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I do on zee world, Tuesday 5th July 2022 update

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Dilshad is apalled to find both her granddaughters in razia’s trap, and she threatening them, that if they dont agree to her wishes, then sanam would lose her life. Seher and sanam are apalled. razia says that due to zoya, her own daughter humaira, shed tears of blood, as she went to Mamu and told that she was her long lost daughter and she couldnt do anything. razia says that it would be wonderful had zoya been here to witness their ordeal. sanam is assured by seher that she wont let anything happen to her, and warns razia to let her go. razia asks her not to waste time, and accept her deal, as she just wants property and is least bothered as to who ahil marries.

I do Series
I do Series

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she says that she would leave sanam, and she can marry ahil, but if she delays, then ahil would know that his bride isnt here, and they would be left with nothing. Razia says that she knows tanveer and she wont let this golden oppurtunity pass by her hands. Razia says that she is evil, but she isnt tanveer atleast. While razia rants, Seher sees dilshad, who asks her to remain quiet, while razia says that if they dont agree to her wish, then it would be too late, for them to avenge their parents’ murder from tanveer.

Seher starts telling razia to take care of herself, as she wont let her be successfull in her attempts, as she is nearing her loss, and that she wont ever be successful, and starts ranting about destiny and fate wanting them both to be together, to distract razia, from Dilshad who’s approaching her from behind, with an iron rod. Sanam, too starts ranting, to distract razia. Dilshad is about to hit, when razia turns around just in time, to save her attempt, and jerks her around, and dilshad falls at a distance, hitting herself on the head, having a concussion and falling unconscious, while razia eyes evilly. The sisters are shocked and distraught.

While razia is amused as she increases the flow of water, the water starts rising above her waits, and sanam starts being scared, while seher is tensed for her. Finally sanam goes under water. razia says that today all the three would die here today. She places a knife, at seher’s throat, saying that finally that would happen which she wanted 20 years back. Before razia can pull the knob, on sanam’s water tank, dilshad grabs her from behind, and they enter into a scuffle, in which with her, finally razia loses, and lets go of the knife, and dilshad overpowers her. Dilshad takes the knife, and cuts off seher’s rope, but just then, Dilshad grabs her from behind, while the ropes are half cut. Seher struggles hard to let herself free, while dilshad is in razia’s trap. Seher rushes to sanam, and finds the knob, that gets the water underneath her. Seher rushes and hits on razia’s hand with a rod, and she winces in pain, and falls unconscious.

Scene 2:
Location: Rahat’s residence
faiz comes and says that since they are a married couple, he wants to share his life with her. He says that he wants all of his descisions with her agreement. haya asks whats the matter. Faiz says that he got a huge break, and he would be busy for some days, if he accepts, and haya says that he should go for it. faiz says that there’s a small problem, as the narration is today and he would be late. haya says that she would be fine. Faiz holds her hand, and thanks her for her support, and asks her to be by his side like this always, he leaves, while she is tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
While ahil is dressed as a groom, the priest asks for the bride, and is told that tanveer is getting her. all start getting impatient as the bride doesnt come. Azhar’s parents are amused, while ahil asks rehaan to go and find out where’s sanam, from tanveer. As expected a cheerful tanveer, comes with the bride, in veils, seeing whom ahil is relieved. the bride is visibly nervous, as she fidgets with her hands. she is made to sit opposite ahil, while azhar’s parents are baffled. tanveer asks the priest to commence with the marriage. Ahil is asked for his agreement to marrying sanam. As ahil gives his shy agreement to the marriage, three times, while the bride sits on the other side, everyone is happy.

Azhar’s mother wonder who is this, if sanam ran away. the priest then turns to the bride, asking her agreement for the marriage, and she responds in a yes, while tanveer and ahil are happy, and azhar’s parents are boggled. With the three agreements, the priest announces the marriage to be final, and Tanveer is overjoyed. She congratulates sanam and ahil on their marriage. Ahil takes off his sehra to reveal his face, and then he progresses towards the bride, who too comes, but still in her veil, for their first pic as a married couple. tanveer thinks that finally the twenty years wait is over, and through this girl, she would finally get her passion, and what she wants, and whats her right. All congratulate ahil, as he mingles with the guests. Ahil is asked by guests if he wont show the face of his bride, to them. azhar’s mother says that if ahil sees her face, he would be furious, as he finds that its a fake, and not sanam. He goes to her lovingly to open her veil, to reveal her face, while azhar’s parents wait in anticipation, and tanveer is tensed.

