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Ishqbaaz on Atinka tv, Thursday 8th December 2022 update

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TV series

Anika says I won’t spare him. Gauri stops her. Bhavya says many girls don’t report such incidents fearing they would get defamed, that’s why such disgusting men get encouraged, he has to get punished, then such men will learn a lesson. Gauri says that cheap men is the brand ambassador of Shivaye’s mobile company, if he is defamed, it will be loss for Shivaye, Roshni is going to help Om, it will be loss for them.

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Anika says money is nothing in front of a girl’s respect. Bhavya asks how can you think of business in such a time. Gauri says I m thinking of my respect, I m a woman, everyone will blame me, not that man, I request you, suppress this matter here. Anika says I won’t. Gauri says just swear on me, don’t say anyone. They hug and cry.

Anika says fine, I will do this if you want.

Om says just an art admirer can present the art of an artist before the world, I m really glad that Roshni liked my art, thanks. Abhimanyu looks on. Anika collides with Roshni. Roshni says so sorry. Anika says your husband has to say sorry for what he has done, be thankful that I m just telling this to you, what he has done with Gauri, if Shivaye knows this, he will destroy your husband, before I slap your husband, take him away. Shivaye finishes the call. Khanna asks Shivaye to approve the party footage that is to be sent to PR. Shivaye says show me the footage. Roshni asks what a joke, my husband is a superstar, may girls love him and want to have affair with him, when they fail, they accuse such cheap things, as far is your sister is concerned, she is also my husband’s fan. Shivaye gets shocked seeing Abhimanyu dragging Gauri forcibly. He asks Khanna to go. Khanna asks is everything fine.
Shivaye says just leave. Shivaye zooms in and checks. Roshni says I trust my husband, go and ask your sister, I m sure she tried to woo him, when she failed, she must have torn her clothes, she started acting like a helpless woman, you know typical despo fan tactics. She goes. Anika gets angry. Shivaye recalls Gauri’s words. He throws the tab and his wig. He sees Abhimanyu and goes to him angrily. Anika says Roshni is equally disgusting as her husband, these people are so shallow, why is Shivaye looking angry, did he learn about his misdeed. She stops Shivaye and takes him aside. She says listen to me once. He says I won’t leave that man, you don’t know what he has done. She says there will be a huge scene created here. He says I will kill that man. She says Gauri doesn’t want this to happen. He asks did you know, why didn’t you tell me. She says Gauri made me swear, she doesn’t want anything to happen with our family.

Shivaye, Dadi, Bhavya and Anika talk in a room. Anika says Gauri made us swear… Shivaye says we can’t even imagine the trauma Gauri is going through, when Om knows this… Anika says Om shouldn’t know this, Gauri doesn’t want this. He says a man tried to molest Gauri, I can’t let him go just because the outsiders don’t know about it, that’s not going to happen. She says I m also angry, I can’t disregard Gauri’s pain, we shouldn’t do anything that she doesn’t want, she will be in more pain. Rudra comes and asks what are you all doing here, is there any problem. Shivaye says be with Om, make sure he doesn’t come here, Bhavya you go to Gauri.

Rudra asks what happened. Shivaye says just listen to me. Om looks for Gauri and says she must be gossiping with Anika and Bhavya. Rudra asks Om to come with him. Bhavya says I will look for Gauri. Om says I will look for her. Rudra acts of having stomach ache. Om takes him. Abhimanyu says strange hosts, they invited us in the party and got missing. Roshni says better start praying that they are covering up your act, if they decide to expose you, then no one can save you, all the best. Anika says I told this to Roshni, she started blaming Gauri, she said Gauri must be wishing to have an affair with Abhimanyu, I wish to strangulate her.

Shivaye says that man should be exposed, he is famous, so he thinks he can have his way with women, I know Gauri doesn’t want this matter to come out, I m not gonna spare him. Dadi stops him. She says don’t do anything, whatever happened was bad, end this here, the more we try to scratch a wound, the more it hurts, Gauri’s fears are true, so is her decision…. people will talk all sorts of things, they will humiliate her and our family. Shivaye says you are saying this, you taught us to raise a voice against injustice, today you are asking me to be silent. She says I know wrong happened with Gauri, if you try to make this right, her character will be questioned. He says that’s the problem with our society and mindset, victim is blamed and punished, instead the culprit, just because victim is a woman, Gauri is crying there and culprit is enjoying the party, Dadi is asking me to keep quiet and let him go due to the fear of the society.

Anika says Dadi, I support your and Gauri’s decision, but I m also with Shivaye, I don’t understand why girls are asked to keep quiet always, why do people point fingers at a girl, we are taught to protect our respect, no one tells the boys to respect the girls, our character is judged by our clothes, living, and appearance, no one blames the boys, there is no problem if a boy doesn’t return home at night, but if a girl returns home late, many questions arise, is it solely the duty of a girl to keep her family’s honor. Dadi says you both are right, but our society is like this, just women suffer, Sita Maa had to give Agnipariksha, not Raavan.

Shivaye says not this time Dadi, if this is the mindset of the society, we need to change it, I will take this initiative, its okay if Gauri doesn’t want to take action, but I won’t spare that man, I promise both of you, Gauri’s name won’t come in between, but that man will get punished. Anika says I m with you. Dadi asks but how will this happen. Abhimanyu flirts with a girl, praising her beauty. He asks her to meet him at his bungalow, she can know her role and meet director too. She asks what if the director refuses to cast me. He says don’t worry about that, just have a drink and enjoy. Waiter stares at Anika and spills the drink. Abhimanyu asks what are you doing. He turns and sees Anika. He smiles. Anika comes wearing a short black dress.

She asks for red wine. Abhimanyu introduces himself. She refuses to know him. He asks what, I m a superstar, don’t you watch Bollywood movies. She says I m Monalisa from Paris, you are a Bollywood star, nice. He says beautiful. She says I m here to pursue acting, like you, Bollywood star, I m happy to meet you. He kisses her hand. She says nice party. Shivaye and Bhavya look on. He asks all set. She says I have done as you said. He says Anika will do the rest. Abhimanyu asks do you know Hindi. She says little bit, I m half French and half Indian. He says I can make you a superstar, trust me, its too loud here, we can talk in private, lets go. Shivaye signs Anika. She says I must say that its a very good idea. Abhimanyu and Anika leave. Anika positions the spy cam fixed in her neckband.

Shivaye and Bhavya look on. Bhavya activates the cam. Anika is with Abhimanyu. Everyone watches them on the big screen. Abhimanyu says I will give you a chance in my film, you will have to do something for you. Anika asks what. He says nothing much, you just have to please me, I will make you a star. He holds her hand and says we both will be happy. The people talk about Abhimanyu talking about someone, its casting couch…. Abhimanyu asks Anika to come close. Anika slaps him. He asks how dare you slap me, I will make sure you never become a heroine, your career is over. He gets angry. Media clicks his pics. Abhimanyu asks them to stop it. Shivaye comes there. He drags Abhimanyu and throws him on the ground. He says meet him, the superstar Abhimanyu Raheja, who is seen protecting his heroine in movies,

but in real life, he never misses a chance of getting his way with any girl. Omru look on. Abhimanyu says its a lie, this is projected in a wrong way, I didn’t give this girl a chance, so she is framing me. Anika says no, that’s not true, you will be in a film now, when you will be beaten up by slippers, this film will run on every news channel, the name of the film will be Ek Tha Kamina. She removes her wig and eye lens.
She says you ruined lives of many girls, today we will watch your destruction, we had to do this so that we can bring his truth out, so that no other innocent girl falls prey to this cheap man’s lust. Rudra signs to ask Bhavya. Abhimanyu says this is a lie, Shivaye has planned this, to publicize his mobile brand, its the truth, you all know me right, I have become a star from a struggling actor, by my hard work, did any one speak ill about me, I met them today and they claim to know me well, what a surprise. Shivaye claps and says you didn’t say such a great monologue even in your films, you are right, we met you for the first time and don’t know you, but your colleagues know you well, lets hear it from them. Some girls come. Shivaye says they are background dancers, they have done many films with Abhimanyu. The girl says he tried to misbehave with me on the sets. Another girl says he raped me on the pretext of giving me a break. Many girls speak against him. Abhimanyu gets shocked.

