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Guddan on zee world, Wednesday 26th October 2022 update

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AJ comes to Rawat and says you have been too much into the cassettes these days? He says the culprits are very clever. You never know what leads to them. AJ says why is Antra’s candle not lit? He says not today, tomorrow. AJ says I try to forget this day but it comes in front of me. Like she would come and say everything is okay.

He says nothing is like before. You have a wife. Guddan comes in. AJ leaves. Guddan says AJ doesn’t even know why didn’t you light the candle. You will burn everything in this hatred. AJ trusts and respects you so much. His eyes get wet while talking about Antra. He says AJ can fool you but no me. He killed my sister. He is fooling everyone. I will expose him for killing my sister. Guddan says AJ didn’t kill her. You have

no proof. He tears are as true as yours. AJ will do his pooja and I wont let you stop him.
GUddan prepares for the pooja. Guddan says all this is done. Lets bring Antra’s photo AJ brings the photo. They both place it together. Dadi says all is done so well. Gudadn says thank you. Guddan comes to kitchen and sees DILs cooking. Guddan says so you all learned to cook without me. She says why did you make peas? I don’t like them at all. Dura says we have to cook for the first woman of this house. She isn’t second like you. Guddan says but this is first for me. THis is my family. I don’t think beyond that. You show me my mistakes and helps me in fixing them. You will make the food. Because no one understands this house more than you. On Antra’s day, I wont let anything go wrong. Dadi hugs her

Rawat his the cassette repair guy and says I want it today. How could you not fix it. He says I am trying. AJ says is everything good? Never seen you this angry. Rawat says a case. Everything is dependent on this case. AJ says calm down. It is ANtra’s anniversary. Go get ready. Guddan says AJ dadi is calling you. Rawat says AJ should be scared of me like you are. Gudan says I am not scared of you. Did you plan or change or are you still disillusion? He says 20 mins are left. Who knows after tasting AJ would be able to do the pooja or not Guddan says you can’t do any such thing.

AJ is about to taste the food. He is washing the hands. Guddan comes running. She collides with Durga and the vegetables fall down. Guddan says to AJ don’t wash. He says why? She says there is acid in the water.

Rawat comes and puts hand under the water. He says there is no acid. AJ gets angry and says leave right now. Guddan leaves.

Dadi says AJ you did so wrong. Guddan prepared everrything with all her heart. He says but.. Dadi says she does all this for you and you can’t see anything? Who prepares for her husband’s first wife’s pooja. He says I was only loud to her because Durga was about to be rude to her. So I asked her to leave.

Rawat comes to Guddan and says AJ doesn’t respect his wives. He can only make people cry. Guddan says why can’t you mind your own business? He was never even verbally abusive to me why would he kill his wife? He says you will know all your answers today.

The pooja starts. Rawat lits the candle. Guddan said to Rawat anything can happen in 10 minutes. I will ruin all your plans and AJ will do his pooja. Pandit ji asks AJ to start

Arti. AJ lits the candle. Guddan is shocked. She sees the dia is falling. Guddan saves it. Guddan says antra is something to me too. You should do pooja with me. Dadi says she is right. AJ says okay. AJ and Guddan do the pooja together. Guddan hand has burned. AJ says why didn’t you tell me it was burning. She says it would have burned yours otherwise. AJ applies cream on her hand. AJ says you could say that it was burning.
Guddan comes to Rawat’s room and says tea. He says enough. You must be here to mock me and celebrate. She says I am not here for anything. Have this sweet. He says I would eat it but not with sweets He adds spices in it and eats the sweet. Guddan says what are you doing. He eats it and says go now. He says I love my sister, that AJ will be exposed.

Guudan says in heart I know your anger but you are doing it in a wrong way. Guddan sees her mother’s picture is not on board. It is next to Antra’s picture. Guddan says ma how your picture came in? AJ says I got it in. Your mom’s picture deserves to be here. Guddan gives a teary smile.

Druga says Guddan spilled Antra’s fav vegetable. Dadi says antra is only bringing them closer. SHe is part of AJ’s life.
AJ says we both know what is it like to lose someone. I know you must miss your mom a lot. AJ brings arti and says do arti of ma. She says I did pooja with you for antra. Do the arti with me. Ma will like it. They do the arti together.

