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Light of love on adom tv, Wednesday 14th June 2023 update

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Light of love on adom tv Wednesday 14th June 2023 update, Bhavik tells Akhilesh they have footage of accident. He also requests Inspector to let Ira see it too. Inspector asks his constable to bring Ira. Ira, Akhilesh and police looks at the footage. They see that the guys are already bruised and bleeding. They point at Ira as they reach near the car. The second guy falls down on his own. Inspector says seems like they trapped Ira intentionally. Ira wonders who can be behind this.

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Akhilesh asks Bhavik how this happened. Bhavik shakes that Mirchi’s eyes recorded everything. Akhilesh tells Inspector that Mishri had his wife’s phone. She recorded everything while playing. Mirchi asks him if Mata Shree will be freed now. He replies that the one with such an ideal daughter cannot be in any trouble. Akhilesh asks Bhavik how it was transferred. Flashback

of the same is shown. Bhavik says I wasn’t just saying it for the sake of it that she was the most advanced robot of the country. Inspector tells Akhilesh he will make more copies of this pen drive. Akhilesh asks Ira they will head home soon. Ira nods. I am confused. Where did you get this footage from? Bhavik and Akhilesh lie again but she says Akhilesh was calling me. I had the phone. This is how the accident happened. She asks Mirchi how she recorded it. Mirchi points at her eyes. 62 megapixels, aperture 1.8! Ira asks her what she means. Akhilesh says she means Vansh did all this with his phone. Ira calls it impossible. I remember it well that he was eating chips. He wasn’t holding a phone. Bhavik lies that he has a new interest of making candid videos. The camera must be on. Akhilesh nods. He was shooting even when I was changing clothes. Ira says I am sure you guys are hiding something. Akhilesh says who can do something when even God wants this. Let’s go home.
Inspector joins them. Akhilesh says I hope you can release my wife now. She dint do anything. Inspector says I cannot let her go till the time I have all the papers. It will happen in the morning only. We have to nab the real culprits. We must fool those goons. Ira must stay here overnight! Akhilesh isn’t happy with the idea but Ira agrees. Devina has overheard everything. I will be thrown out of the house or in jail if my truth comes out tomorrow! I must stop those goons from telling the truth!

Next morning, Pushpa, Mirchi and Bhavika have come to police station. She asks Inspector why Ira is still in jail. Constable says this is just a trap for the real culprits. Pushpa nods. She must not be in any problem though. Mirchi tells her not to worry. It is good news that Mata shree will come home soon. I will bring flowers for her. She goes to bring flowers.

Adi and Devina stop the goons from going inside. Police knows everything now! They want to know as to who hired both of you. They decide to confess everything but Devina gives them a ring saying it is of 5 lacs. They agree to leave the city! Devina heaves a sigh of relief. We thought we will kidnap Mishri in Ira’s absence but what has happened! you are up to no good! Adi insists there is something wrong with the girl. Devina calls him mad. Now no one will find out that we are behind this accident. Mirchi overhears them. You dint do the right thing! Family supports each other but you put the life of one member in risk here. I must tell everyone this now. Adi stops Devina from going after Mirchi. She might hit you like she hits me. Mirchi says I don’t hit my family members as it will hurt them. Adi holds her. Mirchi is about to shout so Adi covers her mouth. Devina ties her with ropes.

Akhilesh asks about the goons. Constable informs Inspector that they might have absconded. Bhavik says it means they found out that we have proof against them. Pushpa asks them to free Ira first. Inspector releases her. Pushpa hugs her and cries. Ira asks about Mishri. I am so eager to meet you as I got out because of her only. Bhavik shares that she went to buy flowers for her. Akhilesh receives a call and finds out that Mirchi has been kidnapped. Adi asks for 1 crore in ransom.

At home, Pushpa is shocked to know that Mishri / Mirchi has been kidnapped. Ira asks him if he lodged a complaint. Akhilesh denies. Kidnappers warned that they might hurt her if we do that. They have asked for 1 crore. Pushpa and Ira ask him to bring Mishri home. Akhilesh says I am worried about the kidnappers. Ira asks him why he looks so calm. Akhilesh denies. I am thinking. Bhavik and Akhilesh leave to find some clue.

Bhavik tells Akhilesh that someone tried to kidnap Mirchi at night too. Akhilesh wonders who it could be. Bhavik takes his mobile and checks Mirchi’s location. She has a GPS tracker attached. Akhilesh tells him to take care of Amma and Ira. I will go to the location. Bhavik nods.

Devina makes Adi gag Mirchi as she keeps talking. I have to go home now. What if she breaks the ropes? Adi ties her legs. Devina tells him that she is going home. I will give you updates. Free Mirchi when you get the ransom amount. Focus on her till the time it is done. Adi is hesitant to be with Mirchi. I am not over how she beat me last time! Devina asks him if she should beat him this time. Mishri just said she will behave like an ideal daughter. She wont harm you! He nods. She leaves.