Before ahil can raise the ghunghat, tanveer sks him to wait till one more ritual is done, as he has to honourall rituals, before he sees the face of the bride. Ahil apologises and says that he shall wait. tanveer is overjoyed. All are amused. the priest then begins with the next ritual of praying, for the couple’s well being, their increasing love and affection, and faith. Before they can begin, ahil stops him, and says that before they start, he wants to say something to his wife. Tanveer is tensed, wondering if ahil doubts this girl. He says that he is starting afresh, but he made severe mistakes in the past, for not seeing marriage seriously, and that relationships werent for him, but he changed, and the person responsible for this is sanam, as he believes her, and her love and passion for him, made his relaise what he was missing out on, and finally helped him get back on track, and introduce him to the ahil, who is true, knows how to love, and be happy, is responsible. He promises to love sanam for eternity, as all clap at this profession of love, oblivious of the evil truth. gazalla says that there should be a celebration, and a grand feast. the priest agrees.

Ahil notices sanam with clenched fists, and asks if she is nervous and she is alright. She doesnt say anything, and he is about to take off the ghunghat, when tanveer asks her to wait for some more time. Ahil watches resignedly, as she is taken to her room. Ahil smiles nevertheless.

Scene 2:
Location: Rahat’s residence
Haya is tensed remembeing the recent incidents, and rahat’s confession of innocence. She retires for the night in her room. She hears a strange sound, and turns around to find herself confronted with a masked stranger. She keeps asking who is he, as he bolts the door. She is shocked and scared to see him.

Scene 3:
Location: In captivity
Sanam increasingly begins to drown under water, while dilshad and seher try and gather to rescue her. finally sanam clutches free from her tied ropes, and seher gets on the ladder, and then gives sanam her hand, which she finally manages to grab onto, and she is pulled out of the water. Dilshad asks sanam to have courage and hope. As both the sisters descend down, dilshad hugs sanam and seher, and all are relieved. Razia wakes up with a splitting headache, and is frustrated to see the happy reunion. she eyes the knife kept on the ground, with venomous rage, and grabs onto it, with evil intentions. As dilshad’s back is turned on her, razia gets up and with all her energy, she comes ahead with the knife, while seher sees her, and thwarts her with the hose of water, that gets razia upset with the high pressure of the water, until she finally retreats.

When Razia finally opens her eyes, she finds them gone, and gets into a fit of rage, as she finds her plan unsuccessful, and gets berserk, throwing things around, threatening them to come out, as they cant hide for long. as seher sanam and dilshad are in hiding, they eye the door, and stealthily progress towards it, when dilshad is distracted as she finds razia through a hole amidst the boxes. razia keeps going berserk, saying that she would get what she wants, and retreating, oblivious that her foot is about to fall on a live wire. Dilshad sees this and is shocked. Dilshad rushes to her, but its too late by that time, as razia gets electrocuted, by the livewire underneath her feet. Dilshad tries to rush to her, but seher stops her. razia falls like a log, on the floor, electrocuted. sanam and seher are tensed too, as they rush to dilshad, who is apalled. Sanam is distraught too. razia’s evil life flashes before her eyes, as she breathes her last, as dealth befalls her, in the very warehouse, where she plotted all evils and murder attempts.

Dilshad asks them to come along, as there’s much less time, and everyone would be tensed, not finding sanam. They begin to leave, but dilshad sprains her ankle badly. Seher asks if she is very hurt and in much pain, as she addresses her as badi ammi for the first time. Dilshads overwhelmingly eyes her, and says that she is okay. Sanam tells that its a sprain. She asks them both not to be tsned, or else it shall be too late. sanam says that she isnt going anywhere leaving her, and seher too doesnt want to go. Seher convinces sanam to go, or else it shall be too late, as she can manage easily. Dilshad too agrees. Sanam says that ahil isnt like before, and that he would wait, and understand when she explains everything, as he now loves her.

She asks them both not to be tesned, as he believes her now. She says that they maybe afar, but they are connected by the heart. seher and dilshad are tensed still. Dilshad says that she never even dreamt of this day, to see both the sisters together, and she is very happy, as tears well up her eyes, but there’s just one thing incomplete. Dilshad asks them if she can be taken to the graves of asad and zoya. sanam agrees, while seher is tensed. dilshad is overwhelmed. seher says that they shall, but not today, as she isnt in a condition to go today, and she should rest today, but dilshad is adamant that she wants to spend the day with her family. sanam agrees totake her.

