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My desire starlife, Monday 12th September 2022 update

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Mahima tells Preesha that she didn’t have a reason to live then and even now, but she will not try to commit suicide again. Anu asks her to rest and leaves. Vasu tells Rudra that she is worried for Mahima. Rudra assures her to relax and says he will leave now as Saranash is alone. Vasu agrees. Preesha says she needs to talk to Rudra and takes him along to next room.

My desire
My desire

He asks if everything is fine. She says akka’s condition is worsening and she cannot leave her dying. He asks if she wants him to give Saransh to her. She says it would be good if Saransh spends time here with akka.

He says she will take Saransh away then, Saransh is not a toy to be given, he will not part ways with Saransh and let Mahima take him away. She says akka is Saransh’s real mother. He says his brother is real father and he is legal father and will not give him to anyone. Mahima enters and asks them to stop fighting, she doesn’t want any differences between them because of her.

Preesha asks why did she come here instead of resting. Rudra says he will give his life happily if she asks, but not Saransh; Saransh is his life and his brother’s son, so he doesn’t want to lose him. He tells Preesha that he will get car out. Preesha says he can go while she stays with Mahima. Mahima assures that she will not commit suicide again and insists her to go. Preesha leaves.

Rudra while driving car seeing Preesha’s angry mood plays song Sorry Sorry Sorry, Pakden ye dono kaan kya…, but she doesn’t react. He apologizes her for getting angry on her, but she knows he is emotionally attached to Saransh and cannot part ways with him, she should forgive him or else. She turns around. He leaves. She turns back and gets worried not finding him in car. She then gets out of car and searches him, sees him on car top with balloons. He requests to accept his sorry and shouts he is sorry. People gather around. She pleads to get down. He gets down and holds her. She smiles. Jo Tum Na ho to hum bhi hum nahi…song.. plays in the background. She clears dirt form his hair. Everyone around clap for them. He apologizes again. She says its okay and they both leave in their car.

Preesha and Rudra return home. Saransh runs and hugs them. Balraj asks how is Mahima. Rudra says she is fine. He was waiting for him to inform that he has his concert tonight in Delhi. Rudra gets excited hearing that. Balraj says they will maintain proper social distancing during concert. Ahana says this will boost Rudra’s popularity. Rudra says he will work hard for the concert.

Vasu gives milk to Mahima and asks if she is feeling good now. Mahima says yes and asks them to go to Mrs Iyer’s house for pooja. Vasu says she will stay with her, GPS says any one is enough. Mahima insists, and they both leave. OIn the other side, Rudra’s family leave in their cars for concert. Mahima watches TV and seeing a couple fighting imagines Rudra and Preesha fighting, gets panic attack thinking they are fighting because of her, thinks she should go from here, packs her bag and walks on road. Rudra drives car with Preesha and says he used to hug Rajeev whenever he used to be in distress or overjoyed. Preesha asks if he will hug even her. He says its not a bad idea. They hear vehicles honking and yelling at a lady to move aside. Preesha sees Mahima walking on road and asks Rudra to stop car. They both get out and see a speeding truck towards Mahima. They shout at her, but she continues walking subconsciously. Just when the truck is about to hit her, Yuvraj enters and saves her. They both run to her, Rudra pushes Yuvraj aside. Yuvraj yells why didn’t he come early then to save her. Preesha hugs Mahima and asks if she is fine. Mahima gets conscious and asks how did she come here. Preesha explains her what happened. Mahima asks about her bag. Yuvraj shows it fallen far away. Preesha asks where was she going with bag. Mahima says she didn’t want to create problem between Preesha and Rudra, so she was going far away from them. Preesha asks why didn’t she think about parents, they would be tensed seeing her missing from home. Vasu and GPS return home and get tensed seeing Mahima missing. They call Preesha.

