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Light of love on adom tv, Wednesday 25th January 2023 update

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Light of love on adom tv Wednesday 25th January 2023 update, Pallavi thinks about her debts looking at the burning material, Pallavi tries to get rid of the fire but nothing works, Pallavi breaks down, asks god what wrong did I do that I always have to face problems, how can I let my husband’s dream go away. Pallavi looks at her locket with Shivaji Maharaj, and thanks god for reminding her that she will follow her guru Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and won’t give up, this isn’t raw material but was my families hope I won’t let the culprit go away easily.

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Pallavi goes ti police station, Inspector sees Pallavi Deshmukh and says not her again she think there was some plot behind her husband’s death and so keeps coming here every morning I am so tired of her, Pallavi sees inspector Swami, and follows him to his office, Inspector tells Pallavi that don’t worry we will tell you if we find anything we will let you know, Pallavi says I am here for an FIR and tells whole story, Inspector says who it was, he did very wrong, Pallavi says Raghav Rao, Inspector says I will look into go now its late.

Anjali with Raghav says she deserved it, Raghav says she got her punishment now it’s your turn, Anjali says I am waiting for it. Anjali lying on bed, Raghav says your fiance loves you so much but I see no guilt on your face, Farad opens door and Anjalis husband Sunil walks in, Raghav says one tip for you Sunil be very careful when you are in love because girls love to play with trust, Sunil slaps Anjali, thanks Raghav and leaves. Anjali scolds Raghav says you will pay for this.

Pallavi reaches home, Sharda tells Pallavi that Baba was very happy with accounts he says there is lot of profit, Sharda says let’s go get some jewellery for Mansi’s wedding, Pallavi says in 2-3 days may be. Sharda says okay and wear your reception saree which has gold embroidery for her wedding, and leaves.
Pallavi thinking how will she manage this. Pallavi goes to her room, and removes her gold embroidery saree and thinks she will sell the gold strings and buy new raw material.

Raghav working out, Farad tells him Ketan is here. Raghav checks diamonds with Ketan and says good material, Ketan asks him to talk in customs for next deal because getting diamonds is very risky, Raghav days getting diamonds to us is your job, what is the issue, Ketan says rules have become strict now and leaves.
Farad tells Raghav that Ketan is right, we did smuggle lot if diamonds from abroad but now it had become difficult, and now we are settled lets quit, Raghav says money is my passion, Raghav is informed police is home.

Pallavi sees Kaka with Mansi’s wedding card, Sulochana says dare you touch it, she first killed her parents then husband, not my daughter, you blindly trust her not me, Sharda asks Sulochana to stop, Pallavi stops Sharda says I will be late so let Mansi distribute her cards and Kaku there won’t be any difficulty in Mansi’s wedding because of me and leaves.
Mansi says I have one condition only Pallavi will apply me Mehndi or else I won’t. Sulochana thinks that she has to do something to separate them and thinks of Jagadish.

Raghav asks Swami why is he here, Swami says a girl came yesterday and lodged FIR against you because you burnt her raw material, Swami gets call from Pallavi, Farad gives him money, Swami scolds Pallavi says it was wrong number there is no Raghav Rav don’t give false info.
Raghav is informed that his man had Kirtis information.

Pallavi tells Krishna about Raw material, Jagdish walks in the shop, Pallavi prays to god, Pallavi says let’s walk out and talk, Jagdish says this is my shop you will ask me to to walk out, Jagdish pleads him says I know I haven’t paid but soon will, Jagdish says I want money, and if you don’t I will tell your father and if something happens to him I won’t be responsible, Pallavi says don’t, Jagdish says you can’t even beg, fall in my feet and plead. Pallavi about to, Jagdish says okay I will give you 2 days and if you don’t I will throw you out and lock this shop. Pallavi thinks sorry Aai I can’t get Mansi jewellery now or else all will be finished.

