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Radha Mohan On Zee world, Wednesday 26th April 2023 update

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Radha Mohan On Zee world Wednesday 26th April 2023 update, Damini assures she wants to keep the Varth for Mohan, Kadambari exclaims her Mohan has really nice fate that she is becoming his wife, she advises how they must wake up before sunrise to eat something so she leaves. Damini’s mother with a smile thinks there is not any better way to take things from her mother in law but she must not be worried since she has everything in her wardrobe.

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Damini exclaims she is going to keep this Varth with full intent as if they get their desired husband while keeping Varth then she is surely going to do it, just then the lights start to flicker and Damini sees he photo of her with Mohan start spinning frantically which scares her mother who exclaims she has come back, Tulsi appears in front of the photo causing it to break, Tulsi says she can keep all the varth she desires but those who have something hidden in their heart never get the good luck, Damini threatens Tulsi saying she would surely get married to Mohan, Tulsi mentions she can do whatever she feels like but would not be able to get married to Mohan since she has to pay for all the things that she did to Mohan and her daughter.

Tulsi leaves when Damini’s mother exclaims that they need to find something for Tulsi as she has become really dangerous. Pandit jee also said that Damini doesnot have the line for Mohan, Damini replies they would surely get a way to stop Tulsi and Radha since now no one can come between her desires to marry Mohan neither dead nor alive.

Radha is in her room when she gets a call from her Dadi who exclaims that she is also going to keep the varth tomorrow, Radha assures with excitement but then Dadi advises her to not tell anyone that she keeps the varth for Mohan, Radha asks why must she hide as it is nothing wrong, Dadi says this varth is ither kept by wives for their husband or the fiancé, Tulsi is amazed to hear that Radha is keeping this varth for Mohan, Radha replies that she only keeps this varth but because of her respect for Mohan, but then Dadi sends her a text exclaiming she has made her swear on her life to not tell anyone, Dadi exclaims that Bihari jee considers it to be true so she must not tell anyone, Tulsi smiling exclaims she wishes Mohan should get the life partner as Radha but it might not be possible as there is a big age difference, but she loves Mohan while Damini just wants to attain Mohan at any cost.

Damini is with the Guru maa who mentions that she can wipe off the lines and even the Kundali can be changed but the Sindoor she is talking about can change her fate, Guru maa questions if she knows why there is not her name with Mohan, Damini doesnot know when Guru maa explains because no wife would want her husband to marry someone else and the Sindoor is still in the house with which Mohan filled the Mang of Tulsi, Guru maa explains tomorrow she must use various things to attain her goals, she must not let the Varth break even if she dies as only Mohan should be the one to break her fast after which no one would be able to break their relation. Damini assures she would keep it, Guru maa then also informs her about the Mantar, Damini appreciates her.

Radha is in her room thinking Mohan jee should not get to know she is keeping the varth, Mohan knocks on the door when he exclaims that she has also made this room as a Mandir and now he feels there would be pooja in this room, Radha replies it is not like that but she has not gone anywhere without the Bihari jee, Mohan questions why is she trying to exercise so much, he tries to take the bag but both of them are pulling it from the corner, Mohan falls down the floor seeing which Radha gets shocked exclaiming that her bag broke, Mohan gets shocked saying this was the extent of her respect as he fell but she only cares for her bag, Radha assures it is not the case but this was the only bag that she had, Mohan hands her the strap exclaiming Rahul says ever since she came into this house a new drama happens every day, Radha assures she doesnot do anything on purpose but it happens without her desire. Mohan starts explaining how change is good because he got angry when she was about to take out the photo of Tulsi but now, he feels it was for the good, Radha gets confused so requests Mohan to say it clearly as she cannot understand anything, he asks her to keep doing what she feels like as it is for the good. Tulsi agrees with Mohan when Radha mentions she can fix the bag, this is the problem is with them because they do not try and she doesnot leave anything just as with Gungun who was really angry with her but now, she invited her into the room. Mohan leaves.

Kadambari is having the breakfast with Damini and everyone exclaiming she is really opportune to have Damini as she is keeping this varth for Mohan but it is her prayer that she should keep it next year as the wife of Mohan, she even praises Ketki because they have got a really nice son in law.

Radha walks down the stairs exclaiming that she must eat something before everyone wakes up, she is shocked to see they all are already eating at the table, Damini feels as if there is someone standing behind the pillar when her mother exclaims if it is Tulsi, Damini requests her to not talk like this, Radha standing thinks she is feeling really hungry and cannot even let anyone know she is keeping this varth for Mohan jee because of her Dadi’s vow, she must go to eat something in the kitchen.

Damini is with her mother in the room who assures she has prepared everything for her and she must not keep this varth in real, Damini however replies she would do everything for Mohan and did she forget what Guru maa said, Damini recalls how Guru maa said that she must keep the varth and then try to find the Sindoor of Tulsi that is hidden in the house, she must throw it at the right time after which Tulsi would be thrown out with the next sunrise, Damini exclaimed she doesnot know where it is, Guru maa said she would not be able to as she needs a girl who is pious in her heart, her eyes would have any such evil thought only that girl will have the ability to throw the Sindoor out of the house. Damini exclaims she must find that girl before the clock reaches 6 pm, as this is the only chance, they have to oust Tulsi from this house, she is worried as she needs to find that girl meanwhile Radha is in the kitchen searching for food, which she can eat before the sunrise.

