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Guddan on zee world, Tuesday 25th October 2022 update

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Guddan says this poison. Rawat says don’t be mad at her. I can understand. AJ says Guddan lets go from here. Guddan says I know everything stop fooling me. Stop this drama.

Rawat picks the sticker. Durga says to Rawat why did she accuse you intoxicating his drink? He says she is drunk. durga says I can find out truth if it is related to our family or AJ. Rawat says okay then find out. Durga says I have to know what it is.

AJ brings Guddan to room. He says why did you talk to him like that? She says you don’t trust me? Se starts crying. Guddan says I dreamed so much about my marriage and husband and this is what I have. AJ says sit down. Guddan says I will tell you what I thought of wedding night. But what happened? Nothing. It was so boring. Was

it even wedding. Guddan says I thought I would hold arm of my man like this but what happened? I sleep in this balcony. You don’t care about me right? He says it’s not like that. Guddan puts finger on his lips and says you have to listen only.
There is one thing you trust me like papa did. He always encouraged me. I always wanted to win and you made me win. You are the who got me the respect I deserve in this house. You are always wit me. AJ says where are you going? She says in my balcony. You wont let me sleep here. He holds her hand and says you will sleep here on bed. Guddan says you are doing all this because.. She falls. AJ holds her.
AJ takes her to bed and cover her with blanket. AJ sleeps on sofa.

Scene 2
Rawat comes to AJ’s room at night and says I wont pardon him. I will kill him. Rawat throttles her. Guddan wakes up. she was dreaming it. Guddan says AJ how did I come here? You are so cute. AJ is asleep.
Guddan comes downstairs to take water. She falls. Durga says are you not done yet? Guddan says why are you here? You are so cute. Never drink. Learn from your MIL’s mistake. That Rwat is behind all this. Durga says if she is drunk I should ask her. Durga says sit here. Have water. Guddan says how did you know I want water? Durga says what were you saying about rawat? If there’s anything tell me. AJ comes. He asks Durga to go to her room
AJ says why did yo come here? She falls asleep on the sofa. AJ picks her and takes her to room.

AJ says to Guddan done with your drinking? She says I drank coldrink only. AJ leaves. Guddan comes to dadi and says I am sorry. I didn’t know what it was. Dadi says I knwe it was your mistake. Guddan says although slept on AJ’s bed. Druga says you are getting smart every day. Guddan says to Rawat AJ wants me to apologize to you. But I know what it was. So I wont. Guddan wonders if he did this or not.

Perv says I tried kill AJ. Guddan thinks Rawat did ths. I mixed it in the drink when rawat left. But what is rawat upto. Something is happening in this house. I will take revenge from this Guddan. Guddan comes and says I heard everything. How dare you harm my AJ. He gave you this house and your job back. Guddan slaps him.

Revati comes. Rewati says you always insult him. I love you. You wanted us to part. You can’t accuse him without proofs. I love him. Guddan is dazed. Revati says where is proof? Guddan says listen.. Revati says you wont come between me and Perv. She leaves. Perv says so sorry. Your sister got so mad..

Guddan comes to her room. She is in tears. Guddan says revati is emotional. Guddan calls Kasuhaliya. Kaushaliya says what did you do to Revati? She is so upset.

Revati is crying. Perv gives er juice. He says I want to bring smile on her face. He says things like these happen. You trusted your sister more than you should have.

Rawat shoot sculpture and says once I have the proof AJ will be punished.
Gudan by mistake burned AJ’s shirt. AJ comes. Guddan says I am sorry. I know this was your favorite. AJ says to Guddan this is my favorite. What is it? Why do you see so worried? Tell me. Where are you lost? Guddan says nothing. I thought you would find out and would be mad so i shall tell you. AJ holds her hand and says why are you lying to me? Tell things when there is time.

Guddan gets ready. Aj comes to room. Guddan says how do i look? She says valentine’s party? He says everyone is coming to the party.
Guddan and AJ come to the party. they dance on aik larki to dekha tou aisa laga.

Guddan and AJ cut the cake together. AJ says love is a feeling. It doesn’t know any rules our boundaries. Guddan says I didn’t know you could say all that too. Perc comes to the party with revati. Guddan says I asked you to stay away rfom him. Revati says I dont’ to hear that anymore. We aren’t here for your taunts. Let me live my life. Revati says lets go Perv. Perv says only you can love me this much. He hugs revati. Guddan is angry. She says I wont let you harm my sister.

Guddan coems to the room. She says

I have to do something. Where is revati.
The DILs come to the party too. They dance too.
AJ says lets see which couple as the best chemistry.
AJ gives guddan necklace. She says but people who love each other give gifts. He says you would then get upset. Guddan says I thought you would never give a gift. This is very pretty. take it. He says this is for you. Even if there is no love, gifts don’t need a reason. You keep everything in my house bright.

A guy puts gun on AJ and Guddan. He says what are you doin here. AJ only loved one woman Antra. I have to say good bye to Guddan. AJ stands in front of Guddan.
He grasps Guddan and says go blindfold and dance. AJ swipes Guddan’s tears.
He takes out gun and puts it on everyone. He says lets play death game. AJ says don’t harm anond. He puts gun on AJ. Guddan stands in front of AJ. He says you are only his fake wife. AJ grasps his gun. He calls police.
The guy gives a chit to Guddan and says read it once. It says you can only husbands or wives. Guddan is worried. The guys locks all the men outside. The wives are inside.

He fires the whole ground. All women are scared. He says see your AJ wont be able to save you.
AJ comes in with extinguisher and saves Guddan. AJ beats the villain.
Guddan apologizes everyone.
AJ says to Guddan why do you have to risk your life every time.

Revati falls in the fire. Se says perv please save me. Perv leaves her there and runs.

Guddan looks for Revati. Guddan hears Revati screming. Guddan runs inside. She says don’t worry I will save you. Revati says please get me out me here. uddan pulls her out of fire and takes her out.

Guddan takes out revati. Perv says thank God you are fine. Revati slaps him and says I saw your fake love. And I saw my sister too. She jumped in fire for me. She says my sister was right about you. She leaves. Perv says I will marry you.
AJ comes in to save Guddan. Vijay says you two will die here together. This room will be full of poisonous gas. One of you can stay alive with this glass. Vijay leaves.

Guddan and AJ are coughing. AJ says wear the mask. Se says I am fine. You wear it. He says no you wear it. The mask falls off. AJ asks Guddan to wear it. GUddan says only you trust and protect me from everything. I like it when you stand from me. I know you will listen to me and wear this.
Guddan and AJ both are faint. Guddan faints on the floor. AJ tries to break the door. They both fall. Vikay says you two were dying for each other. I am sorry I risked your life. Police arrests him.
Vijay says I did wrong. I never understood love. Durga says to Guddan why did you do all this? Guddan says because this is my responsibility.

Revati comes home. SHe says Guddan saved me. Thank God she was there.
Guddan comes home dadi hugs her. AJ says Guddan faced everything so bravely. Laxmi says yes she saved us.
Guddan comes to her room. She drinks the glass of milk for AJ too.. AJ says one was for me. You didn’t even ask before drinking she says you can get another one. Both were for me. She says yoou have to be smart like me. He says yeah right.
AJ goes to couch to sleep.

Rawat is angry. He says even in that party AJ wasn’t harmed. my sister I will avenge your death.