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Imlie On Starlife full story summary Season 1 & 2, Teasers, Episodes

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TV series

Imlie On Starlife full story summary, a smart village belle, is forced to marry a journalist after they seek shelter in a hut during heavy rains. On reaching the city, she realises that her husband is engaged to be married.

Imlie On Starlife full story summary

Imlie, an 18-year-old girl is from Pagdandia village of Uttar Pradesh. Her mother, Meethi had a one night stand with Dev Chaturvedi, who left her impregnated. So, the villagers came up with a rule that if a man spends a night with a girl, they must marry.

Satyakam, a farmer turned rebel, who is fighting for Pagdandia’s rights is Imlie’s father-figure. Aditya “Adi” Kumar Tripathi is a Delhi-based journalist working in Bhaskar Times. His girlfriend is Malini Chaturvedi (Dev’s daughter). Before their engagement, Adi leaves for Pagdandia to take Satyakam’s interview.

Imlie helps Adi in guiding the village, and end up staying together due to heavy rain and thunderstorms. The villagers find out and force Adi to marry Imlie or else they kill him. Imlie agrees to marry Adi to save his life. Imlie and Adi are forcefully married.

Imlie On Starlife full story

In New Delhi, Imlie introduces herself as a maid to the Tripathi family to save Adi. Before Adi and Malini’s marriage, he reveals the marriage truth to Malini, making her faint. Imlie sees her husband marrying Malini, her half-sister with a broken heart. Adi has to go to Pagdandia for the government’s peace meeting with Satyakam and decides to leave her there permanently. Soon Adi realises Imlie is his true love and Malini was just a friend. He also learns that they are half-sisters during his Pagdandia visit.

Imlie On Starlife full story summary
Sumbul Touqeer as Imlie

Imlie On Starlife full story summary continues, Adi reveals the truth to Malini that Imlie is his first wife. Malini comes to Pagdandia with a name Kalpana and discovers that Imlie is her half-sister. Adi and Imlie reunite with Malini’s help and Aditya convinces Satyakam and Meethi to get married.

Imlie learns about her father and refuses to accept Dev and tells Satyakam will always be her father. Imlie finally expresses her feelings to Adi. She wants to be a journalist, after seeing Adi’s work. Imlie On Starlife full story summary

After some time, Malini starts feeling bitter seeing Aditya and Imlie happy. She stops the divorce proceedings and put on a fake suicide drama, Malini tries to break Aditya and Imlie’s relationship. Imlie discovers Malini’s intentions and warns Aditya, but he didn’t believe her. Malini gets intimate with Aditya by intoxicating him.

Imlie On Starlife full story summary

Imlie is devastated and files a case against Malini for the incident. Malini becomes pregnant. Imlie decides to let Malini stay in the house because she thinks the baby should not live a life like her without her father’s name. Malini wants Imlie to leave Adi’s life. The Tripathi family slowly accepts Imlie as their daughter-in-law. But Adi and Imlie’s relationship is at stake due to trust issues and misunderstandings because of Malini. Finally, Adi and Malini are divorced.

Malini shoots herself and frames Imlie, but Satyakam takes the blame and goes to jail. Malini demands to send Imlie out of the house. When Adi asks Imlie what happened, she loses all her patience and ends their relationship.

Imlie On Starlife full story summary continues, Aryan Singh Rathore is a businessman and the CEO of Bhaskar Times. He misunderstands that Adi is responsible for his brother-in-law’s death, thus wanting revenge from him. Although Aryan was initially rude to Imlie, he later likes her. Adi misunderstands Imlie and Aryan’s relationship. Malini sends divorce papers to Adi replacing them with a letter from Imlie.

Adi misunderstands Aryan and Imlie’s relation and announces his marriage to Malini making Imlie sign the divorce papers. After the divorce, Aryan laid moral support to Imlie. She and Aryan shares a supreme relationship of friendship and becomes comfortable with each other. With Aryan’s help Imlie finally manages to expose Malini’s misdeeds. Aditya throws Malini out of the house and sends Anu to jail, releasing Satyakam.

Imlie On Starlife full story
Fahmaan khan as Aryan

Aditya unintentionally reports a stormy weather as clear, leading to Aryan and Arpita being injured in the storm. He then learns about Arvind and Aryan’s revenge and tries to warn Imlie that Aryan is using her against him, but she refuses to believe. However, when Aryan publicly confronts Aditya, Imlie learns the truth. Then he frames Aditya for false weather reporting and bans his journalism license.

