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Imlie On Starlife, Saturday 17th December 2022 update

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Imlie On Starlife Saturday 17th December 2022 update, Aditya introduces Imlie as his wife to his colleagues. Colleagues joke who attends party in such a weird getup with loud make up, they heard love is blind and saw it today, etc. Adi says a girl whom they are joking on is a school topper and came to Delhi for further studies from Pagdandiya on scholarship, she got success with her hard work and not as a parents’ gift. Colleague comments again even then who wears such clothes.

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Adi starts insulting his each colleague. Aparna asks him to stop insulting the guests. Adi continues. Editor laughs that Adi is working with them for 10 years and was khadoos/boring, but Imlie taught him to crack jokes. Adi apologizes Imlie for the same and says it was necessary. Editor apologizes Imlie for his staff’s misbehavior. Imlie jokes she will do something else to cheer up guests next time. Adi thanks him editor to handle the situation.

Malini walks away seeing Imlie being apologized. Pallavi stops her and asks why is she wearing Imlie’s sari gifted by Adi. Rupali asks if she selected dress for Imlie and did her make up, she didn’t even react when Imlie was being insulted and didn’t protect her as an elder sister, and its unbelievable that she wear Imlie’s sari and is trying to snatch Imlie’s right. Malini nervously says she is not snatching anyone’s right. Aparna hearing their conversation warns them to stop blaming Malini as she wore this sari as per her choice and Imlie wore the dress as per her choice, she will not let them put Imlie’s blame on Malini, and takes Malini away from there. Imlie walks Malini and says she taught her right about the big parties, why people are commenting on her. Malini says why she is bothered about people’s comment when Adi is there to protect her.

Nishant announces Pallavi’s visit to Austrial for special classes and invites her for a dance. Editor tells Adi that its time for romance and asks him to dance with his wife. Adi searches Imlie and seeing her with Malini extends his hands towards her with a smile ignoring Malini and takes her away. Malini stands shattered. Nishant and Pallavi dance followed by Imlie and Adi’s sensual dance on Tune Chua Jo… song. Adi asks Imlie why she doesn’t look good in these clothes. She says Malini brought her this clothes. He asks why Malini is wearing her sari. She gets silent. He continues dancing with her sensuously. Imlie walks aside. Malini joins him and dances. He dances looking at Imlie. Pankaj then dances with Imlie and asks if she is still tensed with guest’s comments and cheers her up. Everyone clap after dance.

Malini seeing Adi’s sad face asks if party is not going as per his wish. He says party is good but people have changed. Editor gifts him a tie. Malini insists to fix a tie for him. He says its okay and looks at Imlie. Malini says sir will feel good, anyways she used to tie for him before, fixes it and asks if its looking good. Aparna says very nice. Editor and colleagues walk out thanking him for the party. Malini comments party was good and even tie is looking good on Adi. Adi showing his disappointment walks away.

Malini over phone informs Anu that everything was going as per her plan, but Adi was focusing on only Imlie. Anu says Imlie would have done something again to garner his attention. Malini says she felt good dancing for 30 seconds with Adi. Anu says she need not worry as 30 seconds will turn 30 years soon. Malini says she wants Adi’s attention back, but he is focused on Imlie. Adi with Imlie walks in. Imlie seeing Malini over phone says they should come later. Adi says he wants to talk to Malini right now. Malini disconnects call. Adi says she told Imlie didn’t want to wear this as she felt comfortable in a dress, but Imlie didn’t seem comfortable with her selection. Malini says preferences of years change and he knows it better. He says there is a difference between preference and love and his priority is Imlie’s comfort. Malini says she knows his priority and he sounds like threatening her. She confronts Imlie if she was uncomfortable in the dress, why did she wear it and if she forced her. Adi says for her sake. Malini says let her speak and says she was just trying to help them as she heard many times that they don’t look compatible and Imlie looks like a maid, so she thought of Imlie’s makeover; women of her age wear sari and 19-year-old girls like Imlie wear dresses, she made a mistake in make up as she is not an expert, and she doesn’t’ want to give any more explanation to him.

