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I do on zee world, Thursday 6th October 2022 update

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I DO on zee world
I DO on zee world

Amaad trying to rape Mahira.Azaad reaches there and slaps Amaad..and takes him away from there..
Mahira feels that Azaad still loves her and she is upset that she is getting married to Amaad which she doesnt want.


Azaad thinks that after getting married to Amaad Mahira’s life will be hell.So he decides to somehow stop this marriage..


Kainaat tells the kidnapper about the location of the dolls..Chances of Sameer being the kidnapper is more now..I strongly feel so..Kainaat is let free for an hour on condition that she has to be back with the dolls otherwise he will kill Lateef and Khala..

KB is worried about Kainaat and her chamchas and Amaad about his abbu..

KB and Razia have kept Anand Kumar captive.


KB tells Amaad to touch a dupatta as some ritual.The idea of the ritual is that he would protect his wife life long…Before Amaad could touch Mahira trips and falls making the dupatta also fly.Azaad comes to hold both dupatta and Mahira…I wonder why none other than Azaad could get hold of Mahira and dupatta when Amaad, KB and Razia were standing closer to Mahira..No Azaad who was standing quite far had to run and catch..Anyways jokes apart..Khamoshiyaan song was played for trip and fall and I must say these two talk through eyes..


Amaad tells Azaad that it doesnt matter that he had caught the dupatta, at night it would be Amaad who would be removing it..Sick lines..Amaad ..thinks Mahira as his property…


KB scolds Azaad for having touched the dupatta.Azaad thinks about Amaad’s words and behaviour…and Azaad tells KB that Allah never lets anything bad to happen and it is Allah ‘s will and that he wants to get married to Mahira..

Amaad is ready for nikaah.The venue is somewhere else.Razia congratulates him.Amaad asks for his family.Razia tells they are with Azaad and they are convincing him and bringing him..Amaad is happy hearing that Azaad is in pain..


Azaad also gets ready for the nikaah.He is confused whether he is doing right or not.


Khan begum assures that he isnt doing anything wrong, as this shall be the culmination of their love. he asks what about amad and how would they handle him. she says that amad has gone crazy over possessing mahira, aqnd wont listen to anything she says, as he already considers her his enemy. She says thats why she has sent kainat and anand kumar to make him understand, while they begin with the proceedings here. She says that everyone will understand in the end, why this had to happen. he says that those who think dont matter as what matters is mahira accepts him or not.


As he sits at the nikah venue, and khan begum brings mahira, with her ghunghat hiding her face, he remembers his first meeting with her and everything that happened since then. mahira is in tears inside the ghunghat, lamenting at her fate, that she has to forcibly marry the person who doesnt love her and infact dislikes her the most. She is distraught. Azad asks khan begum if this is right, as whenever anyone has come close to him, that person has only got pain and wonders if thats mahira’s fate too. she wonders if he says no now, then she would be finished. she then calms him down saying that he should believe in destiny, as they met and fell in love, and that staying away from mahira, he is torturing himseld and her too, and that whatever has happened till today, shall not happen again with him. She tells him that their destinies shall intertwine and then a new fate which is bful for both fo them shall be formed. he listens intently. she is irritated thinking that she has to convince him this much, but is releived that he agreed. azad thinks that he doesnt know if mahira is happy with this marriage or not, but knows that he is doing this for her only, and is still unsure that he is doing the right thing for mahira or not. the priest asks him to go and don the sehra for the nikha to begin. he complies. Azad thinks that he is doing this for mahira’s love and after the marriage, he hopes everything turns out good and hopes that mahira can live a peaceful life with him.

Scene 2:
Location: Undisclosed location
In captivity, anad kumar thinks that he made the biggest mistake of his life, by marrying khan begum and getting her in the house, as she has done nothing but spoil and ruin his life. He says that he cant believe what she is capable of, and how she plans to ruin the life of her own son. He resolves that he wont let his house be ruined, and shall do anything it takes for that. he tries to untangle his ropes and is finally able to se himself free. he starts running on the road and finally arrives near his residence. he thinks that by now, they all would have left, and hence decides that he needs to alert amad instead. Just then, a boy carrying saira and bano’s dolls walks past him and goes in. Meanwhile, anand kumar takes the lift from a truck driver, asking him to hurry to Hotel Kohinoor, and thinks that he has very less time and shall have to hurry up. He asks the driver to hasten up.


Scene 3:
Location: On the road
Kainat thinks that if she doesnt find the dolls in the next 15 minutes, then gazalla and latif’s life shall end, and saira, bano and sameer’s life shall be in danger. she prays to the lord to help her search and then finds a clue in the ground, where she had last spotted the dolls. she follows the trail, assuming that she has to go back to the house, as thats maybe where the dolls are for her to retrieve.

Scene 4:
Location: Undisclosed Location
Gazalla and latif pray for their safety and hope that kainat finds the dolls in time so that the bomb doesnt go off, and they dont lose their lives. they are scared and shocked.


Scene 5:
Location: Khan begum’s residence
Kainat arrives in the house, and thinks that she has reached a dead end and that the dolls have to be here. Khan begum spots her and wonders whats she doing here as if she sees azad then her whole plan is ruined. The butler distracts her for a moment and when she looks back she finds kainat gone. she is terrified.

Kainat meanwhile spots the kid playing with the dolls by the poolside. despite her telling him not to throw them, he plunges them in the pool. kainat is distraught and thinks that she shall have to save it somehow. She gets in the water and with great difficult, and one hand, she grabs both the dolls. Then she starts gasping for breath as she isnt able to see or breathe and starts to scream for help.


Scene 6:
Location: Amad’s marriage venue
Amad meanwhile feels bitter that his own family treats him like this, and that noone has bothered to show up at his nikah as they are more bothered for azad’s pain. the priest asks him where is the bride. He wonders whether mahira has gone back on her word or not, and is frustrated with her mood swings. He thinks that he shall finish mahira’s tantrums today. just then, he finds khan begum coming in with the bride in ghunghat as he isnt able to see her face he remembers his half finished business with her, and leeringly looks at her. he sarcastically welcomes mahira, thinking that now he shall have his ultimate win, as he shall marry azad’s true love and fulfill his true love and that his true love is to torture Azad, and once they are married, he would torture her in front of azad, and then he shall be in pain. he calls razia, and then when he asks her, where’s everyone, she says that they are all busy handling azad so that he doesnt create a problem in his marriage. He says that azad’s dislike desnt matter and that he has to come. razia says that she doesnt want the brothers to fight. She says that she has told them to take care of azad while they get him married to mahira. he thinks that after marriage, he wouldnt like torturing her, but has to, to be able to torture azad. razia is in a hurry to get things done. she then calls khan begum and gives her the update, and khan begum is boggled whether all this shall work. razia says that this bet shall help them win, as everything has turned out in their favour now.

Finally the marriage rituals begin. The priest asks amad if he accepts the marriage. Just then, anand kumar comes and asks him to stop, as a fraud is being done with him, since this girl isnt mahira. Razia is tensed while all others are shocked. Amad is boggled. Razia asks what nonsense. Amad is asked by anand to see the face if he doesnt believe him. he gets up to do so. razia tells him that his father is lying, as he has suddenly developed love for azad and he wants him to delay the marriage for azad to come and barge in. Anand kumar says that she is lying. She reprimands him that he starteds acting in real life too. She asks him to think why is he making a big fool out of his son’s marriage.

Anand kumar says that today in front of everyone, he shall expose razia’s lies. He moves past her and then raises the ghunghat, to reveal the bride’s face and is shocked to find that its Mahira.