Dilshad eyes the gravaes of sada and zoya overwhelmed with emotions, while sanam breaks into tears, and seher is shocked seeing the graves. Dilshad brushes the leaves aside, to reveal their names, as she does down the memory lane.

Seher too starts crying, as its a tearful reunion, while dilshad is distraught and highly emotional. She talks to asad and zoya, and introduces them to their twin daughters, and talks as to how they both are alike. she says that first they made their lives worthwhile, and now they shall fill her life with colours, and that today is a happy day, as the lord accepted their wish. sanam agrees, saying that she got back her happiness, and seher says that she who she thought was an orphan, got back her entire life. they all start praying. The same peer baba watches them, who had given the prophecies of destiny changing, and tells god that he proved that he may take exams, but he is always with the good hearted, and that he is highly unpredictable. He asks the lord to keep his blessings on both of them. both the sisters light the candles, on the graves of their parents. Dilshad gets up and has a dizzy spell. Both the sisters are tensed.

Dilshad says that now they should tell the truth to ahil, and shouldnt delay it. sanam says that she too wants to tell ahil, that she cant stay without him. seher too agrees and they begin to take dilshad out. But dilshad has a nauseating spell, and is unable to move anymore. the peer baba comes and says that she cant go anywhere and asks them to take her to her home. seher doesnt believe him, but the peer baba insists on his innocence, and says that dilshad should rest for the night at his place and leave again in the morning. sanam too agrees. seher asks what about ahil. sanam is tensed, and says that dilshad is priority for her right now, and that ahil, being mature, shall understand and wait for her. they both decide to take dilshad to the peer’s house.

Scene 2:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Tanveer is amused, when azhar’s parents are frustrated thinking, that their plan was a failure, and when ahil finds out that it isnt sanam, he would blow off his top. tanveer says tht this is what she wants, as she knows that knowing this, ahil would be anrgy, and she wants to turn it to her advantage, and that a person can change everything, but not his nature and signature, and hence she wants him to get angry, as only she can control him in the fit of rage, and she knows how to do so. They are baffled and asks who is the girl, while tanveer smiles.

Meanwhile, ahil enters in his room, to find the shy, demure bride, waiting for her, in the ghunghat, who is still nervous, as shown by herhands. Ahil locks the door, and sits beside her, eyeing her lovingly. he says that he cant believe that his fate is so fortunate, as he feels its all a dream, and maybe when he opens his eyes, all would change. he takes her hands, and says that when she is with him, he isnt scared of anything, as he knoiws everything is going to be good from here on.

Ahil takesoff the ghunghat and finds that the girl is someone else, nervous, shy and scared, as she sits silently. He is shocked and distraught, unable to believe that it isnt sanam. His marriage flashes in front of his eyes. He asks her who is she, and she is scared to see him. he asks her where’s sanam, and why is she dressed like a bride. sahe doesnt respond. He walks out in anger. He starts hollering at everyone, and tanveer is amused. When tanveer comes out composed and relaxed, he berserkedly asks tanveer whats the matter and whats this joke, and where’s sanam and who is this girl, dressed as a bride.

Tanveer tells him to be quiet and calm, as this is his sanam, and he is baffled, as she adds that she is the sanam who he married in front of everyone. She says that the love of his life rejected his love and ran away forever. Ahil is distraught to hear this, refusing to believe this. tanveer tells him that she doesnt care if she is alive or dead, and that she wanted to have her revenge, and ahil is distraught, as she instigates him, that she stranded him on the aisle, and that as long as she is alive, she wont let evil befall on her family, and hence she did this. Ahil says that sanam cant do this, and tanveer says that she can even give her life to him, and adds that had she not married him to that girl, he would have become the butt of jokes, and inquisitive eyes. He keeps ranting that sanam cant dot his, while she tells him that sanam has actually done this. He leaves, while tanveer is amused.

Scene 3:
Location: Rahat’s residence
haya starts screaming for help, and threatens him not to come closer. He starts attcking, while hay desperately tries to hide and cuk his assaults. While she falls on the floor, he gets on his knees, and faces her. She tries to thwart him away, and then runs out, and dials rahat’s number, screaming for help, but when he catches her from behind, the mobile falls from her hands. finally, the stranger gets her in his grasp, and gives her an injection, while she screams in horror. she runs away, and locks herself in the room, while the stranger desperately tries to get in.

Finally, haya falls unconscious, and the person reveals his mask to see that its faiz, saying that this is the play, in which he is the hero and the villain too. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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