Seeing the Tripathis condition, Imlie begs Aryan to save her family. He then puts forth the condition of marrying her but she in turn puts a condition that the marriage would be fake and should be on paper only. When Aditya learns about the same, he demands the wedding in front of his eyes, as a punishment of hurting Imlie. Imlie and Aryan finally, get married. After their marriage, Neela tries to break their relationship. Imlie gives a closure to Arpita and Narmada as she reveals Arvind’s deaths reason. Out of guilt, Aryan lets Imlie go, however, she decides to return to Aryan and Aditya leaves the country.

During Arpita and Sundar’s wedding, Imlie discloses the dowry situation and addresses it. Narmada demands that Imlie quit her job and Aryan speaks against it. Arpita encourages Aryan to share his true feelings with Imlie as it will give her the courage to deal with Narmada’s change of behaviour better. With the help of Jyo, Aryan takes loImlie on a date. Before confessing their feelings, Imlie falls from the treehouse. Aryan tries to regain Imlie’s consciousness and gets scared as she does not respond to his emergency treatments which leads him to share his feelings and Imlie regains her consciousness. As it starts raining they find a secluded place where Imlie reciprocates his feelings and they spend the night there. Later, Imlie becomes pregnant.

After many turns of events, Imlie manages to expose Jyoti’s misdeeds in front of Aryan with the help of Harinder-Jyoti’s ex-husband, Sundar and Arpita. On their way back home, Imlie and Aryan see an abandoned baby and get her home. Malini enters as a successful Dean in a college and reveals to be holding grudges. Malini enters the Rathore mansion and reveals that Gudiya is her and Aditya’s daughter who was missing. She accuses Imlie of stealing her baby, Malini manages to harm Imlie in front of Aryan’s eyes. Due to that, Imlie suffers from a miscarriage. Aryan and Imlie both blame each other for their loss and part ways.

5 years later

Aryan is still grieving his baby’s loss and harbours hatred toward Imlie. Imlie lives in Pagdandia with Cheeni and is shown to be fighting against social injustice as an independent journalist. Malini who happens to own significant shares of Bhaskar Times. Aryan reaches Pagdandia to solve a matter where he ended up saving Cheeni and learns about her. In an attempt to reunite Aryan and Imlie, Cheeni makes them drink bhang and they have their wedlock. Aryan and Imlie are blessed with a baby girl. Malini for her revenge, sets a bomb in Aryan’s house. In the bomb blast Aryan, Imlie and Malini die.

The series takes a leap ( Season 2) where the story focuses on their children.

18 Years Later

Imlie (Aryan and Imlie’s daughter) and Cheeni (Malini and Aditya’s daughter) are all grown up, with contrasting personalities. They soon cross paths with Atharva Rana (DJ Arto). Atharva falls in love with Cheeni, thinking she is the poetress. The Ranas and Rathores meet at a mutual family friend’s wedding. Impressed by Imlie, the Rana family asks for Imlie’s hand in marriage for Atharva against his will. Imlie On Starlife full story summary

Imlie On Starlife Story
Megha Chakraborty as Jr Imlie

Atharva finally tells Cheeni about his feelings, and she decides to fake her love to gain his property and starts manipulating him. On the wedding day, Cheeni, who fails in her plans to marry Atharva, manipulates Atharva and makes him think that Imlie has bad intentions.

To avenge Cheeni, Atharva marries Imlie in order to get Cheeni her rights. Imlie takes care of the Rana family, causing Atharva to feel guilty. Soon, Atharva learns that only Imlie writes poems sectrely not Cheeni. Imlie discovers Atharva and Cheeni’s truth and decides to leave but decides to stay for the sake of the Rana family.

Cheeni’s marriage gets fixed with Abhishek a rich business man and she rejects Atharva, in order to gain Abhishek’s property. Imlie helps Atharva come over the depression.

Imlie On Starlife
Seerat Kapoor as Chinni

Cheeni allies herself with Anu to expel Imlie from the Rana House, by cancelling her wedding with Abhishek. Imlie discovers their plan and decides to protect Atharva from their clutches. Atharva starts to fall for Imlie. Both Imlie and Atharva in a hot air balloon, accepts each others friendship again. Later a mishap takes place and suddenly chandelier falls on Imlie.