Malini confronts Aditya and says if he doubts her intentions, she will not trouble him again and will leave his house right now. She picks her bag and tries to leave, but sprains her ankle. Adi makes her sit and requests her to relax. She says she supported him and Imlie’s relationship first even after knowing that he cheated on her and hid the truth since many months. He apologizes her for misunderstanding her. She says like he misunderstood that she locked him in a room the other day and cheaply alleged him as he doesn’t trust her any more. Adi apologizes and asks her to forget what happened just now and relax. He asks Imlie to leave as he needs to speak to Malini. Imlie surprised walks away. Adi tells Malini that she is worried for her sister Imlie and even got ready to divorce him, he missed last divorce counseling session and wants to attend the next one and finalized their divorce. Malini says she doesn’t know about the next date. He says she need not worry as he will contact Kunal regarding this. Imlie thinks why Imlie Malini in front of Adi regarding her clothes. Adi walks to her and asks what is she thinking. She says nothing. He says she looks pretty in the dress even with weird make up and he will take her for shopping if she wants. She rejects his offer. He walks to his room. She thinks she needs to speak to Malini as she doesn’t want any differences between them.

Anu gets worried for Malini and thinks servant Imlie will manipulative Malini again. Dev walks in and comments. Anu says he had bought a flat for his illegitimate daughter and shift with her there. He says Imlie is in her sasural and its her right place. He says he is understanding the meaning of marriage for his daughter, but didn’t for them. He warns her to stop punishing Imlie for his mistakes. She says she is doing what is right. He says she looks nervous and is up to something. She says she should have kicked him out of house when his affair was out and should have left him to rotten in Pagdandiya; her life is ruined, but her daughter’s life would have been saved. He says she is ruining her daughter’s life and will realize it soon and walks away wishing her goodnight. She shouts do hell with your goodnight.

Malini thinks she will speak to Kunal before Adi reaches him. Imlie walks to her and says she needs to talk, says she imagined her as an angel when she met her and always wanted to follow her and be in her good books. Malini asks what does she mean. Imlie says she took time to realize that even she has a role in her angel story and she can touch her angel, she blindly trusted Malini and went in front of guests wearing her gifted dress and if her trust will be broken. Malini says if she has problem with her, she will leave. Imlie says why to drag Adi between them, she doesn’t see the love in Malini’s eye for her like before. Malini says Imlie is her younger daughter and she made her mission to get her right, but now she has her own problems and is in stress; she doesn’t have her own place to stay and is staying in her ex-sasural’s house, she doesn’t know where she will go from here. She says she need not go anywhere and should promise that she will consider her as her younger sister always. Malini asks her to go and sleep now. Imlie notices her paper cutouts on floor and leaves wishing her goodnight.

Next morning, Aparna offers tiffin to Malini when she is about to leave for college and asks her to have it on time and take care of herself. Imlie feels disappointed seeing that. Dev walks in and asks Imlie how is she. She says she is fine and says she is getting late for college. Dev ignoring Malini says he came to ask Imlie if she has any problem by someone in this house. Malini hearing that excuses herself and walks away. Dev asks Imlie to inform him if she has any problem in this house as he will be always with her. Imlie says she knows he is worried for Malini, he need not worry as they are all here to take care of her and will send her from here once she gets well. He thinks even now she is worried for Malini not knowing Malini’s intentions, says he is happy to see that she is worried for others and promises to support her always. she says she is getting late for college and leaves.

In Pagdandiya, Dulari yells at Mithi seeing her packing clothes and says she took care of her for 20 years and now she is leaving her alone. Mithi says Imlie needs her. Dulari continues yelling. Satyakam warns her to keep her mouth shut and informs Mithi that he brought bus ticket. They are about to leave when a man informs Satyakam that landlords are troubling farmers and they need him. Mithi asks Satyakam to fight for the farmer’s right while she will fight for her daughter’s right. Dev walks to Malini. Malini says he can be only 1 daughter’s father at a time and is supporting Imlie. Dev asks her to spare Imlie and Adi and return home with him. She says even she used to think Imlie as good, but Imlie snatched her love, house, and father’s love and left nothing in her life. He cries that he is still her father and will always love her and leaves in his car. She thinks before Imlie snatches whatever left from her, she needs to kick her out of Adi’s life, his house, and papa’s heart.

Malini reaches Kunal’s office. Kunal asks why did she come here. She says to seek his help as always. He says he can’t. She says Adi will come to take next counseling date and he should divert his mind to cancel the divorce. He says if she didn’t inform Adi that she held divorce proceedings, Adi cannot see anything else than Imlie, so she should stop false hopes.

She should have seen how Adi loved her before and they were together for 7 years, she just needs time to clear her differences and if she can’t, she will go ahead with divorce. He argees. She thanks him and apologizes for troubling him again. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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