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Radha Mohan On Zee world, Monday 5th June 2023 update

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Radha Mohan On Zee world Monday 5th June 2023 update, Mohan tries to wake Radha but she doesnot respond, he questions if she has gotten mad and what did she do to herself, he pleads with her to wake up but even when she doesnot respond he yells her name.

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Radha is unconscious on the bed while Gungun is sitting beside her, Mohan asks the doctor if Radha would be fine when he replies that she saved his life but has placed her own life at risk, this night is really important for Radha. Mohan sitting is thinking about what happened when he got unconscious, he thinks she was trying to say something but he does not know what it was. Damini in anger exclaims the dramas of Radha do not end, she causes a new issue each and every day, Mohan asks if she has gotten mad as he feels she cannot hear what she is saying, the doctor said Radha saved his life by doing this. Damini replies she heard and would have called the doctor to save his life.

Mohan questions when would they have done it since only Radha was by his side when the snake entered his room, she threw it out by herself. He explains she was by his side when the snake bit him and saved him, he says she is calling it all a drama but if Radha had not done it then he would have been dead.
Tulsi asks if Kadambari saw it since what Mohan is saying, is his care for her and not the tension, he also loves her the same way as she loves him which means they both are meant for each other.

Kadambari asks Mohan to also go and sleep since he is not well, she even asks Gungun to leave as she herself would be with Radha but Mohan refuses to leave Radha’s side, Gungun also insists on staying with her. Damini leaves in anger. Mohan seeing Gungun cry assures that everything would be fine and nothing would happen to her.

Kaveri is tensed questioning if Damini heard it right, as Radha exclaimed her love for Mohan. Damini replies she is not deaf and heard Radha herself, she is not that innocent and loves Mohan. Kaveri asks her to calm down since no one knows of the truth, if Mohan finds out that Radha loves him, he would not waste even a single moment to marry her while wishing best of luck to Damini. Kaveri exclaims even Kadambari and Gungun are praising Radha, Damini mentions they have to do something since both Radha and Mohan are coming close to each other. Kadambari standing at the door exclaims she must not do anything, hearing this they both are tensed when Kaveri asks her to come inside.

Kadambari standing in front of Damini exclaims she would not have to do anything as the relationship of Radha and Mohan would be made by the will of Bhagwan, but if they forcefully get Mohan married to her then it would ruin four lives, of Damini and Mohan along with Gungun and Radha, how would she live with someone who doesnot love her. Kadambari exclaims she has considered her as daughter so has decided to get Mohan married to Radha, Damini is stunned when Kadambari assures there is nothing to be worried about, Damini sitting down on the bed exclaims it cannot happen, even Kaveri is not accepting this decision mentioning it would ruin the life of Damini. She explains Mohan got engaged to her so why would he marry Radha as she must be his wife. Kadambari sitting beside her explains they think of making relations but it in fact is made by Bhagwan who has made the relation of Mohan and Gungun with Radha.

Gungun and Mohan are sitting holding the hand of Radha, she asks Mohan it has been more then one hour so has anything happened to Radha, Mohan assures that she would be fine as the doctor said that she will surely wake up, Gungun assures of accepting her every advice and Mohan agrees to not tease her. Gungun mentions she would not tease anyone while Mohan says he would eat one time. Gungun vows to study hard and get good marks to which Mohan exclaims she would get full marks, Gungun asks why is just saying anything that comes to his mind as he should at least make a promise which she can fulfil, Mohan says that other students get good marks then why not her, she replies they have good tutors when Mohan exclaims that she also had two good tutors but caused them to run away by asking stupid questions as why is water wet and the darkness dark, Gungun says she has not done anything of the sort. They are arguing when Radha says they were three tutors, she slowly opens her eyes seeing which Gungun gets excited so hugs Radha, Mohan is also delighted.

Kadambari sitting with Damini exclaims she cannot do anything so is going to get Mohan married to Radha as their relation has been made by Bhagwan., Kaveri questions what is she thinking off her daughter who has wasted half of her life to get married with Mohan, she stood beside him in each and every difficulty and now Kadambari wishes to get him married to Radha. Kadambari warns him to calm down as they can talk in a civilized manner, she explains the decision has been taken for Damini’s benefit too because the position which Radha has taken in the life of Mohan after today cannot be achieved by anyone else, even if she because of her sister gets Damini married then it would not mean a happy life, so it is better if Radha gets married to Mohan as their relations has been made by Bhagwan, she also has the right to remain happy, Kadambari apologizes to Damini, as she can never go against the decisions of Bhagwan, she would only remain calm if she understands it sooner.

