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Light of love on adom tv Tuesday 24th January 2023 update

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TV series

Light of love on adom tv Tuesday 24th January 2023 update, Raghav reaches office and asks Farad to get all information of the girl he met last night, Farad says dont worry I have sent onean behind her to keep an eye in her. A customer in shop sees Raghav and calls him, Raghav ignores ger but she stops him and says I am Anjali, I am your stores biggest fan and this is why I am here in Hyderabad all the way from Delhi for my wedding shopping, Anjalis fiance Sunil walks to them, Raghav leaves.

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Pallavi on bike practicing Telegu reaches store, Krishna shows Pallavi that Kirti is worried andbis followed by someone, Pallavi walks to Kirti and asks whats wrong, Kirti says all good, Pallavi asks is he following you, Kirti says lets just stay out of this matter and leave. Pallavi takes Kirtis phone and records the follower, crowd gathers, Pallavi scolds him says you will follow a girl and trouble her and this video is Kirtis answer and if you follow her again I will viral this video and show it to police, the follower leave, Kirti thanks Pallavi for her help, Pallavi says we need to stand, even I get scared but we need to stay strong, Kirti says where do you get this strength from, Pallavi says my family.

Raghav sees Anjali constantly starring him, Anjali surprised that Raghav is not looking at her and tries to grab his attention while wearing gold belt, Raghav takes it away from her and says its not for you dont insult it. Raghav sees the follower and goes slap him and says I told you to go follow her why are you here, follower tells him the whole scene, Raghav asks who is that girl, Farad asks whats wrong, Raghav says take me to that girl, who warned you.

Pallavi asks Kiriti how is financial situation, Pallavi says raw materials payment is pending, 5 months rent is pending, electricity bill is pending, and if there is no profit in next lot we need to shut, Pallavi says this can’t happen, this shop is Mandar’s and Baba’s dream, and this time we surely be in profit, I have got premium silk and cotton sarees and will increase our sale, Kirti says I have made fake account entires and profit but till when we will do this, Pallavi says till we actually have profit, because Baba can’t handle loss of this shop and today I felt so little when he asked me to perform Loom Pooja, he has lot of hopes from me, and I will do it.

Farad asks Raghav to calm down, follower shows Raghav Pallavi’s shop, Raghav gets into the shop, and asks Krishna how dare she warn his man, Krishna asks what is your problem, Raghav says be the boss in your own shop, I am Hyderabads boss Raghav Rao, my man can do anything but you won’t interrupt, Krishna says sorry I will talk to her, Raghav asks who, it wasn’t you then who, where is she, give me name and address, Krishna writes him name and address, Raghav interacts with a kid in shop and she gets very happy.

Sharda cooking, Mansi asks her to go get ready and she will adkd Amruta to help in remaining cooking, Amruta says I won’t help, Mansi says help a little stalking Raghav Rao all day won’t help, Amruta thinks so will these get together for Pallavi won’t.

Sharda sees Vijay lost and asks what’s wrong, Vijay says will people accept Pallavi as we did, Sharda says why don’t you understand, will Nikhil’s wife also accept Pallavi as we do and how long will she live like this, and by great difficulty and lies I have called Pallavi, you too get ready, Pallavi hears that and says am I burden to you that you lied to me, Sharda says please just meet the guy once, and don’t think all this, Pallavi agrees. Sulochana hears them talk and says today morning you insulted me and now it’s my turn, and calls wedding agent Satish.

Raghav on his way to Pallavi’s house, Suraj and his family at Pallavi’s house with Satish for Pallavi, Suraj’s mother says we are very modern, Sharda says you really are you accepted Pallavi even after knowing the truth, Sulochana signs Satish to keep quite, Satish says look Pallavi is here, Suraj’s mother says she is very pretty and asks Pallavi ger hobbies, Sharda says she is shy but loves to dance, read and loves to design sarees, Suraj’s mother asks do you have any boyfriend, we want everything clear from start, Sulochana says Pallavi go show him your room, Suraj says okay, Sulochana says oh I forgot you won’t be comfortable and have bad thoughts, so go to my room, Suraj asks what memories, Sulochana says she came to this house as a bride and since then that is her room, Surajs mother says is she not your daughter, Sulochana says no she is Mandar’s widow, Sharda says we did inform Satish about it and asks Satish why didn’t he tell them, Sulochana says you are modern people why would this matter you, Suraj says modern doesn’t mean lie to us, Sharda says we aren’t we were clear from start, Suraj says I dont think Satish will lie you must be wanting to push over your burden on us, Suraj insults Sharda, Pallavi stops Suraj.

