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New beginnings episode 6 – Tv3

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New Beginings

And we started this episode with Cai calling Ely so they can meet because she needs someone to talk to. He agree to meet her in his new apartment. Otep meets Angge at his small sleeping instead of working and there she tells him that no one was buying so she fell bored and decided to sleep.

She then ask Otep why he moved to their neighbourhood and he says he was transferred there to work and has to do this for his mom’s sake. Otep ask Angge of her family and she tells him that she’s got only her grandmother and friends. She tells him that she’s totally different from her friends because her best friend Tisay will become a famous reporter one day and Otep ask him if she is jealous. She admit being jealous sometimes but its difficult for her to be because she is very kind to her. Cai gets to Elys apartment and meets Ely mother and she apologize for the uncomfortable situation they find themselves in.

She invites him inside. Ely goes to Tisay’ s house to return the food container and there he meets Jose and Dodong which he ask of Tisay and Jose Tells him that she is not back from work. Jose passes while going out with Ely to pick Tisay up and they rush him to the hospital. He’s taken to Hilda for treatment and she tells him that his blood pressure is high and advises him to rest till it drops. He decides to get up again but nearly passses out again. Jose asks who then is going to pick Tisay up and Ely volunteers. Jose then decides to keep it from Tisay but Dodong the blabber mouth has done it already and he scolds him.

Cai feels uncomfortable with Elys apartments and Elys mother tells her not to worry because they are safe here. She then tells Cai that Ely likes it here and that he has friends that he trust. She tells Cai who his friends are and she gets upset. Just the Ely sends her a text message that he can’t meet her and that they should meet tomorrow instead. She then insist to wait for him.

Tisays mother rushes to Hilda hospital and scolds him for not telling him. She takes care of him and asks dodong to pick Tisay up with Ely. Dodong enters Ely apartments and because Cai was a little bit dizzy mistakes Dodong for Ely and kisses him . She later realizes that it was Dodong instead and asks him where Ely is and he tells her that he has gone to pick Tisay. She starts to cry. Angge gets home with Otep and meets grandma perts and she asks Otep is he is dating Angge which he says he can.

Angge ask grandma where Dodong and Tisay are since she wants to introduce them to Otep. Grandma perts says they are not back and Otep says he who wait since he wants to meet Tisay. But he leaves after Angge tells him that its late. Cai continue to cry her eyes out and and asks Dodong what he’s doing there which he tells him that his father asked him to tell Ely that he Dodong will pick Tisay up but he’s not there so that means that Ely has gone to pick her up. He then ask Cai if Ely is her boyfriend and she says kind of. Dodong laughs it out and she tells him that they as best friends.

Dodong takes Cai’s number while she about to leave. Tisay gets to the place where the interview is going to be and there she meets Ian instead of the employee at the hospital. Ian tells him that he doubled her pay so that she will not talk. He asks Tisay how much she wants to keep quiet but she tells him that her principles are not for sale. She gets up to leave but Ian grabs her and threatens her. She tells him thst she’s not scared of him. She leaves the place crying and meets Elys which she tells him that he’s not scared of him even if he threatens him. Ely consoles her. He gets her something to drink and she tell Ely that she’s heard of reporters who gets paid to keep quiet but she is an exception. She tells him that since its her first time that she got scared a bit and calls herself a coward which Ely tells her not too. Elys tells her that he used to get scared of his father when he was little but not anymore.

Ian gets home and Maggie gets angry at him for missing diner. He tells her that he met with the ‘reporter and she is very brave.Maggie gets angry at him for comparing Tisay to Cai. Tisay and Ely gets home and meets Dodong and he tells that that Cai waited for long. They gets inside and Tisay tells Ely do delete the incident that happened earlier since she doesn’t want his father to be worried. Jose asks Tisay how is interview went and she tells him it went well. Jose asks if there’s something he should know and Tisay tells him that he met Mr veradona Instead of the employee. She tells him that Ian threatened him and decided to bribe him. Jose gets angry and leaves immediately to the Veradonas. Ian comes out to meet to him and they had a confrontation.

Tisays mother gets furious and tells him of what he did before to them at the hospital. Ian threatens to report them to the police. The police arrives to get Jose and his family from the area. They gets home and they console each other. Hilda apologises to Jose for what Ian did and offers to assist her with legally should his son come against them. Maggie invites Ian to have lunch with Cai since its being long since they ate together and he declines and leaves immediately. Cai apologizes for drinking to her mother and she tells her not to cry and never give up. Angge gets to the community centre and there the supervisor tells them that the they have been promised something better which they all sounded happy just then Ian walks in.

Tisay tells her boss that all the employee’s refuse to talk so they will have to find patients who went through what the Veradonas. The vendor’s called the publishing company to stop Tisay from telling the public what the veradonas are due to the fact that they were compensated for it. She gets hurt knowing that. Ely meets Ian to decline the job offer since he can’t stand people who threaten people to do what they want. Tisay gets angry with Angge for accepting for the money from the Veradonas and she tells Angge that she will help her no matter what which Angge gets angry at her for not picking too.

Tisay site outside their house and Jose joins her. She asks her father if she is wrong for standing up for the vendors when the veradonas kicked them out. this update was written by blasters Series cJose consoles her to understand Angge since she had not plans of betraying her by accepting the compensation from them. Ian gets home and tells Maggie that the problem has been solved and Maggie was wondering how.

He tells her that she bribed the vendors and the problem got solved. Maggie suggest they celebrate but he objects since he still needs to tighten some loose ends. He leaves. He leaves Maggie and that where we end guys.