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Meet in love zee world, Monday 25th July 2022 update

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Babita asks where is my Tej, Meet Ahlawat says he didn’t come with us, we found him but lost him again, Babita drops Aarti thali, Raj says tell me clearly, Meet says Tej was with me in market, a vendor scared him with lights, he panicked and rab away, I looked for him every where, and I don’t know what exactly happened but he just ran away before I could figure out anything.

Meet in love zee world Series
Meet in love zee world Series

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Meet Ahlawat says we informed police and they will call us when they find Tej, sorry Mom.

Babita scolds Meet for her negligence, after so many years I found my son but you lost him, you have no idea how we lived without him these years, because of you my son went away from me, Raj says what nonsense are you talking, she found him but you blaming her. Meet Ahlawat says Tej has medical condition, he is unstable, no one could take care alone, Babita says I just want my son, its all Meet’s fault.
Babita walks away, everyone follows her.
Masum whispers to Hoshiyar, looks like God is with me, Hoshiyar asks how, Masum says let’s go.

Tej and Sunaina in wedding outfit on their first night, Sunaina realises she was imagining Tej and its Ravi infront of her, Sunaina turns her face around, Ravi says I know you weren’t ready, take your time, I just wanted to see you happy, Sunaina says if you cared about me or wanted me to be happy, you would never marry me and I will never accept this wedding.

Meet prays to God and says because of me Babita couldn’t meet Tej, I lost my Dad and know the pain, please give Babita her son back, you are a mother of all of us, like you helped us find Tej, please show some miracle and bring him back to us.
Meet gets call and she becomes very happy and says thank you God

Babita hurt and in tears, denies to have water, Meet rushes in and says police found Tej. Hoshiyar whispers to Masum, God isn’t helping you. Meet Ahlawat says come lets go get him. Meet says not required, one who found him is getting him to Chandigarh. Babita hugs Meet Ahlawat and says however is bringing Tej is like an angel to me, and thank you God, Raj says all will be good.

Masum in her room angry, Hoshiyar says we are not going to get anything, there will be 3 parts of property and you keep creating problems, Masum shouts at Hoshiyar, and says I will never leave this mansion, first let Tej come and he doesn’t remember anything, so lets see the situation.

Babita and everyone waiting for Tej, Babita very excited, Raj asks her to calm down and wait for him. Meet Ahlawat walks to them and says Tej is coming soon, Meet gets jalebi and says Tej loves jalebi, he doesn’t remember his past, but his favourite things will make him feel welcomed and loved, Babita says Tej loved halwa cooked by me.
Babita sees Tej, and rushes to him, everyone follows her. Tej gets scared and shouts, Meet Ahlawat rushes to him, and tries to calm him down and gets him in. Meet Ahlawat says look Mom, Dad, Chacha Chachi, Di, Tej stumbles, Babita says Tej son, Tej gets scared. Raj says don’t be scared this is your house. Tej starts shouting. Meet Ahlawat calms him down, Tek steps foot inside. Tej looks at Ram, Ran touches him, Tej gets scared, Meet Ahlawat says he is Chachu calm down, come inside.

Tej very scared tries to run out, Babita stands infront of him, and touches him, Babita remembers how Tej use to say he would never leave her. Babita says I cooked your favourite halwa, Ragini go get it. Ragini gets halwa, Babita says come Tej I will feed you, Tej turns his face, and pushes Babita’s hand and shouts no, Meet Ahlawat says calm down, Meet gets jalebi, Tej says friend, my friend, Meet gives him jalebi, Tej gets very happy. Babita hugs Raj and starts crying, Raj says give him time all will be fine, driver says I will leave, Raj says thanks fot bringing him, driver says a woman got him she is in car, Babita says I will go thank her, she is an angel, Babita walks out, everyone follows.

Babita asks where is she,driver says she went I guess, Babita says Raj please call police station who is she, I would like to thank her personally, Raj says yes but now Tej needs us.

Babita sees Tej eat jalebi, Manushi holding Tej’s book walks in, Meet Ahlawat and others in shock. Everyone remember how Manushi ran away. Babita says what are you doing here, Manushi says sorry to disturb but he left his book on car, Meet says yes this book was with him I had seen it, so brought Tej bhaiya here. Tej snatches his book and hides near Meet, Meet says don’t worry no one will take it. Babita says you are the angel, you brought Tej from Rajasthan, Manushi says yes, Babita asks what were you doing there. Manushi says I work in a hotel in Bikaner and tells everything. Raj asks where did you find Tej, Manushi says I saw a scared man running in road and a car rushing to him and before I stopped him he had met with an accident, but he is fine and I took him hotel because he was unconscious. Masum says okay you took him to hotel, shouldn’t you take him to police station, Manushi says you are right but I was there and new there and had no idea and was scared and so took him to hotel to take care of him and I asked about him around and then found out that people call him Bhula baba, and so complaint to police station to take him to home care but police told me about he being Tek Ahlawat and Meet Ahlawat looking for him and I know I have troubled you a lot specially Tej and bringing him here was like a repay.

Masum says Manushi, you will never be forgiven for what you did, Manushi says you are right, you should never forgive me because I deserve that but trust me I did this for sake of my heart and want nothing from you all, I will leave now. Meet says wait Manushi didi, where will you stay, Mummy and Didi arent home and its late too. Manushi says you always cared for me but I can take care of myself, its just a night, I will manage. Manushi hopes someone will stop her. Babita says wait, Manushi very happy. Babita says you can stay here tonight.

