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Married again, Friday 8th July 2022 update

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Ishita makes food for akash in the kitchen. Pari comes in and says that she forgot puris, and that she would do it real fast. akash comes in and taunts her saying that this is their time, and asks her to leave. When she doesnt budge, he takes her hand to lead her out of the kitchen. Pari reprimands akash for daring to touch her and not having the decency and mannerisms to talk to women, terming her as illiterate and ill mannered, while ishita watches on. Akash gets into a rage, and is about to hit pari, when his raised hand is stopped by arti. Akash turns around to find her determinedly holding onto his hand. arti tells him that if he demands respect, he has to give it to. She says that noone behaves with women like him, and if he wants his good, then he should keep that in miond. She takes pari from there saying that they have an electric stove and they would do it on that only. pari complies.

Married again series
Married again series

As pari gets sight on the kitchen keys, she thinks of a way of teaching akash a lesson, unwilling to take her insult sitting, and locking the cabinet, takes the keys and leaves. ishita is in afix, when she goes to get flour, and finds the cabinest locked, wondering who did this and where are the keys.

While all are eating , arti laments that she wishes suraj would come down too for breakfast. pankaj says that they should go and get suraj to eat. Bua says that it would be futile as suraj has locked his room from the inside. radha asks them to give him time, to cope up with the trauma. She asks them to have food, and tells arti that she shouldnt stay hungry at her stage. Prateik too agrees. He asks vidhi where’s vedika. vidhi says that she wont come as there’s a pimple on her face, and she is angry at that. Vidhi says that she tried to advise her, but she didnt pay any heed.

Radha asks vidhi to understand her point of view, where seemingly small things look big. She oofers to go and get her. Vidhi and arti discuss whether she would be able to get her down.when radha comes without vedika, buaji taunts her saying that when vedika didnt listen to her mother, then how would she come on someone else’s insistence. But her words bite the dust, when vedika comes and tells that radha aunty applied a lotion on her pimple, and assured that everything would be alright by the evening. vedika thanks her by calling her Dadi, but on vidhi’s reprimand, she again calls him aunty.

Akash is very angry and hungry, and is getting irritated that he sint getting food, when yash and his family are savouring dishes away. he hollers at his wife. Ishita comes and brings food, and is asked to keep it on the table. He looks at the food, and reprimands her again, for getting only bread and nilk, when he demanded Puri Chole. She tells him the reason that he couldnt get dinner for him. Akash gets rude at ishita and insults her saying that she is always lazy and tends to get away from work every chance he gets, whereas he a crorepati, can order a Breakfast buffet if he wants. then he insults her all the more by force feeding her the breaqkfast that she had got for him. yash is unable to see this.

yash asks arti to send breakfast there too. pari asks why should they bother when akash doesnt. She says that she’s not as noble as him, and that she cant bear his talks. ishita too comes in saying that pari is right and that they shouldnt bother about him. Arti asks her what would she eat. ishita saysthat his taunts and insults fill her up, and her fate is such that she has everything and yet nothing. Yash asks pari to get chapati. As she bends, the keys fall from pari’s waist, which surprises everyone. ishita wonders how the keys got there. Understanding the situation, ishita walks away, while pari looks on.

Later, Yash, on his own, thinks that after gayatri is gone, everything has changed, and the house has split up into two sections, which was united while she was alive.He thinks that everyone has their own ways of remembering her, but suraj hasnt been able to cope up, and he gets very sad, seeing suraj, and he cant fathom how to solve suraj’s problems. He is joined by arti, with whom too he shares gayatri’s loss at this time and how things have changed for the worse. He says that he cant see ishita sad, and today’s incident hurt him, and he thinks whether they have had breakfast. he says that had gayatri been alive, she would have handled everything, by unting them, and now everything is strewn apart. arti too agrees saying that gayatri was the glue that held them together. radha comes in and says that they shouldnt accept defeat as gayatri laid out her responsibility on them, with great faith, and they would have to honour that, before everything gets ruined. yash says that he cant understand what to do. He says that he might control akash, but he cant beare to see suraj like that. He is reminded of suraj’s stinging words. Radha says that his pain is far more than anyone else. She asks him to be in suraj’s shoes. She asks him, to set aside his pain, as he still has his family and kids, but suraj, has lost everything in life and is all alone, in this age, when a life partner is needed the most. and the way, suraj’s personality is very mature, gravity like,he cant even frustrate his pain out as tears. She reminds him that suraj still loves his kids a lot. when the kids come running and get arti and yash into a good mood, an idea strikes radha to get him to talk, and that is by utilising the kids’ innocence and playful attitude, into taking suraj out of his grief.

