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I’m On The Edge ZeeWorld, Tuesday 13th September 2022 update

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Maasa says enough and leaves. Dhani cries and says thats why I was telling to not involve me in all this, I hate it when Dadi says all that, she leaves. Kesar is hurt and says I cant see your love getting snatched but I wont let it happen with you like it happened with me.

I’m On The Edge
I’m On The Edge

Sahil is sitting and thinks how cooker blasted? He sees Nani there. He comes to her and suspiciously looks at her, he says mother in law did you do something? she says if you are done spying then can I go in my house, Sahil says yes be careful, she leaves. Sahil says I know Nidhi did all that. Nidhi’s mother comes there and says my daughter can never do that. Sahil says what can I serve you? she says I came to meet my daughter. Sahil says she is

inside, I burnt her with cooker, if she doesnt stop her antics then she will regret it, Nidhi’s mom goes to her. Sahil gets rehearsal’s message and says I have to take part in this competition with Vaidika, we will win as best couple, we will Kanpur’s best couple as Mr. and Mrs. Agarwal.
Varun and Devika are taking rehearsals. Devika tries to follow steps but keeps hitting Varun. Varun shows her steps, and says why you are not following my steps? all couples are dancing nicely. Devika says all boys are dancing nicely except you. Varun says soon I will be a star, I will win this competition and wont let you destroy it, Devika says what you can do? Varun eyes her and pulls her closer, he holds her hand and starts waltzing around with her on pyar ki kahani, they both dance around looking in each others eyes. Varun twirls her around and pulls her closer. All clap for them, one dancer says that you both are very nice couple, too good. All clap for them.

Sahil comes to rehearsals, he sees his and Vaidika’s name in list and gets excited, announcer says tomorrow practice will start. Varun comes there and says we are part of competition too. Sahil says now no friendship, we will compete against each other but my girl is better than you. Varun says my girl is more better, did Vaidika agree for this competition? Sahil says what I say, I make sure to do it. They smirk and leave.

Kesar is crying in her room. Urmi comes there and says what happened, why you are crying? Kesar says you cant help me. Urmi says maybe I can help you? you know I want Prince to marry Dhani too and I want to help you. Kesar says what benefit you will get? Urmi says Dhani was raised up infront of my eyes, I dont care about that devika, I want her to marry unlike us who couldnt get happiness of a marriage, We will think to throw that Devika out, Urmi leaves.

Jaggu comes to Kesar’s room silently, he hugs her and says I cant live without you. Kesar looks away. Jaggu asks what happened? are you not feeling love towards me? Kesar says only you are the one that I love because only you took me as human and not as a thing. Jaggu wipes her tears and asks what happened? Kesar says I am scared, what if our dream is not fulfilled? I feel that Maasa will not give us any money, she will not pay our parts, Maasa have brought that prince at her alliance to win this money. Jaggu says dont worry about it. Kesar says I know Maasa’s nature, she couldnt be loyal to her son, she kept me and Dhani in this house because Adhi’s money monthly comes for Dhani, Maasa only thinks about herself, she brought that Devika and Prince to win this money, she will give them some money and take all money for herself, I just worry for Dhani, I dont want what happened to me to happen to her too, I will do everything for my daughter. Jaggu hugs her and consoles her.

Nidhi’s mom brings Nidhi to Badi Amma’s house, Badi Amma asks what happened? how she got hurt? Nidhi says you wont believe but Sahil tried to kill me. All are shocked to hear it. Nidhi says he tempered with pressure cooker so he could burn me. All are stunned.

Lajjo says to Maasa that Devika is helping you in your difficult time but dont forget I am her mother and you think you can marry her to anyone? Devika is my blessing and I will think about her future, I can do anything for her and showing you your standard can be easier for me. Father comes there and says dont worry Lajjo, if she sent Devika somewhere then she must know the reason, he says sorry to Maasa and says dont feel bad. Lajjo glares at Maasa and leaves with her husband. Maasa looks on.

