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Guddan on zee world, Tuesday 1st November 2022 update

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A guy says to Guddan angat is looking for you there. She goes in a corner looking for angat and some thugs surround her. Rocky comes as well. He says holi hai. He splashes colors on her. Guddan says stay away from me. Guddan says stop guys. She is our MIL. Guddan Jindal. Let’s show her how fun holi of Goa is.


Perv calls saru and says she didn’t come after everything I did. Do anything I want her here on holi. Saru says let me try.
Kaushaliya says to Perv she wont listen to anything. Perv throttles her and says do anything and bring your daughter here or I will kill you.

All the thugs splash colors on Guddan. They all laugh at her. Rocky says isn’t this fun. This is just the beginning. Guddan picks a rod and says now I will play holi

with you. Don’t dare touching me with color. Guddan hits him with the rod. Guddan beats all of them. Laxmi comes too. She says you did right. Beat him more. Durga says rocky.. Guddan says you people do anything behind colors. You think you can harass anyone. I will teach you your lesson today. She beats him with Laxmi. Laxmi hugs Guddan in tears.
Durga applies medicine on Rocky. Saru says apply this medicine on your face rather. see what she did to your brother. Wont you do anything? Apply this black color on your and rocky’s face. If you are going to stay like this then you are my sister in law from now on not my sister Durga breaks the color pot in anger. She says why has this Gudan ruined my life.

Anga comes and says Durga re you okay? Do you want ice cream? i am going. Guddan must be waiting for me. Durga says I will teach her a lesson even if I have to use angat.
Durga gives color to angat an says you must wanna play colors with Guddan. But she is upset. No one is playing colors with her. Angat says Guddan didn’t apply color on me because I am scared of colors? Durga says yes.

Angat takes the color and comes to Guddan. He is about to apply it on Guddan’s face. He applies it Guddab laughs, uddan applies it on his face too. AJ smiles. Durga says now you see what I do Guddan. I will use angat as third person and ruin your relation.

Guddan sees AJ going. She says let me put color.. It is rocky. He holds her hand. he says you threw the color on the floor. Let me pick it for you. He says you thought you could get away with insulting me in front of everyone. Guddan tries to run. He grasps her hand. Guddan says leave me. He says your husband isn’t your anyway. Rocky throws her dupatta away. Guddan says leave me. He says what about my insult. Guddan says please let me go. Rocky grabs her. AJ holds his hand. Aj hits rocky. Guddan hugs AJ. Aj swipes her tears. He beats rocky more.
durga and everyone comes too. Durga says what are you doing he will die. AJ says he better die. Rocky says yes I did it. Why do you care. I tried to force her.

Durga slaps Rocky. She says how could you stoop so low.

How dare you be so disgusting. Rocky says so now you will hit me for these people? AJ says holi doesn’t mean you misbehave with other people. Rocky says first see your relation then talk about my holi. See your wife and yourself. You don’t love each other. You haven’t even applied color on her. She doesn’t even wear mangalsutra. Why do you care if I play holi with her? AJ says enough. Whatever our relation is doesn’t prove what you did is right. If I didn’t play holi with her that doesn’t mean she isn’t my wife. AJ applies color on Guddan.
Perv says to Kaushliya one throttle and your daughter is here. Revati comes and says happy holi. Perv says apply color on me. Revati says sure. She puts color on his face. He screams. Revati says don’ scare my mother. I will never let you be successful. He goes out and says you will pay for it. Kaushaliya asys it was my mistake that I brought this devil in your life. what should we do now. Revati says we have to handle it ourselves. Gudan has a lot of problems on going already.

AJ lights fire and takes round around it with Guddan. He takes out the mangalsutra. Durga is dazed. He puts the last pearl in it. Guddan stops his hand. She says you can’t make me wear this.

Guddan ays yes I did but not for this reason. You are making me wear this because Rocky said all this. You shouldn’t be forced to make me wear this. I will wear it when you are doing this with your heart. She takes it back from him. Guddan says thank you for what you did.