yash and arti tell them that they have a very important work to do, along with vedika. He takes them to suraj’s room. The kids ask him to open the room, while the whole family waits. The kids enter into a mock fight outside, as to whoses painting is the best. They keep asking suraj to come out and decide who is the wineer. But suraj stands unfazed. finally he comes out, and reprimands them not to make noise, and ask them to go to the room. but ansh tells what is the problem and finally suraj comes out of his pain, and interacts with them, much to the family’s pleasure, who sees him from hiding. He starts simling at their innocence. ansh says that they are hungry, and everyone has eaten, and if he would join them for food. vedika too insists. finally suraj says yes to them, saying that they would have food in his room only. yash and arti are happy to see their plan working and give each other a high five. arti is happy to see yash smiling.

In her room, ishita finds akash playing on the tab, and not being able to win. She says that its been one month since gayatri went, and the family is thinking of a shanti path. He asks what should he do. she says that he should do nothing, while the brothers win over him, and yash and arti win. He asks her to shut up as whenevr she opens her mouth, she speaks ill of him. Ishita says that yash has given this wealth to him, by looking down upon him, in pity. He gets into a rage hearing this. But ishita tells him to channelise this anger on yash, instead of her, and not by fist fight, but by mental games. She again instigates him and involves him into her vicious plan. He understands what she is upto. He calls up the priest from the shiv mandir and gets to work, while ishita thinks that there’s another way to bring unrest into the family, by putting the gun on the shoulders of akash, as ishita seemingly in front of the family, cant do anything wrong.

Arti is being coaxed by yash to start eating for the baby, while she is in a tantrum throwing mood. arti role plays as a child herself, while yash behaves as the parent. he feeds her every morsel by naming every member of the family, and finally asks her to eat on yash’s name. In teasing him, she bites on his hand too, while eating out of his hand and runs away. yash too follows her, to finish feeding her.Pari and vidhi are discussing in the kitchen how everyone finished the entire food. vidhi teases pari saying that prateik seems to have given extra praise. pari laments that gone are the days when prateik used topraise her and that they have entered the stage where marriage become dull and mundane. Vidhi asks her not to think like that and gives pari, yash’s example as to how he takes care of arti’s tantrums even in pregnancy. Pari says that not everyone is like yash, not even prateik and pankaj.

Arti finds shiv mandir’s priest, who she remembers used to come when gayatri used to invite them over for a feast. she welcomes them, wondering what have they come here for. while they have water, everyone is boggled why have they come here, and on whose call. Yash asks how can they be of service. The head preist asks them to prepare for food, as gayatri used to invite them for a feast, and he compliments yash fopr keeping that tradition alive, they have invited them too for a continuous two days Shanti Path. they are shocked to hear this. The pandit tells them that they would meditate for 10 minutes aftr which they should lay out the food for them.Yash, at a loss for answer says that they would get it ready. akash sees this from a distance, and enjoys the drama thinking what would they do now. ishita too joins in to have fun, saying that yash’s family must know that its a sin, to send the priests hungry from their gates. she says that she’s waiting for what plan yash and arti would come up with now, to avert this problem.

