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Little Singer Kulfi Adom Tv, Wednesday 12th October 2022 update

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Little Singer Kulfi
Little Singer Kulfi

Tevar says to Kulfi everything i own is yours, Kulfi says i just want my baba, Sikander walks to Kulfi and says Tevar lalwani is looking for you,Tevar says so was i, Sikander says did you find,Lalwani walks and says quickly get working you all. Sikander and Kulfi walk away.

Tevar walks on the stage, Lovely surprised, Amyra very happy to see him. Lovely thinks god if Tevar tells Kulfi he is her father she won’t sing god these problems, why did he come back so quickly.

Lovely thinks how does he look so calm, Tevar begins his performance, Tevar after his performance walks to dressing room but media and fans dont allow him, Lovely sees him and says thats god i have to stop him from seeing Kulfi until she performance for my Amyra. Sukhwinder Singh performs next. In dressing room, Kulfi

and Amyra enjoying, Lovely walks in and says Kulfi enough dancing come with me you have to sing stop this timepass, Sikander says stop it Lovely not now let her enjoy. Tevar starts looking for Kulfi. Minti stops him and hugs him and says I’m so happy to see you.
Minti says Tevar im your lady luck, and wheres your attention,Tevar says not now and leaves,Minti says i won’t stay here for a minute you cant insult me this way and leaves.sunidhi performs.

Amyra Kulfi practising,Amyra cheating with lyrics on her hands,Tevar walks to dressing room and sees them, Sikander upset,Tevar thinks so they using my daughter to make their daughter a star. Lovely says my baby Amyra you are perfect my princess i love you,Kulfi thinks Sikander sir is just singing today,Tevar asks master to go and find Lalwani. Sikander meets Tevar and praises him, Tevar says i learned from you but i didnt know you are such good actor,and so i Amyra i saw whats going on make up room,sir you were my hero a man of principle,i was surprised to see how you were behind kulfi to save her but now i know why, Sikander gets agressive but stops himself, Sikander says i wish i could stop it, im in bad times,Tevar says bad times show what a person is, Sikander says a father is helpless, Kulfi takes me as a guru, but she is mine, but for Amyra i have to do it,you won’t understand you aren’t a father, Tevar im helpless but you aren’t, you can give kulfi justice and i wont stop you and leaves.

Tevar says you call your duagther your weakness but mine is my strength.

Kulfi asks Tevar can she sing with Sikander, Tevar says if that gives you happiness,Kulfi says I will be very happy,Tevar says your happiness is mine and so you can,Kulfi says thank you and hugs him,Kulfi says let’s go Sikander sir think of a song. Sikander hugs Amyra and kulfi and says both my kids are with me and I’m very happy,Kulfi and Amyra kiss him,Sikander says thank you come let’s sing and leaves. Tevar in tears says atleast once look at me Kulfi, Kulfi turns around and sees him in tears and thinks why is he in tears when he himself permitted me, Kulfi remembers every thing Tevar did for her,Kulfi sees Amyra and Sikander together,Amyra goes hug lovely.sikander asks kulfi to step forward with him. Kulfi and Sikander get set to sing,Sikander says remember our song back,this is

how we sing,Kulfi focusing on Tevar.
Kulfi looks at Sikander and says I’m sorry, please understand me,Sikander says tell me what’s wrong,Kulfi runs towards Tevar,and holds his hand,Tevar asks what’s wrong,and takes him along with her to stage,Kulfi says I want to sing but with my Baba, with Tevar sir,Sikander in tears,Tevar in tears smiles at Kulfi,kulfi says Baba will you sing with me,Tevar says call me Baba once again,kulfi says my Baba,Tevar kisses her and is very happy,Sikander gets angry and leaves,Tevar says sing whichever song you want I will join you. Kulfi sings her song,Sikander stops,Sikander remembers singing this song with Kulfi,Tevar raps on kulfis song,Sikander starts making calls.

Tevar and kulfi walk to Sikander singing. Kulfi says to Sikander you once said,I have to feel it right,and today I felt the connection he is my Baba,thankyou.tevar says love finds it’s path,and this bond won’t break,Sikander walks away,Lovely thinks now Sikander has to back of. Kulfi says thank you god,today we and Amyra are friends and I called Tevar sir my Baba too,thank you and prays,Kulfi sees boiled sweet potato and it reminds her of Nimrat and says god that must be your magic. Sikander restless,Mohendar walks to him,and says don’t give up,truth will find its way, Bebe walks to Sikander and says whatever the truth be.

Tevar is working for his relation with kulfi,he has done lot for kulfi,he is wasting patiently for the bond to be strongest and he is proving to be a good dad which you couldn’t be for Amyra.