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Married again, Saturday 16th July 2022 update

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As paridhi leaves, arti stops her saying that she shouldnt go anywhere as it isnt her fault, and asks her not to lose heart, as there would be some solution in medical sciences for this. She says that she wants paridhi to give ayu her blessings. She tages her along, when paridhi tells about her fear. arti says that she was the one who said that she’s above all this, and that she shouldnt lose hope like this. And when they love kids so much, their blessings can never be a curse on the child. Buaji is not happy with thiss. Arti goes and explains that they should change their thinking along with time, and tells her that she shouldnt have said what she did, and that she would be shameful one day, when pari becomes a mother one day, as she has trust in god and medical advancements.

Married again series
Married again series

Radha too favours her. Buaji asks her to be noble if she wants to be, but she reminds her that she has placed yash’s son in a big trouble today. Radha asks her not to talk like this. When buaji tries to clarify, yash says that even stopping someone’s blessings is a curse, and he doesnt want that. Arti takes pari along, and pari gives blessings to ayu. Pankaj asks for the celebration to begin. Ishita thinks that now the situiation has been much simplified, as now whatever happenes to ayu, would be blamed on pari, and she, though having an apt answer always, would be speechles this time. She says that finally the time has come when yash would be hers.

Celebration is on at full swing, after the bajara lady along with her team kickstarts the dance and celebration, when yash and everyone in the family, are also dancing. Ishita is frustrated to see their incrasing proximity. The dancers also get arti to dance, and yash and arti get into romancing. The banjara lady, picks the child from the cradle, when noone is watching, and takes him away. ishita smirks at her plan succeeding. while ishita looks on happily, yash and arti obliviouly dance, unknown to ayu’s disappearance. while all are dancing, arti is surprised to find ayu, not in his crib. She tells yash, who’s tensed too, and they start searching for him, calling out for him frantically. Arti goes berserk, while yash tries to compose her. But she is beyond salvation. The whole family is shocked to find ayu gone. She goes to everyone to find out about ayu. Buaji instantly brings up pari’s name, but arti reprimands her for pointing her finger yet again at pari. Arti says that she knows who has done this, pointing out to ishita, when ishita says thatv she was in front of her all this while. Pankaj says that the watchman didnt see ayu going out. Arti breaks down, while all try to console her. Soon, ayu’s cry shocks everyone. they run in that direction, while ishita wonders why didnt the lady leave with ayu in the meanwhile.

Arti gets into the bedroom along with others, and finds the banjara lady with ayu. Arti asks how dare she get him here, without telling anyone. The banjara lady says that she’s doing it for her own benefit, as there’s someone in the house who is a danger, but seeing ishita come in, she modifies her statement, saying that there is smoke in the house, and the child was coughing up and suffocating, hence she got him here. Arti says that she could have told anyone else, and shouldnt have brought her here alone. The banjara lady tries to plead her innocence. yash finally asks her to go. As she is about to leave, she crosses a tensed ishita, but doesnt say anything. Yash says that the lady was right, but arti refuses to believe her, saying that it felt like she was about to say something, but then stopped saying anything. Ishita too butts in saying that she hd bothered everyone unnecessarily, and that they should go down to attend the guests.

In the drawing room, pankaj relieves th guest saying that ayu has been found. Buaji gives arti the locket that yash had been placed with by gayatri, and she wanted this for yash’s son too. She places it around ayu’s neck, saying that now he would be away from all troubles and arti is happy at that. Vidhi asks everyone to chill and enjoy the couple- Yash and arti’s performance thats to follow. Arti says that she wont be able to do this, as she still hasnt gotten out of the shock. But the family tells her that they would take good care of ayu, while she performs with yash.

Ishita slaps the banjara lady, for not doing things according to her plan. The lady says that she cant do this, as she has some morales too. ishita asks her not to lecture her, as her happiness lies, in getting ris of the baby. Ishita tells her to leave this town, as if she’s ever seen again, she would be killed. The lady is very scared, and leaves.

Arti and yash give a romantic perormance, while the guests and family look on appreciatively. They get ayu too along with them in the dance. Arti rests her head on yash, while he carries ayu in his arms. The family too joins them in this family moment.

