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Lost in love on starlife, Friday 17th February 2023 update

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Lost in love on starlife Friday 17th February 2023 update, Pakhi pours her heart out in front of Virat. She then apologizes him and walks away saying she needs to iron Vinu/Vinayak’s dress. Usha tells Sayi that Savi was crying profusely and slept just now. Sai says small kids cry. Usha says a small kid just wants to know her father’s name. Sai asks if she wants her to give more pain to Savi by informing her that her father disowned her mother and chose someone else.

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Usha says Savi is innocent and she should know what Savi is going through. She asks what if Savi wants to leave her and go to her father. Sai says Savi would never do that as she is her daughter.

Ashwini walks to Virat and tries to convince him to accept Pakhi as his wife and trust her. She says Virat brought his mother and father together and now he doesn’t want to unite with his wife. Virat says he and Sai reunited his mother and father. Ashwini shouts to stop talking about Sai as she is his past now, Pakhi takes care of his parents and whole family diligently and he is not ready to give a wife’s right to Pakhi. She insists him to go on a honeymoon trip with Pakhi and let her take care of Vinu till they return.

Next morning, Sai apologizes Savi with gifts and a dance on Daadi Amma Maanjawo.. song. Savi continues her anger. Usha brings breakfast. Sai says she is feeling hungry but will not have food until Savi forgives her and even will not go to work. She acts as crying. Savi forgives her. Sai asks if Savi loves her mother or father more. Savi says she loves Sai most as she doesn’t know where her father is. Sai asks if she is sure. Savi says yes and promises not to talk about her father until he himself returns to them.

Pakhi and Virat take Vinu for doctor’s appointment. Virat tells Pakhi she is doing a lot for him and his son. Pakhi says their son. She asks why is he saying so and starts her emotional ordeal that her husband doesn’t accept her and she has lost everything even after getting a lot. Virat says Ashwini had visited him and insisted him to go on a trip with Pakhi, so he feels they both can go out for a few days. Omkar returns from a morning walk tired. Shivani says Ninad is more fitter than him, he should increase his stamina. Omkar says he is happy the way he is. Bhavani expresses her sadness that Virat doesn’t want to go on a honeymoon trip with Pakhi. Ashwini says she already talked to Virat last night. Virat calls her and informs that he is ready to go on a trip with Pakhi. Ashwini feels happy and informs Bhavani. Bhavani also feels happy.

Sai’s neighbor rushes to her and informs her that another neighbor is having labor pains and needs her help. Sai accompanies her. Doctor checks Vinayak and says his condition is better than before, Vinayak is lucky that Pakhi is taking good care of him. Vinayak says he is getting well because of a medicinal paste given by doctor aunty. Virat says Vinayak had gone to a camp and a doctor lady gave him medicinal paste. Doctor asks who is that doctor. Vinayak says doctor aunty is the best and his friend’s mother, she assured him that he will be fine soon. Doctor suggests him to getVinayak treated by same doctor seeing his recovery.

Virat and Pakhi decide to take Vinayak to Kankauli first and then go on a honeymoon trip. Sai reaches neighbor’s house, but neighbor husband doesn’t let her in and verbally abuses her. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.