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Married again, Monday 11th July 2022 update

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Paridhi says.. Yash bhaiya.. we take care of Bauji.. when he doesnt want to stay with us.. what can we do..

Yash says.. all took care of me.. Pankaj bhaiya and Pratik , u used to stay all time with me.. Maa gave me all the love.. Bhabhi u loved me like small brother.. but even then i was lonely.. parents and siblings stay with you but not partner.. a partner is one who fills the gap, who stays with you..

Married again series
Married again series

Aarti says.. I agree with Yash ji.. whats loneliness even amongst all is I know very well.. I am thankful to Pratik bhaiya, Shobha maa and all of you that u got me remarried to Yash ji and got happiness back to our lives.. we now have to give that happiness in Bauji’s life.. thinks of Bauji.. his happiness.. he’s refusing but we can make him agree.. hes alone.. we have our families.. but hes lonely after Gayatri maa.. isnt it our duty to fill that gap.. keep once yourself on that place, May God not do anything like this to us.. but being humans, we should understand..

All go into thinking..

Ishita thinks.. they have gone all behind it.. i’m afraid if they agree..

Ishita says to Bua ji in a low voice.. Bauji will agree.. but society..?

Bua ji says.. dont spoil all’s brain.. society will raise fingers..

Yash says.. u think about society not ur brother..

Bua ji says.. i care bout my brother and thats why m saying.. fingers will be raised on him..

Pankaj says.. now.. finish this talk.. just take this thought out of your mind..

Yash says.. no.. my Bauji is more imp than the society..

Pankaj says.. stop it.. Bauji was right.. even if we agree because we love you.. but what will society say..

Yash says.. i will talk to society about this.. take all of it on me.. but wont let my family suffer..

Bua ji says.. ok fine try what ur thinking.. tomorrow in Holi Sneh milan.. talk of it and see what society says..

Aarti says.. ok fine.. tomorrow it will be decided of Yash ji’s love for his Bauji wins or the backward thinking of society..

Ishita thinks.. what will they do tomorrow..?

All leave.. Yash reassuringly smiles at Aarti..

Akash is enjoying with friends singing..

One friend asks.. who was that slim girl in your house..

Akash gets angry and holds his cheeks.. she is my niece.. elder brother’s daughter.. stay away…

Other friend says.. Akash let it be.. she is our niece too..

Akash gets a call.. he says.. control your eyes..

Akash goes..

Friends talk that his bhabhi was saved not his niece…

Yash and Aarti are holding hands as in joint..

Yash says.. dont worry Aarti ji.. we have got a plan and the society will agree with us..

Aarti says.. yess.. not only the society but also the family… waah Yash ji.. u r so intelligent..

Yash says.. so u considered me stupid..

Aarti says.. yess.. a bit..

Both laugh…

Ishita sees this and thinks.. so happy? did they get a great idea?

Yash says.. i can laugh only this much Aarti ji..

Aarti goes forward and gives a file to Yash and says.. memorize all this..

ishita comes there and says.. in all this .. Aarti, u forgot to take the milk..

Aarti says.. thank you.. but u didnt have to do this..

Ishita says.. your own do it for your own… Yash ji, other agre or not.. I agree that Bauji’s punar vivaah should happen.. but what about the society.. anyways.. let me know if u need my help…

Yash says.. u r right.. wo actually…

Aarti says.. thank you.. good to hear this.. but for now we dont need help..

Yash looks surprised..

Ishita turns to leave and purposely pulls the glass down..

Aarti and Yash start cleaning it.. Ishita picks up that paper and sees it, there was written, Aarti ji loves Yash ji..

Ishita looks at Aarti..

Ishita says sorry and leaves..

Yash says.. Ishita is so nice.. she wanted to help and u bluntly refused.. she must have felt bad..

Aarti says.. yes.. but tomorrow is so imp.. we should take a risk..

yash says.. so u think involving Ishita is risky?

Aarti says.. no i didnt mean that.. but the point is someone at home only doesnt want this to happen.. remember when we wanted to talk of Bauji’s punar vivaah.. only that day all that happen.. that Gayatri maa’s mangalsutra in Radha maa’s neck.. Radha maa cant do this.. so it has to be someone else from home..

yash says.. so who do u think can do it?

Aarti says.. i dunno.. letz concentrate on tomorrow and we have to make society broad-minded so that next time someone wants to color his/her life, society doesnt stand in way..

Akash enters room singing when he sees Ishita standing..

Akash says.. u didnt sleep? u r totally night person.. u dont sleep..

ishita says.. what do u have to do.. enjoy with friends.. but u dont have anything to do with what is happening at home..