Dadi says what Guddan said might have hurt you. I can speak to her. Aj says no you wont say anything, she said right thing. I am proud because she speaks truth. she doesn’t settle for lies. She is very mature opposite to what she looks like.

Guddan replaces Angat’s medicine. He comes and says why are you here. You lied to me and said she likes me. She loves AJ. She was waiting for AJ to color her not me. They married there. She likes him. Durga says then why didn’t she wear mangalsutra? Without mangalsutra wedding is incomplete. AJ is very old. You are her age, she wants you to make her wear the mangalsutra. Take your medicine so you are well to see the truth I want you to see. You have to trust me. Will you? he nods. Durga says Guddan because of

you I had to slap my brother. You have messed with the wrong person.
AJ comes to room. He looks at Guddan. Guddan says i made this cake to thank you. Tell me how is it. AJ eats the cake and says it’s good. Guddan says then eat more. everything is as per your recommendation. Guddan says there is no sweet in it. so you said it’s good because you do it for sympathy. This is the reason why I didn’t wear mangalsutra. Thanks for standing with me in everything.

Dadi says God please bring them closer. Please complete their marriage. Laxmi comes and says what you want will happen. AJ will make Guddan wear this mangalsutra. I am with you. I wont hurt her anymore after what she did for me. We will both try for it. Durga looks at them. Sary come and says you are not alone. I am with you. We will be the heavier side. AJ wont make Guddan wear this. We will make angat do this. It will be fun. Dont’ worry. I know your plan and we are one team. Guddan has insulted our brothers.
Laxmi says AJ will make her wear this dadi.

Durga gives Angat mangalsutra and says Guddan wants you to do it. She is much younger than AJ. Angt says she is AJ’s wife. How can I do this. You are lying. SHe throws the medicine away. Angat comes to Guddan. He says Guddan you left this mangalsutra there.

She says yes I did. you must be thinking I shouldn’t be doing this right? but I want to wear it right. He says so you want.. She says I want this to be in my neck with love. I will leave it in temple till then. Angat leaves.

Guddan says dadi open the door. Dadi says you have to wait. Guddan says but what are you doing inside. AJ says what happened. Guddan says dadi isn’t opening. Dadi and laxmi come out. Dadi says your wedding is six months old. Go in now. They both go in. Dadi and says I and laxmi will bring you closer.

Guddan and AJ come to the room. It is all decorated. Laxmi says to Angat she said it clearly how she wants this mangal sutra to be in her neck from your hands.
Electricity and gas is gone in Kaushaliya’s house. Perv calls Reavti adn says thi is just my trailer. If you marry me I will stop annoying your family. Choice is yours. You don’t have a lot of time. Or get ready for me to ruin your life. Kaushliya says what happened.

Dadi locks the door. AJ says dadi what is this. Guddan says dadi will be happy if we eat here. They have done so much hard work on it.
Saru says to Durga our plan is failing. Dadi and Laxmi have arranged everything for Guddan and AJ. Durga says time to do something big Saru.

AJ sits with Guddan and they both eat. AJ hears Angat screaming. AJ runs downstairs. Durga says he isn’t well. He says my head hurts. AJ runs to get his meds. Everyone leaves. Durga is home only. Angat laughs. Durga says no one can come between you and her now. Go upstairs she is waiting for you. Guddan is worried. Angat comes in. He says you did all this for me? Guddan tries to make him happy and sayys yes did you like the surprise? Angat hugs her and says thank you Guddan. AJ comes, ANgat leaves. Guddan says what happened to him. AJ says why did you lie you did this for him. AJ says something is wrong.

Angat looks at the mangalsutra and smiles. He thinks how Guddan makes him hapy. Angat says Guddan loves me.

she wants me to make her wear this. Angat goes upstairs. Guddan is asleep. He is about to make her wear mangalsutra. AJ holds is hand.