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Ishqbaaz on Atinka tv, Wednesday 22nd February 2023 update

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TV series

Ishqbaaz on Atinka tv Wednesday 22nd February 2023 update, Shivaye says Rudra is saying tight, Omru have handled this empire since five years, he has right on this chair, I m feeling proud seeing him on this chair, my younger brother has grown up today. Manager comes and says there is a good news, we got Agarwals deal, we need sign of you three on documents too, its good Shivaye is here. Rudra signs Shivaye to sign. Anika says wait, read the documents before signing. Om says we read it, its fine.

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She says Shivaye has joined work today, he should know about the papers. Rudra says you mean we are cheating him to get papers signed, he cheated us and killed our dad. She says no, someone else sent the papers, what’s the problem if he reads papers, he may give some suggestion. Shivaye says it doesn’t matter.

Anika says it matters to me, you should know what’s happening here. Rudra says better you join the company, you are taking all decisions. Om asks why are we arguing, Shivaye sign it and finish it off. Shivaye keeps the pen and goes. Anika leaves too. Rudra says look at their attitude. Om says you are no less, what’s the big deal if he read the agreement once. Rudra says I have problem with Anika’s interference. Om says you could have ignored, we need Shivaye’s sign. Rudra says he will sign, but I will talk to Anika first.
Rudra stops Anika for a talk. She says give me five mins, I will give food to Shivaye and come. She comes to Rudra. He says I didn’t like whatever happened in the office today. He says nor did I, you and Om are like my brothers, I can’t forget that you both got me into this house and performed my grahpravesh, Shivaye gave me wife’s status later but you both accepted me as Bhabhi, I have a lot of love and respect for both of you, I didn’t feel good after arguing with you at office, you know what’s Shivaye going through, he needs family’s help, I m doing that, I m failing because you and Om are still angry on him. He says if he bothered about us, he would have not snatched our dad. She says I know its difficult to forget this, I beg of you, please forgive him, he is free of jail, but he is punishing himself, he feels bad when you address him by name. He says I haven’t called you to discuss all this, I called you to say that this shouldn’t happen again.

Rudra says you can do anything for your husband, but don’t interfere in our business, Shivaye is dead, I will wipe out his identity from entire business world. Anika says Rudra.. He says he is weak, and can’t even stand on his feet, what will he handle the company. She says Shivaye is still the same, he is just going through a tough phase, Shivaye will win in the end, I will forgive you today, but keep one thing in mind, if you hurt my Shivaye’s heart or misbehave with him again, I will forget how much I adore you. She goes. He says only the time will tell, who will lose, who will win, you can try best but you can’t save Shivaye, I will finish him. Guard asks Om to come fast. Rudra talks to Mr. Agarwal on call. Om asks him to come with him. Rudra asks what happened. They see Shivaye lying in the pool and get shocked. Rudra asks what’s this….

Its morning, Anika dries Shivaye’s hair. She says you didn’t sleep since three days, doctor prescribed these sleeping pills, have it. He says I don’t need it. She says how long will you hurt yourself, I really feel bad. She cries. He says I can tolerate everything, but I can’t see you crying, it hurts my heart. She asks why are you running away from me, why do you go to sleep in the pool every night. He says I don’t want to become a danger for you again, I m not right for you, I m much concerned for you, stop worrying for me. She says sometimes I worry for you, you saw blood in your hands, you get scared seeing Tej’s belongings, you are afraid to sleep, I know its not easy to forget this, you can move on only when you forget the past. He asks how shall I forget, I just can’t. She says you start going to office, you won’t get time to think of this, at least read the deal papers, discuss with Omru if there is a problem in it, keep yourself busy. Rudra looks on and smiles.

Shivaye comes to Rudra. Rudra asks do you have manners or have you forgotten that, you should knock before coming inside someone’s room. Shivaye says sorry and knocks. He comes in and says I read Agarwals deal papers, there are some conditions because of which we might incur loss. Rudra says tell me straight if you don’t want to sign, you have no idea how we signed the contract since five years. Shivaye says I have worked on many deals that I can point out problems in this deal, we need to revise this contract. Rudra says you need to sleep, person’s mind doesn’t work when he doesn’t sleep, I don’t want to argue, take the pen, sign on it. Shivaye says knowing that this contract is not in our favor, I can’t sign on papers. Rudra takes file and goes. Shivaye asks him to listen.

Anika gets some box and gets decorative lights. She says I will put them on the window, maybe lights and colours come back in my and Shivaye’s life. Shivaye comes and says I spoke to Rudy, what are you doing. She says I m brightening the life. He says life doesn’t get bright if you add colours to room. She says leave this to me, our lives will have lights, peace, love and happiness. She climbs to fix lights and falls back. He holds her. O jaana…plays…. The lights glow. He says why do you keep falling. She says I know you won’t let me fall. He smiles and says its the first time I m seeing a Christmas tree in Diwali season. She says if this brings smile on your face, I m ready to do this my whole life. He says you are mad. She says I m cute, right. He says what do I do of you. He goes.

Om asks what, you kept a press conference to announce the deal. Rudra says yes. Om says Shivaye hasn’t signed the papers. Rudra says this deal is imp for us, this deal will cover our earlier losses, deal will be locked. Om says Shivaye didn’t sign, he has 50% shares even now. Roop comes to talk. Om goes. Rudra says its a business problem, you won’t understand. Roop says I heard and understood it, Shivaye is interfering in your work, I heard Tej talking to his lawyer, there is special clause in legal documents, if someone loses mental balance, then his sign won’t be needed, I feel Shivaye has lost his mental balance, tell me who sleeps in water all night, did you understand anything dear. Rudra smiles.

