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Imlie On Starlife Monday 12th December 2022 update

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Imlie On Starlife Monday 12th December 2022 update, Pallavi enters Imlie’s room and doesn’t find her inside. She sees window open and calls Nishant. Whole family walks in and seeing window open Harish says she escaped, where she must have gone. Rupali asks Aparna not to worry as Imlie will bring Aditya home safely. Aparna asks what will she do alone. Rupali says Imlie’s Seeta maiya/god always accompanies her. Satyakam Dadda meets Imlie. Imlie emotionally hugs him and says terrorists want their leader Anand bhai to be released in exchange of Adi and will kill Adi if they don’t and will put blame on police.

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Satyakam says he knows where terrorists have kept Adi and takes her there on Chandu’s tip. They search Adi. Terrorists hide ready with their guns. Imlie asks how will they find Adi here and prays god. Dadda asks her not to worry. Police brings an imposter disguised as Anand Bhai and asks Jugnu to send Adi first. Dadda stops Imlie and says they shouldn’t interfere between police. Jugnu sends Adi. Imlie cries emotionally seeing him severely injured and tries to rush to him, but Dadda stops her again and says their one mistake may kill Adi. Mann vich Halla Hai.. song plays in the background. Adi walks towards polie. Police sends their disguised officer in exchange. Jugnu notices gun in officer’s pocket and shoots him. Officer falls down dead. Police and terrorists’ gun battle starts. Adi gets stuck in between.

Imlie runs to save Adi and hugs him from behind, protecting him. Their romance starts. They look at each other and pamper each other. Serial’s title track plays in the background. They then get conscious hearing bullet sounds and run away from there. Terrorist throws bomb. They fall far apart and crawl to each other when Jugnu picks Adi and warns to shoot him if police fires on them. Adi asks police to shoot as Jugnu is a coward. Jugnu warns him to shut up. Adi asks Imlie to run away from there. Imlie shouts to stop and stands up. Jugnu warns her to stop or else he will kill her husband. She warns to dare try and noticing gun nearby runs towards terrorists, picks gun and points at them.

Malini reaches Tripathi House. Aparna thanks her for coming. Harish says Tripathi family is indebted to her. Malini asks not to say that as she will obviously do whatever she can. Rupali taunts Malini that she doesn’t have to worry as Imlie will bring Adi home. Malini replies of course, Imlie must be feeling good with a small dharna. Nishant says she is mistaken as Imlie has gone to terrorists’ den to free Adi. Malini gets worried for Imlie and says she foolishly risked her llfe. Pankaj backs her. Pallavi says its Imlie’s way and not like them who sit near phone and shed tears. Rupali asks Malini not to worry as Imlie will free Adi for sure even by risking her own life.

Imlie orders Jugnu to leave her husband. Adi asks her to go away from there. Jugnu warns that he will kill Adi. Imlie runs towards them, picks gun, and points it at Jugnu. Police kills Jugnu’s aides. Adi asks Imlie to shoot Jugnu as Jugnu is a coward and would have killed him long ago. Jugnu continues threatening to kill Adi if she doesn’t drop the gun. Satyakam also encourages Imlie to shoot without any fear and gives her Pagdandiya’s oath. Imlie stands in a dilemma. Adi asks her to shoot. Satyakam gives her Seetya maiya’s oath next. Imlie shoots at Jugnu’s leg, and he falls down. Police rushes and arrests Jugnu. Imlie and Adi’s romance starts. He limps and extands his hand towards her emotionally. She runs and hugs him tightly.

Malini gets a call from home minister that Adi’s rescue operation was successful and police rescued him safely. Malini and whole Tripathi family rejoice hearing that. Aparna gives the credit to Malini and says if she had not reached home minister, Adi would have died. Radha backs Aparna and says they couldn’t have just wanted for Imlie’s action. Malini calls Anu and informs that Adi is rescued by police. Anu says now Tripathis will realize her efforts and Imlie’s lies, she should return home now. Malini says she will return after meeting Adi. Anu thinks middle class Tripathis didn’t value Malini at all and were praising only Imlie, she will publicize Malini’s efforts to rescue Adi and make them realize her value. Nishant, Pallavi, and Rupali eagerly wait to welcome Adi. Aparna says for them only Malini is their bahu. Radha asks her to perform Malini’s nazar. Door bell rings, and they think Adi returned home. Reporters barge in and question Pankaj how is he feeling hearing his son’s rescue. He says he feels good. Harish asks who called them here. Anu enters and says they should all know the person whose efforts rescued Adi, its her daughter Malini. Aparna agrees. Kunal calls Malini and congratulates her for rescuing Adi and asks her to meet him tonight and explain how she did it. Adi with Imlie, Satyakam, and inspector walks in.

Reporters throng around him and asks how is he feeling after returning home. Adi thanks the government and police for their help and then says he is more thankful for the person who risked her life, stood by him always, because of him who is alive, etc. Malini feels shy thinking he is talking about her. Adi holds Imlie’s hand and says his wife Imlie Tripathi. Senior Tripathis stand disappointed while junior Tripathis rejoice. Adi says Imlie fought for truth and rescued him from terrorists. Anu says its rubbish, this man’s hit on his head that he is talking nonsense, he returned home safely because of Malini’s efforts of contacting home minister who ordered police’s rescue operation. Inspector says they had got an order before high command not to release terrorist Anand Bhai who is a threat to the nation and hence they were trying to rescue Adi, but Imlie risked her life and saved Adi and explains in detail. Reporter asks Imlie who inspired to risk her life. She says her dadda Satyakam and praises him. Reporters says everyone must be proud of her. Pankaj says he is proud of his bahu Imlie. Aparna takes Imlie from there. Adi says tries to speak to Malini. Anu stops her and says he ruined Malnii’s life’s 7 years, she will handle he daughter, Adi and his family always used Malini.

Pankaj and Nishant make Adi sit on sofa. Radha says thank god everyone left and says she will bring kadha/herbal concoction for him. Aparna asks to bring turmeric milk. Pallavi says she prepared cake for Adi’s welcome and will bring it. Aparna cleans Adi’s wounds and says when he used to get injured in childhood, she used to lock him in a room saying he is hurt, but his mother is feeling pain; he is grown up and she cannot lock him in a room, but his pain feels the same pain and is unable to tolerate it. Adi says when their blessings are with him, terrorists cannot harm him; his family is his biggest strength as they treat and love everyone equally. He requests her to accept Imlie. She says he sees only Imlie and no one else, he wouldn’t have been rescued by police if Malini had not contacted home minister.

He says he is thankful to Malini for that. She says Imlie just knows to misuse other’s effort, snatch Malini’s right, seek a goon’s help, etc. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest.