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I do on zee world, Sunday 9th October 2022 update

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I DO on zee world
I DO on zee world

Mahira opens the door, while afreen inside is oblivious of her presence, as she is busy consummating her marriage with aazad. she is shocked to find mahira coming back from the dead. Afreen meanwhile has come back to her original self. azad is unconscious. Afreen asks how is she alive.

mahira says that she has come back from the dead, to save her husband, as he is only hers, and shall remain so. she then finds azad in a daze, and asks afreen what she did. she rushes beside azad and asks whats the matter. he is semi unconscious and unable to respond. She turns to afreen and finds her vanished. She finds a half empty glass with a red liquid, and understands that afreen must have laced it when she smells it.

Later, mahira comes to afreen’s room and asks what she did with her husband. she eyes her curtly. She throws the glass at her, and afreen catches it, eyeing it evilly. afreen asks her not to address him as husband, and that she doesnt have the calibre to snatch her husband away from her. mahira says that she neednt snatch as azad is her own. afreen says that she has nbo clue whats happenede to azad. Mahira asaks her to shut up, and say what she did. She says that she just sedated him, and couldnt do anything as she intervened, and that she didnt want to hurt him, but just get azad to come to her. mahira says that she dosnt understand love, as love isnt snatching and attaining but its losing to attain. Afreen says that the heart always loses over the brain, and even if she cant get azad’s love, she shall get azad, but she wont be able to stop her, as she is a Daayan, and she is merely a mortal. mahira says that she has the nerves of steel, and that she has already defeated her attempt to kill her. mahira says that whatever and whoever he is, he is her husband. afreen tells her that he is the devil, and that he isnt meant for mortals, and hence he is meant to be with the Daayan, and hence she wont be able to get along with the devil for long, and hence should lose the battle already. Mahira tells afreen that QUBOOL HAI arent just two words, but a message to the lord, and thats a noble relation. she says that she has married azad and he shall always be hers. Afreen says that the fight between good and evil has been long fought but this time she shall see who wins, her faith or her own evil powers and that she accepts this bet with her. mahira turns around and leaves. afreen smirks.

Mahira comes back to azad’s room, with a herbal medicine, and says that she wont let anything happen to him, as she applies the paste on his forehead. she says that she is his wife, and no one can harm him now, as their relation is very strong, and noone can spoil it.

The next morning, anand kumar wakes up with a heavy headache and a severe nightmare, and starts coughing. he hears footsteps approaching and tries to get down and duck underneath. he hides under the bed, just in time for khan begum to enter, who is shocked to find him gone, and wonders where he went. he dives in and catches her feet from under the bed, startling her. She asks him to leave her feet. she asks him to leave the feet, but he insists and says that she wont be left. she asks him that she doesnt understand whats going on. She asks him to let go. but he holds on and says that she brought this ire on herself, and that his mistake is that he brought her in this house. he says that he shall expose her and razia in front of his sons. She jerks him away, and says that razia is dead and trapped him severely due to afreen. When he doesnt let go, she gives him a hard kick, and his head lands right against a pillar. She is shocked to find him dead from the blow. She is frustrated wondering how to get rid of the body. Just then, she hears kainat hollering near the door. kainat comes in and is shocked to find anand kumar in a wheelchair. She is tensed and starts asking what happened to him and why is he in a wheelchair. She doesnt let kainat meet anand, saying that he is merely exhausted from the fucntion last night. she tells khan begum that the police has come. She eyes anand kumar and asks why. kainat says that they found amad’s car by the lake. She is frustrated and then comes out, leaving him behind. they come down. afreen enters the room, and eyes anand kumar, and thinks that he shall come to her use now. Afreen is amused.

Downstairs, khan begum and kainat wait for the police. the police come and say that they found amad’s car beside the lake, but without amad, and got concerned. The police also has sameer with him. sameer remembers that he had taken the body from afreen and planted it by the lake. Khan begum says that maybe he went there to visit. meanwhile, afreen starts wheeling the chair out with anand kumar in it. the inspector asks her not to be tensed as he just came to check if all is okay. Khan begum thansk him. Afreen gets anand Kumar by the drawing room, and then disappears. khan begum ees him and is shocked. she wonders how he came here and who got him.

