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Meet in love zee world, Wednesday 20th July 2022 update

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Meet Ahlawat packing his bag. Meet walks to her ask what are you doing. Meet Ahlawat says I have decided that we are going back, pack your bag. Meet says okay and you know when we go back from our holidays we don’t steal things. Meet Ahlawat says I’m not mood for jokes. Meet says it’s about right now so we will talk now. Meet Ahlawat says okay tell what did I steal. Meet walks to her says your bad memories with Manushi, taking back with you no need to take them back and she switch off light. Meet Ahlawat ask what are you doing. Meet says now help me to find your shadow.

Meet in love zee world Series
Meet in love zee world Series

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Meet Ahlawat says here it is but what are you trying to say. Meet says now get rid off your shadow if you succeed then I’ll obey everything you say. He says but how can a persyget rid of his shadow that’s impossible. Meet says I know that and nobody can run away from shadow and bad memories, but ww have to leave them behind and if they don’t leave you make new memories so that your past don’t haunt you, you cannot get anything from running. Meet Ahlawat says I tried a lot but when she come in from of me I become helpless and I can’t even explain you that.

Meet says do you think it’s easy for me that my husband’s past is haunting him around me, my father use to say that there are two path to face anu situation, you should run away from that or run with that and face them, tell me what you will choose and keep two fist in front of him. Meet Ahlawat choose to fight and say I’ll need your help please help me. Meet says I’m always with you even if we fight. Meet Ahlawat walks to mirror and write his quote on mirror.

Babita says to Sunaina it’s not like that I don’t understand your pain but uf you tell Meet then she will cancel her trip and come back, after so many days they went to spend time with eachother please don’t tell them till they eacome I’m here for you nobody will force you yo get married again but don’t get weak, I know Tej will come back you have waited so long don’t let it break because I believe your love will bring my son, your husband back. Sunaina says this is my belief too and I’ll not marry again. Babita hugs her and thinks if Jaypratap convinced Raj for second marriage then I’ll make my daughter in law so strong that even Raj cannot break her.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat getting ready and Meet Ahlawat troubling her. Meet gets angry and start troubling him. Meet Ahlawat and Meet playing outside candy stall and enjoying.

Raj and Sunaina in garden. Raj says to her you know these plants also have life in them and they need care and support so that they can grow like us humans, who need a partner to support and move forward in life. Ragini says every plant needs different kind of support and same way every human has different way of living, sometimes memories help you live. Raj says I don’t about others, all I know I want to see happiness on my daughter’s face and don’t want her to waste her life on a hope, Raj says even I’m waiting for my son but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t miss your life and I’m sad I didn’t talk about all this with you earlier and I want you to start a new life, and Sunaina says don’t ask something I won’t be able to give, my love and loyalty is all Tej’s and can’t think of someone else. Raj says I feel bad seeing you like this and for your sacrifice I won’t eat or drink anything till you say yes for marriage and leaves.

Manushi walks to Meet and Meet Ahlawat and asks may I help you, Meet Ahlawat shows her do not disturb tag, Meet smiles at her, Manushi leaves. Meet sees couples enjoy and says look at that couple what must they be talking, and imitates them, Meet Ahlawat joins her and both giggle, Manushi sees them and gets jealous, Waiter walks to Meet and says you have a call at reception, Meet Ahlawat says should I come, Meet says no I will manage and leaves.

Manushi looks at her and says good she left and Meet Ahlawat is all for me now and last time he felt bad seeing me get insulted and so now I have to try something big and seeing me suffer he will feel bad again and for this I have added chilli in guests food and then I will eat it too.

Guests start complaining about spicy food, Manushi says this is not possible, guests ask her to taste, Manushi says okay and tastes it, Meet Ahlawat looking at her, Manushi starts coughing and in tears.

Meet walks to reception, and picks call and no one answers, Meet asks who was it, Receptionist says no idea you please stay here for sometime they might call back, Meet says okay.

Meet Ahlawat controls himself from going to Manushi and thinks about Meet’s words and uses ketchup to write on plate. Manushi gets confused thinks what is he doing instead of coming to me. Meet Ahlawat writes Meet trusts Meet Ahlawat, Exit Manushi. Meet walks to him and asks whats wrong, he says I controlled myself just like you said, I didn’t run and faced my problem, Meet holds his hand. Manushi sees that and gets angry. Meet Ahlawat says you wanted to give jalebi to a friend, Meet thinks he will be bored alone let me take him along, Meet asks him to join her, Meet Ahlawat agrees

Manushi says there was a time when Meet Ahlawat died for just a hello and today I ate chiilies and he didn’t care, he didn’t care seeing a beautiful girl in pain, what’s wrong with him, I have to calm down and breath and sees Meet trusts Meet Ahlawat written on mirror and exit manushi and says this means this Meet is the problem, he won’t come close to him, Meet you did big mistake coming in between my future, you will pay for this.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat in market. Meet Ahlawat asj where is your friend. Meet says he will come soon, he does things according to his will. Meet Ahlawat says why not after all he is your friend, let’s wait. She yes why not we can wait and he will come tu use with Jelabi smell. A man walks to them says take a picture in Rajasthani ethenic wear you both will lool beautiful, I’ll click a photo and sent to your hotel don’t worry. Meet Ahlawat ask Meet what do you say she says yes and they both get dressed. Man looks at Meet says this is boy’s clothes go and wear girls clothes. Meet says these look comfortable to me and clothes dosent know who is wearing a girl or a boy. Man says but how will you look husband and wife. Meet Ahlawat says to man in Rajasthani accent, my girl is not like other she is different now make this photo memorable. Man says as you wish come give pose. They both give for photos. Tej in market look’s at Jalebi box and walk towards it. They both busy with photo shoot. Tej open jalebi box and have a bite. Meet Ahlawat turn around and see Tej taking that box. Meet calls him and they continue having fun. Meet pray to God that he remain happy this way forever and his past dosent haunt him.

