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Guddan on zee world, Tuesday 15th November 2022 update

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AJ says I don’t know what are you saying. Durga says we are so happy. shantani says your child is coming. We are so happy. Everyone is giggling. Guddan and AJ are dazed. They show them cradle.. AJ says what you are thinking isn’t true.

We aren’t like husband and wife. We are friends. There can never be such relation between us. Guddan only has an infection. He leaves in anger. Guddan goes after him. Laxmi comes to Guddan and says I am sorry. Guddan says it isn’t your fault.

They hear transgenders dancing downstairs. They dance. Laxmi says who asked you to come? Shantani says I did. We thought this Guddan would be a mother. But she can’t even be a wife to AJ. She says to transgenders we are sorry. Take all this stuff. shantani says Guddan

take all this stuff and give it to them. Guddan says there was a misunderstanding. Please take this stuff. The transgender says we will take it for you. You are such a nice girl. She says Shantani respect her she is a really nice girl. I hope this misunderstanding turns into truth.
Shantani says enough Guddan Gupta. Guddan says what.. Shantani says you are not even AJ’s wife. You must have somes shortcoming. You will never give this house a child. AJ never touched her there must be some reason. Dadi says what are you saying. Shantani says she was teaching us relation? She can’t even be a wife. Until you become a wife, I wont call you Guddan Jindal. You are Guddan Gupta from now.

Saru says to Durga it was so much fun. Durga says we will see what’s next. Saru says to Laxmi you exposed Guddan’s relation to everyone? Laxmi says I am with her. Durga says you are responsible for all this because you consider Guddan your friend. If you considered her MIL you wont have to bear all this. Dadi says has anyone seen Guddan? SHe is nowhere. AJ says what? Dadi says she has suffered a lot. She had to hear so much.

AJ comes to Shantani and takes arti from her. AJ says arti is for peace, please don’t do this. If you can’t respect a woman then don’t do this arti. shantani says I am your bua. AJ says what you did with Guddan is wrong. You have no right to point finger at Guddan’s personal life. It points at me too. Shantani says you did a mistake too. You couldn’t’ control a 24 years old girl? She can’t do anything. Your friendship is right and what other couples do is wrong? you and guddan will never give this house a heir.

I dont’ have any regret of what I said. AJ says your thoughts are at wrong. You are blinded by your thoughts. You have hurt a woman with your words. I am with Guddan. He leaves.