She says to the inspector that amad would soon return. khan begum hurriedly sees off the inspector and then rushes to anand kumar. the police see him and then they ogle at him, being the superstar that he is. she says that he isnt well, and decides to take him to the room. But the police insist for the autograph. She takes the pen and paper and by her help, she manages to scribble his signatures and gives it to them. The police try and take a selfie, but khan begum ignores and wheels him towards the room. khan begum thinks that she has to get rid of him, as he is becoming a problem now. afreen notices this from the window, thinking that she got saved this time, but next time, she wont be as lucky.

In her room, khan begum is locking anand kumar in a suitcase, when latif comes and sees her doing that. Khan begum asks her to come and give a lending hand. latif comes and asks how and why would she do this work as she can herself manage. khan begum is boggled. latif says that she shall lock the door and not let anyone come in. begum says that she would go and attend to her friends, who were expected to come. latif asks her to go and chill as she shall handle everything.

Meanwhile, azad wakes up in his room, and mahira comes with medicine mixed in water. he takes it and tries to clarify about afreen, but mahira says that jsutifications arent needed, as she loves him, and being his wife, she has blind and utter faith in thim and their relation. She says that nothing has the power to separate them and that they shall happily live ever after. he says that there’s something he needs to tell her about his dark side. She says that khan begum had told her everything, and he gets worried and tensed. He says that he thought that this marriage would correct everything, but afreen’s return proves that his ill luck shall take over as their destiny, and he wont let this happen. mahira says that he is unnecessarily worried, as he just needs to give her hand in his, and accept her. She says that nothing wrong shall happen, and they shall together fight this. He says that he is disappointed from his destiny and doesnt want to ruin her life as well. he therefore asks her to go away from him. She says that she wont be able to do it. he forcefully takes her hand and draws her out of the room and then walks off in a huff. afreen watches this and is amused. she comes to mahira and taunts him and the very first day, she got thrown out of their room, by the husband. she says that she didnt even have to do anything, and he is already distancing himself from her. She says that she is a mere mortal, and that she would have to leave azad’s hand. Mahira is tensed. afreen leaves. mahira thinks that she wont accept defeat, and that she shall save azad and get her out of the house.

Khan begum says that today she shall be presented for the munh dikhayi ceremony. khan begum finds mahira sullen, and she asks whats the matter as her happiness shall lighten up the room. mahira says tyhat she has been rejected by azad the next day of their marriage, then how can she be happy. begum tells her that the rejection isnt because azad doesnt love her, but because he loves her immensely. She says that she has to make his love powerful, and that their relation should be so strong, that it fights off the most severe of evil forces. She drapes a dupatta around mahira, saying that this is azad’s favourite colour, and he would love to see her in this, and wont be able to take his eyes off. She says that with the munh dikhayi ceremony, she would tell everyone that she is the bahu, the respect and the pride of this house, and asks mahira to promise that she would never leave azad’s company as his wife. begum leaves. afreen thinks that azad wants to discard mahira as his wife, and begum herself wants to give utmost respect to mahira. Afreen thinks that she shall take mahira’s place in the ritual. she throws an ornament, on the floor, when kainat comes across from the other end, as instructed by begum to get mahira down. kainat thinks that it must be mahira’s, and takes it to her room, and compliments her that she is indeed looking very bful. She places the ornament on the dressing table, and then goes to the washroom to frehsn up. Mahira takes the ornament, while afreen waits impatiently for her to wear it. mahira dons it on her waist, much to her glee. While getting dressed for the ceremony, mahira falls unconscious on the dressing table, and then afreen places her aside, and takes over her shape through her morphing ring. She then dons the ghunghat over herself anf sits in front of the dressing table.

