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My Desire starlife, Wednesday 28th September 2022 update

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My desire
My desire

Preesha gets out of Rudra’s bathroom via window and reaches Sharda’s bathroom. Rudra removes his clothes and acts as bathing. Mahima opens his bathroom door to check whom he is talking with, but finds no one. Sharda asks how did she come into her bathroom.


Preesha says she went to speak to Rudra when Mahima entered his room, so she came here via bathroom; now Mahima must be coming to check on her. Sharda laughs. Before Preesha leaves, Saransh informs her about Christmas party tomorrow and requests her to be present there like every year.


Preesha promises and thinks she will attend party at any cost. Rudra tries to make Saransh sleep reminding him of tomorrow’s party. Mahima walks in, Saransh says he wished Santa to gift him electric car and asks her to go and sleep into her room. Mahima thinks she should gift electric car and get into Rudra’s good books.

Rudra asks Saransh to go to washroom and when Mahima tries to speak shuts door on her face saying goodnight, thinking about what she did last night and if she wouldn’t have entered his life, he would have celebrated Christmas with Preesha. Mahima fumes thinking because of Saransh, she cannot be with Rudra, but she knows what to do.

Next morning, Mahima reaches her parent’s house. Preesha asks what is she doing here. Mahima asks if she shouldn’t come here and argues with Preesha, then invites GPS and Vasu for Christmas party. GPS says Vasu has gone to temple and they cannot attend party seeing the past incidents. Mahima argues if he would have said same if Preesha had invited him for party, he loves Preesha more than her, etc. GPS says she is speaking wrong as he never differentiates between children. Yuvraj asks her not to worry as he and Preesha will attend party instead of Vasu and GPS.


Mahima asks who invited them, she doesn’t want Preesha to come there and meet Saransh there as he just spoils her hard work to get closer to Saransh coming there, Saransh should be staying with her and Rudra in the future and not Preesha, etc. Preesha says she doesn’t want to attend party and will celebrate with her love Yuvraj, and Mahima walks away yelling. She calls party planner and says she needs even Santa Claus for party, thinking Saransh will get happy seeing Santa Claus and she can get closer to Rudra. Party planner agrees.


Party starts in the evening. Mahima asks Saransh if he is happy. He says he is waiting for Santa to bring his surprise gift. Rudra walks down, and Mahima holds his hand. He frees himself and walks away, leaving Mahima frustrated. On the other side, Yuvraj lights candles to celebrate Christmas with Preesha, but she walks away getting ready leaving him heart broken as usual. She reaches tailor shop and asks if her Santa dress is ready, gets disguised as Santa to meet Saransh. Saransh eagerly waits for Santa to bring his gift when Santa enters with electric car. Preesha picks his car happily and identifies Preesha as Santa. Mahima thinks how Santa knows about Saransh’s gift and asks about it. Sharda enters and says she brought electric car for Saransh as she heard his wish last night and gave it to Santa. Mahima relaxes and leaves. Sharda also identifies Preesha.


Rudra calls Preesha repeatedly and seeing her phone switched off tries her landline. Saransh insists him to meet Santa and hug her. Rudra hesitantly hugs Santa and realizes its Preesha.

Saransh insists Rudra to hug Santa/Preesha if he wants his wish fulfilled. Rudra hesitantly hugs Santa and realizes its Preesha. Preesha says surprise, he wasn’t picking call, so she came here as Santa. He says Saransh fulfilled all his wishes via Santa. They all 3 dance with children. Miska looking at them tells Mahima that her party is successful as kids are enjoying. Ahana comments that Rudra and Saransh are stuck with Santa and not going away at all, they are enjoying a lot. Mahima thinks they are right, she needs to find out what is going on and walks towards them when Sharda stop her and takes her away to meet special guest thinking she will not let Preesha, Rudra, and Saransh’s happiness.


Rudra and Preesha are busy dancing when servant informs Rudra that another Santa is waiting outside and wants to get in. Preesha says she had sent real Santa from party organizer’s office away giving him money, reminiscing requesting Santa to let her go in in his place to meet her son and gives him more money to spend Christmas with his son. Out of flashback, she with Rudra goes out to check and sees Yuvraj disguised as Santa. They both yell at Yuvraj and ask why did he come here. He says he came to save Preesha as always as she makes mistakes always and he saves her. Rudra asks why did he disguise as Santa instead of something else. Yuvraj says he followed Preesha and saw her getting into Khurana House as Santa, so he went to buy a dress for himself and tailor gave him Santa dress, reminiscing the event. Rudra asks him to leave as 2 Santas cannot stay here. Maima walks out asking what is happening. Rudra says party organizer sent another Santa due to some confusion, so he is sending new Santa away. Yuvraj pleads to let him in. Mahma says let another Santa also entertain kids they will double enjoy the party and even Santa will earn some money. Yuvraj thanks her and gets in with them, and Saransh gets happy seeing 2 Santas.


Rudra takes Preesha aside and says Saransh told Santa will fulfill all his wishes, so he wants Santa to say I love you to him. Preesha starts playing around and says I love, I love. Rudra nervously asks to complete her sentence. Preesha says I love your eyes. He asks to tell what he wants to hear. She says I love your voice, mango pickle, kaju burfi, etc. He insists, but she continues joking. He then tries to leave angrily. She holds his hand and says I love you Rudra Khurana more than you, you complete my life, etc. He happily hugs and lifts her and repeats I love you too. A romantic song plays in the background. He then gets romantic and insists her for a kiss. She shyingly agrees. Mahima sees only one Santa and searches another, thinks even Rudra is missing and she organized this party to impress him.


She searches Rudra around and in his room, but does not find him. Rudra and Preesha kiss each other. Mahima enters and stand shocked seeing Rudra kissing Santa.