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Never say goodbye August 2022 Teasers

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Series Finale: It is revealed that Madhav is Kangana’s son whiles Vividha’s daughter stays with Kailash. In a turn of Events, Kailash ends Ravish’s life. Vividha is set to marry Vivek, with Kailash back in the picture, will there be a happy ending. Read never say goodbye August 2022 Teasers.

never say goodbye series
never say goodbye series
Never say goodbye August 2022 Teasers

Monday 1st August 2022

The lawyer tells Vividha and Atharva that they might lose Kangana’s case. Khushi and Madhav get into a fight. Ravish makes AtharVividha realize his concern for them and Madhav. He assures Guddi that he will marry her. Will AtharVividha get Madhavs custody?

Tuesday 2nd August 2022

Atharva worries about Kangana. Guddi daydreams about Ravish. Later, shocking news leaves her heartbroken. Vividha revolts against Ravish and Kangana’s marriage and curses them. A devastated Guddi returns Ravishs engagement ring. How will Ravish react?

Wednesday 3rd August 2022

Vividha warns Kangana and Ravish to stay away from Madhav. She slaps Ravish when he confronts her. Ravish defends Kangana when Vividha blames her. Atharva confronts Ravish for taking Kangana’s side. Will Ravish disclose the truth?

Thursday 4th August 2022

Vividha wants to win Madhavs custody while Ravish decides to break up with Kangana. Later, Guddi expresses her hatred towards Vividha. Vividha spends some quality with Madhav, while Atharva takes care of Khushi. Elsewhere, Ankit is on a mission to kill Kangana.

Friday 5th August 2022

Vividha decides to fight for Madhav’s custody. Fed up with Kangana and Vividha’s confrontation, Atharva sets out to solve this. Guddi prevents Ankit from taking any action against Kangana, who decides to leave the house. Will Ravish stop her?

Saturday 6th August 2022

Vividha brings Kailash home! Atharva turns violent on seeing him. Can Vividha pacify Atharva? Kangana, Atharva, and Dadi condemn Kailash for his misdeeds. Vividha feels pity for Kailash, while Atharva and Ravish take a drastic step.

Sunday 7th August 2022

Vividha takes care of Kailash, while Guddi hates him. Meanwhile, some strangers try to abduct Madhav and Khushi. Kailash rescues Khushi and Madhav from the kidnappers. Later, Ravish, and Atharva wants to shift Kailash to an old age home.

Monday 8th August 2022

Vividha tries to make Atharva realize Khushi’s attachment to Kailash. Uma is shocked to see Kailash! Vividha urges Uma to take care of Kailash, However, Uma is terrified witnessing his lunatic behavior and recalls his past misdeeds.

Tuesday 9th August 2022

Vividha finds Kailash lying in a pool of blood! Out of suspicion, she interrogates everyone in the house. Vividha accuses Ravish of attacking Kailash. Sujata is shocked on seeing Ravish, Atharva, and Vividha confront each other.

Wednesday 10th August 2022

Vividha accuses Ravish of attacking Kailash. Uma suspects that Kailash is hiding something. But, what are Ravish and Kangana up to? Kailash reveals that he wants to take revenge against Atharva. After a while, Atharva, Vividha, and Kangana find Ravish lying dead on the floor!

Thursday 11th August 2022

As the police investigate Ravishs death case, Vividha takes the blame on herself for killing Ravish. Atharva performs Ravishs last rites and strives to free Vividha from jail. He seeks Kangana’s help to find the real killer.

Friday 12th August 2022

As Atharva tries to prove Vividha innocent, two lady prisoners attack her in jail. Elsewhere, Guddi sympathizes with a dejected Kangana. Sujata and Uma turn emotional while paying homage to Ravish. Vividha believes that Khushi killed Ravish.

Saturday 13th August 2022

Atharva makes Vividha realize that Khushi did not kill Ravish. He bails Vividha out of jail while everyone joins in Ravish’s post-death rituals. With Khushis’s help, Atharva claims in front of Vividha that Kailash is Ravish’s killer. Meanwhile, Kailash reveals his secret to Kangana.

Sunday 14th August 2022

Vividha is shocked to learn that Kailash is Ravishs murderer while Atharva alerts her to beware of his ploy. Dadi tries to console Guddi. Kailash blackmails Kangana after taking her into his custody. Later, everyone desperately searches for her. What is Kailashs plan?

Monday 15th August 2022

Sujata, Atharva, and Vividha are stressed about Kangana’s suffering and try to find her. Atharva is suspicious of Kailash. Atharva, Vividha, and Sujata suspect Kailash to be hiding Kangana but fail to locate her. They keep an eye on Kailash.

Tuesday 16th August 2022

Kanganas condition turns critical after Kailash puts her inside the mirror drawer. Dadi and Sujata panic when Kailash attempts to attack Uma. Atharva is on a mission to prove Vividhas innocence.

Wednesday 17th August 2022

Atharva strives to gather evidence against Kailash. Dadi, Uma, and Sujata play a prank on Kailash to annoy him. Kailash deduces that everyone is keeping an eye on him. Atharva strives to find the spy cam to prove Kailashs criminal offenses.

Thursday 18th August 2022

Dadi injures her hands and expresses her hatred toward Kailash. Atharva finds some parts of the spy camera. Atharva finds the parts of the spy camera at Kailashs hideouts. He sees some chilling footage!

Friday 19th August 2022

Kailash threatens Atharva that he will destroy the house if he does not take the blame for Ravish’s murder on himself. Atharva manages to locate Kangana and tries to defuse the bomb fixed by Kailash around her body. Can he rescue her?

Saturday 20th August 2022

The bomb explodes inside Vividha’s house. Atharva proves Kailash’s criminal offenses to the police. Kangana panics as Madhav goes missing. Vividha suspects that Kailash has kidnapped him and sets out to find Madhav.

Sunday 21st August 2022

Vividha finds Kailash in his house and confronts him for his misdeeds. He forcibly wants to get her married. Atharva worries about Vividha and Madhavs whereabouts. Later, Vividha falls into Kailashs trap as she strives to free Madhav.

Monday 22nd August 2022

Series Finale!!!

Atharva gets to know that Kailash wants to get Vividha married in Ajmer. Later, Atharva stops Kailash from forcing Vividha to marry Vivek. In a fit of rage, Kailash kidnaps Vividha at gunpoint. During Atharva and Kailash’s confrontation, Vividha sustains a bullet injury while Kailash shoots himself, the series ends with the Sujata’s and Kashyap’s union.