When the familyis wondering who called upon the priest, akash comes in and says that he is the one behind this. He tells yash that arti keeps telling him that relations have great power, and one who doesnt have relations, is the poorest. He asks arti that he would see now how the power of relations save them from this problem. arti says that to shame them, she never thought, akash copuld stoop so low. She says that it would be a great insult to their family, if they go hungry, and that akash might forget that he too is a member of this family. Akash says that she makes him a part of the family for convenience and that he considers noone his own in this family.

vidhi voices her concern, saying that they cant just feed them anything, as they are shiv mandir priests, and how would they manage in such a short time. akash says that gayatri satisfied the priests entirely, and he would see whether her son and daughter in laws, live upto that name. He says that now he just waits to see if they get a blessing or bane from the priests.Akash says that when the priest incites a bane on the family, the first person affected is the pregnant woman in the family. Yash chooses not to respond to akash’s provocation. Akash says that he’s very tensed for the baby, who would have to suffer i they fail. arti gets into a tension. Akash reprimands them for still wasting time, as they love discourses. He taunts them to start working faster, as the priests are waiting, and that he wont disturb them. saying so, he leaves. Yash convinces arti that nothing would happen to her baby. But arti is beyong consolation. Arti says that he wont let anything happen to her baby. She tells yash that he would have to do somthing for their unborn child. when yash doesnt respond, she continually asks him if he is paying attention. radha says that she understands her pain, as a child is a mother vgreatest strength and also the greatest weakness. She says to arti that when things would be out of their control, they should leave it on god.

ishita comes in and plays noble, saying that whatever her husband did, she apologizes for it and offers them her food. She says that it might not be a feast, but still sufficient enough to satisfy the priests so that they dont go empty handed. But as she extends it out to them, akash comes and throws away the food, insulting her yet again, saying that food isnt made to be distributed to the beggars. He insults her saying that if she has to do charity she should go back to her maternal family, and saying so, he ushes her away. yash gives her support, so that she doesnt fall.

yash asks akash what if she had fallen, and how can he behave like that. Akash arrogantly says that this isnt the time to lecture as the priests are waiting, and that time is slipping by, and he shouldnt waste it advising him how to behave with his wife. he arrogantly takes ishita from there and leaves. All are very tensed.

Akash forcibly takes ishita to the room and is about to slap her, when she retorts back saying that it wont be good for him, if he does so. He says that he cant understand her mood swings, and cant decide what she is upto and asks her whose team is she on, when she was offering them food. He asks her whats her game plan, and whats goping on in her mind, and what does she actually want. Ishita says if he really wants to know whats going on in her mind, and what she wants, then she would tell him. She whispers into his ears, that her heart is with gayatri’s son, and she wants him. He pulls her away, saying that she wants him, and is helping them.

ishita says that being a politician’s daughter, she knows it well, and if she has to defeat someone, she has to do so, so that they can never rise again. she says that she has to be sweet to take her revenge, as the greatest betrayals are given by own people, rather than strangers. She sys thats exactly what she is doing, as she would sabotage them in the garb of helping them, and would help him indeed. akash says that she has never seen a more vicious persona than her, and he cant decide when she would switch sides. She says that she’s always by her side. She says that she wants to see how arti faces this challenge.

Arti prays to the lord to avert this trouble, as noone has returned empty handed from their house ever, and today they are at the verge of sending the pandits away hungry. yash too stands by her. Radha comes and says something to yash. Yash thanks radha for her advise and instantly leaves to get to work. radha too starts praying.