Rawat gets a call. His cassette is recovered. He says I am coming. this is my moment. Get ready to pay for your sins AJ.

Guddan wakes up and sees AJ sleeping on the couch. Guddan says why do you keep coming here? AJ is sleeping. Yeah says yea he will be sleeping in jail now. I will have the proof in a few minutes.

Rawat says to Guddan I will have the proof to his fakeness today. He goes to his office and turns on the recording. Rawat hears it in tears. He breaks things in anger.
Guddan is worried. She says should I speak to AJ? Before things go wrong. Guddan comes to AJ. She says I want to tell you soemthing. He says is it important? She says yes very important. Guddan says I don’t know if you will trust or not Rawat iis here to trap you. He thinks you are behind Antra’s death. I trust you and know you can’t do any such thing. AJ has fallen asleep. He didn’t hear anything.

Rawat says to his boss here is the proof. We can’t let go on this finding.
Rawat comes to AJ and says lets play. He gives him punching gloves. AJ says if you have decided to lose.. They starts fighting. Rawat gets very aggressive. AJ says what happened to you. HE says stop. Rawat says he killed my sister. Everyone is dazed. He is about to punch AJ Guddan comes in front. AJ stops his hand. Rawat says he killed my sister. Rawat punches AJ and says get up you killer. AJ punches him. He says I killed Antra? Police comes in. They arrest AJ. Rawat says your game is over. You are arrested for killed your wife Antra.

Guddan says you can’t arrest him life this. Durga says AJ can never do any such thing. Guddan says move this handcuff. AJ stops Guddan. Rawat says I have the proof. He shows her cassette. He plays the cassette.. Antra says in the recording I wanted to tell you all this for a very long time. But.. I wasn’t able to. I couldn’t gather the courage. But I think it is important for you to know.. AJ is the reason behind my death. AJ is shocked. Everyone is shocked. Guddan says in heart Antra didn’t say anything like this before.

AJ is in tears. AJ asks Guddan to be aisde. Police arrests AJ. Guddan is crying.
Her dupatta gets stuck in AJ’s cuff. Police takes him. Dadi faints.

Guddan says I was thinking to tell it to AJ but AJ trusted her. He wanted to take AJ to jail. That is why he came to this jail. expression said that he has prepared. Durga said we have to tell AJ before its too late.

Revati has locked her door. Perv says revati please open the door. I will kill myself if you don’t. Kaushaliya says please stop. Revati comes out and takes the gun. She says you were killing yourself? Let me do this for you. She takes gun and soots him. There is no bullet. Revati says this is his love’s reality. Never dare talking to me in anger. Per leaves in anger.

Guddan says everything was so good then why did you ruin in Rawat. Guddan recalls fighting with AJ over the bed. She made wall with pillows. Guddan said i wont sleep in that balcony. He says your division isn’t equal. Guddan held his hand in sleep.

Perv sees AJ coming to the station. his hands are cuffed. He says you here.. Rawat says he is arrested for killing his first wife Antra. Perv says this can’t be true. Rawat says do your job. Perv takes AJ to he jail and locks him. Perv says he isn’t your relative here, he is your prisoner here.

Perv says AJ don’t worry if you need anything.. AJ says go.

Dadi is crying. She says they were coming close. Dadi gave AJ bangles to give them to Guddan. Dadi said i had been waiting long for this day.

Dadi says to Guddan you knew. You were involved in all this. Lasxmi says to saru aj did this drama of loving Antra all her life. Saru says there is something. Dadi hears it.

Durga says you knew it right? you knew rawat was plotting all this. Laxmi says AJ will be sentenced to death. Dadi faints. Everyone runs to her. Guddan takes her to room. Doctor checks her and says she should be given rest. Keep her stress free.

Dadi says Guddan.. My son could never do this. he really loved er. Gudan says I will get him out of that jail. I know he didn’t do anything. Dadi says please bring my son back. Guddan says don’t worry I will.