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My heart knows on zee world, Sunday 17th July 2022 update

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Episode starts with Kalyani accusing Shera to make her drink wine forcibly so that he can take her advantage. She says I know that you have bad eye on me since the start. Shera holds her closer and says you didn’t know what I have for you in my heart. He says you have a misunderstanding. Kalyani says she doesn’t believe him and asks him to go from here. Shera says you need me for Moksh. Kalyani says I didn’t need your help to have my son and says you will your money. Shera says you will repent for asking me to go. Kalyani asks him to get out and pushes him. Shera leaves from there. Kalyani cries and thinks what will I do now. Anupriya comes there. Kalyani says Malhar ji…I can’t tolerate Shera for a minute.

My heart knows series
My heart knows series

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She says now Avni and Kaka will know that he is an imposter and says she can’t lose Moksh. She hugs Anupriya and cries, says she made Shera run away. She asks what will I do now and what will I say? Avni comes there and says I knew all the truth since before. Anupriya says Malhar went and will return soon. She asks why you are so interested in others’ husband and their talks. Avni asks if she is jealous and goes.

Moksh is sitting sadly. Kalyani hugs him and says you started liking Shera, but he is not a nice man. She tells that it was his mistake and wouldn’t have let him come inside. She says Shera is trying to take Malhar ji’s place and nobody can take his place. She says he is not a good man and asks him to listen. Moksh goes. Anupriya hears her and thinks she is helpless not to tell her the truth and hopes Kalyani forgives her when she gets to know the truth.

Shera tells Tommy that he felt that Kalyani ji’s heart is very big, but no. He says she has no place for me in her heart. Tommy says that girl was not upto your standard. Shera shows Malhar’s pic to Tommy and says Kalyani feels that I can’t compete with chuchundar Malhar and his personality. Tommy says this is you. Shera says no, I am Shera, Kalyani’s protector. He says one shall never fall in love, and tells that she kicked him out. Tommy says he can’t bear tears in his eyes and gets up to go. Shera warns him not to do anything with Kalyani and says he will only take revenge from her. He gets his knife.

Avni sees Anupriya coming and acts to get close to Sarthak. She then asks Anupriya if she couldn’t knock on the door before entering. Anupriya makes him drink something and asks Avni, why did you tire yourself for the acting and says I am habitual to see my husband with other woman. Avni says your husband? Anupriya says yes, mine. She says God knows what you was about to do with the paralyzed person on the bed, god knows and asks her to use her mind next time.

Kalyani tells Anupriya that she is proud of her for fighting for her rights and taking care of Kaka. Anupriya says I don’t love him, just doing my duty. Kalyani says your tears reveal everything and takes Anupriya to Sarthak’s room. She says my Aai will stay in this room from now onwards. She asks Sarthak if her Aai can stay here. Sarthak nods his head. Avni says he is not in a condition to say. Kalyani asks Avni to write on the paper that she will take care of kaka, and if anything happens to her then she will be responsible. Avni asks if she is mad to think this. Kalyani says if you don’t take care of my kaka, then someone else has to take care of him. Avni asks her to think about Moksh, says she won’t let him stay with her, as fake Malhar left.

Moksh is standing outside his room, when he hears some noise and comes inside the room. He sees Shera and smiles. Shera shows him the knife and asks him to see how he takes revenge from his Aai fi. Moksh is shocked. Shera says your life is completed now, I will make you reach Malhar and asks him to shout and call his Aai fi. Moksh shouts, but he couldn’t speak. Shera is about to stab him, when Moksh shouts Aai fi…Kalyani hears him and tells Anupriya that Pillu called me. She runs to Moksh’s room and knocks on the door. Shera comes out of the door and shows the blood stained knife. Kalyani asks if he took revenge on her. Moksh comes out. Kalyani says I will not let anything happen to you and blames him for showing his reality. She is about to hit him, when Anupriya stops her and says Moksh’s voice returned due to Shera. Moksh says Aai fi. Kalyani asks him to say it again. He says again. Shera recalls not drinking wine with Tommy and was just acting to drink it. He is about to go. Kalyani stops him. Shera says I wanted to do the last work and made Moksh get back his voice. He says though he saw her with the bad sight at first, but now he is changed and set up the fake market so that he can see smile on her face. Moksh hugs him and calls him Shera. Kalyani asks him to stop for them and says we need your help to reach Malhar ji’s murderer.