Mahima gets GPS’ call and asks Preesha what should she tell him. Rudra picks call. GPS asks where is Mahima, if she is fine. Rudra says she is fine and he is taking her to Khurana House, he is on the way and will speak to him after reaching home. GPS says he is not worried if Rudra is there and asks him to call him when Mahima wants to return home. On the other side during Rudra’s live concert, people panic when he doesn’t turn up. Saransh asks Sharda to call Rudra soon. Show organizer Mr. Bhatia warns Balraj that he sold tickets at double price and if Rudra doesn’t turn up, he has to bear huge losses worth crores and Balraj has to pay it. Ahana warns him to behave with Mr. Khurana. Host announces that Rudra is not coming due to some emergency reason and they are canceling this show. Balraj walks away with family.

Mahima asks Rudra why did he lie to her parents that he is taking her home. Rudra says he didn’t lie and asks Preesha to get her into car. Mahima says she cannot go to Khurana house as she cannot control herself seeing Saransh there all the time. He says she is thinking of her, what about appa/GPSS who is a heart patient. Mahima gets concerned. Rudra says she was away for 7 years and doesn’t know what her parents went through. He asks Preesha to get her into car and leaves with them. Yuvraj fumes that he helped them, but the didn’t even say sorry to him and just walked out. He asks god for help and seeing Mahima’s suitcase thanks god.

Rudra returns home. Balraj fumes on him and shouts that why didn’t he attend concert, because of him he had to bear huge losses. He sees Preesha bringing Mahima in. Rudra stops him and says he will explain everything, asks Preesha to take Mahima to her room and let her rest. He then apologies Balraj for not attending concert and reason is Mahima escaped a big accident, she is mentally ill and was walking on road subconsciously. Balraj says he bore huge losses because of Preesha, but cannot more because of her sister; he doesn’t care if they live or die. Rudra asks why is he saying this. Ahana says why shouldn’t they, they had to bear humiliation because of his silly reason. Balraj says he forgets everything for Preesha and Saransh, who are they to him. Rudra says they are his family and more important to him than hiss father, he will speak to Bhatia and will do his concert for free. Ahana says they should suggest Rudra to adopt whole Srinivasan family as he will choose them and ignore us.

Rudra walks into room and sees Preesha making Mahima sleep. Preesha comes out and apologizes him that he had to bear Balraj’s scolding as concert was canceled. He asks her to relax, just go and sleep now. She holds his hand and kisses his cheek. He asks why is this for. She says he did so much for her akka and she feels proud of him. He gets more romantic. She says that is why she doesn’t praise him much, kisses his cheek again. He hugs her from behind saying I love you too wifey, but she walks away shying. She then sees Yuvraj’s call and thinks he will not learn a lesson even after so much humiliation, picks call and asks why did he call now. He says he brought Mahima’s suitcase, but guard is not letting him in. She walks out and taking Mahima’s suitcase asks him to go now. He says she didn’t say him sorry for saving Saransh, Mahima and her suitcase. She says she will slap him for taking Mahima to Ooty and trying to create differences between herself and Rudra. She runs behind him to slap and kicks him out via watchman.

Preesha then returns to Rudra and Saransh’s room and tells him that she is worried for Mahima seeing her mental condition, she is sleeping in ground floor room alone. Rudra asks her to go and sleep with akka where at least she can sleep peacefully and he will sleep with his son here, he doesn’t have to hear her snoring. She thanks him extending her hand. He kisses her hand and walks away. She reaches Mahima’s room and sleeps next to her. After sometimes, she wakes up and gets worried not seeing Mahima around.

She searches her and rushes to Rudra’s room to inform him when she stands shocked seeing Mahima sleeping in her place holding Rudra’s hand. She thinks why she is feeling bad thinking Mahima wants to take her place, she shouldn’t as she herself wanted Mahima to stay near Saransh. Rudra wakes up and seeing her asks if she didn’t go, panics seeing Mahima sleeping on bed next to Saransh and asks what is Mahima doing here. Preesha takes him out and says Mahima is mentally ill and walks subconsciously, reminding him about walking on road subconsciously. Rudra says she is right and goes to sleep in next room. Saransh wakes up and thinking Preesha sleeping next to him says good morning. Mahima replies good morning.

He panics and asks what is she doing here and what did she do to Rudra and mamma. Mahima says she doesn’t know how she came here. Saransh says she is acting and he will not speak to her again. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.