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Guddan on zee world, Tuesday 17th January 2023 update

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TV series

Guddan on zee world Tuesday 17th January 2023 update, AJ starts cutting. Gudadn says you can do this. Guddan screams. Everyone gets scared. Guddan says I am gone. Just shoulder ache. You cut it. AJ cuts and takes it out. H says are you okay? AJ hugs Guddan. Alisha says wow you’re so talented. AJ is about to slap her. Guddan stops him. She says she is your daughter. Today is laxmi pooja. AJ says what about what she did. AJ says you’re taking her side? Guddan says no I am being on my child’s side. Dadi says Guddan, She has ruined your life and you want to be her mom? Guddan says a mother loves her children unconditionally.

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Alisha breaks things in anger. Revati says take out your anger on the right person. She is trying to trap you. Alisha says you see what I do now.
Guddan says you can’t hit her AJ.

She is our daughte. AJ says I can’t let her do what she wants to do. I can’t sit and see all this. Guddan says she is hurt and angry. AJ says you always stop me. We can’t encourage this. She risked your life. We can’t let her do that. Guddan says we have to be on her side. AJ says that would ruin this house. Guddan says she is my age. I knoew kids these days. They are rebels. If you put them in trouble they get angrier. Guddan says anger doesn’t solve anything. I will fix anything. AJ says no, stop this childhood. She has to follow the decorum of this house. I will fix her my way if she tries hurting anyone. Guddan says I will use my way. Saru overhears.
Saru says Alisha AJ and Guddan are fighting because of you. Alisha says you will see what happen. They will fight each other and become enemies. Saru says so age and thoughts will bring distance between then. Alisha says yes. This diwali would kill their love.

Scene 2
AJ looks in the mirror. Guddan makes him lion by pain. He says is this your way? Guddan says yes laugh. This is my way. He comes close to her. Guddan says what are you doing. He says teaching you my way. Guddan says someone would see. AJ says you’re my wife. This is my room. DAdi says Guddan come downstairs. AJ hugs her.

Guddan decorates everyone’s rooms. Laxmi says no noe we won’t let you work. Guddan says not all DILs have the opportunity to make their MIL work. Let me do it for you. Guddan decorates their rooms. AJ picks Guddan. Guddan says being filmy? He says you made me this way. Guddan says I was shop of mistakes. AJ pulls her close. Dadi says Guddan let’s go. We are getting late. Guddan says AJ let’s go.

AJ brings the idols home. Laxmi says they’re beautifl. Dadi says yes we always bring them home. Durga says I have prepared the temple. Dadi says place them there. Alisha says they won’t be placed. I will place my mom’s idol there. Everyone is shocked. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.