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Guddan on zee world, Tuesday 14th February 2023 update

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Guddan on zee world Tuesday 14th February 2023 update, Antra says I am not here with bad intentions. The proof is Vikrant. If I wanted to take revenge I would let him kill Guddan. Alisha says mummy is right AJ. She saved me and Guddan from Vikrant. Police come there. Durga says I called them when he abducted Guddan. Police take the dead body from there. Inspector says to Antra did you shoot Vikrant? Answer me. Silence is my answer. I have to arrest you. Alisha says no you can’t take her.

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Guddan AJ please stop them. Guddan says stop. Guddan says silence doesn’t mean yes. Antra killed Vikrant but to save me. I would have been dead rather. She did this to save me. It was defense. Inspector says for now we’re leaving her but you have to coordinate for the remaining investigation. They leave. Antra says I only came here for my princess. I wanted to punish Vikrant. My mission is over. I am going. I didn’t want to be part of your lives again. I knew I wouldn’t be welcomed in that house. Antra says I am sorry for everything. thank you for saving me from the police Guddan. Alisha says you can’t leave me, mummy. You said sorry. Antra says my sins are done. I have lost all my rights here. Alisha says I am your princess. Alisha says Guddan ma please stop her. she is my mother. I can’t live without her. You say everyone deserves a second chance. Antra says I am really sorry I have to go. Alisha says if mummy leaves, I will go with her as well. AJ says what are you saying. Antra is leaving.

Guddan says stop. Guddan says I know what a mother and child feel when they are away from each other. I couldn’t live with my mom. I know what you feel Alisha. Guddan says I won’t let you suffer Alisha. For you, I will let Antra live in our house for two days. I can never forgive her. Everyone is shocked. Guddan says for you only. Guddan says you can live in our house, with your daughter but for two days only. You will leave after the two days are over. Promise me you won’t ever come back after that. Antra says thank you. These two days are like ages for me. You have given me a great favor. You gave me two days with my princess. Guddan says this is a gift for my Alisha. Leave after two days without any drama. Alisha hugs Guddan and says thank you so much. You’re the best mom in the world. Alisha says mummy we will live in my room. I missed you so much. She hugs Antra. AJ says for Alisha only you are allowed to live there for two days but I have a condition.

Scene 2
AJ brings Antra in the house and screams Revati come here. Everyone is shocked to see her. Saru says is this a ghost? AJ says Revati, the sister you hated for days for a crime she didn’t do. The real criminal of Angad’s death is here. She will tell you the truth. Antra says I knew I will have to give details of my crimes. AJ is right. I killed Angad. She tells her everything how Guddan came there to save him. She said I got him kidnapped again. I am very sorry. Revati is dazed and angry she throttles her and says I will kill you. Guddan says leave her.

Revati comes to her room and cries. She recalls what Antra said. Guddan comes to her room and says some truths break your heart rather than healing it. I could never imagine harming you. Angad was my brother. You know the truth now. Do you accept it? Revati says whatever the truth is, Angad is gone. Antra killed Angad. But would he come back? Would the fact change that she killed him in your animosity? He died because of you and AJ. You are responsible for Angad’s death. I will never forgive you.

Antra comes in and says if I can forgive you for what you did to be, why can’t you? How can you blame Guddan for a crime she didn’t do? You tried to kill me, you could get a death sentence. Guddan is dazed. She says what are you saying? Antra says yes, she tried to burn and kill me. I almost died. Guddan says is this Revati? Antra says it is. I have nothing to lose now. Your sister tried to kill me. She tied me there behind that Ravan. Your sister planned all this and blamed you as a murderer. Guddan is shocked. Antra says Revati, there’s nothing in hatred. Like I am forgiving you, please move forward. There’s nothing more important than relationships in life. I saw death up close. You will lose your sister, it’s not worth it. Revati says I will never forget what you two did to me. You can send me to jail, I don’t care. I will hate you two forever. She leaves.

Guddan says why are you doing all this Antra? Antra says I know it’s difficult for you to believe all this. I am done with all this hate. I just want us to.. Guddan says there’s no us. You can’t stay here. You have no room in this house. Spend time with your daughter and tell her you can’t live here with us. Otherwise, I can kick you out and I will. That’s my promise.

Saru and Perv say to Antra we are our followers. Saru says you came on right time. Perv says we will ruin their lives now. Perv says we need someone at this time. And you came. antra says shut up. Saru says I know you’re fooling them. You can never change and we are always with you. Antra says I don’t care what you think, I will not be part of anything wrong. I am done. Saru says I know you’re here to ruin Guddan’s life, Antra gives her a shock from the wire and says I don’t care what you want. Don’t even dare. I am done with AJ and Guddan. She leaves. Perv says she has changed. Saru says no she hasn’t. I am sure. Laxmi saw all this.

Laxmi says Antra gave Saru pain. How did she change? Dadi says I know she could never change. Durga says we have to be very careful. Laxmi says I hope she isn’t back with another plan.
Guddan says to AJ you need this medicine. AJ says I don’t want it. Guddan says I will make you eat it. She gives him medicine. AJ says don’t behave normally. I understand why did you let Antra live here. But I know how difficult it must have been. Guddan says Alisha loves her. We are not trusting her. AJ says she is dangerous for all of us. At least she told Revati about Angad’s death. Guddan says you need rest. AJ pulls her and hugs her. He says I was so scared. What if something happened to you. Guddan says you’re with me. How could anything happen to me? Antta can never part us. AJ says never.

Scene 2
Alisha hugs antra and says I missed you a lot. Is there a problem? Antra locks the door and slaps her. She says I am not your mummy. Alisha says what are you saying. Antra says I didn’t give you birth. Let me tell you hit story. I was eating gol gappas. I found a baby there in the trash. I picked her so I could use. I wanted to take my revenge. I thought I will make AJ hate you. But then you changed too? This is not what I brought you up for? Alisha cries. Antra says don’t do this drama. It irritates me. I fell from the cliff myself to save myself. You had to be my way to come to this. People are right. Antra can never change. I am the master player of this game. I made a re-entry. You’re the main lead of this story. With your help I will ruin Guddan’s life. She won’t even know who did it. Alisha is crying. Antra says now you will do exactly what I ask.

Alisha cries at night and recalls what Antra said. Alisha says only Guddan can help me. Alisha comes to Guddan. Guddan says what happened? Alisha hugs her. Guddan says did you cry? What happened? Antra says what would she say? She met me after a while so she is emotional. Thank you because of you I am able to spend time with her. Guddan leaves.

Antra hits Alisha and says I shouldn’t have done a favor on you. You haven’t seen my demo. Let me show you. She brings her to shower and puts her under it and says cry under it. No one should see your tears. now listen, I am not your mother. Guddan isn’t your mother either. The moment she finds out AJ isn’t your father and she will kick you out. AJ think you’re his blood, he is an egoistic man. He will throw you out of the house in a moment. I can even burn you.

She gives her towel. She says you have no other option but to help me. You’re my investment and you have to give me results. You have to arrange my stay here forever. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.