Servant says Rudra is calling you to the storeroom. Shivaye goes. Rudra gets Tej’s pics. He recalls Anika’s words. He throws the pics and sees Shivaye’s pic on magazine cover. He says I will prove to the world that Shivaye isn’t mentally stable, Shivaye will be finished today. Anika asks Gauri and Bhavya why is this press conference held. Bhavya says don’t know. Gauri says Om said that Rudra wanted to make a business announcement about some deal. Anika asks is it Agarwals deal, Shivaye said its not good for the company, I need to talk to Shivaye.

Shivaye comes to storeroom and asks are you here Rudra, maybe he left for his room. Rudra throws something to get him in. Shivaye looks for him and walks in. Rudra leaves. Shivaye falls down over the pics. Rudra pulls off the curtains. The lights

fall on pic. Shivaye sees Tej’s pic and recalls his death. He gets scared and gets inside a cupboard, shutting his ears. Rudra asks reporter did he get it. Reporter agrees. Rudra says when I sign you, just start the work, we have to finish him today. Anika hears him and says what was Rudra talking to Shivaye, I have to talk to Shivaye.
Rudra says this press conference is imp, because today Om and I are going to announce a big deal, we cracked it after much time with hard work, this deal will give a new identity to Oberois and Agarwals. Reporter says Agarwal said deal isn’t signed by Shivaye yet. Om says its our deal, Shivaye’s sign is just a formality. Rudra says I think we should tell everyone the truth, Shivaye isn’t in such state that he can sign any deal for the company or take any decision, because he has lost his mental stability, he has gone mad. Om and everyone get shocked.

Shivaye comes there. Rudra says you would have thought who will manage industry after Tej’s murder, we will manage it. Shivaye hears this and goes. Reporter asks is this true that Shivaye has lost his mental balance. Rudra says since Shivaye was released from jail, there have been many incidents, he sees blood on his hands, he gets scared of trivial things, he sees many people and runs away, he keeps lying in water the whole night. Om looks at Rudra. Shivaye comes to the pool and recalls Tej’s pics and news bulletins. He falls into the pool. Reporters ask how can we believe you, maybe you are lying because of business rivalry. Anika says yes, he is lying, my husband is fine, he will need time to overcome this tough time. Reporter says you mean he is mentally stable and can handle Oberoi industries. She says yes, he will soon handle Oberoi industries, you can take my word for it. Rudra signs reporter.

Reporter stops Anika and asks why don’t you bring Shivaye here, he can meet the media and everything can be clear. Anika says he is resting in the room right now. Anika sees Rudra signing the reporter. Reporter asks do you call the swimming pool a room. Rudra says you people can decide who is saying the truth, go and check. Anika asks them to listen. Reporters go. Rudra asks Om to come. Reporters see Shivaye and ask what does this mean, you are mentally unstable, what’s the meaning of this. Anika and Om ask him to stop. Anika asks Shivaye to come out. Rudra says now you believe it, Shivaye is mentally ill. Shivaye comes out of the pool. Reporters ask Shivaye can he answer the media now. Shivaye leaves. Reporters follow him. Anika holds him. Shivaye shuts his ears. Anika asks him to say something. She shouts on reporters.

Rudra laughs and claps. He says Shivaye is a sick person. Anika says I didn’t expect this from you, I had been forgiving you till now, you crossed all limits today, Shivaye didn’t sign a contract so you chose this way, you will label him sick for one deal, you should be ashamed. Rudra says don’t compel me to speak, just ignore her guys, its difficult for a wife to accept this, if she accepts this that he is sick, he will leave, how can she live here, after living such lavishly, who would like to return to the slums. Reporter says but she is Shivaye’s wife legally, she has every right to live in this house. Rudra says legal wife, did you see it, I haven’t seen the wedding, when no one has witnessed it, what’s legal, I don’t know what right she has to stay here. Shivaye slaps him. Anika and everyone get shocked.

Shivaye says I tolerated everything, your anger, hatred, bad behavior, because that was directed to me, you are my brother and can do anything, no one has the right to insult my Anika, I love you more than my life but she is my life. Anika cries. Shivaye says my Anika is my wife, my pride, don’t you dare hurt my pride. Rudra says how dare you slap me in front of everyone. He raises hand. Om stops Rudra’s hand. Everyone gets shocked. Om says you think you are so grown up that you will hit your elder brother. Rudra says move aside. Om says no, you are wrong. Rudra says just step aside, I m very angry. Om asks will you hit me, come on. Rudra pushes him aside. Om’s head hits a surface. Gauri shouts and holds him.

Shivaye asks aren’t you ashamed to hit Om. He hits Rudra. Rudra pushes Shivaye. Om stops Rudra. Anika shouts. Everyone looks on shocked. Reporters click pics. Shivaye and Rudra fight. Bhavya asks Rudra to stop it. Anika asks what are you doing, Rudra stop it. Om shouts to stop Rudra. Rudra throws Shivaye on the floor. Om holds him. Om and Rudra fall other sides. Anika holds Shivaye. Hame chod kar….plays…. Bhavya stops Rudra. Gauri holds Om.

Everyone cries. Shivaye recalls the old moments. He realizes and calms down. Roop sees news regarding Oberoi brothers and smiles. ShivOmru sit crying. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.