Imlie On Starlife full story summary

However, Atharva saves Imlie, but she loses her memory. Later, it is revealed that she is faking her memory loss only to expose Cheeni’s misdeeds. She joins her hands with Rudra and Atharva, and exposes Cheeni’s misdeeds infront of the family. In revenge, Cheeni kidnaps Ranas and tries to marry Atharva forcefully but, Imlie successfully saves them and gets Cheeni arrested.

Atharva and Imlie express their feelings to each other and start afresh. Soon, Dhairya enters as a storm in their life, however it is proven that he is illegitimate son of Rudra due to which it causes differences between Rudra and Devika. Atharva gets into an accident and is believed to be dead, whereas Imlie becomes pregnant and loses her child.

5 years later

Atharva lives with his and Imlie’s daughter Karishma Rana and Cheeni. He hates Imlie thinking she loves Dhairya. Whereas Imlie lives with Ranas and believes that her daughter is alive, while everyone believes the child to be dead. Devika hates Imlie, while Dhairya joins Rana’s business with help of Rudra. Imlie still loves Atharva while Dhairya has feelings for her.

Imlie starlife
Karan Vohra as Arthav

Whereas Kairi waits for her mother accepting Cheeni as her bestfriend. Soon, everyone finds out that Atharva is alive but thinks Karishma is his and Cheeni’s child and they both are married.

To be continued…..

Imlie Starlife Series Details

  • Title: Imlie
  • No. Of Seasons: 1 (original 2)
  • No. Of Episodes: 837
  • Premiere: 23rd August 2022
  • Final Episode: TBA
  • Channel: Starlife Africa
  • Dubbed: English Language
  • Replacing: Never say goodbye
  • Original Title: Imlie
  • Original Network: Starplus
  • Original Country: India

Imlie shows Monday to Sunday on starlife.

Imlie starlife cast, real name, pictures

Lead Cast

  • Megha Chakraborty as Jr. Imlie Singh Rathore (formerly Rana): Imlie and Aryan’s daughter; Malini’s niece; Cheeni and Jaggu’s cousin; Atharva’s ex-wife; Karishma’s mother.
  • Seerat Kapoor as Cheeni Tripathi: Malini and Aditya’s daughter; Jr. Imlie’s cousin; Karishma’s maternal aunt and best friend.

Keva Shefali as Young Cheeni Tripathi.

  • Karan Vohra as Atharva Rana: Rudra and Devika’s younger son; Akash’s brother and Dhairya’s half-brother; Jr. Imlie’s ex-husband; Karishma’s father.
  • Zohaib Ashraf M Siddiqui as Dhairya Rana: Rudra and Kala’s illegitimate son; Atharva and Akash’s half-brother; Rudra’s supervisor in Rudra’s company.

Formal Leads

  • Sumbul Touqeer Khan as Imlie Aryan Singh Rathore (née Chaturvedi ): Executive reporter of Bhaskar Times; Independent journalist; Meethi and Dev’s daughter; Malini’s half-sister; Aditya’s ex-wife; Aryan’s wife; Jr Imlie’s mother; Cheeni and Jaggu’s Aunt; Karishma’s maternal grandmother (2022 –2023) (Dead)
  • Fahmaan Khan as Aryan Singh Rathore: Owner and CEO of Rathore Group of Companies including Bhaskar Times; Narmada’s son; Arpita’s brother; Imlie’s husband; Jr. Imlie’s father; Cheeni & Jaggu’s uncle; Karishma’s maternal grandfather (2022–2023) (Dead)
  • Gashmeer Mahajani / Manasvi Vashist as Aditya Kumar Tripathi: Senior reporter of Bhaskar Times; Aparna and Pankaj’s son; Imlie and Malini’s ex-husband; Cheeni’s father (2022–2023)
  • Mayuri Deshmukh as Malini Chaturvedi: Former professor and Dean of City College; Anuja and Dev’s daughter; Imlie’s half-sister; Aditya’s ex-wife; Cheeni’s mother; Jr. Imlie’s aunt; Karishma’s grandaunt (2022–2023) (Dead)