Gauri sits in darkness and cries. Shivaye comes to her. She says you… He switches on the lights. He says if you stay quiet, he will win and you will lose, I know you are not one of those to give up, if you don’t speak up today, you can never speak up. He takes Gauri out to everyone. Anika says I know you didn’t wish this to come out, but many times, decency becomes a weakness, we are decent, not we are not weak, so just the way these girls showed courage, we want you to show the courage. Om looks on shocked. He goes to Gauri and asks what happened. She cries and hugs him. She says this man….Om says I understood, its not your fault. He catches hold of Abhimanyu and asks how dare you touch my wife, I m going to kill you. Shivaye and Rudra stop Om.

Shivaye says we all want to punish him, he has to understand that girls aren’t weak, they don’t need anyone else to answer, Gauri will give him an answer. Om says Shivaye is right, that’s it, not anymore, Gauri tell everyone what this devil did with you, Abhimanyu wears a mask of goodness, remove it. Anika says enough is enough. Gauri says Abhimanyu tried to misbehave with me too, that painting has the print of my palm, that’s proof of my struggle. Abhimanyu says its nonsense, she came to me and asked me to tell Roshni to buy Om’s painting, and in exchange, she would…. you know, but I refused, that is why she is framing me. She shouts enough and slaps him. She says not anymore, I was quiet, I thought it would defame my family, I was wrong, respect gets down when a woman tolerates torture. She scolds him. She says Lord gave me a husband like Om and such a good family who is supporting me, but the women who doesn’t have supportive families, I m scared to think what they go through, devils like you torture us and then our silence troubles us.

She cries. Shivaye says Gauri is my sister, this house’s bahu, and today, I m proud of her, I salute her bravery, even yours…. the world is changing, times are changing, but sadly, our thinking hasn’t changed, even today, when someone misbehaves with a woman, the victim is blamed, she might have instigated the man, what clothes did she wear, girls must not roam around in the night, these are the things said by the society, when there is a theft, no one says why did you carry a lot of money before going out, no, because all allegations are for the girls, we teach the girls to stay caged, we should teach the boys to learn manners to behave with women, you must have heard about the campaign, its an international movement against heinous crimes of s*xual harassment, last year, this campaign compelled the society to face such topics, women are not safe at any place in any country, such incidents happen, women stay quiet, why, because the society doesn’t allow them to speak up, often to retain the family’s pride and their own honor, like you all broke your silence, today Abhimanyu has finally been exposed, the world knows Abhimanyu is a disgusting man. Reporter asks Abhimanyu would he still say he is innocent, is he ashamed of his doing.

Abhimanyu says its rubbish, I m a respected and decent man, they are framing me. Roshni shouts enough. They all get shocked. She says stop it Abhimanyu, how much will you lie, I m tired of covering up your crimes. He says tell me its a prank. She says don’t touch me, I hate you, I have been quiet for my family’s respect, I thought you will finally return to me, I would be called your wife, but I was wrong, I should have broken my silence, many lives would have got saved. He says we shall go home and talk. She says there is a difference between home and hotel room, you will never understand such a thing. He says you are crossing your limits, don’t forget you are my wife. She says you had forgotten this, from now, I don’t need to remember this, its over. She returns his ring. She says all the allegations against Abhimanyu are true. He asks what are you saying. She shouts enough, not anymore. She slaps him and goes. He runs after her.

Om says forgive me, because you are my responsibility. She says I should apologize, you lost the deal because of me.

He says you really think I care for the deal, nothing is imp to me than you, I can sacrifice many deals for your sake. He hugs her. Shivaye says this isn’t over yet.

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