Meet Ahlawat walks to Man and laugh after seeing photos. Meet says I’ll not leave you and start troubling him.

Babita bring Kachori and halwa for Raj says here is surprise for you, you wanted to have it from so many days here you can have today. Raj says please go from here I’m not in mood. Babita says why are you acting like kid and getting angry. Raj says Sunaina is being stubborn but instead of making her understand things you are supporting her. Babita get’s up and Raj gets video call from Meet. Raj says did you tell anything to them what’s happening here. Babita says no. Raj pick up phone. Meet greet him and ask how’s everything going on. Babita give him sign not to tell. Raj says everything is fine you tell how you two are doing. Meet says I was not feeling good that’s why I called you. Raj says good everything is fine. Babita says to Raj give me phone I also want to talk to them. Babita greet Meet and ask how are you. Meet says I’m fine and is Raj taking medicine. Babita says yes he is taking medicine on time along with his food, you tell how is everything on trip. Meet says it’s going great we visited many beautiful places and click a photo in Rajasthani dresses we are loving it. Babita says good and do you remember what I said to you while going, tell me about that how is your relation did you took it forward, listen me everything happen only when you try and you are not kid anymore that I have to teach you everything, husband and wife have to be together in all aspects and in this relation you have to initiate you are good girl, daughter in law and now you have to be good wife, I hope you understand what I’m trying to say. Meet nods her head in yes. Babita says great now tell me where is my son. Meet says he is in hotel’s Christmas party. Babita says why didn’t you go. Meet says I was leaving but first I thought of talking to you guys. Babita says okay show me what are you wearing, what are you wearing you cannot go and wear this it is an special occasion, what else do you got, don’t worry I’ll ask my friend to give you a special dress for a special occasion, you have to look best and remember a wife should know how to win her husband heart, wishes her luch and hungs up.

Manushi in hotel saying Meet Ahlawat is downstairs and my sister will be in room this is the best time to talk to Meet Ahlawat for that I have to take care of Meet. Staff member bring dress for Meet as promised by Babita. Meet take the dress and Manushi looks at everything and try to reach her room see Meet Ahlawat coming back to his room run back and says what is he doing here, this plan also flopped need to think something else.

Meet trying to zip her dress pray to god what should I do, I cannot zip it, I’ll change it and remember Babita send her dress for today’s function and she will feel bad. Meet hear door noise. Meet ask Meet Ahlawat why did you come back. Meet Ahlawat says I need to charge phone and looks shock while seeing Meet in dress. Meet Ahlawat says you are wierd yesterday that man ask you to wear female costume you said no to him and today you are wearing gown, you look beautiful, if you are uncomfortable you can change it. Meet says no I’m not it’s good big, open and now you said I look beautiful, we should wear sometimes. Meet Ahlawat says your statement and situation don’t match, are you thinking if someone comment on you then I’ll go in fight with them, it’s fine now I understand you and I like the way you are, you wear things which are comfortable for you, can remove it and wear jeans, hoodie. Meet says he is right people should other people on how they are, but how I’ll tell him ther problem. They recieve a call, Meet try to pick but couldn’t reach because of her dress. Meet Ahlawat says phone is ringing near you please pickup. Meet says I’ll not pick because I’m lady. Meet Ahlawat says good that’s a new information now pick it up. Meet says you don’t know when a girl gets ready they don’t hear anything and nothing is more important for them at that time so I’m a girl getting ready so I’ll not pick up. Meet Ahlawat walks to phone pickup says yes we will be there for party we will not miss it. Meet stumble but Meet Ahlawat catches her and his hand on her back in mirror. Meet Ahlawat help her to zip her dress with closed eyes and says now it’s comfortable, now can I open my eyes. Meet says yes thankyou. Meet Ahlawat says it’s okay now let’s go for party.

Babita, Sunaina, Ragini and Raj in hall. Babita says if Raj has decided not eat then I’ll also not eat food. Sunaina says please eat itor you will feel sick. Raj says I’m worried about your life why you don’t want to bring your life on track and says to Babita I will not listen to you. Ragini says we know you love Bhabhi so much why are you behaving this way. Raj says I know I love her a lot and obey her but there are other family members too and I cannot do settlement with Sunaina’s life, Ragini don’t you want she should have her home, Babita don’t you want Sunaina should have life partner who could love her lifelong. Ragini take Sunaina away from them and says to her they are not compromising on anything I’ll talk to Meet. Raj and Babita hear this and says nobody will disturb them. Ragini says okay I’ll not disturb but eat something. Raj says no. Babita says then I’ll also not eat.

Meet ask Meet Ahlawat what should I wear in jewellery. Meet Ahlawat take jewellery and help her to wear it says now you are looking more beautiful. Manushi seeing them. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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