Mirchi throws the cloth out of her mouth shocking Adi. Why be worried when you have done something wrong? Family should help each other. Be an ideal uncle and leave me! He tells her to shut up. She tells him not to use such words. Ideal daughters are only against fight and not abuse! She frees herself in seconds. Adi lifts a rod. He tries to hurt her with it. The rod gets crooked which shocks him all the more.

Akhilesh stops his car at a point and goes on foot. He is keeping a tab on the GPS location. I hope Mirchi must have taught a good lesson to the kidnappers by now!

Adi requests Mirchi not to hurt him. She tells him she wont do it. I want to tell you something about family. He refuses to hear it but she keeps telling him the good things. Adi pushes Mirchi while shouting on her. The switch off mode is activated and she passes out on the floor!

The GPS signal gets lost. Akhilesh says it means there was some error in her system. Did they harm her in some way?

Adi tries waking Mirchi but in vain. She isn’t even breathing. He panics. I killed her! I will spend my entire life in jail if I get caught! I must hide her dead body somewhere. He lifts her in his arms but finds Akhilesh coming there. He has to run back inside. Akhilesh keeps shouting Mishri as he looks for a signal. Adi places Mirchi back inside the hideout. I can neither go out nor hide her dead body. He finds bricks there. I have to hide her dead body behind a wall! He makes her stand against a wall and starts building a wall in front of her. Akhilesh is still looking for Mirchi. He keeps checking his phone. God know what Mirchi would be going through! She is surely here somewhere! He shouts Mirchi this time but then corrects himself.

Adi looks at Mirchi through a small opening and

covers it with the brick as he bids her adieu.
Akhilesh asks a passerby about Mirchi but he hasn’t seen her. He finds a kerchief outside the hideout and enters inside. Adi is still hiding there. Akhilesh finds ropes there. He finds Mirchi’s shoe there. He looks at the newly built wall and is about to break it when Adi hits him on his head from behind. Akhilesh passes out on the floor. Adi throws the rod angrily. I have to do so much to hide one truth! I cannot leave Akhilesh here or he will find Mishri’s dead body when he wakes up. I have to also dispose him just like I disposed Mishri! He breaks the wall a little, makes Akhilesh stand next to Mishri and heaves a sigh of relief! The father-daughter duo will disappear together. He will suffocate to death when he will wake up. No one will find their bodies! Mom and I will throw Pushpa and Ira out of the house then. We will have everything once again! Goodbye, Akhilesh and Mishri! He quickly builds a new wall in front of them. It has become strong enough. No bulldozer will be able to break it now!

Devina is shocked to know everything from Adi. Adi reasons that he had no other option. I was disposing Mishri when Akhilesh came there. I had to make him unconscious and bury him behind the wall! Devina says I don’t want to say it but my son is a murderer. I am even shuddering at the thought of it. He calls it an opportunity for both of them. We can gain control of everything once again as they are gone! Devina wonders what if Akhilesh is alive. Adi is sure no one can break that wall. It is great cement. Poor Akhilesh will die a slow, painful death. He smiles.

Akhilesh wakes up and feels suffocated. Is anyone around? Pardon me. Our daughter is in hospital. I might not be able to save her! I am going. Mirchi opens her eyes just then. She realises that he is in critical state. No, Pita Shree you cannot leave me. You promised your daughter something. You cannot leave without fulfilling it. Akhilesh remembers the promise he had made to Mishri. His condition is turning bad. Mirchi says I have to fix your condition to help Mishri recover. Akhilesh decides to live for his daughter. Hey Bajrang Bali! She says it means this gives you power. She plays Hanuman Chalisa for him. He is energized and breaks the wall using his fist. He frees himself and Mirchi. He hugs her. We are safe! She says I dint do anything. It was your hard work. He says who pt you behind the wall. Her battery is low. She becomes weak. He puts her on charging.

Adi tells his mom not to worry. No one can stop us from getting rich now. Poor Akhilesh must be dead by now.

Mirchi is charged enough to answer. Akhilesh again asks her who did this. Mirchi says pardon me but as per the ideal daughter program I cannot tell you this. He gets upset but gets Pushpa’s call just then. He heads home with Mirchi.

Pushpa wakes up Ira. Ira asks for Mishri. Did you hear anything about her? Devina thinks there will be a big drama in the house if the news of her death breaks in. She tells her that Akhilesh will bring Mishri home safely. Akhilesh walks in with Mirchi just then. Pushpa tells Devina that she was blessed by Ma Saraswati just now. Devina looks at them in shock. How the hell are they alive? Adi and I wont be able to get away this time! Ira hugs Mishri. I was so scared. How are you? Mishri nods. Ira asks Akhilesh where he found her. Akhilesh shares that it was an animal who buried Mishri behind a wall. He narrates everything to them.

Mishri and I know how we got out of there. Ira says what kind of people are they. They are disgusting! Pushpa asks Akhilesh if he is fine. Who was that guy? She asks Mirchi but she refuses to share the info. Akhilesh says she wasn’t even telling me. She is stuck on this rant of ideal daughter. Ira explains that they must hand over that guy to police.

Do you remember anything? Pushpa also encourages her to speak. We are with you. Devina is worried that they might be in trouble if Mishri opens her mouth. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.