Downstairs, mahira is brought by kainat and the guests ask begum to start the ceremony. the ritual begins and all start complimenting her on her beauty. She starts callously commenting. afreen shows the least interest for the ceremony and disrespects the elders, and they start talking. she takes off the ghunghat asking them to look once and for all. they are all shocked and taunt khan begum that she has found the most disrespectful of the bahus. khan begum tries to salvage while she is irritated and then puts the ghunghat back on, but she doesnt comply. mahira tells her that it would be nice if she doesnt interfere in what she wants or doesnt want. She says that she wont stand these stupid rituals as she is a modern girl, and doesnt believe in such orthodox rituals, and she cant show off at all. She says that its better she goes off to her room. She starts walking, while khan begum and all are shocked and outraged. As she gets up, she deliberately takes off the lower end of the lehenga, and reveals that she is wearing shimmy lingerie underneath her long ghunghat, amused at what impression it would cast about mahira to the guests. All are shocked. mahira’s family is mortified, while the guests are ostracised, and start taunting. afreen thinks that she has made this ritual very unique and has completely tainted her forever. They tell begum that mahira made a drama of their respect. gazalla tries to help her wear it, but she dons it away. mahira says that they are doing drama and asks them to get lost. They comment as to how ill mannered and shameless girl this is. mahira asks how do they know what kind of a girl azad wants, and asks if their advice was seked. She asks them to understand that begum’s son loves her and likes her in these clothes. Khan begum eyes the blue hand, and understands that its afreen and its her trap, as mahira cant do this and wonders where is the true mahira. She turns to gazalla and tells her everything. Gazalla leaves from there hurriedly and goes to the room, where on the other side, sameer has mahira’s body in his arms to dispose her off. Finally she opens the door, and calls out for mahira, but doesnt find that he has hidden mahira in the bathroom. as she is about to move out, sameer meanwhile takes the real mahira and bundles her up and carries her out of the room. gazalla instinctively turns around and then follows sameer, not having seen him yet. he places her inside a room, and on the floor, and the bracelet that caused her unconscious state falls off. he then locks the room and leaves. gazalla reaches there scared of begum, and thinks that she definitely heard someone’s voice. she tries on the doorknob, and wonders why is it locked, and rushes down to tell begum. inside the room, mahira wakes up from her unconscious state, and then sees the bracelet. She is startled and tries to open the door, but isnt able to. she is frustrated and then finds a window, and then makes a big rope of the sheets.

Downstairs, mahira aka afreen keeps insulting the guests that she has a hot body and is hence flaunting it, unlike them. the guests ask begum if they have been called to be insulted and asks her to reprimand this girl. begum says that they are right and this shameless girl cant be their bahu, as she has tainted the name of this house and this family, and shall definitely be punished for this. she comes upto mahira. Khan begum raises her hand to slap her, but mahira stops her hand by holding it midway, shocking everyone.

Khan begum is furious. she says that she hasnt married the rules and regulations of this house, but azad, and hence begum cant punish her for this. she says that if she feels she has made a mistake and needs to be punished, then only azad can do so. she says that she married azad and came here and if he tells her to go, then only she shall gladly go. begum turns to the guests and apologises on the girl’s behalf, and asks them to come and have food. they resignedly comply.

In the kitchen, gazalla tries to talk about anand kumar’s locked room to latif, and latif says begum keeps anad inside so that he isnt disturbed as he isnt keeping well. gazsalla says that she knows as begum told her. she says that she is doing the work. latif thinks that begum told her everything about anand’s murder, and then gives the key saying that she too shall go with her, when gazalla asks for the keys. they rush to open the lock, while mahira inside is alert and before she can snoop and find out anand kumar’s dead body in the suitcase, she dives out the window.

At the dining table, afreen continues to insult the guests that they are so hungry for food, and didnt even remember that they were planning to go. She sits callously on the lap of another guests. She says that since the function is in her name, she should eat first. she tastes the food. she then insults begum too at the third grade food and starts throwing the plate away in disgust. the guests arent able to bear any longer, while begum says that she shall get another food served. the guests ask her to handle the house first, and then guests, and that they shall come only when her son throws this girl out of the house, disrespecting her. begum is apalled, while mahira is amused. Khan begum throws her plate of food away, and then reprimands mahira for having behaved this way and disrespected them completely in front of guests. She asks what shall begum do now. Afreen asks if she shall get azad and ask him to throw her out. khan begum asks that this is exactly what she wants, addressing her as Afreen. she says that she knows what she is doing and asks her not to be oversmart. mahira aka afreen is shocked and then asks why does she feel so, and then asks her to understand where is mahira.

she asks if she shall call azad now to save her, as one day or the other, she has to go, and hollers her to get azad. khan begum is tensed. But she eyes the actual mahira coming in, and gets alert.