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My heart knows on zee world, Thursday 21st July 2022 update

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Episode starts with Godaveri telling that she got call for interview. Avni says I will call everyone and tells that Kalyani is busy with Shera and your Maayi with my husband. She says you know their character. Anupriya asks her to mind her language and says she will not bear anything against Kalyani. Avni says you people have food of my husband’s money. Aao Saheb comes there.

My heart knows series
My heart knows series

Godaveri tells her that today she met Vivek baba because of Kalyani and Anupriya and tells that don’t know why you favors Avni. Avni says Aao Saheb knows how to support. Godaveri gets upset and goes. Avni tries to talk to Aao Saheb, but the latter stops.

The kids tease Moksh and say you don’t have your Baba. Moksh says I have my baba. Shera comes there and calls Moksh. He asks him if the boys are not playing with him. Moksh signs no. Shera says he has made arrangement to play cricket outside haveli. The boys tell that they will play too. Shera gets out. Moksh says you are out. Shera says it was no ball. Shera makes Moksh shouts that you was out. Shera and Kalyani smiles. Moksh hugs Shera. Shera says now it is your turn to bat.

Moksh does the batting. After sometime, the boys leave. Kalyani brings icecream and says we will eat icecream as Moksh’s voice returned. Avni comes out and smiles, while eating icecream. Moksh feels pain in his neck. Kalyani and Shera get worried. They ask what happened to him. Avni asks what is the drama of your child? Kalyani asks how dare you? Shera asks her to bring water. Kalyani brings water. Avni says his voice will not come. Moksh tries to say Out..and manages to say out. He says my voice came back. Just then Avni feels pain in her neck. Shera asks what happened Chachi. Avni asks for water. Shera asks Moksh to give water and then refuses to give her water. He says I told you to stay away from Moksh and says I saw you mixing something in icecream and that’s why changed the icecream. He throws the water. Avni goes. Moksh says this bad aunty. Shera says we will have party as Moksh got his voice. Moksh thanks him. Kalyani also thanks him. Moksh goes to Anupriya and tells about party at home. Anupriya asks Godaveri about her interview. Godaveri says yes and is upset. Someone calls her. She gets tensed.

Shera calls Tommy and tells that he had party for the first time, without wine and feeling good. He asks him not to talk to Kalyani about his feelings. Kalyani comes to the kitchen and finds Shera about to light the gas stove. She switches off the gas and thinks this is Avni’s work, she let the gas open. Anupriya says she is with Aao Saheb to get her voice back. Kalyani says then who could have done this by mistake. Moksh looks on tensed. Shera takes him out. Kalyani thinks who could have done this. Shera shows him the trick to eat chewing gum. Moksh tries. Just then they hear some sound. Shera asks him to be quiet and slowly walks towards the backside of the house. They find the drum. Someone changes the chewing gum box. Moksh and Shera come back. Moksh asks him to show it once. Shera is about to try, but stops seeing Kalyani. Moksh laughs.

Avni signs Aao Saheb. Aao Saheb says I will talk to Dr. Gokhale. She calls Dr. Gokhale and asks if they shall do the same whatever he told her. Aao Saheb says ok. Shera and Moksh hear them. Shera calls Tommy and asks if Doctor said the same thing. Tommy says yes.

Kalyani tells Anupriya that she can’t risk Shera’s life and says just as Malhar ji returns home, Shera can go and live his life. Shera hears and goes to kitchen. Shera thinks to make cake for Moksh and checks the recipe. Meanwhile is someone is keeping eye on the house, who had changed the chewing gum. Kalyani feels burning smell and tells Anupriya that Shera might have burnt the cake. Anupriya says I will see. She goes to the kitchen. Shera says it is burnt and shows burnt cake. Anupriya says I will do icing on the cake. Shera says but it got burnt. Anupriya asks him to smile and says only you can bring smile on Kalyani’s face. Shera smiles.

Shera telling Anupriya that the cake is burnt. She says no problem, I will do icing, design on it. Shera says ok, but it was burnt. Anupriya asks him not to be sad and says happiness suits his face. She says only you can bring smile on Kalyani’s face, so sadness don’t suit you. Shera gets happy and says you are very understanding and says if he could, then he won’t let her get sad. Anupriya says Kalyani is hopeful that Malhar will return and gets worried for her. Shera says Kalyani needs icing, then she will be fine. Aao Saheb takes Avni to the factory side and says Doctor asked me to give you some electric shock, so that you can get back your voice. She asks her not to get afraid, says she will wet her hands and then will give her shock. She sprinkles water on Avni’s hand and then give her electric shock. Avni’s hair strands move upwards and she shouts. Aao Saheb says you got your voice, I didn’t see such doctor before.

Anupriya knocks on the door and asks Godaveri to come for the party. Godaveri gets a call from a mysterious person, who asks her to come to his embrace. She cries. Anupriya comes to Sarthak and asks him to come to the party. He refuses. Moksh dances with his friends on the song Dhating Naach….Shera comes there and starts dancing….on the same song. Tommy also dances. Kalyani and Anupriya smile seeing Moksh happy. Anupriya prays for Moksh’s happiness. Kalyani asks where is Kaka? Anupriya says he wants to be alone. Moksh asks Chikkal to see his Aai and Meena Kumari Aai’s dance. Kalyani refuses. Moksh takes her for dance. Kalyani slips. Shera holds her and they look at each other. Godaveri comes there and goes. Kalyani asks did you order food. Shera says yes, I will check. He comes out and sees someone standing far and holding some stuff. He comes to the guy and asks him to give the stuff (as he thinks him to be the courier guy). The guy kicks Shera and he falls down on the ground. The guy takes out stone from the bag and is about to throw on Shera’s head, when the latter kicks him and the stone from his hand falls down on Shera’s hand. The guy runs away from there. Kalyani comes there and shouts Shera. She helps him take out his hand from the stone and takes him to the doctor.

Moksh asks Anupriya, why did Aai took Shera to hospital? Shera comes and says nothing has happened? He makes an excuse that he has a minor injury. He says he will hit 6 tomorrow and calls Tommy. When Tommy don’t reply, Shera shouts at him. Tommy gets up and asks what happened to your hand. Shera says nothing and tells that they have to plan to hit sixer tomorrow. Kalyani thinks who attacked Shera? Godaveri goes to the room and takes someone’s call. The guy asks her to come to the job silently. Godaveri refuses to do the wrong work against her wish. Shera is in the room. Kalyani comes there and asks him to sit. She sees his bandage and says until when you will risk your life for us. Shera cries and acts. He asks if Moksh will live without his Baba, and asks if she can handle him alone. He asks did you talk to Commissioner about Malhar’s Pension. Kalyani says now Malhar ji is alive, so there is no question of pension. Just then she sees someone keeping eye on Shera and goes out. Shera also goes out to check. They couldn’t find anyone there.

Sarthak rejects his client’s call. Anupriya comes there and picks the call. The client asks why he didn’t come for the hearing.

Anupriya says he was unwell, but he will fight your case and will win too. He says he can’t fight. Anupriya says she will support him. Shera thinks who is the one who had tried to kill him. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.