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My heart knows on zee world, Monday 12th September 2022 update

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Episode starts with Anupriya and Mihika are in the car. Anupriya asks if she is feeling pain? Just then the tyre gets punctured. Anupriya thinks to tell Kalyani about the change of plan, as the car punctured. Mihika says we will take lift from someone. Aparna comes there in the car. Anupriya sees her and says you. Mihika forcefully makes Anupriya sit in the car and they leave. Kalyani, Malhar, Sarthak and Aao Saheb are in the car and stop seeing Anupriya’s car.

My heart knows series
My heart knows series

They check the car. Kalyani gets Aparna’s call, who tells her that she had made a good plan, but failed. She says I know that Anupriya can’t raise her hand on anyone even if she is very angry, says she overacted. She asks her to search Anupriya and save her if she can. Anupriya is seen tied to the chair. Kalyani tells them that Aparna told that she came to know of our plan. She tells whatever she had told. Malhar says I will call Pawar to search her. Kalyani tells that she heard the hammer sound and says it seems to be a factory. Sarthak says there is an old factory here. Aparna and Mihika tie Aparna to the iron rods. Anupriya asks her to leave her. Aparna says that family is mine, whom you are calling yours. She blames her and then shows the exercise machine, on which bomb is tied. She says until you walk on this treadmill, bomb will not explode. Aparna makes Anupriya stand on the treadmill. Anupriya asks why are you doing this? Aparna says you people have done a favor on me, so I shall do. She increases the speed and says if you stop then you will lose your life. Sarthak brings Kalyani, Malhar and Aao Saheb to the same factory. They find Anupriya tied. Anupriya asks Kalyani not to come infront as bomb is tied here. Aparna keeps knife on Aao Saheb’s neck and says if anyone goes to Anupriya then I will kill her. Sarthak asks Aparna to leave Aao Saheb. Aao Saheb asks her to leave Anupriya. Aparna says Aao Saheb never cared for her. She asks Mihika to check the phone. Mihika checks the hatred message from her fans seeing the Anupriya’s kidnapping live. She thinks how did this happen? She finds mobile kept there and everything was live. Kalyani keeps hand on her mouth. Aparna tells Anupriya is not getting tired and tells that she will activate the bomb. She calls Mihika.

Aao Saheb regrets to have given birth to her. Kalyani brings handcuffs and ties Aparna’s hands. She then asks Sarthak to hold Aparna. She asks Aao Saheb to stand there. She goes to Anupriya, frees her hand and pushes Anupriya from the treadmill. She then stands on the treadmill and asks everyone to go. She says she will not let anything happen to her Aai. Malhar tells that he will not go leaving her. Sarthak says we shall take everyone out and then think of saving Kalyani. Anupriya refuses to go out. Malhar tells Kalyani that he will return after taking them inside. Anupriya runs inside and collides with something and the lamp falls down, making the fire igniting around Kalyani. Malhar tries to rescue Kalyani. Aparna laughs. Aao Saheb slaps her. Mihika comes there and pushes the water barrels. She tells that she has been ruined, her 5 lakhs followers are gone, and they sent hatred messages to her. She says her career is ruined. Aao Saheb says this was destined. They ask Kalyani to have strength as she gets tired of running on the treadmill. Sarthak asks Malhar to set off the fire using the water. Malhar smells it and throws on the fire to set it off. Anupriya stands down holding Kalyani, while Malhar deactivates the bomb. Kalyani faints. Police comes there and arrests Aparna and Mihika. Aao Saheb tells Aparna that this is family, who is ready to die for each other. She says I am happy that you are going away from us and says she will name her property on Anupriya and Kalyani’s name. They all return home.

Aao Saheb calls Kalyani and Anupriya. They tell that they have brought sweets. Godaveri comes there and keeps the gifts. Aao Saheb says it is good that you have returned, family is completed. Kalyani says you are showering much love on your jamais. Malhar comes there and asks why are you jealous? Sarthak asks what was the need to do all this arrangements? Aao Saheb says I couldn’t do anything before so trying to do it now. She asks them to sit. Kalyani and Anupriya tie turban to Malhar and Sarthak. Kalyani and Malhar romance and tease each other. Aao Saheb gives sweets and gifts to Sarthak and Malhar. Gungun asks for the gift. Aao Saheb says even you will get after sometime. Anupriya prays to God that her family shall not get any bad sight.

