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I do on zee world, Wednesday 13th July 2022 update

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Tanveer continues to taunt sanam, while she reminds her that ahil got her home in four days, and things shall change drastically in one month. both remember their promises to each other. Tanveer asks her to dream on, as when they break, she would be in lots of pain, and tanveer herself would be amused. She starts getting sarcastic on sanam, and she frustratedly leaves. Tanveer smirks.

I do Series
I do Series

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The next morning, when ahil wakes up, and doesnt find the girl next to him, he finds her lying on the sofa, and wakes her up by calling her. She wakes up with a startle, and hurries to get tea. But he stops her and presses the remote button, to order, and asks her to order like this, being the new begum. Latif comes, and ahil says that from now on, sanam the new servant should come and takes the chores, for him and his wife. He asks her to get sanam to make breakfast for her. Sanam comes in apalled an distraught.

To irritate her, ahil intentionally, makes the bride sit by his side, and caresses her hands. Sanam is ordered by ahil to dress the new bride for the party tonight, so that everyone can see her for the new begum, and asks her to adorn her like a bride, as his wife, and she introduce her amongst the guests, and if she makes any mistake, she wont be forgiven. Sanam is distraught to find him caressing her hands. She begins to go, but ahil also gives her the duty of getting the entertainer too. She agrees. ahil tells her about the influential people coming in, and hence says that she should be by Rasili Bi’s side all the time, as this party is very important for both of them. the minute, she leaves, ahil lets go of her hand, and the bride notices this.

Later, sanam comes and resignedly begins to apply henna on her hands, as a mark of marriage. the bride says that she doesnt know ahat to say to her, saying that she put such beautiful henna, though each line pained her a lot. sanam is thankful that she, being a stepwife is understanding her pain too. The bride takes theb henna cone. As the bride is dressed for the party, she takes sanam’s hands, and writes ahil’s name on her hands, with henna, shocking sanam. Just then, Tanveer angrily comes and takes the cone away frustratedly, saying that she wrote her own husband’s name on the stepwife’s hands, and says that she only shall erase it too. the bride is nervous. gazalla comments that the owner is dressing up sanam.

Tanveer gets irriated and grabs the new bride’s face, reprimanding her for what she was doing, by mixing with the woman, who poisoned her son’s life, and didnt give him anything but infamy. She apologises, while tanveer tries to tell her the good fortune, that she has to be the new begumthe bride is teary eyed, upset what to do, while sanam stands helpless. tanveer orders her to erase it. the bride with trembling hands, finally wipes off ahil’s name from sanam’s hands. Seher sees this from a distance, and gets angry at tanveer and sanam for being silent. Rehaan comes and asks tanveer to stop now, surprising rehaan.

He asks tanveer what good would it do, to torture someone, who is already tortured. tanveer says that rehaan knows that she wont say no, and this time sanam is saved. Azhar’s parents wonder why is tanveer quiet qwhen rehaan is talking so much. rehaan points her attention at the more important things, liker Kohinoor’s quaterly report. She leaves, reminding the new bride, not to do this again. rehaan eyes helplessly, sanam, who is tensed. Seher gets emotional seeing him, and remembering their moments together, thanks him in her heart. sanam consoles the new bride, who is in tears. Sanam leaves.

In her room, tanveer wponders why rehaan sympathises with the old sanam, and thinks that she has to pay more attention to get sanam out of the house, tonight. Gazalla says that she knows how to do it, irritating tanveer. She points out as to how if Rasili bi doesnt reach the party, someone else would have to replace her, she being the starlight. tanveer likes the idea.

The party begins, and all demand for the new begum to be shown. rehaan takes him aside, and says that sanam hasnt returned yet, getting rasili Baai. rehaan points out as to how this is completely unacceptable and inappropriate, that she is his wife, and has gone to get a woman who entertains people. ahil asks him not to advise what to do and what not to do. Rehan gets tensed. he overhears guests talking leeringly about rasili bai, while the women are disgusted. Ahil waits imaptiently, as he doesnt know what takes so long, to get sanam back. tanveer and gazalla introduce the new begum, and get the new sanam down. Ahil resignedly sits when he is asked to. the people start demanding for rasili bai, and tanveer pretends to be irritated. tanveer asks ahil who has he sent to pick up rasili bai. Ahil says that sanam went. tanveer points out as to how wrong this choice was, as she has done nothing but brought insult to the family, and wonders what shall happen now.

