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Radha Mohan On Zee world, Tuesday 6th June 2023 update

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Radha Mohan On Zee world Tuesday 6th June 2023 update, Mohan is also praying standing beside Radha and Gungun, Tulsi wonders where did Kaveri take Kadambari and she is really tensed, Damini shows the newspaper which would state that Mohan is with a new girl, Damini reveals these were printed when Mohan was caught with Radha but now even they have gotten old as the new headline would be that the fiancé also burned herself because of him, Kadambari starts getting cold feet when Damini reveals it would blame Mohan as it will say that Damini was murdered because Mohan is with a new girl so how many lives is he going to take.

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Damini brings out a paper asking her to read it, Kadambari questions what is it when Damini reveals that it says she really loves Mohan, he promised to marry her but now he wishes to marry Radha so she feels her life is in danger as Mohan Trivedi wants to take her life, she threatens that Mohan was freed from the accusation of murdering Tulsi but she is going to leave such proofs that no one would be able to save her.

Tulsi seeing Radha and Mohan requests that the evil intentions of Damini and Kaveri should not ruin their lives. Kadambari requests Damini to not do it but she replies how she warned that her life would be meaningless without Mohan, she pours kerosene on herself even when both Kaveri and Kadambari try to stop her, she pushes her away explaining that Kadambari told her the story of Radha and Mohan but now she is also going to tell a story that the relation of Radha and Mohan would be made but on her dead body, Kadambari starts panicking.

Radha ignites a match so she can light the Diya, Mohan also covers it with his hand so the flame doesnot go out, Radha starts smiling seeing Mohan while Gungun is still praying.

Kadambari throws the match from Damini, explaining everything that she is going to say would happen, she holds her hand in front of Damini assuring that Mohan would not get married to Radha and only marry her but she must stop this madness, Kaveri starts smiling thinking her plan succeeded, Kadambari hugs Damini exclaiming Mohan was once blamed for a crime which he did not commit but if it happens again then he would be ruined, Kadambari vows her that Mohan would only marry her, Damini explains if he gets married to her then his life would remain joyed but if they both even think of ending the marriage then she takes out a rope which she would use to hang herself, Kadambari is stunned seeing the gun, Damini takes out a dagger and also the poison explaining she has a lot of ways to take her life, Kadambari explains she has vowed her and Mohan would only get married to her, Damini throws the knife accepting that if this is true then she would remain her mother and not aunt, she starts smiling.

Mohan brings the soup for Gungun and Radha, she asks him what is this name and he must accept she would not be able to drink it, Mohan replies she can even drink the venom of the snake, Gungun thinks this is the right time to tell Mohan what Radha feels, she explains that Radha doesnot say anything but was indeed about to tell him something before the snake bite, Radha starts to request her saying she must not do anything of the sort, Gungun calls her a liar. Kadambari enters through the door when Tulsi exclaims she is glad as she did not know what would Kaveri do now.

Radha says Gungun doesnot know anything as she was not even in the garden, Gungun replies that she ius her room partner and know everything that Radha desires, just like when she was drawing. Gungun explains she said he must be a little black and have a strong will, Kadambari is smiling seeing Radha with Gungun when Tulsi asks her to go and talk with them about their marriage as it is the right time.

Kadambari standing is thinking about what happened to Mohan and how the mother of Tulsi also blamed him for all that has happened to her daughter, Damini sees Kadambari standing and thinks that if Radha tells Mohan about what she was saying in the garden then it would ruin everything, she thinks of doing something before they can say anything, she hits Kadambari in the leg causing her to fall, Mohan hearing that she fell rushes to her and even Radha asks how did she fall, Kadambari looks to Mohan who is worried about her, she is just thinking about the threatens of Damini, as she asked if Mohan would be able to stay safe from the jail and being proved a criminal. Kadambari falls unconscious which worries them all, Mohan rushes to call the doctor when Damini thinks that she saved her otherwise everything would have been ruined.

In the night Mohan asks Kadambari if she is feeling fine, the doctor replies that her blood pressure was high but he has given her the medicine, he suggests they should perform an ECG otherwise everything would be ruined, Mohan sitting beside her questions what happened as she came to talk with him and Radha but then went with Kaveri aunt, Damini brings a medicine for her advising that she must take rest as she is the one who has to handle everything when she gets married to Mohan.