Buaji too is very upset thinking if pandits give their family a bane, what would happen to yash and arti. Vidhi asks why only yash and arti face it, they would altogether face it. Pari says that they shouldnt go out till all is solved, as she doesnt want to get affected by the bane. Vidhi is shocked at hearing this from pari, who says that even though she doesnt believe in such stuff, still she doesnt want to take the risk, and wants to stay indoors only. Vidhi is surprised but buaji agrees.

pankaj and prateik see suraj out of his room, while the pandits are meditating. as they try to stop him, suraj says that he wants to see whats going on. the pandits tell pankaj to serve them food, but he says that its not yet ready. akash comes in saying that he is filled with gratitude to see them, and that he hates to break the news, that when gayatri was alive, things were different, and now that she isnt anymore, that devotion also doesnt exist anymore. the whole family listens to his banter. He says that yash and arti have taken the responsibility of the house, and they dont know where are they hidden, after having called them. he says that its wrong that yash is insulting them like this.

suraj reprimands akash that he should stop right now, or else he would throw him out of the house. yash comes in saying that he shouldnt trouble himself by getting angry on them. Akaash feigns concern for yash saying that the pandits shouldnt punish him for insulting them like this. Buaji too feigns fear about yash and arti’s safety now from the bane of the pandits.

The pandits are angry at yash for insulting them, and says that not juts him, but his future generations would also be affected, and thats his bane. All are shocked. But arti comes in and apologizes for being late in serving. She sdays that gayatri left the responsibility of the house on yash, as he had faith on him. The family is happy, but akash and ishita are shocked when they find that food is ready for the pandits to be served. Yash and prateik start washing the pandits feet, before serving them food. They watch happily while the pandits feast. While serving, pari is asked by the

pandits about the identity of akash, and his relation to the family. she says that he isnt a relation, but just a liability that they have to bear. Just then, the pandit sees akash’s photo in his mobile and places a call. The pandits eat to their heart’s content. As akash begins to leave, pari stops him saying that the drama is still to happen, and he shouldnt leave before seeing that.

The police comes in and the whole family asks why are they here. One of the pandits who had seen akash’s photo in his mobile, says that he has called them, pointing to akash, saying that he is the person, who had cheated him and extracted 1 lakh rupees from him, pretending to be a bank personnel, about 3 months back. the entire family is shocked. Akash says that this is all false and that he is the son of this family, and isnt a theif. Akash turns to pankaj and prateik, to verify to the police that he is their brother. But they remain quiet. The police says that if he doesnt pay up, he would have to go to jail with them. Akash, in arage says that i lac means nothing to him, and that he would just go and get it. the pandit calls from behind saying that he needs 2 lacs for the cheating that he did with him.

Akash goes and gets the money. The police warns him and goes. After the police leaves, Pari says that everyone must have heard the saying that one who digs a well for others often falls in it himself. He says that akash intend to malign them, but ended up being in the spot, the only difference being that he had no respect to begin with, to be maligned with. She says that he must be feeling bad after lsoing 2 lacs. Akash says that he would teach her a lesson. Yash asks him to talk with manners, and pari tells him to talk like this with his wife and not hr.

Vidhi serves them tea, wqhile asking how did it even become possible to arranbge food. arti tells them that it was yash and radha’s prompt action, which got them to serve food, from outside. Arti says that it feels relaxing to know, that a mother still is in the house, who can take care when problem comes in the house. Radha is thanked by arti, who says that to day because of her, they averted the trouble on them. She says that not only radha gave a solution but also protected the family’s respect and fame. Arti says that the tradition that gayatri had kept alive all these years, she didnt let it break. yash goes to attend a phone call. Radha just smiles listening to all this. But her smile vanishes when she sees suraj, listening to all this with a serious face, and then leaving from there.

yash talks to someone, on the phone, when arti comes in, apologizing for her rude behaviour, in front of everyone in the kitchen. Yash pretends to be fake angry, that he cant dare to speak anything in front of her, lest she beats her up. she gets very angry at that. Yash starts talking to the baby, saying that he needs to be rescued from his mother’s wrath. arti gets angry at him, and in that vigour, she feels a kick from the baby. She says that its very unjust, that the baby kicked her, when she decided to slap him. yash is happy at this. Yash says that he too wants to feel the baby kicking. But he cant hear anything. Then, when he gets up, arti tells him that the baby again kicked. He says that even the baby is very moody like the mother. arti says that the baby would kick for him only when he bribes the mother. When aysh asks what he wants, she says that he can give whatever he feels like. Yash asks sensually that he would give her the bribe, and copming close to her, hugs her from behind. Yash too finally feels the kick of the baby and is very overjoyed.