Pallavi stops Suraj and walks to Sharda and says not a word against my mother, Suraj’s mother says she is your mother in law and no mother in law can ever become a mother, Pallavi sayz you dont know the meaning of mother and neither of mother in law and today you proved that I can never find the love this family gave me from you, Suraj’s mother says so much pride for a widow, Pallavi says its self respect, which I earned here, they taught me the true meaning of in laws and the beauty of this relation, and I won’t stand a word against my family and its better you leave, Suraj and his mother leaves.

Sharda starts crying and leaves, Sulochana feels nice, Vijay walks ti Sharda. Raghav reaches Pallavi’s house, Amruta stops Pallavi from opening door says its my parcel, Pallavi leaves, Amruta opens the door and shocked to see Raghav, Raghav asks Amruta are you owner, she says yes actually, Raghav says do you know who am I, Amruta says ofcourse I do, Raghav remove jewellery piece and says ut was in my pocket since long you are perfect match and gives it to her and says you look so beautiful, Amruta realises it was just a dream, Raghav tells Amruta to stay away from his men and its none of her business, and if she does she will be nowhere and leaves.
Sulochana walks to Amruta and asks where is parcel I am so hungry, Amruta says Raghav Rao was here mom.

Pallavi looking at her wedding memories, Pallavi in tears says I told aai I don’t want to get married again but she doesn’t listen and because of that she had to listen to so much, Sharda walks to her and apologize, Pallavi says enough of all this now, Vijay says let’s give her punishment. Pallavi says enough now, Vijay says come have this Shira, Pallavi says sugar is less go make new one, Shadra smiles and thinks I won’t lose hope but be careful next time.

Kirti gets a call from Raghav, her mother asks her to pick call, Kirti tells her mother that Raghav today sent a man to spy on me, Kirti’s mother picks call and scolds him and says you are a goon for me stop troubling me and my daughter, and disconnects the call, Raghav tells his man to follow Kirti again, Farad says calm down Anna, he will do his work properly tomorrow, now lets go to party, you will feel better, Raghav says Farad only you know what I want, let’s go.

Pallavi tells Sharda that she is going to pick raw material delivery its important, Sharda says be careful. Raghav reaches party, girls surround him and ge dances with them.Anjali arrives there and walks to him, Raghav says you again, dont you understand no, Anjali says no one says no to Anjali, Raghav says you girls and your fake tantrums and trust, Anjali says what, Raghav says you are engaged, Anjali says my fiance is on his way to Delhi and if I dont have problem, why do you and anyways its my bachelor’s party.

Pallavi takes raw material from Suresh, Suresh says the debt has increased a lot and past 6 months I have given you credits can’t do anymore, Pallavi says I understand but this order will be very helpful in repaying back, so keep 5000₹ for now, Suresh says okay and leaves.

Pallavi says she has no money for tempo now, how will she take material to shop, Pallavi finds a rope and says hope will help me and I will surely succeed.

Anjali flirts with Raghav. Pallavi ties all the material to her moped and leaves. Raghav and Anjali in car drinking and partying, Raghav horns at Pallavi for sidr, Pallavi doesn’t move, Raghav bumps into her and she falls down, Raghav walks to Pallavi says oh a girl, I should have understood such bad driving only a girl could do, Pallavi says you bumped into me I didn’t, you ruined my material any idea how important it is to me, Raghav says do you know who am I, Pallavi says yes a spoilt rich brat who thinks he bought this roads and can drive any how and treats anyone as slave.

Raghav is told that she is the one who stopped from following Kirti, Raghav walks back to Pallavi and says keep your pride in your kitchen and this freedom doesn’t suit you, Pallavi says keep your warnings with you, I petty your parents who hace such wasted child, Raghav says how dare you, Raghav throws alcohol all over Pallavi’s material and burns it.

Raghav says if you dare to insult me again next time it will be worst, Farad says Anna don’t, Raghav says all just get into the car and leaves. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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