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Little Singer Kulfi Adom Tv, Wednesday 7th December 2022 update

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TV series

Little Singer Kulfi on adom tv, Wednesday 7th December 2022 update, Amyra announces karaoke night, gunjan goes to get chit bowl and finds it missing, amyra invites Rohan’s parents. Gunjan informs Tony bowl is missing, Tony says I knew you are good for nothing, Gunjan says if this is so you suggest a good plan.

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Amyra says next song mom will sing, Kulfi says no Sikander, Amyra and kulfi starts arguing, Lovely says no baby no fighting, Sikander says game says sing in team so we will sing together, lovely says yes, Mohendar says 30 sec for New Years, amyra says whatever but next song mom dad will sing, count down begins,tony asks gunjan to do as he says. All wish eachother Happy new year, sikander about to hug lovely to give new year wishes, both laugh and hug.

Amyra says mom dad enough let’s sing song,amyra plays the track, lovely and Sikander lost

into eachother, Lovely joins him sing, Kulfi says god thank you, gunjan says kulfi you have a call, go in your room, Kulfi says okay and leaves,amyra says our plan worked they won’t fight anymore and get back together. Gunjan talks to Kulfi as Santa clause on call and plays it live in party, Kulfi says thank you for fulfilling our wish they love eachother, we both wanted them to get back together, Tony stops Amyra from going to Kulfi, Kulfi reveals whole plan.
Sikander and lovely shocked, gunjan gets back to party and claps and says look sikander it’s not a magic all fake, these girls did it, kulfi gets back to party and confused, and asks Amyra what happened, gunjan asks lovely what all is this,Mohendar tries to stop, gunjan asks him to keep quite, gunjan blames Lovely for teaching all this to amyra and kulfi, Tony asks her to keep quite, cutie gets into argument and starts blaming kulfi for all this, Sikander says calm down, Lovely holds Amyras hand and leaves party.

Mohendar scolds gunjan, Kulfi apologises to Sikander, Sikander says one minute and leaves, Kulfi walks to babe and asks what happened exactly, what did I do, we did it for good but how did all learn. Lovely asks Amyra am I bad mom,don’t you want to stay with me,answer me, Amyra says mom I love you, why are you saying all this, lovely says because I don’t trust anyone, even you, nothing matters to you too. Mohendar says kulfi even I don’t know, gunjan leaves.

Kulfi talks to Nimrat and asks how did this happen, how our plan got revealed, should o ask Santa, oh I don’t have his number, I am so scared. Amyra says mom please don’t I love you, Lovely says you really love me then why did you cheat me lie me,amyra says I only wanted you, Lovely says I did ask you are you friends with her, but you lied to me, you crossed your fingers right while promising me, you broke my trust, you hurt me baby, you cheated me baby, why did you do this I love you so much, I’m fighting so that you get what you deserve and not kulfi and you lied to me, I’m not bad but I did bad for you, the worst all for you and you cheated me, by being friends with her you cheated your mom, I thought I’m your friend and are you serious you became friends with Kulfi, and Lovely leaves the room.

Kulfi thinking about gunjans words, Kulfi tries to contact amyra, amyra scolds her says everything finished,Kulfi asks what I did, amyra says because of you we are caught, you were on screen, idiot never talk to me, Kulfi says I don’t understand, amyra breaks the walkie talkie, Kulfi still confused. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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