Scene 2:
Location: Farmhouse
Haya is distraught, remembering faiz’s madness. Just then, he comes in with a smile on his lips, and an extravagant spread of breakfast, while she is apalled, as he puts butter on the slice. He continues to tease her, while she silently complies. He asks her to eat, and when she refuses, he orders her angrily, and she complies. He says that he loves feeding her, and planning their schedule together. He sys that he is at her service always. He picks a dress from the wardrobe, and gives it to her, while she cries. he cups her face with his hands, and asks her to bathe and get dressed, as the water is ready. He kisses her forehead and says that he shall be waiting outside. He leaves. Haya breaks into tears.

Faiz later notices haya coming down in the short one piece dress that he selected for her, and is unable to take eyes off her, while she is visibly at discomfort wearing such an uncomfortable dress. he compliments her, on her beauty, and that he was getting impatient to spend time with her, in the evning, but he is going to the town, for an important work, and asks her not to be tensed, as everything that she likes is here. he caresses her face, while she pretends nothing is wrong, so as not to rouse suspicion. She silently complies. he begins to go, while asking her if she wont wish him goodbye, and extends his hand to her, which she takes. He pulls her with a jerk, and carries her otuside, saying that this is just like he imagined in his dreams, that she leaves him till the gate, like a good wife. he takes her leave, and locks the door from outside. She gets upset as she begins to try every door, to find one way out, but is distraught when she doesnt find any. faiz locks the main door too, and smiles evilly. haya is shocked to find a smoke alarm, thinking that when this rings, someone shall definitely come. Faiz gets in his car and drives off. She wonders how to alert it, and tries to light the newspaper with a matchstick. When she is successful, she takes it near the alarm, to tick it off, but is doesnt. then suddenly it starts ringing, and haya is hopeful. A person comes in, with mask and a cap. haya rushes to him apologising for the false alarm. haya tells every horror tale of faiz, and then begins to leave, but the fireperson, holds her hand tightly, she turns around shocked, to find that the firefighter is faiz himself, disguised. She is very scared, as he grabs her by the hand. He asks her if she thought she was smarter than him. He tells that he sent the real firefighter away saying that this is a fake alarm. He shoves her on the bed. He says that he thought that they were beginning to bond and love each other, but he was wrong, and that she shouldnt have done this. She tells him that he wont be spared, as rahat knows the entire truth now, and how faiz planned everything, and shall come to them now, to rescue her. Faiz starts laughing, and asks how can rahat come, when he couldnt even save his wife from being kidnapped, and tells her that rahat doesnt deserve her. He wrenches her hand, saying that she committed a big mistake, and she too would face a big punishment, and thats to stay here only, without food or water, and that rahat wont be able to find her, and they shall never see each other. He says that till the time rahat lives, she wont be his, and hence he would have to get rid of rahat. he leaves, locking her inside.

In his house, Rahat is emotional, remembering haya, who herself is distraught, as she remembers her torture.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
festivities begin, with the first dance by azhar’s parents, that leave everyone amused, and the new bride starts giggling. tanveer gets frustrated. Tanveer asks the bride to stop giggling, and then tells ahil that he gets betrayed everytime, and she is always forgiven, and says that true love of his has been crushed everytime by this girl, who betrays his faith and trust evrytime, and asks him never to forget that this girl jilted him at the altar and ran away. Ahil remembers the painful evening. Tanveer says that sanam would add more insult to their name today. Ahil apologises that this is his fault, and that he would rectify it, and asks her not to be tensed. She tells him, that he should throw sanam out of this house and his life, and then take his next step. He is tensed and apalled. The guests ask how long would they be made to wait for rasili bai, as its getting very late now, and they cant wait anymore. Ahil and tanveer start getting frustrated. The lights go off. just then, they are surprised to find a palenquin coming in, and get boggled. The guests start commenting that rasili bai has arribed, boggling and confusing azhar’s parents and tanveer. the guards set the palenquin down, as tanveeer wonders how is this possible, as she herself asked rasili not to come. all wait baffled for someone to step out. Ahil is shocked, as he sits with his new bride, and the entertainer of the evening steps out, the love of his life, who he once was proud of, masked from the mouth. As sanam steps out and unveils herself, getting down the palenquin, ahil is distraught. all are shocked, to find sanam addressing everyone.

