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I do on zee world, Monday 10th October 2022 update

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I DO on zee world
I DO on zee world

Khan begum tries top keep afreen engaged and asks if she really thinks that she can play this gamer and call azad as per her wishes, and that evil should try her hand playing with more evil, as when she presents the good side of mahira, to her, she would be defeated.

afreen aka mahira is set to thinking. mahira meanwhile walks inside the drawing room. mahira walks up to the dining table, and when afreen dressed as mahira, turns around, mahira slaps her tight across the face and she is in a rage as she comes to her actual form.

Afreen goes on and tries to her but khan begum holds and wrenches her hand. She then tries to slap khan begum but mahira stops her. mahira tells her that khan begum is her mother in law, and she wont ahve anyone ever disrespecting or insulting her, and that afreen shall regret it is she does things like this. Afreen angrily says that she shall regret it now. They both grasp her both hads, and she tries to struggle free.

khan begum slaps again. mahira asks if she never thought hAfreen says that she cant do anything, as she is a mere mortal in front of her, and wont be able to do anything, and asks if she didnt see what she did to the guests today, nor would the guests come till she is thrown out. she says that she has all plans to capture azad, as mahira herself shall go to azad but mahira shall be helpless.

Mahira says that face changing doesnt ensure anything, as she wont get her husband’s immense love, and as far as azad is concerned, he shall find that she isnt mahira in a minute. mahira says that if she prides her and her dark forces, then she challenges her to do anything that she can to get azad, but she shall fail. afreen says that she prides her love and she shall break this ego of hers, as azad shall be with her, and mahira wont be able to do anything, thats her challenge. she walks off from there.

khan begum and mahira are tensed. Begum asks mahira to ensure that only her love wins, but they cant ignore the magnitude of her evil forces. mahira asks her not to bother, as those who are blessed by the lord and true love, they always win. begum says that she should go to azad right now and asks her to be cautious. mahira leaves.

meanwhile, begum asks latif an gazalla to open the suitcase. they find anad’s body completely stiff. She asks them to take it out and get it in the car. they put him in the back seat, while she arranges his muffler, and then applies makeup, to make it seem like he is alive. Gazalla is asked to start the car. she complies and drives off.

Scene 2:
Location: Khan begum’s residence and on the road
In his room, azad thinks that before afreen tries to harm mahira, he shall have to send her to a safe place. mahira comes in with tea, and asks him to have it. he turns around and says that he doesnt need it. In doing so his hand accidentally collides with the tray and ithe cups fall on the ground, shattering to pieces. She finds him tensed and asks if he is angry with her. He asks her to stay away from him, as his company can only bring storms in her life. She says that together their love can brave any storm. he says that afreen is evil and can even take her life. mahira says that if she could, she would have taken it, and she doesnt want her life, but her defeat, and assures him that their love shall not be defeated as they are too strong. just then, he gets a call. On the road, Khan begum calls azad and tells him that she is taking anand kumar to the hospital for his checkup. he gets tensed. She says that he neednt worry as gazalla and latif are there with her. She tells him that sameer and his family are coming to see kainat, and he and mahira should attend to all the preparations. she cancels the call. he tells this to mahira. she asks him not to bother, as she shall handle everything as the ideal bahu. She gives him a suit and then asks him to get ready while she gets kainat and the other arrangements ready. She leaves. he wonders how would he be able to save her from the evil spirits and that he doesnt deserve her love.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
While driving, the car comes to an abrupt halt, as they find police inspection ahead. they are scared as to how to get past it, as the police scrutinise through every car. Begum applies more makeup to make him seem alive. Then when her turn comes, they hide their nervousness, and then say that they are going to the hospital. as the police fixates his eyes on anand, begum is tensed if he knows. but he turns out just to be an ardent fan wanting an autograph. khan begum makes an excuse that he has suffered aparalysis and a heart attack, and hence needs to be rushed to the hospital. the police apologises and hurriedly lets them through. they drive off, relieved.

Scene 4:
Location: Begum’s residence
In her room, kainat is drssed up by mahira, who teases her, and then goes onto make speacil arrangements for lunch for sameer, when she enquires from kainat that his favourite dish is Chicken Biryani. mahira promises ot make it for him. kainat thanks her for everything, while she says that she is happy that she can perform her duties towards the family.