Akash says.. always when i come this stupid thing..

ishita says.. yess.. u got money and all but not respect.. thats why u didnt get that happiness..

Akash says.. I am happy .. Akash Scindia has everything..

ishita says.. agree that Yash gave u everything just like that..

Akash looks away..

ishita says.. nothing has gone wrong.. there’s still time.. paridhi, pratik, Vidhi bhabhi Pankaj bhaiya.. even Bua ji will be with us..

Akash says.. what do u mean..

Ishita says.. there’s going to be a holi sneh milan where Yash is going to talk about your Bauji’s and Maa’s punar vivaah.. u can use this situation..

in the drawing room-
Pankaj says.. we will have to explain Yash and stop him.. the society will laugh on us.. our dignity and respect will go down in drain…

Akash says.. bhaiya.. own blood is own and other blood remains other..

Yash is looking at something in the laptop…
Aarti goes forward and keeps her hand on Yash and says.. Yash ji show me also..

Yash says.. ouchh Aarti ji..

Aarti says.. acha.. i just kept my hand on yours and u are shouting.. u make me feel like I have gone heavy and fat..

It is shown that Aarti’s feet is actually on Yash’s legs..

Aarti shuts up and Yash with difficulty says.. I was trying to say.. your feet is on mine..

Aarti takes it away and says.. haww.. u were also quiet from this much time…

Yash says.. its ok.. missy.. fatty..

Aarti says.. u called me fat… u wil lbe punished for this.. u pick me in your arms and put me on bed..

Yash from behind tries to get away..

Aarti says.. don’t try to run..

yash says.. i was only preparing..

Yash picks up Aarti and puts her on bed saying.. u have gone so light Aarti ji..

Aarti sits into the blanket..

Yash says.. so say.. ur superman is stil the same right?

Aarti says.. no.. first wear the red underwear above…

Yash smiles and tickles Aart saying.. Aarti ji.. u have gone so naughty…

Morning scene:

Pankaj says.. we will have to stop Yash..

Pratik says.. but bhaiya wont listen…

Pankaj says.. we wil have to explain him… he doesnt understand what hes going to do..

Bua ji says.. who do u want to explain.. Yash and Aarti went away from home in the morning itself..

Pankaj says.. ohhh.. Yash will never listen.. he doesnt understand what hes going to do..

Akash says.. what happened bhaiya… and chotu, why are u so tensed.. and where is Ram ji.. didnt see him today…

Bua ji says.. Yash has gone to talk about bhaiya’s punar vivaah..

Akash says.. ohh.. own blood is own and other blood remains other

Akash says.. who are u getting angry on.. chote, why r u so sad.. ohh.. and where is Sri ram ji.. havent seen him today.. ohhh.. that means he ran away leaving you.. are bhaiya.. own blood is own and other blood remains other…

Papa S heard this..

Akash says.. u guys understood or not.. u guys wont understand.. its permanently jammed.. leave it.. letz go for Sneh Milan…

Akash takes Ishita and leaves..

Paridhi says.. letz take Bauji or else Yash bhaiya will say we dont care for him..

Pankaj says .. yess.. we should take Bauji or Yash will create a scene and will say because of Bauji’s loneliness, he wants to get his Punar Vivaah done..

Papa S says.. i wont give Yash the chance this time.. he wont talk about it..

Scindias reach the place..

A person welcomes him and says.. we are glad ur here.. proves how much u care for your society..

Bua ji says to Pankaj.. see how much Bhaiya is respected.. it will go bad due to Yash and Aarti..

The comparer announces the milan and asks Papa S to come up and light the candle to begin the program..

Papa S goes up on th stage and lights the candle and a bouquet is given to him.. He takes it smilingly .. he’s also given a shawl..

Announcer says.. now I would like Sri Suraj Pratap Scindia to speak..

Papa S says.. everyone present here.. i find it my good that u have always given me opportunity to good for the society .. i am thankful and i have always tries to do my best.. i think.. how much we integrally become part of society and follow the rules, the younger generation learns from it… thats all i wanna say…

Papa S goes down and sit..

Ishita thinks.. where are Yash and Aarti.. i should go behind the stage..

Ishita gets up but Akash scolds her and makes her sit back..

Announcer says.. there going to be a Mahabharata story presented here which Yash and co. will present..

Bua ji says.. dunno what he will do now..

