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Love by chance starlife, Friday 11th November 2022 update

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Love by Chance Starlife Full Story

The lady saying how can a smart guy like you make such a big mistake, marrying two girls in a day. He says situation was such. She asks whom will you explain, does Akriti know this. He says no, keep this confidential, I want a favor, I want to apply for jobs abroad. She asks what, you said you want to work here.

He says I want to go away, I m stuck. She says you can’t run away from problems, Akriti is your wife, what will you do if she wants to go with you, sorry, I can’t help. He asks what shall I do, I can’t leave Gungun alone, Akriti keeps an eye on me.

She says I can transfer Akriti in another dept, I know it will be wrong with her, but I can’t see you like this, how long will this go on He says until Gungun is out of mental trauma, then she won’t need me. She asks don’t you have anything in your heart for her. He says its there but it doesn’t matter.

She asks what will Gungun answer the people. He says I m just living in present, Gungun is my responsibility, she has no one except me, her dad isn’t alive. She says fine, I will mail Akriti about the transfer, make sure that she doesn’t know about this already, are you going in science convention.

He says yes, I wish it was for three months instead three days. She says you will get a little escape, remember, your personal life shouldn’t affect your professional life. He says never, thanks.

Neeti and Khushi come to tease Akriti, and show Anu’s shirt with the love sign. Akriti says I will go back to office if you pull my leg. Neeti says no need to cancel the leave. Khushi says you promised that you will take us for dayout. Akriti says yes, but what is it about the shirt. Neeti shows the shirt. Khushi says its sindoor mark, keep it safe. They go. Akriti says its not my sindoor mark, how did this come on Anu’s shirt. She says this is the mark of Anu’s cheat.

Gungun asks Anu to leave. He asks where are you going. She says wherever I like. She thinks Ronnie will blackmail me if I stay here, I have to go. He asks her where is she going and why, what’s the problem. She says everything here reminds me of dad. He asks do you want to run away from his memories, what happens with us is not life, our relations on the happenings is life, it depends on you, you want to preserve the memories or run away. She says I want a break, so I m going. He says fine, but you should stay back till the Tervi. She cries. He asks what happened.

She says nothing. He asks why did you get silent. She says you should be happy. He says I want old Gungun back. She says no one liked old Gungun, stubborn, stupid, idiot, party animal, even dad didn’t like her. Anu says the Gungun I knew, her anger and stubbornness wasn’t her personality, but her kiddishness, she used to stay happy in her own life, I want that Gungun back.

She asks what’s your problem, I m trying to change, what shall I do. He says I liked old Gungun and want that back. She says that Gungun is lost and even this Gungun wants to go lost, go and don’t come to meet me again. He asks what. She scolds him. She says you are married now, your wife will have a problem if you come to meet me, your family also doesn’t like me. He says I didn’t tell the truth to them, so they have a problem, I don’t want to put you in problem. She says I will remove the sindoor, don’t worry. Anu says its sindoor, not makeup. She says I don’t care. He says remove it if you want to see me dead. She stops.

She says you said this sindoor doesn’t matter to you, why are you explaining the meaning to me, dad asked me to delete that day from my life. They argue. She asks why are you saying this when it’s a lie. He says it maybe a lie for you, not for me. She says this isn’t true. He says fine, you can run away, tell me, what shall I do, shall I listen to my heart or mind. She says dad used to say, listen to the heart. He says you are in my heart, I have applied sindoor to you first and I regard you mine. She cries and shouts shut up, what nonsense is this, never say this again, it was just an accident, its better that we forget it, so I m going away from you and your life, forever.

He holds her hand and asks can you live without me. She says I m living without dad, you mean nothing to me. He says ask yourself if I mean anything to you or not, come back when you get an answer. She says never. He says we shall see. She opens the door and sees Maya. Maya hugs her and cries. She asks how can Riddhesh leave us alone. Gungun asks how did you know.

Maya asks why are you saying this, Riddhesh was my husband. Gungun says so you are coming now after so many days. Maya says I wasn’t getting tickets, I had called you many times, I called Garima and got to know that she went to her husband, you are alone here, Riddhesh had told me that life has no guarantee, I didn’t think it will turn true so soon. She cries. She sees Anu there. She asks what are you doing here.

Maya accusing Anu. Anu says not everyone is the same, he doesn’t love Gungun’s money, he really cares for her. She asks him to care for his wife. She says I m here for Gungun, does Akriti know that you are here. He says I m not a kid to report her. She says you lie and come here, it means you are after Gungun’s property. Anu asks Gungun does she think the same. Gungun signs no. She says I don’t want you to come here. Maya says I m taking Gungun to US. Anu says fine, I won’t come if you want, I will keep my promise and come to help whenever you need me. He leaves.

Everyone sees the pics of wedding. Chavi says institute has transferred Akriti to other dept. Chandru says they won’t work together. Sargam asks why did they decide so. Akriti says don’t know. She thinks why did dean do this. Anu comes home. They ask about his changed behavior. He says I m busy, I m coming from lab now. Akriti says lie, I had called Rishi, he said you left much time before. They argue.

Sunanda asks him was he in lab. He says yes, I was working alone, so my colleagues don’t know. She asks him to sit, she will get food for him. She gets the food plate. She says I worry for you, so I wanted to know where you were. Sunanda says she worries for you. Maya calls Akriti. She says I had come to India for Riddhesh’s tervi, I called to invite you. Akriti says really sorry for your loss, is Gungun fine. Maya says no, I will take her with me to US. Akriti says really, you are doing right, I was worried for her. Maya says I can’t leave her alone, many people are eyeing her wealth. Akriti asks is her husband going along, Gungun has sindoor in her maang. Maya says I didn’t notice that, you worry about your husband, I have seen her in Gungun’s room today, I m surprised that you don’t know it, I had called to invite you. Akriti gets angry and scolds Anu for the lie. She says you were with Gungun. Everyone asks Anu is this true. He says yes. Charu and everyone scold Anu. Charu says he lied to us, he never hid anything from us, he is disobeying us now, its useless to talk to him. He goes. Sargam asks why did you start lying. Anu says because no one can tolerate the truth, I had lied to avoid this drama.

Akriti I says don’t know how much you lied, I will find out and then show it. She goes. Gungun sits talking to Riddhesh’s pic and cries. Maya comes and asks her to sign the papers, they are selling the house. Gungun says its my dad’s house. Maya asks her to wind up things and come to US. Gungun says you can sell anything but not this house.

Maya asks do you know about your dad’s investments. Gungun says yes, there is a flat, villa and farmhouse, you can sell anything you want but not this house, I have my dad’s memories here, memories can’t be sold. Maya says you have to sell the house. Gungun says never, I will see how you sell it, take the money and go. Maya goes. Gungun says I have to go from here, but I won’t sell this house. Akriti shows the shirt to Anu and asks about sindoor marks. He says I don’t know, you tell me. She asks would I ask if I knew. She argues. She says you are married now. He says Gungun is going to US, you said this when you spoke to Maya. He leaves. Maya talks on call. She asks Gungun where is she going. Gungun asks why do you ask.

Maya says I have to talk to you about sindoor, Akriti said you had sindoor in your maang and told them that you got married, I know it was your prank but I want to confirm, you lost your dad, don’t behave like this, you will get US visa today, then we will go.

Gungun asks will I stay happy there. She says I wasn’t happy there, I agreed due to personal reasons. She recalls Ronnie. Maya asks what reasons.