She asks her to be ready while she goes looks after the kitchen. kainat smiles. mahira leaves. she geos to her room, and eyeing azad’s suit, she says that azad is very cute and babbles about her and his relation, and how he is like a hard coconut. as she turns around, she finds afreen confronting her. She gets tensed. mahira asks how shameless she is, that she dares to come to this room, after such insults. she says that she feels that mahira doesnt fully understand the extend of her powers. mahira says that she wont be able to part her and azad. Afreen evilly eyes her ring and takes mahira’s shape, much to her shock. she says that tonight she shall make azad believe that she is his wife, she says that she shall consummate their relationship tonight, and that she has no idea about her strengths. she says that she shall keep such good care of her and kainat that he shall be happy, and he shall himself start loving her, and she wont be able to do anything. Mahira is shocked. mahira aka afreen closes her eyes to cast some black magic, and mahira is thwarted away towards the wall, as if pinned by some unnatural force. when she regains herself, she finds afreen gone. As she tries to open the door, she finds it locked, and screams hard to open the door. meanwhile, afreen outside, pours some liquid on the door, and asks her to scream as much as she wants, as due to this liquid, she and her screams wont reach outside the door. mahira aka afreen says that when azad sees this, she shall win a place in his heart. she then leaves. meanwhile mahira keeps screaming for help.

downstairs, while serving drinks to everyone, sameer sees afreen’s blue hand and understands that its her disguised as mahira. kainat says that she shall serve. she serves drinks to his parents, and mahria smiles. they confirm the relation. all smile. They head towards the dining table.

In her room, the actual mahira meanwhile is able to come out of the door, breaking it. She geos to the dining area. mahira notices them having dinner. she tries to go, but then thinks that she cant create any drama in front of sameer and his parents as that might create the wrong impression. Afreen aka mahira says that they should hurriedly pick up the date for the wedding,. taling about husband wife relationship being the best.

She places her hand on azad and he is slightly boggled at the presence of people and she engaging in public display of affection. just then, a peer baba comes to their place and afreen is tensed as she sees him. others are thrilled though. kainat comes to him and says that its good he came as its a special day.

She gets him inside to bless everyone, while afreen aka mahira is tensed. the actual mahira smiles, and prays that the peer baba has come, and the lord should do a miracle that the devil’s identity is exposed. After everyone has taken the holy smoke, afreen is scared that her true face might be exposed due to the smoke. but helplessly, she too begins to take the smoke.

mahira is shocked as afreen tries to ward off the smoke, being highly uncomfortable, and her shape shifting becoming uncertain as the silver cutlery starts reflecting her true face intermittently. Mahira thanks the lord for having shown the perfect way to expose afreen now in front of azad and the family.

Afreen aka mahira asks the servant to go and give the peer baba food and send them off. They comply. mahira thinks that camphor smoke can get rid of ghosts and spirits, and decides to try this. Meanwhile, Afreen asks kainat that once married to sameer, she shall forget about her, but not to worry, as she shall be taken care by azad, and places her hand on him, again trying to get physical proximity. Azad is at discomfort. In the kitchen, the servants go to find something in the kitchen. as they leave, mahira puts some camphor cakes in the foor. the servants return and place the food back at the dining table. When the smoke starts emanating, afreen realises that its camphor powder. mahira watches thie from behind a pillar. Afreen winces and lowers her head, and hides her face so as not to be seen. She is shocked to find her face reverting back, in the silverware. She thinks that before someone sees her like this, she shall have to hide her face, and puts it in the chocolate cake. All are shocked. Azad gives her the hankey to wipe her face, but she denies and says that she shall go to the washroom. she rushes from there. all are tensed and boggled. Mahira watches determinedly.

Afreen aka mahira washes off the black stains on her face, in the basin, and when her true face comes up, afreen is in a rage, that mahira has messed with the wrong person and that she shall ruin her, as mahira shall have to pay for this. She says that she wont let mahira win and before she turns the table, she shall have to go out. She tries to open the door of the bathroom, but finds it locked from the outside. outside, mahira taunts her and says that people often underestimate their enemy, and thats exactly what she is a victim to today. afreen swears that mahira has crossed the line and now noone shall be able to save her from her ire. She is furious as she gives one hard kick to the door, and it buckles and falls apart.

