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Imlie On Starlife, Saturday 3rd June 2023 update

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TV series

Imlie On Starlife Saturday 3rd June 2023 update, Cheeni feels drowsy and is about to fall when Imlie holds her. Imlie hugs her emotionally and assures her not to worry as she will rescue her up. She holds a rope. Aryan says its his duty as a partner to pull her up and starts pulling a rope. A few youngsters notice him and start live recording his rescue video. Rope slips.

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Aryan loses his confidence. Imlie encourages him. Sundar notices viral video and shows it to Narmada and others. Narmada prays god to save them. Aryan pulls them up. Imlie slips. Malini hopes Imlie falls and dies.

Aryan holds Imlie’s hand and pulls her back. They both fall on a road. Rathores rejoice seeing that. Aryan says now Imlie is safe. Cheeni feels drowsy. Aryan says they need to take her to hospital immediately. Inspector reaches with goons and assures that he will force goons to reveal the real culprit’s name. Aryan delivers his heavy udhar wali line and says he needs the culprit’s name at any cost. Malini gets tensed seeing all this live and leaves in her car.

While driving back home, Cheeni sitting in Imlie’s lap says she got both Imlie’s lap and chance to travel in Aryan’s long car. Imlie says she can sit in her lap anytime, but there is no guarantee of Aryan’s car. Aryan asks her not to fight in front of Cheeni. Cheeni feels thirsty. They take her to a temple and feed her water.

Aryan asks how is she feeling now. Cheeni says better and describes how she troubled goons. Imlie asks her goons’ details. Aryan asks her to let the child relax first. Imlie says she wants to catch and punish the culprit as soon as possible. Aryan says its police’s job and not hers. Imlie starts arguing with him. Cheeni thinks hero and heroine instead of celebrating are fighting, so she needs to do something.

Cheeni notices a few youngsters dancing and enjoying. She walks to them and asks reason for their happiness. They show bhang milk. She requests some for Imlie and Aryan and feeds it to them. She then goes to dance with youngsters. Aryan and Imlie get heavily inebraited and see multiple Cheenis.

Their cute nok jhok starts. They hold each other’s hand. Imlie enjoys watching their drama. Aryan’s phone falls down. Malini reaches police station and threatens goons that she will get their families killed if they reveal her name. She then calls Aryan. Cheeni notices Aryan’s phone ringing on a floor and notices Malini’s number. She thinks Malini will come here if she finds out location. Malini reaches temple tracking Aryan’s live location.

Imlie and Aryan dance with youngsters. She dances around Aryan and falls down. Aryan helps her get up and they both reach an outhouse where they get romantic. Jo Tu Mera Humdard Hai.. song plays in the background. They get intimate..

Imlie wakes up and finds herself with Aryan on a bed. She recalls feeling heavily inebriated due to bhang with Aryan and coming to this room with him. They both talk sensely and then express their love for each other. Aryan says he neve was alone in these 5 years and had her memories and love with him, he remembered her so much that he forgot to forget her. Imlie gets emotional and asks howmuch he remembered her, 0.5 kg, 1 kg, or 5 kg. He says 10000 kg. She also expresses how much she missed him and loves him. She cries saying she couldn’t keep the promise made to him and couldn’t save Cheeku. She apologizes him for leaving him in pain and is indebted to him, etc.

Aryan comforts her and says he is also at fault for not supporting her when she needed him most and tries to hurt himself. Imlie stops him and hugs him. They both continue to express their feelings for each other and spend a romantic intimate night.

Malini continues to search Aryan via his live GPS location. Cheeni notices her and thinks if Malini finds out that Aryan and Imlie are here, she will disturb them, so she will hide Aryan’s phone. She hides it between wall bricks and hides. Malini finds tracker stopping to work. She hears music and walks towards the hut. Cheeni makes a cat sound. Malini walks away thinking nobody is there. Cheeni feels happy. Malini thinks anyone can be in that hut and walks back. Cheeni distracts her, but Malini catches her and asks if she escaped. Cheeni says Aryan and Imlie saved her. Malini asks where are they.

Cheeni rudely says hat/move. Malini thinks she said hut and walks towards it. Cheeni asks her to solve a puzzle if she needs their location and continues to distract her attention and then runs away. Malini gets more angry and follows her. Anu calls her and asks where is she.

Malini says in a temple pandal where Aryan, Imlie, and Cheeni are. Anu suggests her to kill all 3 of them at once. Malini enters temple kitchen and thinks of blasting panda. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.