Kalyani apologizing to Shera and says I thought you wrong. She says I need your help to catch Malhar ji’s murderer. Anupriya goes from there. Shera asks what will you do by stopping me and says for you, I work for money. He says how to refuse? Kalyani asks him not to refuse. Shera imagines himself dancing and then asks Moksh to call him Shera, and not to call him uncle. Kalyani asks Moksh to tell her truly, whatever happened with Malhar ji that day. Moksh says Meena Kumari Aai didn’t stabbed Baba and tells that someone on wheelchair stabbed him and ran. He says Meena Kumar Aai tried to took off the knife from Baba’s chest. He says that person was seated on wheel chair and his pic is in our house. He takes her to room and shows her Madhav’s pic, says he had stabbed baba. Kalyani thinks how did this possible and tells that he was dead long back. Anupriya asks Sarthak how can Madhav kill Malhar? She says you had said that Madhav was dead, so how can he kill his own son. She says she is helpless and can’t tell Kalyani what had happened that day between Malhar and her. She asks Sarthak to tell what is the secret and why did he write in the letter that he tried to kill Malhar. She asks Sarthak to say anything. Sarthak tries to say, but he couldn’t say.

Kalyani searches for the proofs with Shera and tells that if Madhav ji is alive then why will he kill his own son. She says Malhar ji told me that his baba is dead. Shera says why Moksh will die and tells that they shall enquire. He asks her to check the file and sit down on the chair with his shirt button on. Kalyani looks at him. Shera gets up and says he is feeling hot. Kalyani says if I come to know what Aai was doing there, then I will get the clue. Anupriya picks Sarthak’s wallet and says she don’t have money, else she wouldn’t have taken money from his money for his medicines. Avni comes there and hears him. She asks what were you doing, stealing money from ex husband’s wallet. She takes off bad sight with the money and then refuses to give money. She says I will give the cards as I need cash. She then throws the cards on the floor and asks Sarthak to write the pin numbers on the papers. She then tells Anupriya that there is no money in the cards as she has withdrawn it and spent the money. Anupriya says she needs money for his medicines. Avni says you looks like a Servant and asks her to work in the house to get money.

Shera brings food and asks Kalyani to have food. Kalyani says she is working. Shera says you can work while eating. Kalyani agrees and thanks him for making Moksh speak again. Shera asks did you know from where I got the idea? Kalyani says films. Shera laughs and admires her as she checks the files to get info about Madhav. She coughs..Ishq me…plays….He makes her drink water.

Godaveri asks Anupriya why she talks nicely with Aao Saheb and says she is changed and got involved with Avni. Anupriya says Aao Saheb supported me, when I was in need. She tells that Aao Saheb might be helpless to help Avni. Avni comes there and checks the food. Anupriya says she made food for everyone. Avni says I just asked you to make food for me and not for others, and asks her to ask her family to beg on the road, rather than eating food of her husband’s money. She keeps the food in the fridge and locks it. She then throws biscuits on Anupriya and Godaveri. Moksh comes there. Avni asks him to bark. Moksh asks do I look like a dog? Avni asks him to bark. Moksh bites her hand. Avni is about to hit him with the chapatti roller, but Anupriya stops her. Avni goes. Anupriya asks him not to do this again. Moksh tells that he wants his Aai to be safe.

Commissioner comes to the PS and asks Pawar to close Malhar’s file case. Kalyani sees him coming and throws the thing, so that he can wake up. He wakes up and tells that he got a peaceful sleep and comes out. Commissioner asks when did you sleep in lock up? Kalyani cooks up a fake story. Commissioner gives him diary of Malhar and tells that he came to know about the theft in his house for the idols.

Kalyani checks the diary and sees a map. She thinks what is this place? Shera says he knows the place and tells the name. Kalyani looks on. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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