Scene 2:
Location: Undisclosed location
Begum gets gazalla and latif to dig up a grave and put anand kumar inside it, and then seal it back. they are oblivious that someone is filming this all from a distance, hiding behind the bushes. They get back in the car. khan begum watches someone behind them from the rearview mirror. She looks out, but doesnt see anyone. She gets in and asks gazalla if they saw anyone. they deny. she looks again but doesnt find anyone. she is boggled, while they deny seeing anyone. She asks them to hurry and drive off. gazalla complies. the man watches. begum wonders who could be it. Her phone rings in the car, and she finds that its Anand kumar. they are shocked. She asks where was his phone. gazalla says that they put it in his kurta. She is angry and asks where is this coming from. they are scared and start banetring. Begum says that someone is playing them, and they have to return back and check, if the dead body contains the phone or not, by digging the grave back. they are shocked but silently comply. Khan begum has to dig it back herself, since gazalla and latif make up excuses of being scared and tired. Finally, she digs up enough to see his body, and then pulls out the dead body yet again. She then checks his kurta for his phone and inds it there only. She wonders how is it possible. latif says that maybe someone took out the sim and is bothering them and they can check by dialling it. They dial and find that its rining. they are all shocked and scared, that maybe its the ghost after all. begum, in frustration and anger, breaks and tramples over the phone. she vents out her anger at his dead body saying that all her life, she tortured him, but now she wont be scared of him aty all, and that she didnt want to kill him, but had to since he stood in the way of her goal. they hear footsteps and are alarmed. they rush out of the fields but find noone. gazalla says that there might be other graves here too. They leave hurriedly.

Scene 3:
Location: Begum’s residence
Afreen comes out, thinking that maybe she still has time to salvage it. but she finds mahira and azad seeing off sameer and his family. mahria turns around and gives a victorious smile on afreen’s face. Kainat asks for azad’s permission to see them off. He complies. then, mahira takes azad to the room, citing some important talk, taking his hand in hers. they enter the room and close it off. Then azad asks whats it, and mahira says that nothing is more imp than him for her, being a wife. she says that he hasnt accepted her truely. he says that he has told her they cant be together. She says that they are husband and wife, and noone can separate them. He tries to speak, but she hugs him, and he gets tensed. Afreen sees this through the doors and is furious. involuntarily, his hands too come up to hug her back, smiling and revelling in that warm feeling, while afreen is enraged. He then turns away saying that this cant be, and asks whats he doing. she says that she should have done this long back, as she is taking whats rightfully hers. he says that he shall have to stay away from her. she says that even death cant do them apart now, as she eyes him determinedly. He feels her stare, but turns away. mahira sees afreen looking and smiles and then shuts the door on her face. Afreen asks how can this be, as she wont let this happen at any cost, and cant let them be one. She eyes the raging weather.

Later in the night, mahira dresses up beautifully, and closes the drapes, saying that tonight, moonlight cant seep in this room. she then lights up candles, for a romantic setting. Azad comes out of the washroom and notices mahira’s efforts and asks whats this, and if she remembers its the full moon, as tonight a person who hates himself cant love her. mahira comes and says that hatred has to buckle under love, and asks him to understand that they shall start their new life together, and she shall forever be with him, and from now on, every trouble has to face her, before facing him. she promises and assures that everything would be normal, and then professes her love, By saying, I LOVE YOU, to him. He is still tensed, and gets ahead, but she holds him back. She eyes him, while he fights between what he wants and what he has to do. Mahira tries to get romantic with azd in the room, as she places her head on his shoulder, while he is tensed and at discomfort, having to fight his feelings for her. he then smiles finally and turns around to face her, and cups her face, and kisses her on the forehead, and she smiles shyly, getting emotional and teary eyes. he wipes the tears off her eyes, and kisses off the remaining wet splotches near her eyes. They both bask in the glory of their new found love. she then closes her eyes, as he leans in to kiss her, on the lips.

Outside, Afreen thinks that despite her wearning, mahira didnt learn a lesson, but she forgot that tonight is the night, that turns azad into an animal. She says that if mahira stays tonight with azad, then her death is guaranteed, and in a few hours, her win and mahira’s death shall be confirmed. She then eyes the crystal in her hand, as its full moon.

afreen eyes the crystal with the intention to finish off mahira tonight. the crystal falls into azad’s room, shattering the glass. they are boggled, while this gives the chance for the moonlight to come in, and strike azad. He gets unconscious. By the full moon, azad turns into an animal, as his eyes turn golden. he opens his eyes, and mahira retreats back in shock. he gets up and turns around asking her to go. she asks him not to let the devil ride him and asks him to fight this, and not get weak. She tries to come to him, but he shouts at her to go. she rushes out in scare, while a hungry azad rushes after him. She hides behind the dining table, as azad callously approaches the dining area searching for her hungrily. she is scared, but then thinks that she cant desert him in his troubles times.

