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Imlie On Starlife, Friday 30th December 2022 update

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Imlie On Starlife Friday 30th December 2022 update, Aditya tells Imlie that he is a biggest criminal and will handover himself to police Malini starts emotional blackmail and asks why don’t she think of her, what will peope think of her character. She hugs Aparna and acts a crying. Dulari thinks Kalini is more wicked, she will tackle her later. Adi says once he goes to jail, even Malini will not be blamed.

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Imlie says after thinking about family, she decided its better he supports Malini and she gets leaves this house; their story has entangled so much that its time to break it, their relationship is bonded by the thread of trust and she is breaking it. She walks away with Mithi and Dulari holding her potli/bag. Anu smirks while Imlie’s supporters cry. Adi tries to walk behind her. Aparna warns if he tries to stop Imlie, he will see her dead face.

Imile breaks down after getting out of main door hugging Mithi. Mithi says Seeta Maiya will handle everything. They see a religious group carrying god’s idol, and Imlie thinks whenever sin happens, god comes to fight, how should she start her fight now. She sees her burnt sari piece in Dev’s car dickie and opening the dickie via her hair pin thinks this is her sari, then what is it doing in Dev’s car, why did Anu and Malini try to burn it, did Malini got intimate with Adi wearing her sari, Malini did a big sin and she will get her punished.

Adi insists Aparna to let him go to Imlie. Malini asks him to accept god’s wish and learn to live with her. He says he cannot live without Imlie. Aparna says whatever happening now is right. They hear a police siren, and Aparna asks Adi why did he call police. Harish asks Anu if she called police. She denies. Rupali asks who called police then. Inspector with his team enters. Aparna says they didn’t call him. Radha says Adi didn’t do any mistake. Inspector asks who is Malini Chaturvedi and says she is under arrest. Dev shocked asks why. Anu asks who complained. Imlie with Dulari and Mithi enters and says she complained against Malini. Adi asks what is she doing. Imlie says she is getting Malini arrested for fooling her husband and spending night with him. Anu shouts what nonsense. Harish asks if Imlie knows what is she saying. Anu asks how will a woman force herself on a 6 feet strong man. Harish says inspector is mistaken. Inspector says complaint is made and hence they should sort out the issue between them. Imlie says Malini mixed hypnotic in juice and served it to her in-laws and husband and then got intimate with her husband. Adi asks her to stop. Imlie says she will not let wrong happening to him and will not keep quiet until she gets Malini punished.

Malini says she is alleging her in frustration. Adi says she alleged Malini last time without any proof. Imlie says she has proof and showing her burnt sari says she found it in Anu’s car, Malini used it to lure him. Anu says she tried to burn it and not Malini as she brought Sari for her daughter and seeing a maid wearing similar sari, how can she tolerate it. Imlie says she is lying. Anu says she is lying and provoked a tigress, now she and whole Tripathi family will be not spared and she will ruin their reputation. Imlie asks inspector to arrest Malini. Inspector arrests Malini and drags her away. Imlie and her team feel proud off themselves. Aparna asks Imlie why did she do this. Imlie says she did right and without complaint, there wouldn’t have been justice. Aparna asks did they get justice when she did wrong to them, why did she return when she was going by herself. Harish asks when she boasts about protecting their dignity, then why did she ruin it. Radha also comments. Dulari rudely shouts at Radha and says she is illiterate but knows that whether a man or woman does mistakes, he/she should be punished.

Dulari in her usual rudest way tells Tripathis that they are all wrong even after being well educated, even an illiterate like her knows that one cannot inebriate anyone and get intimate with other person and whoever does this heinous act should be punished. Aparna says Malini is still Adi’s wife, nobody knows what happened behind closed door, even Malini was inebriated and case may go against Adi; when police inspector who arrested Malini is not sure if Malini molested Adi, how can they. She blames Imlie for conspiring against Malini as she hates her and wants to get her rid off Adi’s life; asks Adi to explain it to Imlie. Adi holds Imlie’s hand and asks to come along. Imlie resists. Adi drags her out forcefully and asks her to come to police station and take back her complaint.

At C house, Anu’s lawyer Desai brings Malini home after bailing her out. Anu thanks him and asks what should they do next. He asks not to worry as a man will not tell what happened to him, they themselves will take the case back. Imlie denies to take back case against Malini. Adi reminds Malini’s favors to her and says her evidence is not enough to file case against Malini. Dev asks Malini if Adi really got intimate with her. Anu asks what is he asking, Malini is Adi’s wife. Dev shouts only on papers and that because Malini denied to divorce Adi; he asks Malini if it was Adi’s wish that night. Adi tells Imlie that she cannot file FIR against Malini just on the basis of burnt sari, if Malini is right that even she was inebriated, he will have to pay for it. She says even a woman can be wrong and she just wants to punish a culprit whether he supports her or not. Desai tells Dev that this case is very weak and Imlie’s team cannot prove their allegations.

Dulari sees Tripathis sitting seriously and asks them to order jalebis and celebrate as Kalini/Malini is out of their house. Harish says she doesn’t know there are in trouble because of Imlie. Dulari says Malini should be ashamed for her crime. Aparna says Malini is still Adi’s wife and intimacy between husband and wife is coommon. Rupali asks how can she be so sure, let the court decide. Malini with Anu enters and cries hugging Aparna. Imlie asks how did she get out of jail. Anu says when the case is false, nobody can bind Malini and warns Tripathis to take back the case or else she will file case against Adi and make them cry for him. Harish says even they want to take back case, but Imlie is adamant and don’t what she is up to. Adi tells Malini that he feels sorry that she suffered and went to jail for his mistake. Anu says its not their mistake but servant Imlie’s, her plan failed and she didn’t even get a lawyer to favor her.

Kunal enters saying she is right and says he will fight Imlie’s case. He says its true that a woman doesn’t allege a man usually, but without mutual consent, intimacy cannot happen and if one party forces other party, he/she is guilty and if its proved, court will consider Malini guilty. Adi says a lawyer like him doesn’t take up case without any valid proof, then how can she consider Malini wrong. Kunal says he took up case as he knows Malini well and if she is guilty, she should be punished. Malini asks Aditya to let it be as when her own sister sent her to jail, what she can expect from strangers. She walks away. Kunal says he needs everyone’s statement. Harish says he can do whatever he wants to, but his family members will not support him. He sends whole family in. Kunal asks Adi to stay for Imlie, if not for justice. Adi says he did a biggest sin that night, he betrayed his wife and cannot allege someone else. Kunal says if he accepts his mistake, he should tell what happened and let him leave this case. Adi says he doesn’t remember anything. Kunal asks when he isn’t sure, how can he consider his wife wrong. Adi says he is unable to understand anything and walks away.

Malini while returning home remembers Kunal’s words and tells Anu that she wasn’t taking it seriously till now, but Imlie brought Kunal; will she go to jail if she is proven guilty. Anu says even country’s biggest lawyer cannot help Imlie as she cannot prove anything, Adi is on her side and not Imlie’s and hence she need not worry. Kunal tells Imlie that her fight is very difficult as her husband is on her side, Anu will try to destroy any evidence gathered by them, he takes case for truth and will support her in her fight. Imlie says she she ignored Malini’s mistakes, but this time she made a sin. Kunal says court will not consider Malini guilty until they gather evidence and their case is weak. Imlie says she is fighting for her husband’s dignity and will not back off. Mithi tells Imlie that she is on her side, but will she do if one whom she is supporting goes against her.

Imlie says she doesn’t know what to do, but KC assured to support truth. Mithi says she told KC likes Malini, will he go against Malini. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.