaining his date has just been announced so he can go to check them while she would take care of Radha, Mohan replies he can leave after applying the medicine, but she assures she is there for him. Radha immediately hugs Dadi while crying, Dadi asks her to sit down requesting her to calm down. Dadi explains this is what she feared as both the thrones and flowers go side by side, where there is love then there is also a test. She was always a Bhagt, but it turned to love for Mohan which caused a lot of pain, Radha explains she was never able to realize it but today understood that love always brings pain with it, to the extent that she might die. Radha questions why did Bihari jee do this to her as if she loves Mohan then why he also not loves her. Radha explains he also gave her the fate of Radharani, as even if she loves Mohan all her life, he cannot be her partner. Radha explains she cannot live here anymore and would have to return to their house. Tulsi in anger questions what Damini said. Radha replies to Damini just told the truth so she wants to leave because she cannot watch Mohan get married to anyone else with this pain. Dadi explains it is not in their power to stop his marriage, but they can chose to not watch him get married so now they would return to their house Barsana. Tulsi exclaims she would not leave as Damini did it to force her to leave, she would win if Radha left.

Mohan is walking with the rose when Gungun running in the house calls Radha, Mohan asks her why is Radha behaving so strange, Gungun replies she would behave strange but will not tell him as she cannot share any of their secrets, Mohan doesnot understand so exclaims she should tell him what has happened to her.

Dadi is packing the clothes while Radha is placing her belongings in the bag, Gungun entering the rom is shocked to see her packing and asks why is she packing her belongings, Radha informs she is going back to her house as there is a lot of work there and they would be busy in the wedding of Mohan, Radha reveals Mohan would be get married to Damini in two weeks and the date was set in the morning, Gungun replies this is why she is leaving this house. She asks why Radha not told Mohan that she loves him. Dadi is stunned when Radha asks what she is saying as it is not the truth, Gungun replies she had her make the photo of Mohan that day.

Gungun brings the photo which Radha takes in her hand to remember how Gungun mentioned she loves Mohan and he is her hero. Gungun explains she is going to tell him that Radha loves her after which he would cancel the wedding as she knows he also loves her, Radha stops Gungun mentioning she would not tell anything, Gungun replies she taught her to always speak the truth when Radha replies if the truth causes wrong things to happen then they should not say it, she reveals Mohan doesnot love her and wants to marry Damini, who also loves Mohan. If he finds out about her feelings then it would really wrong, Radha requests Gungun to not tell Mohan anything. Radha forces her to swear when Mohan asks what is the thing for which she wants Gungun to swear, Dadi is also stunned.

Tulsi is glad Mohan came as Radha was leaving and she will listen to him, Mohan is about to enter the room when he gets a call so Radha requests Gungun to promise her on their friendship, she exclaims Gungun can do this for her. Radha notices the tear on her hand mentioning they can never break the promise as even Bihari jee never broke his promise. Radha prays that Gungun would also not break her promise and always uphold it. Tulsi requests Gungun to not make any such promise but Gungun agrees to the desires of Radha.

Mohan returning asks Radha what happened and why was she making Gungun promise but Radha thinks of something before covering the portrait which she places in the bag so she can leave, Mohan questions where is she going when Gungun explains Radha is going back to her house, Mohan asks why is she going so Radha explains how long would she stay here and it is not right, Mohan asks why is she doing this all of a sudden, Radha replies even she is remembering her house and even has to take care of a calf, she picks her Bihari jee explaining even the neighbors miss them a lot but Mohan realizes she is telling a lie. He says she is crying as if she suffered a heart break, but he knows why she wants to leave this house, because she doesnot want to study. Dadi is relieved that he doesnot know the truth, Mohan explains she is leaving him but cannot leave this house as she would have to study, Radha assures it is not the case when he questions then why she is crying, Radha asks Dadi to come mentioning she would surely study in her village but now must leave so walks out of the room.

Gungun seeing her leave also starts crying, Rameshwar explains why they are leaving in such a hurry and they not even met Mr Trivedi, Kadambari asks where are they going now, Gungun explain she is going back to her village. Kadambari is not able to say anything after seeing Damini standing behind them, Radha explains she felt nice living with them but now must leave, she is shocked to see Mohan standing in front of the door. Mohan walks over to Radha informing she will not go anywhere, if she wants to go back to their village so Pandit jee and Dadi can leave but Radha would not go anywhere, Damini feels irritated.

Radha requests Mohan to let her leave but he replies she would not go if he has said it, Damini feels irritated. Mohan asks her to not be so stubborn and place her bags, Damini explains he is being stubborn as if Radha wants to leave then he should let her since this is not her house, Tulsi exclaims she would say it as this is what she desires. Mohan replies that Radha has the same position like him and her and if he is saying that she would not leave then she will stay here. Kaveri exclaims he must understand that Radha is a guest, and this is not her house while also their house is not an orphanage, Mohan replies that even a lot of people had come here as a guest but have been staying here like her, Mohan once again asks her to put the bags in her room.

Damini going to Kadambari whispers how this is not the right time to stay quiet since if Radha doesnot leave then this marriage would not happen, so it would be her first death anniversary and the jail cell for Mohan.

Kadambari gets tensed hearing this while Damini stares at her with the smile of dominance. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.