she wonders what pain is azad in, and that she cant leave him like this, as if he loves her, he would never harm her. she comes out of hiding and stand in front of him and calls him. he eyes her angrily. Afreen watches from the balcony. Mahira tells him that he shall have to fight at all cost, as if they are together, they can overcome anything, and he has to let their love win. Afreen enjoys the drama from the balcony, amused that mahira is within inches of death. She says that she promises him that she would be by his side, and he too promises that he would always protect her. she says that this is the time to fulfill their promises, and says that together they can defeat all evil forces. she extends her hands out to him, while he having turned into a vampire, eyes her glaring with anger. She asks him to come to her. mahira is shocked as she sees rage and viciousness in his eyes, and not love. she is scared too. Afreen thinks that mahira has stupidly invited her death in the form of azad’s helpless barbarousness. But to her surprise, azad walks past mahira, boggling her too, while he plunges reindeer horns deep into him, as the showpiece lies on the mantle to stop himself. Mahira and afreen are shocked. Azzd winces in pain and then falls unconscious, while mahira is shocked, and tries to revive him, saying that he cant do this. She prays to the lrod for help, saying that she needs him back. But he doesnt respond. As she puts up her hands for prayer, azad gets up and then picks out the horns, and then miraculously his wound heals too, as the night passes away, covering the full moon. she is surprised and relieved too. She helps him get up. He then shoves mahira aside asking if she is happy now to see what could have happened, and says that this is why she needs to stay away from him. she is shocked. he asks if she still wishes to come close to him, and in response, she endearingly comes and hugs him, while he is boggled and apalled at his helplessness. he shoves her away and says that she needs to stay away, as what she saw today, her delicate shoulders wont be able to bear the burden of it, as this is his truth, that she needs to be away from, as he is an animal, and she a mere innocent mortal, who’s heart is crystal clear, and cant carry a demon’s reflection. He says that he cant give her the love and peace that she deserves. He asks her to think from the mind and not heart. mahira says that he knew all this from afore, then why did he marry her knowing it all, and asks if she should answer. without waiting for his response, she comes to him, and says that in this war of mind and heart, he too lost by the heart, as she is loved by him, and he married her to protect her. He asks her not to insists, and she says that she isnt but he is. She says that she isnt going anywhere not woulr let him go away from her too. Azad gets to go, but she tells him that the next night, is blue moon night, in which couples see the moon together, and wish for a lifetime of eternity and on that night, she promises him as a wife, that she shall free him from his devilish clutches. Just then, afreen comes behind her, clapping her for her achievcement. mahira turns around boggled, and confronts her. The lights go off just then.

In her room, begum finds missing eyes, and crackes face od anand kumar on the portrait. she then gets a pic on her mobile phone with her and gazalla and latif burying anand kumar in the grave. she is shocked. She wonders who is this, who’s trying to blackmail her. she gets another sms, saying that crimes cant be buried in graves, and that she shall be punished, and for that he shall himself come out of the grave, and that day shall be her last. she wonders how is this possible. she breaks her phone in disgust.

Meanwhile, mahira turns to go, but finds afreen standing in front of her. By the candlelight, afreen says that they are vastly different and that she can create a storm in her life anytime, she can render her helpless as and when she wants to, and mahira shall not be able to fight it, as she is a mere mortal. mahira says that azad was, is and shall always be hers and shall love her only. She says that she wont be able to trap azad. she says that by the next full moon, she shall get azad rid of his ghostly life. Afreen is shocked. She says that after that there wont be anyone between them, neither her fear nor her conspiracy. she herself blows off the candle and walks away, while afreen watches in rage.

In her room, mahira prays in her room, with the book of her father beside her, that had gotten burned, thinking that this book had helped her father to fight evil spirits, and they shall help her too. she says that she doesnt understand how to help azad as the book is now half burnt. she prays to the lord to be shown a way. mahira finds the book’s pages turning and gets back to praying. afreen eyes her from a distance, thinking that if she is able to revive the book, she shall make azad a human once again and she herself shall forever lose azad and also possibly die. she thinks that she cant let this happen and eyes the hunter that she has brought with herself, thinking that she shall have to stop mahira. just then the book also turns to the page, which tells how to deal with daayan like afreen. she comes inside, while mahira prays obliviously. She is about to strike a blow with the hunter, but the hunter gets struck midway by an imaginary force. she tries to bring it down but is unable to. she gets frustrated and frantic. she is thrown away from mahira and the book, which startles afreen too. Mahira then opens her eyes, and finds the page of the book too and starts reading it intently. Afreen is tensed. mahira thinks that she has to prepare a taveez and without making it fall on the ground, she has to make azad wear it. Afreen hears and is surprised.

Meanwhile mahira walks out. afreen eyes her viciously, thinking that she cant let mahira succeed, even if she has to die for that.