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Mea Culpa on MaxTv Episode 14

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TV series

Mea culpa on MaxTv Episode 14, Dolores leaked the news about Dante working for Drei to the public which really made Matilda very angry. Fina decided to visit the orphanage where Drei and juris used to volunteer. Because she thought they might have left her daughter there.

Fina visited the orphanage and asked about her daughter and also asked about Drei and Juris daughter which is leyna but she wasn’t answered. Leyna collapsed as soon as she waved Fina and was rushed to the hospital. Fina asked the attendant what happened to leyna and she said she was diagnosed with anemic illness when she was born.

Drei promised to take good care of his family when Juris mentioned seeing Fina at the orphanage. Fina suspicion of leyna being her daughter became higher because Joy had the same sickness when she was taken from Fina.

Drei left his mom and went to the hospital to see Leyna. Emil advised him to take leyna back to her real family because she’s in a critical situation now and need her family. Greco told his friends to leave everything to him,he will do everything to send Fina back to Bagio. with the additional new reported to Fina made her decided to visit leyna at the hospital and Emil allowed her to come in, suddenly Juris appears and warned Fina to leave.

They continued arguing until Emil begged Fina to leave. Dolores and Armand warn Fina not to go near leyna because Juris is a powerful person. Fina explained what happened and told them she will not rest until her children are safe and sound in her hands.

What Fina said made Dolores remember her daughter. Leyna was discharge from the hospital,as soon as they were about to go home Emil collapsed. Emil couldn’t make it.

Greco send Noah’s picture to Fina, Fina tried calling her mother in-law and she wasn’t answering the call so she decided to go to Bagio. Juris finally blamed Fina for the death of Emil. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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