Arti is playing with ayu, and talks to him, lovingly. Yash asks arti to give the towel, at which arti complains to ayu, about his father. He takes her hand and drags her inside, on that pretext, and arti is surprised to find that he already has one towel. they geet into omancing, as arti lovingly reprimands him for lying, and behaving like this, being the father to 4 kids. yash says that he hasnt grown any less romantic, after fathering 4 children. They enjoy each other’s company. He says that he did this to save problem of water, so thatthey can bathe together, and save water. she begins to leave, on the pretext of ayu, crying. they both challenge each other that they would see to each other. Arti informs him to come home early, for ayu’s vaccination. yash says that he wont go alone, anyhow, even if he gets a little late for coming. Arti promises that she would wait for him, a lifetime. When ayu starts crying, they both attend to him together.

ishita gets orange juice for pari, and says that she wants to talk something special to her, about her maternity problem. Pari gets tensed. ishita asks her to adopt, as she feels noone else bothered for the pain that she felt, last night. Pari listens to her intently. Pratiek comes in and says that they dont need advise from her, who cant value relationships. She asks what does he mean. He asks her if she ever gave respect and care to her own husband. ishita says that its true that people shouldnt do good deeds. When she goes, pari says that he shouldnt have talked to her like that. She says that she likes ishita’s option, as she cant wait for the treatment to succeed. Prateik says that this is big descision, and he needs time to think about this. he leaves.

Scene 2:
Location: Yash’s office and residence
Yash and pankaj get akash to the new office, and tell him that he would have to take his share the responsibilities and tensions of the business. while akash keeps saying that he needs preparations first, but both yash and pankaj say that he would learn it in th process of handling the business. Pankaj says that yash has made up his mind, and he wont budge at all. A servant talks to someone on the phone, in the lobby, saying that his work would be done. He gets tea for all three. Akash agrees, promising that he would never taint the name of the family. As the servant gets tea, he replaces yash’s phone with a similar looking phone. Yash and pankaj share tea with akash.

Ishita waits for the servant’s call. She asks if the work has been done. He says that he has done it partially, as he has got yash’s phone and would finish the rest soon. Ishita atells him that he just has five minutes, to finish his work, after she gives him a missed call. She thinks that these five minutes would change her life forever, towards what she wants. Just then, Pari and everyone in the family, come and tell ishita about akash joining the office, and invite her to go along with the others, for praying for akash’s success. When ishita asks about arti, radha tells her, that he wont go, as ayu is very small. ishita is happy inwards hearing this. She says that she would have gone, but she has a splitting headache, and hence wont be able to go with them.b Buaji says that as it is, sinners shouldnt go to that temple, as she’s lying about the headache. Buaji asks her to clearly say, if she doesnt want to go. ishita tries to plead her innocence, but pari butts in, saying that she should rest, as its not that improtant to pray, as sometimes, pari says that there are some, who sin and then go to the temple to absolve them, directing it at buaji. Buaji and pari are about to get into a verbal scuffle, when radha intervenes saying that they should go right now, and asks ishita to rest. As they leave, ishita is very happy, thinking that except for her, there’s noone else in the house, and this is the right time to do waht she wants. She calls up the servant. The servant calls on arti’s mobile, kept outside. Arti places ayu on the bed and goes outside to attend the call.

She picks up the call, expecting it to be yash’s, but the servant tells her about yash’s accident, and asks her to come behind the station. Arti is very tensed. she goes to ayu’s room, and wonders what to do. She takes ayu in the crib, all the while explaining it to him, that nothing would happen to yash. She rushes out of the house, while ishita sees this. She follows them. Arti gets into the car, and ishita is happy to see her go. she thinks that arti fled as if yash was in great trouble, but she doesnt know that till she’s alive, nothing can ever happen to yash.

While yash is discussing business details with akash, the servant replaces the phone, after deleting the call log, so that he doesnt know about this. yash is oblivious to all of this evil plan.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
In the car, Arti is very tensed, and keeps consoling ayu, that nothing would happen to her father.

Scene 4:
Location: Yash’s office and residence
while yash calls upn arti, to just chat and romance a little, ishita picks up arti’s cell, and listens to yash romancing. But then, she tells yash that its her, and that arti has gone out of the house and also taken ayu. Ishita creates a misunderstanding that arti went in a hurry along with ayu, maybe for the vaccination. yash is surprised that arti broke her promise. He tells ishita that he would head straight away to the hospital, and cancels the call.

Ishita thinks that just like sita had to pay for breaking the promise given to ram, similarly arti would have to pay the price, of breaking the promise made to yash, and going out alone with ayu.

Scene 5:
Location: On the road
Arti reaches the location, and comes out of the car, after she sees someone resembling yash. Arti frantically searches around for yash, placing ayu, in the car only. She tells them about the phone call, but the people say that there’s no accident that occured here today. She goes into her car, and finds ayu gone. She keeps crying out, and finally finds two people carrying her away. she runs after them, but her health doesnt permit her, and she falls on the ground, while the people take ayu away in the car. Even after having fallen on the ground, she cries out for ayu, seeing them go away in the car.