Kaveri wonders what has happened to her happy family as they are always facing a problem, Radha assures she must not be worried as Kadambari is fine, Kaveri questions if she has also become a doctor so Radha replies that the doctor said she is now fine, Mohan questions if she is facing any tension, Damini also asks her to say something but Tulsi replies they both are the reason behind the situation.

Damini asks if Mohan told her about the journalist, he says he doesnot know about it when Damini replies they want to interview both Radha and Mohan for how they protected Gungun, she asks if she should approve for the interview, Kadambari once again starts thinking about how Damini threatened her, she refuses saying that she doesnot want people to pay them any undue attention, Mohan asks her to not be worried about anything when Kadambari replies that both Radha and Mohan have been saved by the snake bite and a mother feels the most pain, Tulsi exclaims both Damini and Kaveri have done something, Kadambari asks them all to go as she is fine but he insists on staying, Kadambari asks him to leave so Mohan also calls Radha to him, Damini whispers how can Radha stay with Mohan when Kadambari asks if Mohan doesnot have any problem then can Radha stay with her, Mohan replies what is it to talk about. Radha asks Mohan to check on Radha and take the flute with him. Radha says she would go and bring another quilt for her, Damini explains now Kadambari ahs done the right thing as a mother-in-law.

Kaveri is really tensed explaining what if Radha tells Mohan about her feelings,s he says then he would surely agree with her, Damini replies it is not possible as even Mohan doesnot know who is the best match for him, and she is the one best suited for him. Damini explains she has made the plan to end the problem of Radha, Damini reveals the plan to her mother who doesnot understand it, she says kaveri must prepare to stay awake.

In the night Radha wakes up hearing the windows hitting, she goes to close them only to witness Mohan walking in the rain, she is not even able to take her eyes on Mohan as he is enjoying the rain, Mohan has a big smile on his face which Radha is not able to resist, she gets lost in him so is just staring as he is standing with his arms wide open to enjoy the rain. Radha while kneeling hits the wooden window, she immediately regains consciousness so wonders what is Mohan jee doing because he might fall ill.

Mohan is still walking in the rain unaware that Radha is slowly coming to him with an umbrella in her hand, she is running towards Mohan also covers him, he starts string at her as she is smiling before looking at the umbrella. Mohan takes it from her hands before throwing it away all together. Radha tries to get it back but Mohan pulls her closer to him, he removes the hair that are on her face, with a smile asks what did she think that he was not able to hear what she said in the garden, he reveals he heard it all as the words that came from her heart went straight to his heart. Truth be told he is glad she said it as he would not have been able to muster the courage to tell her and the feeling that she has for him is mutual as he feels the same about her, Mohan exclaims he really loves her, Radha is shocked hearing this so she in disbelief starts walking back words when Mohan exclaims, I LOVE YOU. Mohan is just standing while Radha cannot believe Mohan also loves her.

Mohan expresses his love for Radha, she is not able to believe what he has just said as he says I LOVE YOU; Radha covers her mouth in disbelief while taking a step back, she replies even she loves him a lot to the extent that she cannot explain it. Mohan starts smiling while staring at Radha who is also standing in front of him, he opens his arms seeing which she hugs him in an instant, they both are smiling awhile hugging each other. Radha exclaims she loves him more than even the Bihari jee, Radha suddenly wakes up from her dream only to sit on the bed wondering what she was saying in her sleep, she is glad that Kadambari was sleeping otherwise it would have been a sin, Radha tries to take the bottle but then walks out with it, leaving Kadambari alone in her sleep.

Kadambari sits up in the bed only to recall what has just Radha expressed, she starts thinking about the threats of Damini, Kadambari wonders what Damini would do to her so prays for her safety.

Kadambari thinks that she cannot let the love of her son be ruined because of Damini.