Gazalla sees ahil’s name on the palm of the entertainer, and shocked, tells tanveer that its sanam, and wonders how did their plan fail like this, as the move was right. tanveer says that this is right, and that she had tried to prevent ahil’s insult from happening, but ended up defaming herself, a typical sign of a weak player. Tanveer is amused. Ahil is unable to identify her, whith her veil, while she starts gyrating on a taunchy number, with people ogling and hogging her. Tanveer and azhar’s parents are amused. ahil, rehaan and the new bride are amused. While dancing, when she falls on ahil’s feet and the mask falls off, ahil is stunned and speechless to find that its sanam. She is mortified and composes her mask, and begins dancing again. Ahil is distraught to find sanam hogged by men, throwing money on her, while breaking glassbottles at her feet, and she desperately still dancing, her feet severely wounded. The guests compliment her, and Ahil is about to say something, while tanveer stops him, and then taking off ahil’s evil eye, she hands the money to Sanam, taunting her that her face should be shown to her admirers, so that they can enjoy. she takes off the mask, and waits in amusement, while all are shocked, as they recognise her as ahil’s first wife. tanveer pretends to be mortified, commenting to what lengths people can droop down, for the sake of money. Ahil is shocked and apalled, while all others sympathise. Tanveer tells sanam that she danced really well, given the claps, and asks how can she being ahil’s first wife, is doing this in front of everyone. She whispers in sanam’s ears, that she warned that she would make her love and their relation a public disgrace, and now that she has defamed ahil completely, ahil would be very furious and she should be ready to bear the brunt of his rage. sanam says that she isnt at a loss, as those who love never lose. she says that whatever she did, was to save ahil’s respect and status. All look at her tensedly. Sanam says that she would be frogiven as she hasnt committed a sin, but this is worship of her love, that sustains her, and makes her breathe. Ahil notices the wounds on her leg, while she starts having a fainting, dizzy spell, and she collapses, while ahil rushes just in time, to take her in his lap, assuring her that nothing would happen to her. He and rehaan take her inside, while rehaan calls the doctor. tnveer is frustrated, while azhar’s parents instigate her more. Tanveer says that she knows what needs to be done.

Scene 2:
Location: Farmhouse and on the road
faiz changes the sim in his mobile. faiz calls up the police inspector, while he is working on the haya case. he says that he cant tell his identity, and that tries to give wrong information, that he saw rahat carrying a big case, in the car. Then he abruptly cancels. The inspector wonders who it was. The police drives through rahat’s car. He thinks that its due to haya that he has to do this, and if anything happens to rahat, then she would be to blame. Rahat asks the inspector whats the matter and why isnt he searching for haya. The constable shows a bag of haya’s clothes. Rahat accepts that these are haya’s cloth, and is shocked to find that there’s female blood and hair loos too, in the dickey. the police accuses him and says that he would have to be taken to the police station. He frustratedly complies.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
In her room, as sanam lies on the bed, ahil waits by her bedside, anxiously and impatiently. With much care and caution, he tries to take the glass shards. she wakes up with a yelping pain, and says that this isnt needed. He asks if what she did was at all needed, and why she did it. She reminds him how important the entertainment was, and if that didnt happen, he would have been insulted.

She squirms at the slightest touch, and then adds that where he sent her, rasili bai wasnt there, and that she had tried to call him too, but remembers that tanveer had picked up, saying that rasili bai wont be there, and first ahil shall be insulted, and then he shall isnult her. He asks what happened. she says that she didnt get through his phone, and to save him from being insulted, she did this. he is shocked, and sits by her side, and asks if she did this just for this. Sanam tells ahil that a wife’s respect is with the husband’s respect, and whatever she did was to prevent him from being insulted. she says that she has loved him truly, and true love isnt scared of sacrifices. Ahil is tensed. She takes his hand, and cups it, closing her eyes, and he apologises that due to him, she had to behave like this. he says that he didnt realise what sin he committed, by getting her to call rasili bai, and due to him, she had to behave like a market woman.

She starts crying, and he goes to wipe her tears. Just then, tanveer comes in, and starts prasing while taunting her, saying that she is a magician, and he cant see the truth, even though its right there. The new bride comes in tensed and scared. sanam is baffled. Ahil asks whats the matter, and tanveer continues to instigate him, that sanam did this just to get his sympathy and his love, care and affection and exactly that happened, which she wanted. ahil says that sanam did this to save his his and his family’s respect.

Tanveer asks what happened then when she jilted him at the altar, and then asks him to think about the new bride atleast, if not for himself, who did everything to save their respect. she warns and reminds him what he got every time he had trusted her, as he got nothing but betrayal. tanveer says that she can just alarm him, but he can do whatever he wants to, and asks if he can really ruin his life, and the bride’s life, for the girl who always betrayed. she pretends to be upset and then asks him to have the final say. Ahil finds her tensed. sanam gets up, despite ahil tells her not to, saying that ahil wouldnt have to do that.

Sanam says that the lord knows that she never wanted to steal the new bride’s special night from her. She says that she doesnt even want, that the responsibilities that her husband owes to her, arent fulfilled. all are tensed, while tanveer stands frustarted. She limps and insistently begins to walk out, while ahil tries to protest. But tanveer shushes him, and sanam leaves painfully.

Ahil is tensed, while tanveer smirks evilly. She thinks that all that she feared is happening, and that sanam is desperately trying to win him back, and she has to stop this at any cost, asap. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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