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Imlie On Starlife, Tuesday 6th June 2023 update

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Imlie On Starlife Tuesday 6th June 2023 update, Malini asks Imlie how can she stoop so low and kidnap her daughter. She says she cannot understand if Imlie hates her more or love Aditya more. Aryan warns her to stop and says everyone knows here that Imlie doesn’t like to hear Aditya’s name. Manini asks him to shut up instead and stop supporting Imlie. She questions Imlie if she didn’t steal her baby. Imlie says no.

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Malini asks if its not true that Cheeni is her and Aditya’s baby and she is crying for her baby since 5 years after Imlie stole her baby and escaped. Imlie stands speechless. Aryan takes Imlie aside and asks her to tell the truth to Malini which she told her that Cheeni is not Malini’s daughter Gudiya. Imlie stands silently. Aryan is taken aback and says she lied to him again and broke his trust.

Imlie says she was afraid that Malini would harm Cheeni like she tried to harm little Gudiya, she had abandoned Gudiya in a temple, and says she need not worry if her partner/Aryan supports her in her justification and protect Cheeni. Aryan refuses to support her in her wrongdoing. Malini drags Imlie aside and asks everyone if they now realized that Imlie stole her baby. Imlie says Malini herself abandoned her 3-month-old baby in a temple and is now throwing all the burden of her sin on me. Malini asks her to stop talking rubbish, why would she abandon Aditya’s love, why didn’t Imlie get her arrested then. Imile repeats she was just protecting Cheeni from Malini. Malini asks Imlie to get out of their lives.

Preeta taunts Imlie that she is a child thief. Imlie shouts to stop accusing her and looks at Rathores. Neela orders Imlie to get out of their house Imlie says she will not go without Cheeni. Malini tells Aryan that Imlie is trying to snatch Cheeni from her. Imlie says Cheen belongs to her. Aryan says Cheeni is Malini’s daughter. Imlie shouts shall she let Cheeni to suffer via Malini again. Cheeni walks to Imlie. Imlie says let us go from here. Cheeni says she doesn’t want to go with her and considers Malini as her mother. Imlie describes how much Cheeni is dependent on her. Cheeni says she is not her mother and lied to her since childhood and didn’t even want to come here.

Imlie cries that Cheeni can treat her the way she wants to and she is ready to be her slave. Malini says Imlie came here as a servantg and ruined their lives. Imlie cries that she will die without Cheeni.

Malini says she should die then and stop bothering them. She drags Imlie out and throws her out of the house. Neela throws Imlie’s potli out and shuts the door. Imlie leaves holding her potli. Cheeni dreams of Malini disappearing Imlie via magic.

Malini calls a magician to entertain Cheeni. Magician emerges a doll. Cheeni asks who is it. Malini says Imlie’s future. Magician disappears doll and turns it into an ash. Cheeni to her rudest self shouts what did Khali Mali/Malini do with Imlie. Malini says not yet, but if Cheeni doesn’t obey her, she will see her mother’s wrath. Narmada tells aryan that she doens’t have any strength to handle the issues at home and hence Aryan should handle it. Aryan says if it was a storm, he would have changed its direction; if it was a thunder, he would have held it in his hands; if it was a famine, he would have torn the earth and got water out of it; but its life where Imlie enters his life repeatedly and breaks his trust repeatedly and he feels helpless. Arpita says he let Imlie go this time without realizing that Imlie must be doing all this under pressure.

Aryan says he is just treated like a character in Imlie’s play, he feels suffocated and wants to breathe free now. He wipes his tears and says he would write his own story now and erase Imlie’s name forever from it. He lifts Cheeni and says Imlie even hurt Cheeni this time, he is done with her now. He looks at Imliefrom balcony. Cheeni thinks she is not a bad girl and cannot betray Imlie at all. Imlie sits at a roadside and recalls Cheeni refusing to accompany her. Meethi calls her and asks how is Cheeni. Imlie cries and describes whole incident. She says Imlie is everything to her and she will die without Imlie. Meethi says Cheeni would know the truth some day, the day came early. She suggests her to handle Cheeni with a different perspective and realize that Cheeni can never betray her.

Anu feels happy and praises Malini when she hears how Malini ousted Imlie for Rathore mansion. Imlie recalls Cheeni trying to tell something while she was in the hospital. She determines to reconcile with Cheeni and picks her phone to call and finds it switched off. Cheeni cries for Imlie. Arpita says she will take her to meet Imlie in the evening. Cheeni calms down. Aryan says nobody will meet Imlie. Arpita asks him not to say that in front of Cheeni. Aryan says Imlie kept Cheeni away from Malini for years, let him handle Cheeni. Arpita and others walk away. Cheeni tells Aryan that she will not listen anything against Imlie.

Aryan comforts her and asks if she was ever hurt before. She says her friend Pinto pushed her once and ran away. Aryan says her pain was gone after a few days, similarly even the pain of separating from Imlie will go away soon. He pampers her and goes to get food for her. Cheeni cries missing Cheeni.

Cheeni requests a man to give his phone to speak to her daughter. Man’s wife warns him not to give phone to a stranger who may run away stealing it. Imlie says she is not a thief, she is an independent reporter from Pagdandiya. Man ignores her and leaves. She requests many passerbys who refuse to give their phone. An old lady watches everything and offers phone to her.

Imlie calls Rahore house landline and hopes Cheeni will pick it. Cheeni walks towards landline while Aryan walks towards Cheeni’s room with food. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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