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Lost in love on starlife, Thursday 27th October 2022 update

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Sai receives award. Everyone clap for her. Virat tries to click Sai’s pic blocking videographer’s view. Videographer says he is spoiling his view. Virat says one who is receiving award is his wife and he wants to click her pic. Sai starts her speech thanking Dean and chief guest and eagerly waits for Virat.

Virat Videographer doesn’t let Virat in. A man notices Virat and asks him to go in front as its wife’s biggest day. Virat says photographer is not letting him in. Pulkit notices Sai’s dilemma and asks her to open up as its her day today.

Sai starts that she is very happy today, but doesn’t have a dear one to celebrate; her aayi passed away after her birth and Aaba passed away before her marriage. Ashwini gets emotional cries hearing that. Ninad consoles her. Sai says she got a family which she considered as dear one, but it looks like a lie and she doesn’t have anyone whom she can call a dear one. Virat hear that and thinks who is he then.

Sai continues that life gave her a few people who supported her and she is thankful to them, she is thankful to also them who tried to stop her. Virat feels dejected. Sai continues that her motto is to become a doctor and serve humanity; she is feeling alone today, but a person who has a motto in life can never be alone, and at last she will give credit of her success to her Aaba as she knows he is blessing her from wherever he is.

Everyone clap for her. Ninad hopes Virat should have seen how he made Sai feel so lonely. Virat thinks is he really nothing to her, he will not take credit of her success, but he supported her; though he hid things from her, he also promised to reveal it some day; he cannot force her to believe him but will wait for a day when she will realize her mistake.

Back home, Chavans praise Sai’s success and discuss to display her trophy in living room. Virat walks in. Ninad calls him and says he needs to talk something important. Virat asks if they can talk later. Samrat asks why he postpones things, he should clear everything right now. Virat asks Ninad what is the issue. Ninad says success is important, but family’s happiness is also important; he can see that he reaches places late and sometimes doesn’t even turn up; he should value relationships and protect them. Samrat says Virat’s behavior is forcing them to doubt. Virat is shocked and asks if he also doubts him. Mansi asks to just say where was he during Sai’s function and why couldn’t he attend it. Virat asks how can they say he wasn’t there.

Ashwini asks what happened to him. Bhavani says she cannot believe her Virat has changed, Ashwini is right. Pakhi says he was same since the beginning, she should ask if he got a new woman in his life. Virat asks Ninad if this question is part of his interrogation. Samrat asks him to ignore all questions and just answer if he promised Sai to take her for sari shopping and left early morning uninformed. Sai says he left after Shruti’s call. Virat asks if he has to inform his every move. She says no, she just wants to know who is Shruti and why he runs immediately after her call. Whole family continues their questions.

Ninad says its not just between Virat and Sai, its a question of family’s reputation. Samrat asks Virat to just say who is Shruti and why he went to meet her.

Samrat insists Virat to tell who Shruti is. Virat warns him to leave him. Ashwini questions Virat next. Virat says he already answered that Shruti is his friend’s wife. Ashwini asks who is his new friend whom they don’t know of, how did Shruti come in his life suddenly. He says he cannot inform who all he meets, even Ninad and Omkar must be having many friends like that. Ashwini says one doesn’t burn their one house for others, his acts are hurting his wife a lot. Ninad and Samrat asks him to speak truth and end this issue right now. Virat says if they all trust him and think he is not doing anything wrong, why are they question him like this; he is just asking some time to reveal everything. Sai says she doesn’t need his favors and will never question him again. Virat says he heard her whole speech on stage and realized what she meant.

Pulkit asks if he was present, then why didn’t he come in front. Ninad asks why didn’t he pick his calls then. Virat shows pic of Sai receiving award from Pulkit and says its a proof of his presence. Sai asks then why didn’t he come in front. He says because of her as she made him a stranger in a second, then why should he. She says if he was not bothered about her achievement and award, then why did he click pic. He says he wanted to see her receiving that award. Devi interferes and asks them to stop fighting. Virat says he will not repeat his words and scolds her not to interfere between them. Ninad scolds him not to scold Devi and just answer who Shruti is. Pakhi comments Sai informed them about Shruti who calls Virat at midnight and he goes to meet her. Sonali provokes Bhavani to question Virat. Bhavani questions Virat followed by Ashwini. Virat says Shruti is his friend’s wife. Mohit thinks why Virat is lying. Virat says he already gave his answer. Samrat insists him next. Sai asks how can he cancel all his appointments and rush to meet Shruti. Virat says she wasted all his efforts and feelings for her. Sai says if he values her, then he wouldn’t have behaved liked this. Mansi asks them to stop fighting. Ashwini prays god to clear their differences. Virat tries to leave.

Mohit stops Virat and asks him to reveal truth or else he will. Virat asks what does he know. Mohit says he didn’t want to inform them about this issue, but Virat is forcing him to; Virat and Samrat are his role models, but Virat changed his perception; he had already warned Sai to keep an eye on Virat. Karishma asks if Virat is having an affair. Bhavani scolds her to mind her tongue before speaking ill about Chavan family boy. Karishma says she is speaking everyone’s mind. Pakhi asks Karishma to let Mohit complete his sentence. Mohit asks Virat to speak truth himself. Virat asks what he wants to hear. Pakhi comments nobody can interfere between Virat and Sai as Sai already cleared that their marriage is just a deal. Sai says Pakhi is right, she doesn’t want to know what Virat does and is going to her room to study for her test. Ashwini asks Sai to stop and let this issue end right here.

Omkar asks Mohit to stop his suspense and speak up. Mohit says he had gone a hotel to his serial audition and saw Virat getting out of a room with a woman.