Kadambari starts walking towards the door when Damini holds the knife in anger but Kaveri shouts her name before hugging Damini, Kadambari turns in shock yet Kaveri says she can handle it, she closes the door questioning what is she doing, she warns Damini to not do anything that she regrets later, they have already made this mistake but would not repeat it again, she swears Damini would marry only Mohan that too by the decision of Kadambari, she must only do what Kaveri suggests.

Radha is hugging Gungun while Mohan is looking at her, Radha says Gungun caused three tutors to run away and was asking him why is the sun hot and not cold, Radha threatens to once again get unconscious if they keep fighting, both of them say she must not get unconscious.

Radha sees Mohan crying so mentions he would have to give her a vow, Mohan replies she can take as many vows but must first become healthy. She explains he must vow her to not cry ever again, Mohan replies that he doesnot cry. Radha with a smile says he indeed cries, Gungun explains that she has also seen him cry like a little child, Mohan says if she falls in the bore well than he would indeed cry, Gungun explains she is going to come back when Radha asks where is she going, Gungun explains she is going to thank her second friend Bihari jee.

Kadambari entering the room asks Radha if she is fine, she explains that Radha by saving the life of Mohan today has caused a big trouble to end, she doesnot know how to thank her, Radha replies there is no need to thank her since she felt the snake also loved Mohan, hearing this Kadambari asks who else does love Mohan hearing which Radha is stunned, she hesitantly explains she meant the entire family loves Mohan jee. Tusli says she is now caught, Kadambari with a smile thinks that Radha also loves Mohan so she would not have any burden on herself, Kadambari exclaims she wants to talk with them both, Tulsi mentions this is the right time.

Mohan asks what does she want to talk about when Kadambari says she doesnot know if it is the right thing, even Damini might get hurt but she knows this is the right decision, she is still hesitant about her decision so is about to reveal her desire, Mohan and Radha are waiting eagerly to hear Kadambari.

Kadambari explain she wants to talk with both Mohan and Radha, Tulsi suggests this is the right time to talk with them, Kaveri rushes to sit beside Damini explaining she must not lose hope as they both would surely find another way, Damini replies there is not any way left, she has tried each and everything possible and Guru maa was right to say Radha is destined for Mohan and she can only be the wife of him, Kaveri threatens to not care about Radha as she would throw her out of the house, Damini replies first he married Tulsi but not even looked her with the love, she was sure this time Mohan would understand her feelings but even now he did not do it for her love but only because of Gungun, Damini recalls how he asked her if she would become the mother of Gungun.

Damini replies she might have expressed her love to him but Radha entered their life, he is not able to take his eyes off her. She says that he sometimes picks her up while he even hugs her, but now says she is his Radha, Damini reveals they have become a family so she is once again left alone, Damini explains she tried a lot but is now tired so she has surely lost the battle, Kaveri slaps Damini, asking how easily she said that she lost it, she must not forget she must marry Mohan and win the fight, she forces Damini to look at her explaining she has fought with her destiny and they did not get anything, she was ahead of Kadambari in everything even the studies but she became a servant while her sister Kadambari lived like a princess. Kaveri informs Damini’s father left them after her birth so they both were forced to aways live with Kadambari on her money, she explains that Kadambari is living their destiny when Damini asks if she can ask for it back, Kaveri informs they should only snatch their right and she must write it herself, she would have to get married with Mohan under any circumstance., Damini explains she feels she has lost all of her mind, she should tell what can they do, Kaveri suggests she should die hearing which Damini is stunned.

Mohan asks Kadambari what does she want to say and even Radha asks her to explain what she desires, Kadambari mentions she feels it might seem a little awkward and even Damini would not like it but she even now doesnot know how to say it, she is about to reveal her desire when Kaveri comes running to Kadambari insisting that she come with her as there is something important, Tulsi says that Kaveri always comes on the worst moment possible, she has no idea what Kaveri is thinking.