Arti is distraught to find some men taking her son, ayu away. She screams out in horror, as they take ayu away with them, in the car. she gets up, and goes back to her car, and getting into it, she begisn to follow them. She screams out ayu’s name, going berserk, and frantically following them. Arti thinks of calling yash, but cant find her mobile, and thinks that she left it at home. She thinks of trying from the PCO.

Ishita gets a person’s call, saying that her wpork is done and they finally kidnapped the baby. ishita is superjoyous. Ishita thinks that she was finally able to get rid of ayu, arti’s son, her biggest enemy, out of her way, and now yash would only be hers, and noone, not even arti can stop her from becoming yash’s.

Scene 2:
Location: In the hospital
Yash is pacing around nervously, thinking that she should have reached before him, then where is she. He thinks how to contact her, as she hasnt even taken her phone with her. He hinks as to how careless can she be. He asks the nurse to cancel the appointment.
He gets a call from arti, who tells him everything. Yash is very angry and asks what happened. she tells everything. Yash turns to stone and turns stoical hearing this.

Scene 3:
Location: Yash’s residence
Yash is angry at arti, out of wits. He says that she wouldnt have done this, if she had shown even an ounce of rsponsibility. While radha tries to make yash understand, Ishita too supports him, asking what was her urgency, and also reminds her of the promise that she had given yash. They place her respsonsible for this. Arti breaks out in frustration, at ishita, and asks who gave her the right to talk between her and yash. She tries to clarify but yash is in no mood to listen.

Yash says that there’s nothing to be heard or talked about. Pankaj too tries to calm yash down, but yash doesnt listen to him too, and goes on a rant about reprimanding her, as to why she became so irresponsible and rash. But yash keeps asking as to why did she break her promise. Vidhi too reprimands her for being so carefree, and not even bothering to inform them too. Yash says that now he wouldnt listen to anymore clarifications. Ishita is happy about what she wanted happening, and that now yash is actually seperating from arti. Suraj talks to the police and tells the family that they are on a thorough search, and soon they would find ayu.

Vidhi asks if she saw anything, and then asks her what happened exactly. Arti tells what happened. yash says that he cant believe this, and says that they were all the time together. yash asks her not to concoct false stories. Arti cant believe yash’s disbelief and distrust in her. She goes on to say that she would show her recievede calls list, to show that she had got a call from yash. yash instead tries to see the number on his own dialled list. Ishita thinks that she had planned everything very clearly, but forgot to delete arti’s mobile’s call log. She goes inside, surreptitiously. Yash goes on show that there’s no call on his dialled list. Arti says that she would show his call received on her phone. She goes to get the phone. Buaji stops her and says that she would get the phone.

Meanwhile ishita deletes the call log from arti’s number. Buaji enters and asks her what ws she doing. Ishita says that she was going to give the mobile to arti. Buaji says that her face doesnt let anyone trust her. She takes the phone and leaves, while ishita thinks that she’s getting increasingly unbearable, and that oneday, just like she ruined arti’s life, she would make buaaji reach heaven too.

Yash checks the call log, in arti’s mobile, and shows her that there’s no evidence of any call in her phone, as expected. Arti cant believe this. She tries to plead her innocence, saying she cant understand how this happened, but she’s not lying.

Ishita says that its impossible whats happeneing. Arti asks her to shut up, reeminding that she shouldnt talk amongst them. Yash says that noone would talk, as she cant ever make a mistake. He reminds her that she had regularly been irresponsible, and reminds palak’s wounds, and her haste delivery. he says that she crossed all limits today, and she’s entirely responsible for ayu’s loss. When the police arrive, they tell suraj that they are finding it very strange that a kidnapper has taken such a young child. Arti rushes away from there. Radha goes after her.

Scene 4:
Location: On the road
The kid is crying incoherently in the car, they all try to comfort and quieten him. The kidnappers, while thinking about taking milk for the baby, are startled when they find a police check post, checking inside every car. They wonder what to do now. The decide to go calmly, and at the first instance of a nuisance, they should break the barriers and cross ahead. when they do so the police immediately inform this to higher authorities.

Scene 5:
Location: Yash’s residence
While radha tries to comfort an unconsolable arti, ishita is happy seeing this. Yash enters, with a stoical face. radha leaves at this. While arti is on the bed, yash stands by the study table. Yash is so angry at arti, that even thinking about the incident sends him into a rage. The pencil in his hand breaks, causing a wound. When arti comes to see it, and places her hand on his, he jerks her hand away. Arti is shocked to see such behaviour, while ishita smirks at her plan’s success. Yash leaves in disgust. Arti cant believe what happened.

While yash goes outside, ishita tells him that she can understand his pain and his anger too. Yash leaves from there. ishita smiles at her plan going a complete success.

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