Radha walking thinks she has started taking the name of Mohan even in her sleep and he is very eager to find the truth about what she said in the garden, Radha hears Damini telling to Kaveri how she thinks she would not be able to get married to Mohan, Kaveri asks why is she saying it when Damini replies that both Radha and Mohan have come really together and ever since they saved Gungun, it feels as if they all have become a family. Damini explains she tried her best to be a mother for Gungun but now she feels it is not possible, Kaveri requests her to not say it when Damini informs he would only choose her after the behavior of Gungun has changed, Kaveri asks if she is once again going to back out from marrying the love of her life, Damini assures she would do it for Mohan but truth be told if she doesnot get married to Mohan then would surely die, Tulsi coming thinks this is what they both were planning, so she requests Radha to not believe anything they both are saying as it is just an act. Kaveri exclaims that Damini should get the award of being the best actor, Damini replies now her mother realized why she emptied the bottle as Radha is nice so she would herself leave Mohan thinking she came in between her and Mohan.

Radha kneeling in the Mandir wonders what she was going to do as it is a big mistake, she cannot love Mohan as he has been engaged to Damini so only, she has the right over him. Tulsi replies she only has the right over him, Radha says she was wronging Damini, but Tulsi exclaims she is very nice so falling for the plan of Damini. Radha requests that he show her a way, Tulsi looking at the Bhagwat Geeta, thinks if they both can use it to fulfill their plan then she knows what does Bihari jee desire, Tulsi using her powers causes the Bhagwat Geeta to turn, while Radha is just praying with her eyes closed when she notices the pages of Geeta turning so looks for anyone but is not able to find, she starts reading the pages in Bhagwat Geeta. Radha thinks that the best option is for her to reveal her feelings to Mohan, she exclaims if this is also what Bihari jee desires. Dadi coming inform Radha this is also what he wishes. Radha asks what she is saying when Dadi replies she always thought that this love would cause humiliation for her but has now realized it is the strength for her and she is sure that Mohan also loves her, she recalls when Mohan refused to let her leave. Dadi starts explaining everything and how he also hugged her when she was saved from the well, he even took her responsibility, so this love is not one sided.

Radha asks Dadi what about Damini, as it is wrong. Dadi replies nothing wrong is happening with her because who would benefit from a marriage which doesnot have any love, she says Radha trusts Bihari jee then she should also follow it as they must do good deeds and not expect any return, Dadi replies she ahs ever right to tell Mohan about her feelings and even has the right to listen, She has understood it that Bihari jee doesnot do anything without a plan. Tulsi exclaims Radha should go and talk with Mohan once as Dadi is correct, Radha agrees with Dadi to go and tell Mohan about her feeling, she hugs her Dadi while Tulsi is also smiling. Damini standing in the corner is however furious. She thought both would leave and Dadi would have to pay the price for what she has done, Kadambari calls Damini from behind. Kadambari coming to Damini explains Radha loves Mohan and her heart might break, Damini questions what about her love for Mohan since she has loved him since the past twelve years, Kadambari asks why she is forgetting that he only wanted to marry Damini because of Gungun, she asks what it means, is she saying that her right to marry Mohan has ended. Damini then sys whatever she desires, Kadambari turns to leave, Damini hits her head against the mirror causing an injury on her forehead, Kadambari rushing back questions what she did to herself, Damini threatens to kill herself if she doesnot get married to Mohan as then she would not have any will to live.

Kadambari sits on the bed crying when Damini kneels assuring everything would be fine, she will keep him happy but for it to happen Kadambari must only do what she instructs her as only then would she and Mohan stay happy, Kadambari agrees after getting scared but prays to Bhagwan.

In the morning Radha is getting ready thinking just as Bihari jee is not complete with the flute, so she is also not complete without him and she never thought that she would once again fall in love with him, but has now finally realized that whatever was in her heart was always love for him so this is why she is going to come and tell him, Radha kneels in front of Bihari jee praying that the result of whatever happens today, she should have the strength to bear it as she just wants him to know what is in her heart. Radha lifts the curtain only to see Mohan sitting on the dinning table and he is really tensed, Radha with a smile turns but noticing the rose flower stops.

She slowly walks over to it, with a smile on her face Radha picks a flower thinking she has just picked flowers for Bihari jee till now but now has also picked one for Mohan jee. Radha rushes out of the room when Tulsi exclaims, she should go to tell Mohan about her feelings.

Radha is running in the hall with a smile holding the rose flower, she starts staring Mohan from the back, before slowly walking towards him holding the rose flower in her hand, Radha hesitantly calls Mohan and he turns but she is just shocked. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.