Pankaj says to Vidhi.. Yash is taking part in this.. he didnt tell us…

the show begind…

Announcer says.. its about Raja Shantanu when he had all but wasnt happy and his uson understood that..

yash comes on stage and says. my father is very lonely even when he has such a huge kingdon.. u only tell how i can finish his sadness…

A person says.. the person who can finish his sadness is Satyavati..

Announcer says.. then he went to Satyavati’s father..

Yash says.. i have come here to get your daghter’s hand for my father…

Satyavati’s father says.. no.. the kid which comes wont get the kingdom because of you… u are supposed to go up next..

yash says.. alright.. i wont take over the throne.. your daughter’s and Pitaji’s kid will take the throne..

Satyavati’s father says.. how much ur thought does.. ur child will want the throne..

yash says.. i promise i leave the society for my father’s happiness.. i will forever say unmarried so that the kid of your daughter and my father gets the throne..

Announcer says.. this went on to become Vishnu promise and its still remmebered.. he was an amzing son..

All clap..

ishita thinks.. to get society agree, u have chosen a great way.. u proved to be a great player..

yash says.. all of you are here.. do u think Bhishma’s decision was right or wrong..

All says.. he was right…

Aarti says.. u are right.. parents do all.. feed their kids even if they have to remain empty stomach so isnt it our duty to think about our parents and do something..

yash says.. Bhishma let go so much for his father.. so today, infront of all i wanna say.. I want to get my father Suraj Pratap Scindia’s punar vivaah…

Family members look kinda angry..

Ishita turns back and gives a signal to her people and they started throwing stones on the stage..

Yash hides Aarti behind himself and tries to protect her..

Yash says.. what are all of you doing.. Aarti ji is pregnant…

One person gets up and says.. Scindia sahab’s punar vivaah at this age.. u have kids and grand kids, still u wanna get married.. what time has come..

Aarti says.. marriage isnt only about physical relation but togetherness so whats bad in it.. kids after a atime get busy in their own life , then what would the person do who has lost his/her partner.. how will the person live.. a partner is important to get hope in life.. why cant we light that hope in their life again because of which they feel that their life can be happy.. why cant we get our bauji and maa married..

Ishita thinks.. i think their plan will work.. i will have to do mine now..

One person says.. this is against the norms of society..

Ishita turns back signals..

One person gets up and starts throwing stones…

yash tries to save Aarti and says.. what are u all doing…? Aarti ji is pregnant .. why dont u understand i am doing it for my father’s happiness…

Bua ji thinks.. i knew this will happen…

Pankaj asks Papa S to stop these people..

Papa S gets and turns to go when people start saying bad things to Papa S .. .all look worried…

Akash leaves frustrated while Ishita leaves smirking with him..

Yash shouts.. i dont agree with the society who cares morw about backward norms and a wrong prestige but doesnt care about a person’s feelings and emotions.. yess.. i will get my Bauji’s punar vivaah done and no one can stop me from doing that…

One of Ishita’s person goes to the stage and said to Yash.. u consider yourself Bhishma.. u r no bhishma.. this is kalyug not satyug.. we are against this punar vivaah.. leave this thought…

Yash shouts.. whatever time it is.. father-son relation cant be changed.. i dont agree with the society who cares only about useless prestige and not anyone’s emotions… yes.. i will get my father’s punar vivaah and no one can stop me..

All says.. what is he thinking.. he has gone mad…

All leave…

Yash looks down worried…
Aarti keeps her hand on hsi shoulder supportingly..

pankaj says to Bua.. bua ji u right.. Yash will have to apologize to the society.. If society keeps us away it will be bad…

Bua ji says.. I am always right.. But who listens…

Paridhi says.. Yess.. My mom is also upset… She says she cant go anywhere.. Dunno what will happen when her friends come to know …

Yash says.. We should be afraid when we are doing something wrong.. If marriage is wrong then everything is.. We will get Bauji Married in court.. Someone comes or not.. We dont need such society..

Pankaj says.. Shut up Yash.. What do u want.. We roam in the society in shame..

Akash says.. Are bhaiya..

Pankaj shouts him to stop..

Akash says.. I am on your side even if there’s this line.. Dont shout, BP will shoot up.. Court needs 5 people to consent for the marriage.. Will people in family go.. Ask them..

Paridhi says.. I am sorry Yash bhaiya.. U dont care about the society i do.. I dunno if all these people will say something but m not with you..

ishita thinks.. Now i feel nice.. Yash and Aarti are alone..

Akash says.. Very good Paridhi ji.. You have said good.. We are all with you… So say Pandit ji, how will u get Bauji married.. Punar vivaah.. Today ur wife n our bhabhi will also not be able to help.. How will u set up the marriage..

