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Lost In Love Teasers April 2023 – Starlife

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As the family gives more attention to Savi, Pakhi feels jealous. Things get worse for Pakhi when Sai and Virat ends up working in the same department. On their way home after their children school picnic, an accident leads Pakhi on the death bed. Read Lost In Love Teasers May 2023.

Lost in love may Teasers 2023

Lost in love May Teasers 2023

Monday 1st May 2023

Bhavani learns about Ninad and Ashwini’s plan to perform a ritual for Savi, and she agrees on a condition; Virat and Sai argue about his rights.

Tuesday 2nd May 2023

The Chavan family members are overjoyed and warmly welcome Savi as their descendant; Sai gets suspicious about Bhavani’s pliable behavior towards Savi.

Wednesday 3rd May 2023

When Bhavani’s intention to cut Savi’s hair is revealed, Virat furiously lashes out at Bhavani; Pakhi feels dejected when Virat unknowingly ignores Vinayak.

Thursday 4th May 2023

The Chavans present their expensive gifts to Savi; Sai gets overwhelmed; she throws a challenge at Virat when he decides to admit Savi to a top school.

Friday 5th May 2023

Ashwini breaks down in tears when Sai refuses to accept her gift; Pakhi grows anxious to see Virat’s affection for Sai.

Saturday 6th May 2023

Virat and Sai are delighted as Savi receives appreciation for her intelligence; Sai announces her decision to get Savi admitted to Virat’s alma mater.

Sunday 7th May 2023

When Sai chooses not to enroll Savi in the same school as Vinayak, the latter sheds tears; Vinayak learns the news and worries about meeting Savi.

Monday 8th May 2023

Pakhi accuses Virat of ruining Vinayak’s life by enrolling him in Savi’s school; Vinayak and Savi are overjoyed to be attending the same school.

Tuesday 9th May 2023

Pakhi disapproves of Virat’s decision, despite the fact that it will make the kids happy; Pakhi meets Sai and comes to a shocking realization.

Wednesday 10th May 2023

Pakhi suggests Sai distance herself from her family and leave with Savi; Virat spots them together and threatens Sai.

Thursday 11th May 2023

Pakhi blames Virat for trying to cause tension between him and Savi; Sai refuses to follow any of Virat’s family’s demands.

Friday 12th May 2023

Virat is bombarded by questions about his two wives and children on Savi and Vinayak’s first day of school; Virat calls Sai in an emergency.

Saturday 13th May 2023

Sai treats Virat’s squad with the utmost care to save their lives. After he is moved by their deed, Virat’s commissioner approaches him with an offer.

Sunday 14th May 2023

The commissioner summons Sai and Virat to announce their decision. While Virat agrees to work with Sai, will Sai reconsider her decision and accept the offer?.

Monday 15th May 2023

As Virat falls back on his vow to avoid working with Sai, Pakhi causes chaos; Pakhi visits Virat at work and brings him lunch to check on him.

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