(Manushi had seen Meet and Meet Ahlawat looking for Tej. Manushi sees a torch vendor and remember how Tej got scared and so asks the vendor go sell torch to that man he is trying to call you, and make sure you throw light in him because he has bad eyes, vendor so rushes to Tej.
Tej gets scared and runs away, Manushi pulls Tej and gives him choloroform and takes him away and says sad Meet)

Manushi walks in and thinks I knew this would happen and now I’m in Ahlawat mansion. Raj says Babita is right, stay here for night, we will arrange your flight to Bikaner and thank you for bringing Tej, Manushi says it was my responsibility and takes Raj’s blessings. Raj asks Ragini to show her guest room, Ragini says Manushi come with me.
Manushi looks at Meet Ahlawat and leaves with Ragini.

Meet asks where is Sunaina bhabhi, she will be so happy seeing him but where is she, when will she come, Babita says yes all will meet Tej, now go freshen up we will all celebrate new year, Meet Ahlawat says I know Mom wants to surprise Tej bhaiya by bringing Sunaina to party and he will remember things that great.

Meet sees Meet Ahlawat in his room, and goes sits beside him, Meet Ahlawat starts choosing clothes for him, Meet Ahlawat sees Meet is trying to find if he is fine and says look at me I’m completely fine and Manushi is here for just a night and you are here for me and its all about Tej, Meet says yes and I can see happiness in your eyes, Meet Ahlawat says my brother my support is back, and now you go change, I will look after Tej bhai, Meet says God please take care of him, may he always be this happy.

Manushi in guest room says I’m worried here and everyone is thinking about party even my sister is not thinking about me how mean. Meet enter her room and thanks Manushi for brining Tej back and hugs her says I feel like to make you stay here for few days but I know you are trying to move on and so I won’t stop you and also you have asked me not to help you, now take rest tomorrow you have to leave as well, all the arrangements are done I’ll text you and leaves. Manushi says how thankless people are they and instead of thanking me and asking me to stay but they are booking tickets for me none of my plans become successful what will I do now.

New year celebration in Ahlawat’s mansion. Duggu make announcement. Tej walks in with Meet Ahlawat. Hoshiyar mocks Masum and says listen to my advice because I stay in a village and you won’t stay there and this house doesn’t seem to suit you now. Masum says shut up. Tej take balloons. Meet walks in. Meet Ahlawat praises Meet. Meet says you too. Babita says after so long whole family is together so it’s time for family ritual. Raj says ofcourse. Manushi hiding and seeing everything says I’m the reason behind this family together but just few more days I’ll be a part of this family and won’t allow anyone to take my place because all this is mine.

Ahlawat’s join each other to dance and sing. Babita puts her hand forward and ask Tej to join. Meet Ahlawat convinces Tej to hold Babita’s hand. Babita gets happy but Tej leaves her hand, all dancing together, Tej standing aside. Meet walks to Tej and makes him feel comfortable and Tej joins everyone.

Tej plays with balloons, everyone dances around him.

Meet asks Meet Ahlawat when will Sunaina come, Meet Ahlawat says I will talk to mom, Babita distracts topic and says my friends who you stayed at are so happy, I will go make a call its urgent. Meet asks Ragini is all good, it seems like something has happened. Ragini remembers what Babita said and says to Meet all is good, and says I will go bring snacks, Meet says I will join too, Ragini says you should be with Tej he is comfortable around you. Meet finds it weird seeing no one talking about Sunaina.

Babita says lets have a family picture. Meet Ahlawat says to Meet lets call Sunaina bhabhi. Sunaina pics the call, and asks did you two return, he says yes but where are you, Sunaina understands Babita hasn’t told them about her marriage, Meet Ahlawat says I have a good news, Babita snatches Meet Ahlawat’s phone, Sunaina calls back but phone is switched off, Babita says Meet Ahlawat forget phone now, lets click photo and recreate old photos you go stand with Tej. Meet asks what’s wrong, we are all enjoying but Sunaina the main person who missed Tej isn’t here, its weird ,Babita asks photographers to wait out and asks Ragini to take Tej with her inside. Tej leaves with Ragini.

Tej got scared, Ragini asks him to sit on bed, and says be here don’t go anywhere, you need anything, Tej takes his book, Ragini says okay stay here I will come back.

Babita says all was a act by Sunaina, she got the next opportunity to get married she jumped on it and got married. Meet and Meet Ahlawat confused and shocked.

Tej sees a toy in his room and follows it. Babita says Raj and Sunaina are responsible for Sunaina not a part of this family.

Manushi brings Tej to her room, using toy and says I have invested a lot in this mad man and his family wants to send me away, but I won’t leave even if I have to shed some blood.

Tej busy with toy, Manushi switches off light and picks a vase and walks to Tej, Tej sees her and gets scared, says don’t hit me, Manushi says come hit me, come hit me, and scares Tej, forcefully makes him hold vase and tricks him using toy, and torch. Tej pushes her away.

Babita says to Meet, what if Meet Ahlawat forgets you, will you marry someone else, forgetting him. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.