Kaveri is pulling Kadambari who requests her to calm down, Dadi stops them both explaining she brought the Parshad for them as everything has been sorted for the good, Kaveri however drops the Parshad which angers Kadambari, she pulls her to the room questioning what is this behavior as Maa jee was just giving her the Parshad, Kaveri replies she would now only like them and not worry about her own family, Kadambari replies it is not as Kaveri is thinking, she accepts that Radha has done a lot for their family, Kaveri questions if she is saying they have not done anything for her, Kadambari questions what is she saying, Kaveri responds that Kadambari forget the time they stood by her and how Damini has done a lot for their family, Kaveri explains Kadambari is forgetting that she vowed to get Mohan married to Damini, Kaveri explains she is saying on getting Radha married to Mohan, but did she think what would happen to Damini and how she will feel, Kadambari requests her to calm down and understand what she is saying, as situations have changed a lot so should they also ruin their relations, so can they not live like before, Kaveri replies that it is not possible as one thing has not changed so she must come with her and she is going to show her, Kadambari keeps asking what has happened, they once again bump into Dadi who asks if there is any problem, Kaveri however refuses when Dadi says she also threw the Parshad. Kaveri replies she dropped it but they start arguing when Kadambari signals her to not hold this conversation.

Kaveri forces Kadambari to come with her hearing which Tulsi is stunned thinking about what new drama would they perform, Tulsi seeing her tries to warn Kadambari to not believe anything that Kaveri is saying as this would surely be a new drama, Kaveri turns back after walking out of the house, Tulsi is once again thrown back into the house because of the protection shield. Kaveri thinks they would see how long she follows them, Tulsi thinks they surely want to keep her in the dark.

Kaveri pushes Kadambari to the store room when she asks hwat has happened, Kaveri pointing to Damini explains this has happened, she tries to wake Damini but is stunned seeing her look like it, she questions if Damini is fine who standing mentions Kadambari was right to say that Bhagwan has joined the relation of Radha and Mohan, she takes the over off a portrait of Radha explaining she entered the house saying she just wanted to give the Geeta but she did not leave, yet forced Damini out of the house all thanks to her Bihari jee.

Gungun is p0raying in the Mandir when Radha and Mohan also come to stand beside her, Gungun starts smiling seeing them both so thanks Bihari jee.

Tulsi is worried wondering where did Kaveri take Kadambari as they can go to any level for their own benefit.
Damini explains Gungun hated Radha but she slowly pulled her towards her to the extent that she doesnot even take a breath without Radha.

Radha picks the Thali signaling Gungun to place the flowers in the Mandir, Tulsi standing exclaims that her broken family has become whole once again because of Radha, she prays that the evil intentions of Kaveri and Damini do not cause any problem for them.

Damini reveals Mohan hated Radha and wanted to oust her from this house but now he is ready to fight anyone for Radha, he used to be the Bhagwan of Radha but now she is her Bhagwan.

Tulsi explains Radha is the one who once again brought Mohan close to Bihari jee. Mohan and Radha both perform the rituals in the Mandir, Tulsi says it is his responsibility to make sure they become a couple. Mohan prays in the Mandir.

Damini explains Mohan did not believe in Bhagwan but Radha did something that caused him to always pray to Bihari jee, Radha seeing Mohan once again starts smiling and prays.

Damini tears another cover explaining Gungun used to hate Mohan and never wanted to see even his face but Gungun managed to end the differences between them. Mohan picks Gungun to perform the tika, Radha smiles with them, Tulsi exclaims he has already taken away her from Gungun but then he send Radha so now must not take them away from each other, he must not let the evil intentions of Kaveri and Damini take the better of them.

Damini exclaims Radha can do anything, so asks Kadambari to see it, she turns to see the screens turning on with the images of Radha with Mohan and Gungun, Damini explains that a girl came into this family and gave the boy a new life, it is a perfect story but there is also another girl in this story who loved this boy since the childhood, and she saw him marry someone else only to witness the death of that girl. She saw the boy break emotionally so she did everything she could to help him stand back on his feet but was most un fortunate as the boy for whom she does everything, has no regard for her efforts and the boy loves another girl, even his mother feels she is wrong. Damini explains she is that girl, Kadambari requests her to not say anything like that.

Damini replies she has not said anything till now, she should call her as aunt since Kadambari is not interested in becoming her mother in law, Damini threatens she should first see the news in the newspaper which would say that a new girl has entered in the life of Mohan, named Radha. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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