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Guddan on zee world, Wednesday 2nd November 2022 update

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Aj brings Angat and says she is my wife. What were you doing. He is about to slap him. Durga says what are you doing. She asks Angat to leave. Durga says it is Guddan’s mistake. Guddan brought him here. She is taking care of him but Angat is mistaking it for love. Aj says that is Angat’s mistake not Guddan. Durga says but.. Aj says that’s not Guddan’s mistake.

A nurse comes to Angat. He says where is Guddan. Durga says she is with AJ. He wants this nurse to take care of you.
Guddan say to AJ why did you call the nurse? Am I not taking care of him right? Durga says angat that is AJ’s decision. He wont like his wife loving you. She can’t say she likes you in front of everyone. Angat says maybe that’s not true.

says let me go to Angat. Guddan is about to fall. AJ holds her. AJ says Angat should only be taken care by the nurse.
Guddan comes to Angat. She says dont mind what AJ said. You have always been my friend. Guddan says don’t mind what AJ said. He is my husband even if he doesn’t call me his wife. He says you consider me your friend right? He shakes hand with her. Gudan leaves. Angat says AJ did all this. I am sure Guddan loves me. I will make her wear mangalsutra.

AJ looks at mangalsutra. He says to dadi why did Angat say she is his brother’s wife and not time? Dadi says you should accept this relation. You should make her wear this mangalsutra.
Guddan says to Durga help me choose my saree. She says AJ is going to make me wear mangalsutra. I am very happy today. Angat hears. Guddan says do my make and get me ready. durga says wear this red saree. Gudan says let me get ready.

Guddan dresses as a wife. AJ says I will fix my mistake. I am ready to accept you as my wife Guddan. Gudan comes downstairs in ghughat. AJ looks at her. He says I want to say something. I respect what you said. i have understood our relation now. I want to make you wear this mangalsutra right now. AJ says take off the ghunghat. It’s Angat. He takes off the ghunghat. AJ is dazed.

AJ says Angat.. Angat stabs AJ. Aj shoves him. AJ falls down. Angat stabs him more. Angat says no one can come between us. Not even yuo. Guddan screams.

Angat says no one can come between us. guddan’s sindur falls. Dadi says this isn’t a good sign. Angat is about to stab AJ more. Durga stops his hand. She says what did you do. They hide AJ’s ody. Durga says lets go from here. Guddan is coming downstairs. Angat and Durga run. Durga tries to clean the floor. Guddan sees him. She says Durga what are you doing. She says lookin for my ring. Guddan says did you see AJ? Durga says no he went to the restaurant. He will come back when his work is done. Guddan sees the dagger. Guddan says this is blood on your hand. Durga says it cut in the kitchen. i am fine. Guddan goes upstairs.

Saru says I told you this Angat is crazy. Durga says you have to help me in this. Saru says I wasn’t part of it. Guddan looks for AJ. Se says wher eis he.
Durga and saru hide his body. Gudadn calls on AJ’s number Durga turns her phone off. Guddan says what is happening.
Guddan looks for her mangalsutra. Angat says looking for this? He says AJ gave me before leaving. guddan takes it from him.

Durga and Saru prepre to burn his body. She set his body alight and leve the place Guddan says what is happenin. Where is AJ. Angat says you should ret. uddan says I am waiting for AJ. Angat says in heart he wont ever come back.

Guddan is in temple. She sees AJ caressing her face. Guddna says where were you? I was waiting for you to make me wear this mangalsutra. She was dreaming all this. Bell rings. Its police. Guddan is dazed. Dadi comes too. Inspector says AJ’s body is found burnt.

Dadi faints. Guddan says this can’t be true. You re lying. We can’t believe all this. Guddan says dadi dont’ cry. Nothing happened. He is lying.

Pandit ji doe AJ’s funeral. Gudddan recalls her moments with AJ. Guddan says this isn’t true. AJ is alive. Dadi says we have to accept reality. Guddan says I wont remove this sindur. Angt says you don’t have to remove sindur. Because I will make her my wife. I will marry her. Everyone is dazed. Dadi says are you crazy. She is your bhabhi. Angat says aJ wanted that, he said if anything ever happens to me I should marry Guddan. Guddan leaves.

Angat says to Durga I did everything you asked but Guddan doesn’t want to marry me. Guddan comes downstairs and picks her chunri. She says angat come here. She says AJ asked you to marry me right? i am ready to fulfill his last wish. I am ready to wear mangal sutra from your hand. dadi says what are you saying. Guddan says if AJ wanted that I can marry Angat. Guddan says once AJ’s funeral is done, after that you can marry me. Everyone is shocked. dadi says why are you doing this Guddan.

Laxmi comes to Guddan. she says why are you marrying Angat? What happened? Guddan says try to understand. I am doing all this to save AJ. Laxmi says AJ is dead. Guddan says he is alive. Guddan shows her a message from someone. It has AJ’s picture and it says marry Angat if you want to save AJ. Gudan says I have to do this to save AJ. She shows her Angat’s video. Angat says if you don’t marry me I will kill AJ. Guddan says AJ warned me about his mental state. It was my mistake to keep him here. I have to find out why is he doing this. Laxmi says I am so scared.

Guddan comes to AJ and says I considered you a friend and you are doing all this? Anagat says you know I am doing this for us. For our love. Guddan says I don’t love you. Angat says you dont’ love me? He calls someone and says kill Aj. Angat shows AJ to Guddan. He says see I told you. Someone goes close to AJ with an injection. Guddan says please dont’ do this. i will do what you ask. Please don’t harm him.. Angat calls and stops them.

He says you will soon be mine. drink water. He holds Guddan’s hand. Angat says you will be mine forever. AJ opens his eyes. He looks around. Guddan cries and says AJ where are you.

AJ opens the eyes. He says where am I? He tries to get up but he is tied. He tries to tear the plastic he is tied in. AJ releases himself.

Perv says to Kaushliya your daughter is marrying me again. AJ died and she is marrying angat. What manners Kauhslia says we don’t need you to tell us anything. Perv says ask your other daughter to marry me. Revati says go from here. SHe shoves him. Perv says I will ruin your lives. REvati says why is di doin this.

Dadi cries. She says why is Guddan doing this. Durga says you trusted her and see what she did. Saru says she is doing this for money. ANgat says don’t say anything against my wife to be.
Guddan comes downstairs. Angat holds her hand. He says this is our mandap. I will give you all the love and respect AJ never did. Your bridal dress is here. He says you will wear this dress and I will make you my wife.

Guddan says in heart I wont let this happen. AJ says where am I? He comes out and asks a man where am I? My family is worried for me. He is crazy man. He starts hitting and running. AJ says what are you doing. AJ realizes he is in mental asylum

Durga says to Angat we are not doing anything wrong. You did right. Get rready. Angat hugs her and says you did a great favor on me. She says AJ would never come back here.
AJ walks in a room. Somoene gives him electric shock. It’s rocky.

Guddan gets ready as bride. Laxmi comes. She says you shouldn’t do this. AJ is alive Guddan says you think I will do this? Laxmi says what is your plan. Guddan says I need time to save AJ. Trust me I won’t let anything wrong happen.

Guddan comes downstairs. She says I will get us both out of this trouble. Pandit ji says make her wear mangalsutra. GUddan says I want to hear and understand all the mantra. ANgat says that’s true love.

Pandit ji tells them meaning of mantra. Angat is about to make her wear mangalsutra. Guddan says its 12. The time of the wedding is over.