Supporting Cast

  • Vrihi Kodvara as Karishma “Kairi” Rana: Jr. Imlie and Atharva’s daughter; Cheeni’s niece and best friend; Imlie and Aryan’s maternal grand-daughter; Rudra and Devika’s paternal daughter.
  • Bobby Parvez as Rudra Rana: Manish and Shivani’s brother; Devika’s husband; Akash, Atharva and Dhairya’s father.
  • Chaitrali Gupte as Devika Rana: Rudra’s wife; Akash and Atharva’s mother; Dhairya’s step-mother.
  • Anuradha Singh as Divya Rana: Manish’s wife; Dhairya, Akash and Atharva’s aunt; Ginny and Ripu’s mother.
  • Hemant Thatte as Manish Rana: Rudra and Shivani’s brother; Divya’s husband; Dhairya, Akash and Atharva’s uncle; Ginny and Ripu’s father.
  • Jitendra Bohara as Akash Rana: Rudra and Devika’s elder son; Atharva and Dhairya’s brother; Keya’s husband.
  • Hetal Yadav as Shivani Rana: Rudra and Manish’s sister; Dhairya, Akash and Atharva’s paternal aunt.
  • Saumya Saraswat as Keya Akash Rana: Akash’s wife; Karishma’a aunt; Atharva and Imlie’s sister-in-law.
  • Nidhi Arora as Ginny Rana: Manish and Divya’s daughter; Ripu’s sister.
  • Satyam Joshi as Ripu Rana: Manish and Divya’s son; Ginny’s brother.
  • Riyansh Dabhi as Jagdeep “Jaggu” Prasad: Sundar and Arpita’s son; Jr. Imlie’s cousin; Karishma’s uncle.
  • Chirag Mehra as Abhishek: Cheeni’s ex-fiancé.
  • Kiran Khoje as Meethi: Dulari’s daughter; Dev’s ex-lover; Satyakam’s wife; Imlie’s mother; Jr. Imlie’s grandmother; Karishma’s great-grandmother.
  • Vijay Kumar as Satyakam: Tribal leader of Pagdandiya; Meethi’s husband; Imlie’s step-father; Jr. Imlie’s step-grandfather; Karishma’s great-grandfather.
  • Meena Nathani as Dulari: Meethi’s mother; Imlie’s grandmother; Jr. Imlie’s great-grandmother; Karishma’s great-great-grandmother.
  • Gaurav Jain as Sundar Prasad: Tripathis’ former househelp; Arpita’s second husband; Jagdeep’s father; Jr. Imlie’s uncle; Karishma’s grand uncle.
  • Rajshri Rani as Arpita “Arpi” Rathore Prasad: Narmada’s daughter; Aryan’s sister; Arvind’s widow; Sundar’s wife; Jagdeep’s mother; Jr. Imlie’s aunt; Karishma’s grandaunt.
  • Neetu Pandey as Narmada Rathore: Aryan and Arpita’s mother; Imlie and Sundar’s mother-in-law; Jagdeep and Jr. Imlie’s grandmother; Karishma’s great-grandmother.
  • Indraneel Bhattacharya as Dev Chaturvedi: Janki’s son; Meethi’s ex-lover; Anuja’s husband; Malini and Imlie’s father; Cheeni and Jr. Imlie’s grandfather; Karishma’s great-grandfather.
  • Jyoti Gauba as Anuja “Anu” Chaturvedi: Dev’s wife, Malini’s mother; Imlie’s step-mother; Cheeni’s grandmother; Jr. Imlie’s step-grandmother; Karishma’s step great-grandmother.
  • Piloo Vidyarthi as Janki Chaturvedi: Dev’s mother; Malini and Imlie’s grandmother; Cheeni and Jr. Imlie’s great-grandmother; Karishma’s great-great-grandmother.
  • Ritu Chaudhary as Aparna Tripathi: Pankaj’s wife; Aditya’s mother; Cheeni’s grandmother.
  • Chandresh Singh as Pankaj Tripathi: Harish’s brother; Aparna’s husband; Aditya’s father; Cheeni’s grandfather.
  • Rakesh Maudgal as Harish Tripathi: Pankaj’s brother; Radha’s husband; Dhruv, Rupali and Nishant’s father; Tanushree and Prashant’s grandfather.