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Imlie On Starlife, Saturday 10th June 2023 update

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Imlie On Starlife Saturday 10th June 2023 update, Aryan tells Imlie that maybe he is a stone, but she is not a stone and hence she never breaks; he is a snow and she is a fire which melts him. He promises to be together till their last breath. Imlie feels happy. Aryan asks what was she writing. Imlie says she was writing a letter for her baby. Aryan says baby’s mother is mad, who writes a latter for someone who will be in the world in a few days. Imlie says she was in coma for 9 months and doesn’t know what will happen in the future. Aryan gets romantic. Imlie gets labor pains. Aryan panics and heads her towards hospital, calling family.

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Anu notices Malini consuming sleeping pill, gets worried thinking Malni is trying to commit suicide, and tries to stop her. Malini asks her to relax as he will not make any mistake again after doing a mistake of falling in Aditya’s love. She says she just took 1 pill as she wants to sleep well before her big day tomorrow. Aryan and family rush Imlie to a hospital and wait outside delivery room. Doctor walks out and informs them that a baby girl is born. Family walks in and smile at Imlie and her baby. Ay Dil Tu Laya Hai Bahaar.. song plays in the background. Cheeni hugs Imlie. Imlie says she got a baby sister. Cheeni discusses how she will take care of her baby sister and always be with her. Aryan holds the baby first followed by Namrata. Aryan then smiles at Imlie and congratulates her.

Imlie returns home with baby after discharge from the hospital. Narmada says their little baby filled their lives with happiness like Laxmi ji. Sundar says Laxmi is a good name. Arpita says they can decide the name in the evening. Aryan and Imlie says Cheeni and little baby will be called Rathore sisters from hereon and will stay together forever. Narmada says they are right and asks Imlie to perform aarti for them. Imlie prays god that she couldn’t get her sister’s love, but her daughters should.

Malini wakes up smiling hearing alarm sound. Anu says she woke up after 18 hours, why she is smiling so much. Malini says its a very important day today. Imlie addresses Seeta maiya that she is naughty to bring so many changes in her life. She picks a 1 rs coin which Satyakam dadda gifted her and says she came to Delhi with a fistful of dreams and Seeta maiya made her a face of Pagdandiya, she can do anything now for her amma and dadda.

Anu tells Malini that they can shift abroad, she will research about Visas. Malini says its a good idea, but today she is going to do something big. Anu says she feels nervous, what is Malini going to do. Malini says a last dhamakedar exit. Anu gets tensed hearing that.

Imlie tells Seeta maiya that she can do help her amma and dadda as she has a loving family and 2 loving kids. She prays Seeta maiya to protect her 2 little daughters. Malini reaches Rathore house to plant bombs during Imlie’s baby’s naming ceremony. Imlie notices lamp flickering and gets concerned. Aryan walks to her and takes her to havan venue for naming ceremony. Sundar jokes with Imlie but seeing her concern goes to check on Cheeni. Malini enters with bombs hidden in flower basket and thinks she brought 3 bombs this time and will not leave a single family member of Imlie alive. Sundar notices Malini and asks what is she doing here, but finds someone else who says she came here for pooja. He apologizes her and leaves. Malini fixes bombs and thinks she decided Imlie’s fate yesterday itself. Sundar returns to havan venue and tells Imlie that she need not worry as he is keeping an eye on everything.

Aryan and Imlie tell Panditji that they want to name their both daughters and call Cheeni. A guest bumps on Malini. Bomb remote control falls from Malini’s bag and bombs gets activated. Malini panics and thinks she needs to escape from there. Bombs explode. People panic and start running around. Aryan sends Sundar, Arpita, and Narmada away and start searching for Cheeni and baby. Malini leg gets stuck to a table. Aryana and Imlie find Cheeni with a baby. Aryan takes baby away. Imlie notices Malini and walks towards her. Cheeni gets lost again and Imlie starts searching her. Cheeni bumps on Malini. Malini pleads her to save her mother. Cheeni says khali mali is not her mother and starts searching Imlie. Constable holds and comforts her.

Aryan and Imlie get severe injured after the bomb blasts. Lying in each other’s arms, they express their love for each other. Aryan asks why did she obey him and accompanied him, she would have been safe if she had not accompanied him. She says she is safe with him. He says I love you. She says I love you too. A constbale rushes to their rescue but fails to lift pillar over them. He goes to get help. Malini is also seen severely injured. Cheeni walks to her. Malini says Imlie doesn’t love Cheeni, she just played with her feelings until she herself got a baby and her own baby is more important now. Sundar with Arpita and Narmada return and try to remove pillar over Aryaan and Imlie. Aryan asks them to name their little daughter as Imlie. Imlie asks them to give equal right to Cheeni and consider her as their own daughter.

Aryan says Cheeni considers Imlie more than her mother. Malini tells Cheeni to never forget that she is Malini’s daughter and Imlie snatched her from her mother. She seeks promise to snatch her right from the world and not beg for it. Cheeni promises. Imalie passes away.

Aryan and Imlie continue talking emotionally to family and themselves and breathe their last. Arpita, Narmada, and Sundar recall time spent with Imlie and cry loudly. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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