Prachi’s husband hugs her and says I missed you so I came here. She says I am thinking to wear this saree in competition. Husband says I am worried about your stomach, you always have ache, what if dancing increases it? I cant see

you in pain, everyone knows there is no couple like us so we dont have to prove anything. She says you are right, we are the best couple, you take care of me so much so I dont care about any competition. Anjana sees them hugging, she gets message to meet tonight, she smiles at them and leaves. Deepak sees them hugging as he passesby and says he is back, its time to make Sahil and Vaidika dance together, I will enjoy this game now.
Kesar, Urmi and Jaggu comes to Maasa. Maasa says lawyer called me and said who is Lajjo and her husband Ranjan, someone is giving information to Lawyer and he is from this house, remember I am still that Heera Rajawat, I wont spare anyone betraying me, Prince Arun will marry Devika and if anyone tries to stop it then I will shoot you all. All look on. Maasa says I am still same Heera as I was 18 years when it comes to revenge, if I can kill my own son for this property then you three are nothing for me, understood? remember Prince Arun and Devika will marry, she sends them out of room.

Kesar is packing her bag, she says to Jaggu that I want to remove devika and Prince from my path, Maasa didnt let Dhani go to Kanpur but I care about my daughter, I am going to Kanpur, Jaggu says take me with you, I know Kanpur, I will show you around. Kesar smiles. Jaggu says pack my bag too, Kesar brings his clothes from her cupboard. Jaggu says Devika remain away from Jaggu now.

Kesar and Jaggu are silently leaving house, they hear Maasa coming there and hide. Urmi comes there and stops Maasa from seeing them. Urmi says I am sorry, I annoy you Maasa but you still are nice with me. Maasa says I want tea, where is Kesar? Urmi says I will make tea for you. Kesar and Jaggu leaves from there before Maasa can see them. Maasa asks where is Kesar? Urmi says she has gone to mandir to pray for Dhani, I will bring tea, she leave. Maasa says something is fishy.

Scene 2
Jaggu and Kesar comes to Kanpur. Jaggu says Maasa gave this address to Devika, why did Prince come here? Kesar says when Devika doesnt help Prince’s brother then Prince will leave her too. Kesar says okay lets ask for directions. They see Deepak there. Kesar shows him address. Deepak says Sahil and Vaidika lives there. Jaggu says to Kesar that we have to take part in this competition and make Varun and Devika get lost. Deepak thinks Sahil and Vaidika are taking part in competition, I wont let them destroy my plans. Deepak says to Kesar that you seem new here, I will tell address to rickshaw driver, he will tell you. He gives wrong directions to rickshaw driver. Kesar and Jaggu sits in rickshaw, they thank Deepak and leave. Deepak says now they will be thrown out of Kanpur and when they comeback, competition will end, its good I stopped them otherwise the drama which is going to happen with Sahil and Vaidika would have got destroyed.

Sahil is trying to remain standing in sun. He is dizzy. Vaidika sees him and thinks this boy. She asks Sahil to stop it and come inside. Sahil says I cant. Vaidika says why are you doing this? you will get more ill, what you want? Sahil says you know that, I want you to take part in competition with me, if you want to say no then you can but I will stay here till you dont say yes. Vaidika says this is blackmail. Sahil says there is punishment for emotional blackmail. Vaidika says you always get what you want from being stubborn but I wont come in your talks this time. Nidhi watches them. Vaidika turns to leave but Sahil faints and is about to fall but Vaidika pulls him and hugs him, humari adhuri kahani plays. Nidhi glares at them. Vaidika holds Sahil in her arms. Sahil wakes up and dizzily smiles at her. Vaidika asks him to sit. Sahil says please say yes, please, otherwise people will say that innocent husband died because of wife.

Vaidika puts hand on his mouth to stop him from talking about death. Sahil says please say yes, please, please say yes.. Vaidika says okay yes. Nidhi is stunned. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.