Mohan is sleeping, he wakes up to a voice and recalls when Tulsi would ask him to go back to sleep, but he used to say that she must also not keep this since the world is progressing and she is going backwards, Tulsi then exclaimed that she is going to keep this varth for his long health, he replied this is why she is wearing this green color, He exclaims these are just techniques to hurt the women as it just causes their life to be less, Tulsi hugged him exclaiming this is show her love, he mentioned that this should be two ways so he is also going to keep this varth for him when she replied he might get ill, but then he promised that he is going to keep this varth for her his entire life. Mohan is tensed thinking about all those moments, the spirit of Tulsi is also crying when he leaves.

Mohan walks away exclaiming meanwhile Radha is in the kitchen wondering why is there not anything to eat, Mohan mentions if to keep the varth means showing love then he hates her to the extent that he is going to eat a lot, Radha sees the laddo so gets relieved that now she would finally be able to eat something, Mohan standing in the door asks if she has also kept a varth, Radha thinks how her Dadi requested her to not tell anyone that she is going to keep the varth for Mohan, he once again questions her but she tries to make an excuse that she is making them for everyone else, he advises her to not be so considerate for everyone else as they can take care of themselves, Radha asks him to have it and then walks out of the kitchen. Mohan is eating the laddo while his eyes are also filled with tears, Tulsi coming asks if he is doing this to keep the varth for her even after she has died, she questions if he is going to eat anything in the day, Mohan keeps on having the laddo when Tulsi exclaims, he can pretend to hate her from the outside but tears in his eyes prove his love, Mohan leaves after closing the pot.

Radha sits on the bed praying to Bihari jee that he is the last option that she has since she did not get anything to eat so would have to keep the varth without having anything to eat, Gungun waking up advises Radha to sleep otherwise she is going to send her back to the guest room, Radha apologizes to Gungun assuring she is going to sleep because if she is sent to the guest room then might die because of her fear.

In the morning Damini is making something while Kadambari along with her mother are standing beside her, she thinks what foolish things is she forced to do since she needs to find the right girl as Guru maa suggested otherwise she would not be able to oust Tulsi from her life, Radha comes informing Kadambari how she has served the breakfast and even gave Gungun her chocolate milk, Kadambari inquires why is she doing all this, Radha replies that Dulari has also kept the varth so she asked her to rest assuring everything would be completed, Kadambari exclaims why would she worry when Radha is taking care of everything. Damini informs Kadambari that she is not able to make it, Radha at once advises her to make one circle from that big pile, Damini’s mother asks her to not say anything as her Damini was really clever in the school so would be able to do it, Damini after a while once again exclaims he is not able to do it. Radha offers to make it, she sits down preparing it while Damini is really frustrated meanwhile Radha with all her might is preparing it and even singing, Kadambari enjoys it a lot but Damini is worried when it is going to end. Radha manages to make it prepare it while even Mohan comes to the corner and looks at her with a smile, Kadambari questions if she can even do this, Mohan exclaims this is what she knows to do since she is the daughter of a Pandit.

Gungun coming also says she is always performing the pooja, she must at least give Bihari jee a break today and focus on Parvati maa, she is about to rejoice with Mohan but then stops pulling back her hand, Rahul enjoys when Gungun asks him to not try and befriend her, Radha questions if they both have made a team to make fun of her, Kadambari asks Radha to see how they both became a team even if it is for just a moment.

Radha question Mohan if he had something to eat, Mohan replies that he has already eaten his favorite snack, Tulsi exclaims he is lying since today his shop is closed, Mohan leaves saying she should just make these Murti’s.
Radha asks Damini to see that the Murti has been made, Kadambari praises her for the murti asking if she has had something to eat but then Radha explains she has is not keeping the varth but has to go and pick the fruits for Rahul. She leaves hitting Damini in the head with her hairs, Damini realizes she is the girl which Guru maa was talking about since she is just really innocent, Damini requests to leave since she would like to help Radha. Damini’s mother thinks that she would not even think of helping Radha so there is something else because of which she left.

Radha is cutting the fruits thinking she lied because of her Dadi, Damini sits beside her praising that she knows everything when Radha replies this is how they celebrate the festival in their village and so she is always the one who does the work, Damini starts questioning her if she ever fell in love or had a boyfriend, Radha immediately replies she never went close to anyone, Damini then questions if she ever cut her hair but Radha replies she never let anyone cut her hair, Damini is relieved thinking the girl whom she was searching for is already present in the house, she praises herself when Radha questions if she said anything.

Damini asks her to go and check if the preparations have been made for the henna, Radha leaves assuring she is going to check everything. Damini thinks Kadambari is right since Radha has taken responsibility of the entire house and she would be the one to throw the Sindoor of Tulsi out of this house.

Radha walks out when a women stops her, insisting that she sit down and get the henna applied on her arms since she is the bride, Radha tries to explain herself but the women is not ready to listen and she writes the name of Mohan on her arm.

Radha tries to clarify herself when Damini comes from behind, she questions what is Radha doing revealing she is the bride, hearing this the women gets shocked, Radha also gets really tensed. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.