suraj, sits tensed in his room. radha enters, and comes upto him and asks if he has a headache, and gives him a balm, for his head. He says that he doesnt need it and asks her to go. radha aks him not to behave like kids, and apply the balm. Suraj says that he wishes there was a cure for this pain. She says that there is a cure for headache, but the pain that he is referring to, can only be cured by proximity with hi8s family, that not only he is shying away from, but he is also distancing his family from him. She tells him that she understands his pain. She asks him not to overlook, what he has in the wake of what he hasnt. yash and arti see her talking to suraj. She asks him that there isnt any fault of the kids, that he is distancing himself from them. She keeps the balm on the table, and asks him to apply it himself. As he leaves, suraj takes the balm. This pleases yash and arti.

During the night, arti thinks that yash being busy, she cant share her feelings with him. She says that nevertheless, she would talk to him. Meanwhile, yash also thinks that whatever he’s thinking, arti would agree with it. they both begin to talk at thesame time, saying that they have something to talk about. After some time, of each asking the other to talk, arti finally says that she wants to talk to him about suraj, as to how he has become so irritating and frustrated all the time, ever since gayatri went. she says that radha underdstands him better than everyone else in the family, as age and experience matters. She cites example also about the headache and his eating along with kids. She says that they can get radha and suraj to remarry. Yash is stunned to hear this, seeing which arti apologizes for saying this, and asks him not to think of this, and gets to leave. Yash asks her to sit down, saying that he cant believe how can she read his mind, and that he was thinking exactly the same.

arti is very happy at this, and adds that they live in a modern world, where they can definitely do this for their father. Yash too agrees, saying that loneliness at this age, is very difficult, and he can say that from his own experience. Yash and arti, both decide that they would get radha and suarj remarried. Ishita, seeing all this from a distance, says that she would see to it that they arent successful in their plan.

Vidhi tells vedika that she is preparing milk for everyone in the family. Vedika is very happy that her pimple is gone, and asks radha for any treatment for her hair, too referring to her as dai ma, which angers vidhi. But radah says that she doesnt mind being called that, when vedika asks vidhi what should she call her then, since she isnt allowed to call her daima or dadi. She tells vidhi that she behaves very rudely to her in front of the entire family, and asks her to come along so that she can talk to her alone. when vidhi says that she cant, since she’s working in the kitchen, radha says that she would manage and that vidhi should go. Vidhi complies. Ishita, standing at the entrance of the kitchen, says that since morning, there has been no drama, in the house, but not anymore. Thinking so, she enters the kitchen. Ishita says that he needs saunf for akash. Radha readily agrees to give it to her. while she turns around, ishita sneaks in a tablet into a glass of milk, and mixes it nicely, by the time radha turns around to give ishita the saunf. ishita asks her to drink this milk, as she needs energy to take care of everyone in the family. But radha says that the milk is meant for arti, who just comes in then, in the kitchen.

Arti is about to drink it, much to ishita’s horror, but then stops saying that she knows that she needs milk for the baby, but she feels that radha exerts too much, and she too needs the milk. Arti feeds the milk to radha, much to ishita’s relief. Ishita tells that she would give arti the milk, in her room, while pari gives milk to surj.Pari starts making an excuse, saying that she has an urgent work. She tells radha to give it to suraj. Arti offers to give it to suraj. But ishita tells her that its not advisable for arti to climb stairs so much. radh says that she would give milk to suraj. Ishita is happy to see her plan falling into place.

radha comes and places milk, by suraj’s bedstand. Getting dizzy, radha falls by suraj’s bedside and dozes off. ishita sees this and thinks that now there would be a new drama, when the morning sunlight beams in, and the doors open. she says that now she would see how arti gets their remarriage done. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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