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Little Singer Kulfi Adom Tv, Thursday 13th October 2022 update

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Bebe says Sikander the truth is Tevar become a good father to kulfi which you couldn’t be for Amyra till date,and if you live Kulfi and care for her then for your mother leave them alone,they love each other,Kulfi has accepted him as dad too and leaves,Mohendar says Sikander Bebe was just,Sikander says don’t and leaves.

Tevar sees Sikander and walks to him and says I was looking for you,so did you like me with my daughter and would like to hear appreciation from my guru too and I tell you my daughter is, Sikander says look we will talk later,Tevar says you said she is with me because you sent her to me but today we saw something else,Kulfi walk to me on her wish.

Amyra walks to kulfi,Kulfi says here try this,Amyra says eww I don’t like it,anyways come with me I will give you

moms old phone so we can coordinate for practice. Sikander says Tevar, Kulfi is a kid and innocent, she thinks he star is her mother,she has a pure heart and one day I will get the truth ahead,Tevar says the day is tomorrow get proofs,now take any day and get any proofs she will choose me I bet and leaves.
Kulfi walks in with Amyra and stops and says I can’t come in,Amyra asks why,Kulfi says Sikander sir has asked me not to,Amyra says don’t worry come in,Kulfi says I can’t,Amyra says look it’s already three legged race,and anyways you stay here I will get the phone,Amyra finds lovely’s old phone and gives it to Kulfi,Amyra sees kulfi in tears and asks what’s wrong,Kulfi says nothing how to use it,amyra explains and says good bye now,Kulfi gets in lift,Sikander calls,Kulfi gets scared and says what is this,she picks the call and says anyone there Amyra,Sikander says I can’t hear you,Kulfi comes out of lift and sees Sikander,both look at each other and in tears,Kulfi walks to him,kulfi says I went upstairs but didn’t go inside because you had asked not to,Sikander says you listen to everything I say,Kulfi says yes but today I didn’t I’m sorry,I wanted to sing with you but I saw Baba was feeling bad,he never says a word but is very sad that I don’t call him Baba, Sikander says so for his happiness you didnt sing with me,Kulfi says yes he is my Baba so I have to think of his happiness,you fine right,Sikander says yes,Kulfi says Baba must be waiting shall I go sikander says yes,Kulfi hugs him.

Tevar and kulfi bursting crackers to celebrate their bond,Sikander starts trying the phone,Sikander in balcony sees them,Kulfi looks at tevars face and thinks he is my Baba look at the happiness on his face,Sikander looking at them remembers bebes words,he sees how happy Kulfi is and is in tears and says is this the truth,Sikander Singh Gill isn’t a good father.

Amyra says mom if you fast how will we win,family no1 game,Lovely says chill my girl do you know why am I fasting it’s for you,sikander walks in and says if I play with you in family no 1 game,Amyra says we will loose then because you know nothing about me,and don’t want to loose,Sikander says okay will cheer then and leaves,Amyra says thank god,Lovely thinks if you behave this way you won’t have kulfi nor Amyra.

Sikander walks into his room and is upset about Amyra saying she will loose if she participates with him,Lovely walks in,and sees Sikander in tears,and says kids don’t lie Sikander and she thinks her dad isn’t with her,you just physically with her,Lovely in tears walks to her,says first Nimrat then music an dnow kulfi and still Amyra doesn’t have her dad,these 11 days you had to bond with Amyra but you don’t understand so please decide what is important,Kulfi has her dad now but does Amyra have,just leave Tevar and kulfi alone and find your families happiness.

Amyra wakes up at 6 and calls kulfi,Kulfi picks the call,Amyra says get ready and get down we need to practice,both cover themselves with blanket and get down, Amyra explains the rules and says it’s a three legged

race and we need to cross obstacles and one will be blind folded,a,grab blind folds kulfi and both begin practice. Nihalo scolding bholi,Setu walks in,nihalo asks where were you and where’s my money,Setu says bholi I was in Mumbai and here you two have the Prasad. Sikander and Tevar get into pandal. Everyone gathers and gear up for competition,lovely sees Sikander and Tevar giving each other cold looks and wishes they don’t begin arguing,Sikander tries the phone again,Lovely walks to Sikander and says what are you doing cmon,Sikander says don’t worry I won’t fight,Lovely prays god please don’t ditch me today I will donate more today and every year just be with me.
Sikander says Tevar for first time Kulfi and Amyra participating together and so let’s cheer,can you,Tevar says anything for my daughter. Amyra gives cold looks to her friends,Kulfi supports Amyra.orgainiser walks to lovely and says ma’am please hold this it’s for the kids who will loose,Lovely asks why me,He says please ma’am it’s a request,the competition begins,Bebe sees kulfi and Amyra coordinating and says look Mohendar after kulfi left the house these two have started bonding,Rohan cheats and kulfi Amyra fall,Amyra says look they are going ahead,kulfi says don’t worry come let’s start again. Amyra and kulfi proceed,Kulfi and Amyra win the race.

Tevar and Sikander hug each other in joy,organiser announces there will be family no 1 competition in the end.Amyra goes hug Sikander,Kulfi says Baba did you see I won the game,Sikander says very good my princess,Amyra says thank you,Lovely says baby congratulations and now we will participate in family no 1 and we will win the trophy ,Amyra says sorry mom but I want to participate in next competition with dad,Sikander smiles at her,Amyra says dad here’s list of things I like you go through it quickly and no one can defeat us,Sikander says thankyou princess but I don’t need this to know about you,you are my sight I gave birth to you and know everything about you,A,Utah says awesome no this trophy is ours.

Nihalo asks did you go meet Kulfi in Mumbai,what troubles you were talking about, Setu ignores her,nihalo says tell me what did you do,Setu says god did what he had to,nihalo says answer me or else I will and picks a rod to hit bholi.
Tevar and kulfi waiting to have food,Kulfi says akad and baked Bhaiya you two didn’t eat food right from morning due to my race,now cmon take a seat and we all will have a food,masterji cmon join too,Kulfi says look Baba now it looks like a big family,Tevar says true and now we will participate in family no 1, Kulfi says that’s difficult but,Tevar says tell me what you like and I will tell mine and starts telling his choices,Kulfi gets confused.

The competition begins,Kulfi is asked tevars favourite colour,she says violet,judge says wrong answer it’s red,Tevar says don’t loose hope,Amyra is asked sikanders favourite colour,Kulfi says black,Amyra says black,Tevar feels bad.