Anupriya praying to Ganapati bappa for her family’s well being. Sarthak says Bappa has heard all your prayers, now no need to worry or cry, good time have begun and happiness will come. A woman is seen getting down from the car with Police. Malhar, Kalyani, Sarthak, Anupriya dance with others on the song Ek dusre se karte hai pyaar hum. The lady enters there and asks them to end. Sarthak sees her and says Indu ji here. The lady asks Malhar where is her son Ajinkya. Malhar asks who is Ajinkya? I don’t know Ajinkya or you. The lady says she is Indu Sarkar, owner of the Sarkar Industries. She says you had messaged my son and called him to PS yesterday, since then my son haven’t returned home. She shows Malhar’s message on the phone and asks Inspector to take his mobile and check, else she will ask DSP. Kalyani says Malhar ji is the commissioner of the city. Indu says she is the business woman of this city. Malhar asks Indu to check his mobile. Kalyani takes his mobile and goes to room. She locks the door and checks the mobile, finds message in Malhar’s mobile. She calls someone and asks him to find out if his number was hacked. Everyone knocks on the door. Indu says she must be deleting the proof. Malhar tells that Kalyani can’t do such a thing as she was DM before. Sarthak also takes side of Kalyani and tells that she must be finding out who has sent the message. Kalyani comes out and tells that she was trying to know if someone hacked his phone. Anupriya asks Indu did you hear? Kalyani says phone was not hacked, but someone messaged from his phone. Indu says I don’t want excuses, but want my son back. Kalyani promises that she will search her son and will bring him back to her. Indu says I shall get my son home in an hour, else I will not leave you all. Malhar asks Inspector to go. He asks Kalyani why anyone will send message from my phone. Anupriya asks did you send phone somewhere? Kalyani checks the time and asks Malhar what was he doing at 9 am. Malhar says I was getting ready. Kalyani says I had given phone to Gungun to talk to Moksh on video call. They call Gungun. Gungun tells that her frock was stained when she was talking to Moksh, and then she kept the phone to clean her frock. Kalyani and Malhar come to the place, as told by Gungun. Kalyani finds earrings and asks Malhar to give his phone. She says if my doubt is right then this message will take us to Indu’s son. She messages Indu’s son. He tells that he is waiting in the Café for his friend. Malhar asks who? Kalyani says she will tell, but first have to bring Indu’s son.

Aao Saheb slaps Godaveri and asks why did you send message to that guy from Malhar’s phone. Godaveri says I don’t have any way out. Kalyani asks her not to get scared and tell the truth, promises to support her. Godaveri says Ajinkya and I love each other, but his Aai had locked him in room, so I used Malhar Dada’s phone so that he come out to meet her. Aao Saheb scolds her. Kalyani says today Malhar ji would have lost his job. Anupriya asks her not to cry and asks why she wanted Ajinkya to come out. Godaveri tells that their video has gone viral and if his Aai had come to know then she will get him married somewhere. She tells that she can’t leave without him. Anupriya says they will talk to Indu about her alliance with Ajinkya. Godaveri asks what about the video? Kalyani says I will ask Malhar to get the video removed from internet.

Aao Saheb, Anupriya, Kalyani and Godaveri go to Indu’s house. They request Indu to agree for Ajinkya and Godaveri’s alliance. Indu says she has disrespected herself already and tells that she can’t get her son married to such girl. Kalyani asks Indu to think about their happiness. Godaveri tries to attempt suicide with the knife, but Anupriya slaps her. Kalyani asks Indu to agree. Indu says she has seen such drama before. Anupriya scolds Indu for her narrow thinking and tells that even her son is in the video with Godaveri. She says until woman like you, ruins other woman, there will be no change in society. She says I was suffered before, but Kalyani handled and supported me. She says she will support her Godaveri. Kalyani and Aao Saheb tell that they all are with her

Kalyani reminds Indu that even her company and business will be affected by this video. Indu realizes her mistake and tells that if they love each other then she will get them married. She accepts the shagun. Aao Saheb asks Godaveri to touch her feet. Indu blesses Godaveri. Godaveri thanks Anupriya and Kalyani. Kalyani tells Anupriya that she is so proud of her and says if all the girls have Aai like you, then no girl will accept defeat in life.

Anupriya thinks there must be many girls who needs help. Later Anupriya thinks of Kalyani and Indu’s words. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.