Pallavi dashes with a kid and sees he is injured and asks what’s wrong he points at his grandfather getting hit, Old man asks Raghav for forgiveness, Raghav keeps slapping, Pallavi scolds crowd for not taking a stand and helps old man and then sees its Raghav, Pallavi slaps Raghav infront of whole crowd, and says no one other then you can do this, that man who didn’t think twice before ruining someone’s work what will he think before hitting an old man, it looks like you like to show your manliness by troubling people lower than you, Raghav says enough or else, Pallavi says or what will you hit me like you hit this kid, have same shame and keep innocents away of your nonsense, and leaves with old man and kid. Raghav about to attack her, Kirtis mother stops him and says hit me first then her, first you troubled my daughter now her, Raghav says I don’t care, Kirti’s mother says I know you are a spoilt stubborn man who thinks he can buy anything with money, but you have lonliness because of your money and I wish you died in your mother wombs, Raghav looks crowd talking about him and leaves.

Sharda cleaning old utensils, Nikhil makes video of it, Mansi asks why we need these special utensils, Vijay sees Pallavi with a kid and asks who is he, Pallavi says that bad man again.

Raghav’s car breaks down he calls Farad to send help. Sulochana and Amruta walks in from parlour and says this kid is poor his father picks garbage, what is he doing here, Mansi says calm down Pallavi got him here, Sulochana says this is house not a hospital, Pallavi walks to Sulochana hands kid lemon sherbat and says Kaku please come with me and shows her garbage and how Pallavi makes compost of garbage and it helps them with home grown vegetables, and its not good to discriminate.
Kaka on call says I was there I didn’t see that girl slapping but she did hit him hard, Sulochana walks to him, Kaka says baby I was missing you, look I got you perfect red nail polish, Sulochana says I asked for strawberry red you got me tomato red, Kaka says its just nail polish and not an ingredient that will spoil your dish and laughs, Sulochana says you will tell me what is right or wrong, now go get strawbery red nail polish and hands a strawberry.

Kid asks Pallavi can he hug her, Pallavi says sure, Vijay says Pallavi go to shop I will drop him, Pallavi thinks I will go sale Jari and then go shop and checks her bag and doesn’t find the Jari box. Kaka on his way sees Raghav says oh sometime back his wife slapped him and stops car and says I know it’s your bad day and one sad man can only understand other so come let me help you. Raghav in car with Kaka, Kaka keeos cribbing about torture from wives, and says we all men should get together and fights against these women, Raghav says stop this nonsense and just drive, I don’t have wife, Kaka says I saw your wife slap you, Raghav says she isn’t, Kaka says oh girl friend. Raghav gets irritated scolds Kaka and asks to stop car.

Pallavi goes back to area she fought with Raghav to find her box, she keeps thinking about her debts and rents, Pallavi says how can I be so irresponsible.

Raghav playing table tennis thinking about insult he faced. Vijay and Kaka discussing about invitation list, Nikhil asks them to use worksheet, Pallavi walks in disheartened, Nikhil says so many invitees, Sharda walks to Pallavi and asks what’s wrong she looks tired, Pallavi says lot of work, Sharda says let’s have food, Pallavi says I am not hungry, Sharda says lets go shopping tomorrow for Mansi, Pallavi says sure.

Farad walks to Raghav says I have some new boys for work because customs people are troubling are boys a lot, Raghav says cancel all meetings and thinks I will show her my manhood.

Deshmukh ladies looking at dresses and sarees, Amruta says I don’t want to wear anything restitch everything, Sulochana says you gave Pallavi work she will spoil it, Mansi says stop drama, Pallavi says Amruta you try this dress and Kaku this saree will suit you both go to try, Pallavi asks Sharda to try her dresses. Sharda wears suit, Mansi click Pallavi and Sharda’s pictures. Pallavi prays to god to look after her family.
Kaka calls Pallavi and asks her to go pick saree designs.

Pallavi on her way to pick designs, Raghav’s car following her scares her. Raghav walks to her and says you don’t get scared then why now and you are very fond of slapping me go ahead. keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.