Vedika says.. I will be the witness.. I will go with you Yash chachu to get dadaji and radha aunty married..

Pankaj says.. Shut up Vedika.. Go in..

Akash says.. Bhaiya.. Dont shout.. Explain nicely.. Baby u r small..

Vedika says.. M not small.. I’m 18..

Pankaj says.. So.. U are 18 u will go against your parents…

Vidhi says.. Who told u to talk amongst elders..

Vedika says.. U arent with you father, how can i be with you..

Pankaj shouts and lifts his hand.. Vedika..

Aarti stops him…

The servants come there and says.. We are with you Yash bhaiya.. At this age, u need a partner..

aarti says.. Akash bhaiya.. U said we wont get people in entire Bhopal and we got them in home only..

Paridhi says.. What wrong with you guys.. Bauji never said he wants to get married..

Aarti says.. Yes.. Because probably like u guys they are also against it.. But they need a partner.. We dont want them to take wrong step like Radha maa.. Please think over it..

Akash and Ishita leave angry…

Papa S is thinking of the events in the sneh milan…

Papa S calls up an old age home..

Someone picks up and says.. I was going to call u only.. The donation u give help us a lot and the oldies live a life of respect.. We wanna give u respect for that…

Papa S says.. I dnt need that.. Just give me a place in your old age home..

The man says.. But sir .. U?

Papa S says.. Dont ask me.. I am coming..

Papa S keeps down the phone and thinks.. Yash and Aarti wont agree.. And i dont want my family to suffer.. I will have to do this..

AarYa and kids are in the car..

Ansh says.. Papa.. We are going to get new dadi..

Yash smiles..

Aarti says.. Yash ji.. We should get apart…

Yash stops the car and looks shocked..

Aarti says.. Not like that Yash ji.. God Forbid that.. I am saying.. We should divide teams for the marriage.. Then we will have fun

Yash says.. Yet bride and groom arent ready and u r planning for the marriage..

Aarti says.. We will make them agree… And we are anyways gonna get their punar vivaah done.. So they will have to agree..

Yash says.. Ok..

Next scene:
Radha is sitting in her room cooking something..
Someone knocks her door..

She thinks smilingly.. Yash..

She opens the door and a person says.. Your son Akash, he has suffered an accident..

Radha runs out with the man..

Yash and Aarti reach and see the house and stove open..

Aarti thinks.. How has Radha maa gone out like this..

Yash says.. We should check outside..

Ishita is shown to talk on phone..

shita says.. U wanna get your maa married.. She will get married but not to your bauji but someone else..
Radha reaches a place with the man in auto and shouts for Akash searching him..
Auto goes..
radha says.. U said my son is hurt.. Where is he..??
The guys says.. Look there..

Some women are there… U r scared for your son haan.. Wanna get married at this age…
Radha says.. What rubbish..
Women says.. Bride u are.. So u should look like one..
Radha shouts.. Let me go… Let me go..
Those women turn her around and bully her..

Aarti says.. I am worried for Radha maa.. Her neighbours said.. She was home..
Bua ji says. Good only.. She has done a right thing for the first time… She should die only..
Aarti says.. Stop Bua ji.. Whats wrong with you..

Yash says.. Why do u say like this for Badi maa.. What wrong has she done to you..?? If u cant think good for someone.. Atleast dont think bad..

Bua ji says.. Yash beta.. U think good for good people .. Not for women like Radha..

Yash says.. She is my mother.. Do u get it.. I wont hear a word against her.. I have been seeing all this for years.. But its enough now..

Yash leaves.. Bua ji looks down.. Aarti looks worried..

Radha is made to sit by those women forcefully help.. Radha is crying helplessly .. Sitting like a dead body.. And the mangalsutra is put around her neck by a man.. And the sindoor is picked up by the man..

those women drag her to the mandap..
Radha says.. Please leave me..
Those women says.. How will u not go..
Radha says.. Dont disrespect a women..

Those women drag Radha n say.. Dont call yourself women.. U will remarry at this age.. U didnt think that the man’s wife has died only a month back..

Those forcefully make her sit and apply lipstick and all and put dupatta and all.. Radha tries to break free but they hold her tight and get her ready.. Radha is crying and now seems a little lifeless…
A man comes there dancing with dhol and stuff.. People are watching all this happily…
A man goes forward and says to the dancing man.. Today is your marriage.. She is your bride.. Pandit ji start the marriage..

The man sits beside Radha Pandit gives mangalsutra to the man.. He puts it around Radha’s neck. Pandit gives sindoor and the man takes it in his hand and takes it near Radha’s head.

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